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Update to Remote Viewing: Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of Remote Viewing

For those who have visited Remote Viewing: Frequently Asked Questions, the updates cover more technically oriented materials related to extrasensory perception. Specifically, the article at Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram, provides us with important perspectives on the way we actually perceive the world around us including non-local stimuli; it would seem that more esoteric abilities such as remote viewing need to be nurtured rather than disregarded.

The same way we exercise any of our other cognitive abilities, we must also exercise our further extrasensory abilities as natural abilities, lest they become vestigial.

We exist mostly in a “grounded state” of mind or else we are considered “insane” according to mainstream culture. There are people throughout time who have tuned into other worlds and different realities only to be shunned by mainstream society as someone who has lost their senses rather than gained any. For this reason, people born with natural extrasensory abilities tend to disregard their abilities only to fit into mainstream culture.

In fact, the way we perceive the world based upon the examination of phase conjugate adaptive resonance as indicated by former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, we need to exercise our natural abilities as a matter of our nature.

A Confined Animal Metaphor

If you know about confined animal feed operations (CAFO), then you know these animals are kept in horribly cramp, unsanitary conditions on corporate run farms. These animals will never know their true nature because they are born and bred only for their meat and offspring. By the same token, these CAFO such as cattle, pigs, and chickens will never know their true nature because they will never truly experience nature with their senses the way they were intended; they will never interact with nature or feed from nature the way nature intended. Their senses become dead because their captivity wreaks of death.

On the other hand, our human culture feeds from these same animals. Imagine such a culture. We are in a culture wherein we are fed animals which are cut off from nature and cut off from their own nature. Then we are taught to disregard our own nature by disregarding our own natural abilities by mainstream culture.

I have only touched on the surface.  I have yet to touch up the effects of artificial fluoridation, vaccination, or any other legalized toxins and their effects upon our natural abilities; this is another whole subset of frequently asked questions as they related to extrasensory perception. As I perceive the world, the consciousness of the human race is being kept asunder by mainstream society to focus on fear and hatred and take our attention away from true human destiny.