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World Tai Chi QiGong Day = World Healing Day = World Peace

Today is the day that the world gives back to you, the discipline which you put into yourself.

The last day of April, today, is World Tai Chi QiGong Day. Statistically, on this day, every year, there has been greater world peace. Look around you and listen. People every where  argue less. There are less tragedies in the world. More agreements. More Abundance.

Allow me to prove to you that, today, 30 April, we are also experiencing the Maharishi Effect which I have been pushing at HealingMindN for a while now:

From World Healing Day:

World Healing Day! Why?

The Global Consciousness Project, born out of research at Princeton University,
found that during times of great tragedy human consciousness focused to such a
degree that it
physically affected their computers all around the world. While other research found that when a small percentage of human beings harmonized their consciousness, they positively affected the behaviour of the community around them. 

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Changing Reality through Symbols: The Psychic Punch

A while back, a post on healing through symbols, “How to Heal with a Biblical Name of God using Inner Power,” showed us how to heal a subject through a spiritual method of touch and focus.

Since we now have a (“class 7, Chernobyl type”) dire situation happening in Japan that is spreading toxic amounts of radiation all over the planet, I have to ask you to make a quantum leap in helping to render this nuclear disaster inert. I would prefer for to you learn baby steps, so you can do this properly, but now, I’m giving you a crash course by combining methods from different arenas in remote influencing.

This method is stressful since it involves isometrics; it also requires extreme focus and mental stamina. If you find this method is beyond your abilities, then please try to protect yourself and your loved ones using the complimentary detox manual offered at Bioenergetic Science Circle:

Prayer is also useful as long as you consistently have faith 24/7 in God to fulfill your prayers. Here is proof in the power of faith and prayer:

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The Arguement for Your Paranormal Abilities

My first intention for using the training courses from Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing was to make a positive difference in my own life. Like anyone else, I wanted to take the most profitable path. Then I took the remote influencing course.

Now, I think about the rest of the planet. I’m thinking, “what good is success on a planet that’s going to hell?” As I write this, there’s hell happening in the Gulf of Mexico, Libya, nukes in Fukushima (which is spreading hell every where) and a lot of other places. Then I wonder to myself what everyone else around me is doing about it.

Considering that most people have their faces buried in their own lives with not much of a care for the rest of the world, I’m glad you’re here. Like me, I hope you crave a higher path to success. I hope that you crave heaven on earth or something similar. I hope that you want to take an active part in creating heaven on earth. Some of the richest people on this planet have achieved great success insofar as how they have helped the world around them.