Uncategorized Transitioning to AMP for WP beginning 10/09/2019

Unmitigated Costs and Lost Time

The workload is too much for one person to maintain two websites and their subdomains. Therefore, I have chosen to focus my time and energies on the Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress for and Bother sites will slowly make the transition to AMP for WP because the AMP format is already provided. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to work on my sites’ infrastructure for months – and it takes too long to reformat my present content for stand alone AMP.

I have been unable to publish anything since April of this year because of personal hardships. In fact, I have been in the red since the inception of my websites, but never have I been so much in the red until 2019 when I had to pay tree surgeons to take away a 40 foot dead pine tree in January 2019:

dead pine tree

That was a windy day. I had in mind to either get a laptop to help me get more work done for my websites when away from my desktop or to get an experimental Rife Frequency type of device to try and save the life of my cat, Barnaby, with hyperthyroidism. Instead, a dead 40 foot dead pine tree decided where my money should go. I actually had to talk the tree surgeons down from $2300.Barnaby Cat Posing

I had already spent at least $1000 on Barnaby Cat for all kinds of prescriptions, potions, and natural solutions. I actually believed that I could stop the disease from progressing; the healing was always one step forward, two steps back for him. Unfortunately, he passed away on July 4th, his independence day from further suffering.

Unfortunately, we all suffered electrical problems in the old house from April to about July 4th. The electricity would fluctuate. Many electronics in the old house were shorted or burned out in some way – because of something happening in the switch box:switch box corrosion

That problem you see with corrosion and fusion from heat was most likely from decades ago when there was a fire in the dogs’ living quarters due to an old electric heater getting tipped over. I also recall another outlet that shot sparks over a decade earlier (from mindless horseplay). Over the years, I had been losing lamps, intercoms, power strips, printers, transformers, and UPSs to electrical shorts. I found out why.

All this most likely led to a cascade failure that reflected in the switch box – which decided to cause serious problems beginning in April 2019. In that sense, I guess we’ve been lucky because it could have been worse. But, As you can imagine, I had a very hard time getting any kind of work done with constant power fluctuations.

Since replacing and grounding some power outlets in the house, replacing key electronics, and getting the problem professionally repaired in the switch box, about another $1000 later, around July 4th, the house’s electrical pains were over. Unfortunately, after so many headaches and fatigue in dealing with interruptions from these high cost problems, I felt like I hit a wall.

What happened when I “Hit the Wall?”

In April, I was writing a key article for Membership Services at HealingMindN. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced my thoughts and reference materials on the direction it was supposed to take. I’m not even sure what I did with the outline; it’s supposed to be in the same folder with the article.

In a sense, I feel like I’ve “hit the wall” like one of those inexperienced marathon runners. I feel like a stumbling, bumbling drunkard – especially when Google constantly complains that my sites are not meeting their AMP standards. I already felt swamped trying to get out new content. Infrastructure has always been a different beast wherein I do content rewrites to fit the new layout.

There are a ton of sites not meeting those standards, but I notice has been plummeting in search engine ranks. Maybe that’s why some people become drunkards: The self appointed “web police” are constantly complaining to some while giving preferential treatment to others. But that’s neither here nor there.

During those months of power fluctuations, I felt chronically fatigued; it’s possible that I’m hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields because of incidents I experienced around the labs at Stanford Chemical Research Institute. I felt constantly tired and unable to work at my desktop PC.

What was the original idea and philosophy of this holistic web site?

The conceived tandem of and represents ways to improve and heal mind and body. The thing is, there is too much competition with the well known self growth / mind hack sites; this is the main reason that has always been in the red.

The problem that I saw from the outset is that there are no other self growth / mind hack sites pushing the philosophy that a spiritually advanced people are also a technologically advanced people; I was hoping to solve that. People who are spiritually advanced would learn to understand and accept advanced healing and energy technologies with open arms; this is the original conception of the HealingMindN / Bioenergetic Spectrum Tandem.

Unfortunately, the dichotomous social mood as of late generates extremist rather than balanced attitudes towards healing or self discipline. Because of negative social mood, most people are looking for “quick fixes” and have little to no interest in advancing humanity. They have no interest in a “healing minds.” for me has been a self healing journey. After my only nephew passed away in 2005, I was looking for ways to heal, therein, I wanted to share these personal growth tools with the world. Unfortunately, in all that time I ran this site, I felt like a heel because I couldn’t generate any kind of interest for personal growth in my own nephew to save him. How could I generate interest in people I don’t know? How could I generate interest in life positive concepts for people who really need it? For people deluged by life negative concepts?

Left leaning technical issues may be the downfall

Besides the competition, the left leaning major search engine algorithms (google) have been pushing down alternative health and healing websites in the search engine rankings – in spite of writer expertise, reputation, and reputable references. Meanwhile, they push up the conventional sites – which employs myriads of left leaning writers – to discuss holistic health and healing as a passing fad or “snake oil.”

The cherry on top is when I attempted to migrate HealingMindN Power Circle to a different web host: I lost a lot of articles. I would write articles on the fly at this blog years ago, but I didn’t bother backing them up. I didn’t know there would be such a problem in migrating them.

HealingMindN ended up referencing non-existent articles at this blog. Do you know what happens to sites that reference non-existing articles? They plummet in the search engine results. What kills me is that the same people who were supposed to help me with these technical issues have never really been friendly to me, yet they constantly offer their website building services. Should I trust the same people who lost so much of my content with more of my content?

The Plug-in Sites will Stay Open

Therefore, and its subdomains will be closing and redirecting it’s traffic to the plug-in sites, mainly this wordpress site, HealingMindN Power Circle, and another wordpress site, Membership Services at HealingMindN. There are a few other plug-in sites I will keep open:

Resources is just a folder right now, specifically connected to Membership Services at HealingMindN as an archive, wherein I would like to build an actual site instead of just a list of uploaded documents. I’m sorry that I’ve been neglecting the membership services. I’ve been letting down the membership subscribers, so I’m going to try my best to make it up to you ASAP.

I’ve been thinking of setting up a deal with subscribers to the MindGate Newsletter: Give them a month of free access to the paid levels for every review they author. Please sign up for the MindGate Newsletter if you are interested in authoring reviews for the behavior modification, deep state experiments, and brain wave entrainment archive, so I can explain the process.

The following sites will slowly make their transition to AMP for WP:

  • Economic HealingMindN
  • Evil HealingMindN
  • Holy Life HealingMindN and
  • Sexual HealingMindN

They are spiritually driven towards growth of the human race. Other sites might equal these, but they will never have the same spiritual intent. The HealingMindN domain and subdomains will be redirecting their traffic to this blog beginning August 31, 2019.  Please stay tuned with further updates by signing up for the MindGate Newsletter or sign up for blog updates here.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo