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3 Signs of the Dark Ages in Mainstream Media

What are three important aspects of Dark Age Culture?

During the Witch Trials of the Dark Ages, there was plenty of suffering; there was plenty of disease, ignorance, and accusations. For example, it didn’t take much to be accused of witchcraft or sedition. For dark age inquisitors, they were one in the same. Afterall, who else but a witch would want to stir up trouble? That was the mindset.

Within that dark age mindset, it was important to have three facets addressed in any tribunal for the accused to be properly persecuted and convicted:

  1. Entertainment Value
  2. Image
  3. Sexuality

Women, in general, were persecuted – especially the attractive ones. Women living alone were accused of cavorting with satan. Diseased people, especially those with uncontrollable seizures were accused of demonic possession. People gathering roots and herbs in attempts to find cures for disease were accused of gathering tools for witchcraft. Uncontrollable, unruly children were accused of demonic possession and their parents of witchcraft if they did not point their fingers at others. People who disagreed with the status quo of accusing innocent people of witchcraft and demonic possession were accused of cavorting with witches and demons, ergo, with satan.

In a dark age culture, people point their fingers at others to take their minds off their own suffering, fear or guilt, if not for their hatred or pleasure in watching others suffer. Criminals guilty of theft, rape, and murder were quick to point their fingers at others saying that they were “bewitched.” For example, artists were accused of witchcraft because their drawings or poetry or music were considered works of satan that “bewitched” their “innocent” minds to commit criminal acts. Beautiful women were the easiest targets because they were so “bewitching.”

Imagine, if you will, all the information technology of today such as cable TV, streaming video, and the web existing during Dark Age Witch Trials wherein everyone had power plants, electricity, TVs and cellphones. You might say, “it’s not dark ages with the web.” Wherein I reiterate myself: The Dark Ages refers to a mindset, a culture.

One of the few differences between mainstream media and the Dark Age Witch Trials is perspective. Most people during the witch trials were up close and personal during inquisitions and public torture since there was no broadcast technology. Most people today observe “inquisitions” through small “boxes.” Up close and personal allows a wide perspective of a live event. A “box” funnels information for a narrow perspective of live, pre-recorded, and edited events.

You might say, “The ‘box’ is more convenient.” True. Most people can’t go to live events like presidential debates. But do most people grasp that the “box” only provides a narrow stream, ergo, a narrow perspective of information delivered in whatever way the mainstream media publishers see fit? For people who want instant gratification, I don’t think so. Is a convenience oriented person interested in researching the Big Picture or just whatever information is handed to him through the box? Before you answer that in the comment section below, please read Marketing to Limbic.

In a way, the small minds that we see in the witch trials graphic are not that different from the convenience oriented minds of today who simply accept whatever “truth” is handed to them – no matter the cost to themselves or the people around them.

Please refer to the following graphic as I proceed with this article; it depicts a Salem Witch Trial in explicit detail. If there was such a trial today, it would be known as a “media circus.”


How lying takes our brains down a ‘slippery slope’ from Medical Xpress will also be referenced to help us understand Dark Age Mind Patterns. In this article, I point out how the mindsets of certain types of people haven’t changed since the Dark Ages. Herein, three indications of Dark Age Mindsets are listed for your enjoyment, so you don’t fall down that same ‘slippery slope.’

  1. Why Entertainment is Important in the Dark Ages

    During the witch trials, people wanted to find ways to escape the frustrations of their puritan lifestyles like pain, disease, blood lettings, rotting teeth, trepanning, fear and ignorance of all things – including their own sexuality; they looked for an escape, so they attacked their own.

    The inquisitors provided an easy entertainment outlet through their teachings, inquisitions, and public tortures. The words of the inquisitors, especially the Lord Adjudicator, were considered gospel, as if they were handed down from the Lord Creator. Anyone was subject to accusation of sedition if they did not agree with the inquisitors. Afterall, the inquisitors provided the entertainment.

    Within the small communities of the witch trials, any number of people were allowed to leap forward to blame the accused of whatever “bewitching” that was done to them. As you can see from the above graphic, the inquisitors listened and took note of any and all who pointed their fingers while those who would defend the accused were held back for fear of further victims of the system.

    Today, inquisitors are known as news correspondents; their words are also considered gospel by their audience. Afterall, why would they lie?

    I like to call them news actors and news actresses because some of them are very beautiful and they deliver information in melodramatic ways at times that would contend for an Oscar Winning Performance – but fall short. Therefore, they remain as news actors who say whatever they’re paid to say. Another term I like is “presstitutes” coined by Mike Adams. Here’s a sample: See the List of 65 Presstitutes… For this article, let’s call them inquisitors in reference to people who handle and control mainstream media.

    Today’s inquisitors listen and take note of any and all accusers who point their fingers in the direction of interest. Technology is a boon to inquisitors when it comes to recording the testimony of accusers – even when recording a miniscule scrawling on a wall by a child – to be broadcast many times over. What matters to inquisitors are the implications for their entertainment / gossip value to their mainstream audience. witchbessonovchair

    Public tortures in the Dark Ages were true horrors; they were the result of so-called puritan values mixed with fear, ignorance, and hatred of anything remotely sexual in nature. For this reason, the accused were usually young, beautiful, innocent women who were stripped naked. To be publically naked was considered a further act of sedition even though they were forced and shackled in this manner by the magistrates. In this way, the accused were forced into public humiliation and hideous pain many times over as they were tortured to death – for entertainment.

    As you observe the “oven chair” to the right, one of the most horrific torture instruments known to humanity without the bone crushing vises, think of the figurative “hot seat” set up by today’s inquisitors. Like the victims of these public tortures, there is little if no chance for redemption.

    Today’s inquisitors place the accused on a figurative hot seat by stripping them of whatever good image they are trying to project and attacking their image as often and in as many ways as possible. Attacking a person’s sexuality has always been a standardized and successful gossip inducing tool; inquisitors would have their audience believe that the character of a person eight or more years ago still applies today. On the other hand, if you’re an intelligent person has studied human behavior, then you know that people change over the years; it is their feelings and beliefs today that dictate what they will do tomorrow. Since I mentioned image already, let’s go onto the second similarity.

  2. Why Image is Important in the Dark Ages

    In today’s culture, image is everything. We can see from people oriented magazines to facebook to mainstream TV that mainstream media is far more interested in delivering the image of a person rather than their potential for doing good or evil. Today’s inquisitors teach us that image is everything; they also teach us that words mean everything – even though they may mean nothing tomorrow. Empty words like “I want…” “You need…” are glorified although they do not imply any type of actions. Words, no matter how empty, are part of what make up a person’s image in mainstream media.

    Inquisitors are mainly interested in delivering the glorified entertainment value of a person which is their image. For entertainment purposes, they will cherry pick facets of a person’s image, no matter how distant in the past or irrelevant, with the greatest potential for consequences upon their present image; this means inquisitors tend to ignore actions of others if there’s more entertainment value in attacking the image of someone else in their own best interest.

    It's a two party system
    “It’s a two party system”

    During the Dark Age Witch Trials, there were times that litigants would accuse each other of witchcraft. In cases like these, the inquisitors would consider the litigant more innocent who best represented:

    • The (inquisitors’) personal values,
    • The “best face,”
    • The most brilliant argument.

    Today’s inquisitors put the greatest value on the above facets for a litigant to “manage their situation.” The witch trial inquisitors were the same. For example, a litigant could consistently attack the image of another using other “bewitched” accusers. (Accusers are never questioned about their motives on why they come forward en masse instead of at the time of the “bewitching” because questioning them attacks their image.) Since the inquisitors used the same methodology, this was consistent with a litigant being “innocent.” On the other hand, if a litigant could not satisfy all of the above requirements, they were usually guilty.

    All the other had to do was put on the “best face” while emotionally detaching themselves from lies as well as truth. Habitual liars are best at emotionally detaching themselves from lies or truth no matter the source. Back then just as now, habitual liars knew how to put on the “best face” consistent with looking innocent. Smiling, angry, or crying, a habitual liar can compete with the best actors in Hollywood.
    Speaking of Hollywood, there is or was a TV Show called Bones wherein a few episodes was about a homicidal maniac known as the “Gravedigger;” this menace would bury people alive in small, dark places to suffer agonizing death (a dark age torture similar to the Iron Maiden). The “Gravedigger” turned out to be a brilliant federal lawyer; she had friends in high places gained through her tenure in the judicial system, she was able to put on the “best face” while detaching herself from her own escalating lies, and she refuted the best arguments implicating her by the Jeffersonian Forensic Team. The “Gravedigger” would have gotten away if not for important evidence she ignored because of her own arrogance.

    In the 1950’s, there was another “best face” of the times known as Howdy Doody; this was a puppet that represented the value system at the time – especially for kids. At the time, the Native Americans were the enemies and the heroes were the cowboys who always had to beat the savages back.

    Throughout history / herstory, in every dark age culture, the third facet which I have already mentioned numerous times, is the most important tool of the trade when executing a proper persecution and conviction of a “witch.” As I stated before, there is a reason that most of the people labeled as “witches” were women.

  3. Why Sexuality is Important in the Dark Ages

    Throughout the ages, dark age or decadent culture has failed to be gender blind. For their own survival during the Witch Trials, most young women and teenage girls looked forward to betrothal and marriage to any man – hopefully a good man – into a puritan lifestyle to avoid accusations of sin or sacrilege. The alternative was too terrible to consider.

    For their “entertainment,” they had already witnessed unspeakable horrors of public humiliation, torture, and burnings at the stake, so they would avoid “cavorting with satan.”

    During the Witch Trials, a handful of young, pioneering women wanted to be educated. Education, whatever it was back then, was usually reserved for boys and men at the time whereas women were considered “property” that didn’t need education – all they needed was a man. Some young women felt differently. A handful of them wanted to be self sufficient with careers equivalent to their male counterparts. As such, they wanted to study books and charts and the world around them, but the inquisition had different things in mind about such women: They were obviously guilty of sedition and quite probably witchcraft. A few of these women escaped with their lives. The rest of them were not so lucky.witchburnings

    Mass burnings at the stake were reserved for these ambitious women. The witch trial communities felt that there was a “cleansing” in order and that fire would burn away these seditious ideas of female ambition. To the inquisitors, they were obviously cavorting with satan, therefore, they had already been soiled most unclean. Their mass burnings at the stake would also “burn away” the sins of their community.

    However, as you notice, these women are dressed. They did not bear the same humiliation of other condemned. In their defense, they wanted to raise happier, healthier, more intelligent families which would lead to happier, healthier, more intelligent communities. Of course, the inquisition would not stand for such womanly heresy, but they were well intended. Therefore, fully clothed and with a bit more dignity, their violent, torturous deaths at the burning stakes didn’t last as long as any of the other tortures, but long enough.

    Today’s (western) inquisitors want to make up for all of that. They want to make up for all of the persecutions against all women everywhere in every culture throughout time. Therefore, when a woman wants a job that she can do just as good as any man, she’s usually given the edge as long as she fulfills the following criteria: She resonates their personal values; She puts on the “best face;” and She provides the most brilliant arguments. For this reason, we see plenty of female inquisitors which includes government and judicial realms.

    There is nothing wrong with this. Personally, I would prefer to be gender blind. Today, since we have no more threat of burnings at the stake, I prefer to accept the person within the gender. In spite of masculinity, femininity, whatever gender bender or body type, I prefer to accept the person within that body. The problem with this concept is that some people are so short sighted, they cannot see beyond their own sexuality or anyone else’s – and the inquisitors know this. Nevertheless, this means I have to work a little harder than the average convenience oriented person who prefers to judge “a book by its cover.”

    However, mainstream media only offers a narrow perspective of information wherein platitudes and hyperbolé are glorified, sins are glorified, and, most of all, sexuality is glorified because it encompasses all forms of image and entertainment. Instant gratification oriented mind patterns require easily digestible information “bits” that don’t require any thought except to induce gossip while dark age, mainstream media completely caters to instant gratification mind patterns. The image of a person’s sexuality is the most easily digestible “bit” while offering the greatest entertainment value. There was also another time when a person’s sexuality was exploited for the greatest entertainment value.

    During the Dark Age Witch Trials, women were persecuted as the “weaker sex” incapable of forming their own ideas, but capable of opening themselves to the most evil, promiscuous acts with satan. Today, inquisitors exonerate women as the “fairer sex” incapable of evil including harassment and sexual misconduct. In a way, they also do not see women as individuals with their own ideas – exactly because they believe women are incapable of certain actions.

    Although Hollywood reminds us otherwise, the inquisitor’s mainstream media prefers to deliver the “fairer sex” image which tends to be more believable than a masculine image. Today, mainstream media delivers masculine images for their entertainment value (e.g. Geico’s workout bro’s) whereas female personas are used to deliver believability in a product or service (e.g. AT&T’s “Lily”).

    One of the principles I learned from voice over classes for mainstream media is that masculine voices are considered authoritarian while feminine voices induce feelings of credibility; this means the mainstream inquisitors have trained their audience to respond specifically according to gender.

    By the same token, when the inquisitors pit male against female on mainstream media, one will always be “authoritarian” while the other will always be “believable” because we were trained to respond that way.

    Personally, I have no problem with that. During the Dark Age Witch Trials, women were treated horribly by men. Even animals were treated with more reverence. I agree with a matriarchal society, but with moral, descent women in the lead for a peaceful, productive society. I happen to know for a fact that women have their own minds, their own ideas, and their own ambitions. Most women I know are good people. Like any group of men, there are some bad apples, some misled, others misleading.

    What is truly misleading is the narrow channel of information produced by mainstream media; it is full of half truths and good people have not nor will they ever get their fair share of air time because that narrow channel of information offered by mainstream media is and always will be biased as long as it is run by dark age inquisitors. Even when gender should dictate a fair share of air time, they are denied because they lack:

    • Entertainment Value and
    • A Recognizable Image which includes:
      • The inquisitor’s personal values,
      • The “best face,”
      • The most brilliant argument.

      jill steinglorialariva

Far be it from me to blame anyone of dark age mind patterns, present company included. Throughout this article, there are derivations rather than direct citations of aforementioned articles on the slippery slope of habitual lying and our limbic system.

In summary, We need to hold onto our humanity by being truthful with ourselves and the world around us. After all, what happens when we habitually lie to ourselves?

We also need to go forward with our humanity by working harder to understand world perspectives as opposed to narrow channels of information. We need to do our own research rather than accept whatever “truth” is handed to us.

Most importantly, we need to make our choices according to our present reality. Ideally, we should make our choices based in love rather than fear, but we need to make important distinctions first: We need to discern the difference between habitual liars who give us false feelings of hope and people who tell us the painful truth. We need to discern the differences between false images of love and real love – which can be painful.

The alternative is to lie to ourselves, live in the inquisitor’s reality, and point our fingers to accuse whomever they want us to accuse.

Do you want to burn people at the stake? The choice is yours.