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Interpreting Media: TV Mind Control NLP

Fox News strikes again with yet another double speak interview; this time with Kevin Barret, professor of Winconsin U. The Kitchen Synch blog got there before me, so here are three < ten minute interviews at Interpreting Media – TV Mind Control.

Fox News “journalists” of the “most powerful news network on television,” (so they say) slaughter yet another interview of what could have been enlightening information by a college professor with their rude, manipulative, adolescent mentality.

I still remember when Fox News monkeys did this to Dr. Joseph Mercola when he addressed avian flu in his book. The “journalist” doing the interview actually pretended to be Dr. Mercola’s good friend at first, but when the on air interview time came, this “journalist” went berserk with the NLP in order to attack, berate, and defame Dr. Mercola with NLP terms like “water rolling off a duck’s back” to describe the evidence around bird flu as they showed ducks in a lake. Then the interviewer called him a “quack” during narration.

Although these so-called reporters are rude and manipulative, and no good information ever comes across to the audience through these discrediting type interviews because of constant Fox Newsesque interruptions, these so called “interviews” really do give the best demonstrations of NLP on TV.

I’ve mentioned Tavistock Institute somewhere in my blog before; as I mentioned before, they helped the political factions get WWII started, most likely helped Bush convince the people that invading Iraq is “good,” and helped the multinational pharma co’s get 80 to 90% of the American People beginning in grade school to get hooked on prescription drugs among a lot of other distasteful activities.

Tavistock counselors are most likely coaching Fox News “journalists.” It’s clear that Tavistock has no moral compass about who they help with what activity. It probably has something to do with “who can pay their price.”

I don’t watch Fox News. I do catch it sometimes when someone else has it on. The problem is this “most powerful news network on TV” makes me sick with their nonsense. Monty Python’s Flying Circus makes more sense compared to Fox News. At least, Monty Python nonsense is laughable – unlike Fox News “journalists” laughing at their audience because they know they’re getting away with…

If you have no time for nonsense, but would like a convenient ebook on Tavistock Methods including NLP and power persuasion tactics to take with you, study, and implement where ever you go, then please have a look at Keys to Power Persuasion:


Persuasion Secrets Revealed At PowerKeys Publishing
Discover the secrets of persuading others to your way of thinking. Make anyone do anything once you learn the secret keys behind the science of persuasion.

P.S. I have to ask you something: Would you allow anyone to speak rudely to you and constantly interrupt you with their discursive, adolescent banter while they do their little sign language to you as you tried to give an important speech on your work? Probably not.P.S.S. At Al Neal Mind Control, I refer to a 2 hour video by Al Neal. This video might be available in stores like ebay or some other strange place if you don’t have broadband.

In the video, Al Neal refers to “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was a courtesan of one of the Rothschild Brothers who are described at my site, Evil Mind.

Within “Atlas Shrugged” is a kind of fiction wherein the main character is literally telling the reader, “don’t think for yourself – you don’t have a mind of your own – leave the thinking to the experts…” among other horrid things.

According to Al Neal, “Atlas Shrugged” is proudly displayed in the homes of members of the illuminati (high ranking members of skull & bones, freemasons, Bilderberger members, etc.).

From the evidence, “Atlas Shrugged” is a kind of ‘bible’ philosophy shared by these people and seems to be philosophy shared by the “journalists” of Fox News; they don’t want you to think for yourself. You should leave the thinking to them, the “experts.” They know their audience – too well.

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Remote Viewing: Al Neal Mind Control

The day before yesterday I had a remote viewing experience.

I kept thinking of the name “Rearden” or “Reardon” and attached this name to a TV show from the 1960’s, “McHale’s Navy.”

As you might know, I have google alerts coming to me every day, one of which is “mind control.” Today, I received a link to Mind Control and the New World Order by Al Neal.

In this video, Al Neal shortly discusses a person named “Rearden” attached to paganism. Al Neal also discussed Antoine Le Vay. I recalled a movie that Ernest Borgnine, star of McHale’s Navy, did in the 1970’s called “The Devil’s Rain.” Ernest Borgnine played the devil in this movie.

I looked up this movie in the IMDB. Sure enough, Antoine Le Vay was in this movie.

(Я не написание его имени на хорошие цели)

I’m just going to focus on good things right now. These ideas just come to me out of the blue. If you’re like me and you need better control over your abilities, you should try Gerald O’Donnell’s Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

Free Yourself, Review and Influence the Matrix

Mind Control Self Improvement

Neural Technology: Enhanced Subliminal Response

Electronic binoculars from Northrop Grumman team to detect threats through brain activity

LINTHICUM, Md., 23 Aug. 2008. Everyone who has ever watched the Star Wars films from George Lucas has probably at one moment wished they had Jedi abilities such as mind control or what Lucas called Jedi reflexes – knowing something will happen a second before it does.

A team led by Northrop Grumman’s Electronic Systems Sector is looking to bring a similar threat detection capability to warfighters as part of an advanced research contract to develop a panoramic day/night optical system that will utilize human brain activity to detect, analyze, and alert foot-soldiers to possible threats.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), in Arlington, Va., awarded the contract, which is for the first phase of the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System program, or CT2WS.

DARPA officials say the CT2WS will function as an intelligent neuro-optical system, using the stimuli sensed by brain activity to detect targets at long-range over a wide field of view…

The first step for the Northrop Grumman engineers is developing a broadboard system and completing a preliminary design for the company’s Human-aided Optical Recognition/Notification of Elusive Threats (HORNET) system.

“Northrop Grumman’s HORNET system leverages the latest advances in real-time coupling of human brain activity with automated cognitive neural processing to provide superior target detection,” says Michael House, Northrop Grumman’s CT2WS program manager. “The system will maintain persistent surveillance in order to defeat an enemy’s attempts to surprise through evasive move-stop-move tactics, giving the U.S. warfighter as much as a 20-minute advantage over his adversaries.”

The human’s subconscious mind is hypersensitive to visual images and the system will take advantage of that by using non-invasive electro-encephalogram (EEG) electrodes EEG measurement sensors placed inside the warfigher’s helmet and attached to his scalp, House says.

A soldier’s subconscious may detect a threat his conscious mind is not registering, House says. The EEG sensors will read the soldier’s neural responses to potential threats, and then the readings will educate the system’s algorithms…

“The idea of this project is to build a visual device that is attentive, that can do the kind of low-level visual processing that your eyes do naturally,” Hasler says in the release. “You would see a certain picture in your field of view, but the device would actually be looking over a much wider space – and if it found something interesting it would present you with that picture as well.

According to the Georgia Tech release “neuromorphic engineering is interdisciplinary, using fields that include biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science, as well as electrical and other types of engineering. Its aim is to develop artificial systems—such as vision devices or auditory processors or even robotic systems—based to a degree on natural biological systems…”

You can read the entire article at Military & Aerospace Electronics

HORNET Technology is taking a shortcut by tapping into the human brain, the best quantum quantum computer available; it’s a dynamic, multi-phasic information processor as I mentioned in the previous article with Dr. tiller, but there’s something you should know: We’re all born with the natural gifts to sense our surroundings.

Unfortunately, those natural intuitive gifts to process subliminal information from the subconscious to the conscious get lost over time. Do you know why? It’s just like any part of your mind or your body; when you fail to use it, you lose it.

If it were not for losing our natural connection between conscious and subconscious, soldiers would not need technology like HORNET.

By the same token, if people maintained their natural healing connections through empathy and compassion, there would be no soldiers because there would be no wars, because there would be no hatred or appetite for destruction.

You know how kids lose their natural connection between conscious and subconscious? Here’s one reason: Adults lie to them. When a child senses that something is wrong between his parents or when a child sees something strange that adults usually don’t see or has some kind of paranormal or extrasensory experience, the adults come into save the day with their facetious paw parrot banter: “Oh honey, you’re imagining things…” or “You’re letting your imagination run away with you… Be practical… Stop that nonsense… Don’t be stupid…”

Kids mistrust their own senses more and more after hearing this kind of insulting banter from adults. After a while, they mistrust their senses altogether when, in fact, their senses are truer to reality than most adults’.

From what I’ve experienced, training the psychic senses helps to regain what was lost from childhood. The best mentor for re-training the psychic senses that I’ve experienced so far (besides myself) is Gerald O’Donnell through his school, Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. He has mp3’s at his site that you can download for your personal inspection:

Connect to the Universal Mind

The sample mp3’s that Gerald provides gets you started on the road to recovering your connection to your subliminal awareness. You don’t have to spend billions on Northrop Grumman to give you something you already have.

Your enhanced subliminal response can be regained through your discipline and devotion to your self improvement.

Just in passing, I’d like to mention that I’ve listed to all of Gerald’s mp3’s a few times; his instructions have valid backgrounds in chi kung exercises and the kabbalah manifestation practices. Gerald O’Donnell thinks like me, so who better to recommend for your personal improvement – besides me?

Thanks for your time,

HealingMindN Medicine Man

P.S. We all naturally receive continuous streams of information from the world around us at subliminal (subconscious), conscious, and at the hyperconscious. Remote Viewing specifically trains that connection to the hyperconscious, so we can bring those images and sensations at that level back to the conscious level.

As a side benefit, training in remote viewing also strengthens your connection to the subconscious wherein you recognize subliminal information by bringing it to the conscious level, so you act upon the information swiftly – without the HORNET technology. This is the ideal state of being for anyone.

On top of that, Gerald O’Donnell teaches you remote influencing. What more can you ask for – the discipline to do it?

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Dr. William Tiller lecture: higher gauge symmetry, quantum vacuum

This first of three lectures by Dr. William Tiller helps us understand concepts on psychoenergetics. I would like to elucidate a few of the terminologies he employs since they tend to go over the head of most people. In fact, he wants most people to understand through their own practice of meditation for example to achieve higher consciousness. Let’s listen to Dr. Tiller as he discusses his ideas for measuring personal energy as a form of biofeedback and the quantum vacuum:

Higher gauge symmetry

“Higher gauge symmetry” as Dr. Tiller puts it can be pictured on the outside of the body as the “aura” or energy field or inside the body as the energy meridians of Chinese Medical Theory; this is only a beginning of higher gauge symmetry; call it a “bridge.” Understand that the human aura and energy meridians contain intelligence as part of an information matrix. Some psychotronics researchers refer to the “intelligent data field.” Biologist, Ruper Sheldrake, refers to the “morphic field” in his research.

Let’s use an analogy to help us understand higher gauge symmetry as discussed by Dr. Tiller:

Take our wireless phone infrastructure for example: This is an information matrix. Cell towers are part of the infrastructure emitting microwave carriers which put out the necessary protocols pertaining to specific services. A cellphone also has protocols in order to use those services. In turn, cell towers are linked to centralized control centers which direct signals from cellphone to cellphone per the user’s request.

This infrastructure correlates to the nervous system including nerve impulses to major ganglia to the spinal cord to the brain which, in turn, feeds signals back to the neural sensors (cellphones).

Now, try to imagine everyone who has a cellphone on this infrastructure are all using it at the same time. Some of them are calling the same place at the same time for the same purpose conducting important business. Others are calling each other just for the hell of it.

The above example represents a person who might be at work or at school just trying to get through the day.

Now, imagine everyone with a cellphone on this infrastructure all calling the same place at the same time.

This example represents all the complete attention of a person in one place. When you suddenly experience pain from getting hurt in a certain place on your body or when you’re with someone who you truly love with your all consuming devotion. (Of course, a cellphone infrastructure would break down at that point.)

Now, imagine everyone with a cellphone on this infrastructure all calling the same place at the same time. The catch is this place is in an alternate reality: The infrastructure is the same except all the microwave frequencies are doubled, tripled, and beyond. That alternate reality is also bigger: twice as big, thrice as big, and beyond. So big that the regular human senses can’t really see it, although we’re right here in the middle of it

That alternate reality can also be extremely small, yet have the same information infrastructure. It can be so small that it’s the size of an atom. So small that we can’t see it for what it truly is, although atoms make up our entire physical universe.

Imagine everyone calling this alternate equal reality, in this alternate dimension, at the same time. Then everyone in that alternate dimension answers at the same time – and you exchange information.

Like I said, that cellphone infrastructure would have broken down already if everyone tried to call the same place at the same time. Not true with the human infrastructure: the mind.

The only attachement you have to this physical universe is your body, which is intimately attached to your mind, a superior quantum holographic, multi-phasic information carrier.

The mind is basically the spirit – or an aspect of it. NeuroScience sometimes mistakes the brain for the mind; it’s the functional signals processed through the brain that form your thought patterns. These signals form multi-phasic quantum holograms, an information matrix that cellphones will never have.

(When I say multi-phasic I mean that your neural patterns exhibit different harmonics simultaneously in terms of alpha, beta, gamma, delta rhythms, etc. while one rhythm takes presidence during any particular state of consciousness. Each of those phases carry its own set of information; it’s the same principle that over the air digital TV signals have multiple stations on the same UHF carrier. Of course, the human mind is so much more complex and superior – you knew that!)

The brain is the best quantum dynamic computer in the world; it is the tool of the mind which gives it instructions. Some neuroscientists want to travel into mystical territories of psychology when asked, “where does the brain get its instructions?”

The mind is part of the universal matrix which is the Mind of God. The human mind needs a quantum dynamic computer because it uses quantum holographic information. The human mind is, itself, a quantum hologram, a reflection of the universal matrix, the Mind of God.

When we shift into higher consciousness, through meditation for example, the greater quantum coherence we achieve, the closer we get to contacting our infinite alternate realities provided by God. Complete quantum coherence is equivalent to everyone with a cellphone calling the alternate reality wireless infrastructure at the same time.

At that point, who knows what might happen? Psychokinetic Teleportion? Enlightenment? Amazing human accomplishments are done through tapping into your higher gauge symmetry.

As Dr. Tiller states, observe how the celebrities do it. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to their drive, determination, dedication, and discipline to their talents, so they can put it on public display – rather than their dirty laundry…

The quantum vacuum

The human information matrix resonates with the universal information matrix because fractals repeat throughout nature. At the quantum level level, where the electrons are swirling about the nucleus of atoms, there is information being stored – about you.

One of your blood drops has the same information as your body. I’m not talking about cloning or reproduction. I’m talking about vibratory information that is specific to you.

Each of your cells emits biophotons as a form of mitogenic radiation and contain potential energy – in the same way that the mind is also a form of potential energy. Each of the cells in your body emit biophotons when going to a lower energy state. Each of these biophotons contains a packet of information specific to your genetic makeup. In turn, a drop of blood from you can be used like a radio crystal that tunes into you.

This is why a device such as the Harmonic Translator works. That drop of blood is a piece of you in the same way that piece of a hologram still carries the same information as the rest of the hologram. This is how nature works. Your blood is a harmonic fractal of you.

All of reality consists of harmonics. There are subharmonics and superharmonics. Think of yourself as the harmonic. (This concept is real easy to understand if your a musician.)

A drop of your blood contains subharmonics of you. Your higher self or your higher consciousness contains superharmonics of you. All of nature, your entire reality, is also a harmonic expression of you – which you, in turn, are a harmonic expression of the universe.

In human society, we socialize and commune with each other. We are harmonics seeking like harmonics. We like to resonate with others who seem to have the same harmonics that we do – like when we go to church, or a football game. In fact, everything in nature puts out its own harmonics, even inert matter, like the screen in front of you.

At the quantum level, there are also all sorts of harmonics going on. These harmonics are being emitted from the quantum vacuum; that’s the space that the electrons do not momentarily occupy in their orbit around the nucleus of the atom.

Within that momentarily unoccupied space, there are all kinds of vibrations going on. Like a guitar being played classical flamenco style from one person or bario style from another, there are a specific set of harmonics being emitted from this quantum vacuum according to each person.

Most people emit the same kind of harmonics, which makes harmonic translation easy. For example, a group of rowdy college kids pretty much have the same mindset when they go on vacation together. On the other hand, a group of people in church service also have the same mindset. Each group has shared harmonics.

Think of these harmonics as information. Information is key to us – isn’t it. Information is what makes us individuals, who we are. Information is what makes specific variations and fractals in nature.

When you think about it, all of nature is swarming with information. Of course, what matters to most people is the information that interests them in particular.

Dr. Tiller realises that when we tap into this universal information matrix, we tap into the overall higher consciousness. You see, all of nature reflects itself. That why we have sacred geometry which describes fractals in nature which describes all of nature.

Like your body, the entire universe functions as a cohesive unit. The universe is also filled with multi-phasic harmonic carriers of information – just like you. In that sense, you can think of yourself as that quintessential information carrier that represents the universe – just like a drop of your blood represents you.

When you realise that everyone around you is an aspect of the same universal mind, it makes no sense to have war, hatred, and violence – that only peaceful, productive alliances should reign. When you realise that all of nature is a reflection of you, then you want to protect it the same way you protect your loved ones.

Please stay tuned for Dr. Tiller’s 2nd lecture which should be posted in a few days.

Thanks for your time,

HealingMindN Medicine Man

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Mind Control Self Improvement

Ashida Kim’s Kuji Kiri Meditation

Ashida Kim has made his publication, Secrets of the Ninja, free for public distribution. He used to have an affiliate program (and my affiliate link is still hiding in different places). Now, he’s giving the information away for free.

As you know, I make a lot of references to Ashida’s Kim’s Ninjitsu-ryu teachings, mainly on Kuji Kiri Meditation.. I had read a lot of his material and a lot of Stephen Hayes material more than a decade ago. Ashida Kim made things easy for me by copying off of Stephen Hayes work, so I didn’t have to go digging around for so many books.

As you might know, Ashida Kim is his nom de plume. He was a student of one of the Japanese martial artists who came to America in the 1960’s and 70’s – just like Stephen Hayes.

You probably already know, or at least I hope you do, that noone can truly train martial arts from a book, especially ninjitsu. You have to attend a regular class because the sensei is there to push your performance levels and discipline your exercise, therein, you take that heart knowledge with you, so you actually can learn from a book.

Therefore, I’m only going to discuss Kuji Kiri Meditation with you as discussed in Secrets of the Ninja. Everyone is born with the innate ability to meditate. All the different kinds of meditation out there build on your innate abilities.

Kuji Kiri, Meditation for Inner Strength, for me is the epitome of all the different kinds of meditation out there through it’s utilisation of chi kung breathing exercises, psychic keys, and energy meridian manipulation, all geared towards your control of bioenergy or Chi – within your body and outside of it.

In a way, Ashida Kim has freed me by making Secrets of the Ninja publically available. Now, I can freely discuss the methodologies with you and my own experience and research in this esoteric form of meditation.

As far as companion books, Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is the best companion book because it discusses almost all the Chinese Medical Theory you need concerning the eight extraordinary vessels referenced in Secrets of the Ninja.

For example, Dr. Yang’s book provides diagrams of the extraordinary vessels with key acupuncture points such as meeting of yang and yin or governing and conception vessels (which happens to be between tip of tongue and roof of mouth).

The only information that’s missing between these two books are the times of meditation according to meridian and the sensations attached to each extra-ordinary vessel – which I will discuss with you another time because I have other things to do at the moment.

I appreciate your time.


Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man

Philosophy Psychoenergetics

Philosopher’s Stone, ORMEs, ORMUS FAQ

I am constantly deluged with questions concerning a video I made in deriving the philosopher’s stone.

All the questions are through youtube, because that’s where the video is: How to make your own Philosopher’s Stone.

The most recent question pretty much sums up all the previous questions. You see, people want change; they want alchemy, internal alchemy. The problem is, they are coming from the perspective of instant gratification.

Most people want instant enlightenment and spiritual revelation in the same way they want instant pleasure by biting into a Krispy Kreme doughnut. You can read more about that instant gratification principle at Marketing to the Limbic System.

I’m pretty sure that instant gratification principle doesn’t apply to you since you’re here. You probably figured out that this site is all about mental discipline towards higher consciousness, not instant gratification towards higher consciousness.

That’s what people, who were raised on principles of instant gratification, want with the philosopher’s stone: They want instant revelation, instant internal alchemy, instant higher consciousness, instant happiness. That’s why people are lured to the “seduction” of the philosopher’s stone: They believe that they can treat it like a sugar doughnut – or a drug – that provides instant happiness.

Who’s not attracted to that? The problem is, that’s not the reality of it

Here’s the question posed to me at youtube. I believe it pretty well covers the thinking process of most people concerning this subject:

I am just researching the sorcerers stone and I found you video. I also found people selling products and one from asc-alchemy which is quite expensive. Have you taken the product you make? I have never talked to anyone about this. It sounds like it may be an enlightening tool. I am trying to find such possibilities. If you have how is it beneficial to you? Thanks…

You need to understand something before you read my answer: In all likelihood, if you haven’t made use of any of the tools provided at my site, then you’re probably not going to understand my answer. You need the heart knowledge, not just head knowledge, to understand my answer, or else it’s going to sound like a lot of gobbledegook and pseudo-science.

These tools are important for your personal transformation. I want you to be able to control your reality. If there’s anything that people lack, it’s control over their own reality. That’s what you, me, and everyone else really wants and that’s what I want you to have.

This is my spiritual quest: To give you back what is rightfully yours. Here’s my answer:

My intention is not towards sorcery, but a connection with God: “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” [Rev. 2:17]

ORMEs occur naturally as exotic matter in the world around us and within us. I wanted to demonstrate that this information matrix known as the “philosophers stone” could be derived from simple seawater on the premise that human bioenergetics contain the same essential elements for internal alchemy.

In deriving the ORMEs through the wet method you observed, I stressed the precious elements in the seawater into a cooper pairing monoatomic state. Zero point energy emissions from these cooper pairs emit bioresonant photons. Zero point energy contains the original energy matrix of the universe, thus allowing you to tap into the neutral point matrix, the universal mind, thus fulfilling Revelations 2:17.

Consuming the manna is not necessary in the conventional sense. The biophoton emissions provide the information you need through your proximity – including your visual ray and the 7th chakra, your 3rd eye. The difference is I prepared myself for years through meditation and prayer on the stone to induce the necessary consciousness for receiving this information.

What have you done to prepare yourself? If you haven’t, you need to prepare yourself by raising your consciousness.

Thanks for your interest.

HealingMindN Medicine Man.

P.S. I’m sorry that I am not getting to everyone’s comments and questions at youtube. There are just too many and I’m busy at other things like producing more elaborate and effective NLP videos for you. I really appreciate your interest. Thanks for your time.

Mind Control Philosophy Self Improvement

Inner happiness for money

I’d like to discuss an email with you that was sent my Laura Silva Quesada, daughter of famed psychic, Jose Silva.

Please look at this email and tell me what you believe is the purpose to a certain point:

“We want to tell you what we’ve been through, Laura,” began the email from Dolores and Tristan.

They had just sold off their home because they couldn’t keep up with their mortgage
payments. Dolores had spent her childhood in New Orleans, and Tristan was fascinated by
the city’s culture and colorful heritage. All this made it an easy decision to move
there and open up a beachfront shop.

Unfortunately, literally days after they opened the shop – Katrina hit.

“It wasn’t just that we lost our home and only source of income… we were completely devastated and shell shocked.”

In a recent survey, 53 percent of Louisiana residents said they often had feelings of depression and despair.

One would think that these feelings would gradually subside as the days since that
horrible day pass, but these problems are constantly and frequently re-surfacing as
fatigue, malaise, anxiety, insomnia, marital discord — even suicide.

And unfortunately, it’s not just the people who survived Katrina who have the ‘blues.’
In our country alone, many people just like you are also struggling with illness,
relationships, or problems at work.

It seems obvious, but something’s very wrong when 18.8 million Americans are affected by depression every year.

You know that feeling when, deep down, you are aching for that elusive, soothing ‘something,’ and when you can’t find it you have an even greater sense of anxiety,
stress and insecurity than ever before?

It is no doubt so many people are feeling this way… the corporate lifestyle is extremely stressful, food and gas prices are at an all-time high. The list goes on, but I think you get my point.

Every day, tons of people are suddenly faced with the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or a heart-breaking divorce.

Has that happened to you?

With all these things now more common than we’d like to believe, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that even you are facing a life of dissatisfaction and deep unhappiness.

And if a sad feeling goes on for too long, hurts too deeply, and makes it hard for
you to enjoy the good things about your life, it’s called depression.

For some people, it is simply a delayed reaction to some earlier life disappointment.

For many, a seemingly unrelated incident can somehow tap into an inner sadness, a background of unhappiness that lingers somewhere below the surface and inexplicably triggers depression.

Sometimes it’s not easy to deal with it on your 0wn.

Is there a secret to happiness, a way out of the darkness, a chance to smile again?

The good news is… YES, there is…”

At this point, the email contains a URL that goes to a long page at Burt Goldman’s site which offers an audio CD called the “Victory Programme” for US$47.

I totally believe in these people because they’re all about the healing and they’re not doing any differently than any author selling a book like “The Secret” for your self improvement.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I look in the Holy Bible where Jesus Christ is giving the gift of healing to anyone who wants it, then I look at others who put a price on healing, I end up asking myself, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Obviously, neither Burt, Laura nor anyone else is Jesus and we’re in a different era where people are trying to support themselves.

So, why do I keep asking myself, “what’s wrong with this picture?”

Because earlier, I saw this marketing video by Eben Pagan, a web marketing guru. Visit his video blog and watch the second video. Of course, watch the first if you like; it’s great advice from successful people on the web.

If you don’t have broadband, then I’ll just explain the 2nd video to you in a nutshell: Eben sits with a guy named Craig spending 30 minutes on how to play devil’s advocate. They explain how to market to people by taking advantage of their emotions which are rooted in fear.

Now, if you’ve looked up the depression page at my site, you found that there are all kinds of emotions rooted in fear while there are third of the amount of emotions rooted in love. Life is actually simpler and easier when the belief systems of people are rooted in love.

Emotions like responsible, thankful, thoughtful, trusting, blessed, calm, caring… They’re not exemplified in decadent society. The emotions exemplified in mainstream media are rooted in fear like deceptive, degrading, demeaning, denial, and depression… It’s a big list which represents a lot of angles for devil’s advocate marketing.

What gnaws at me in this letter is this part:

“Every day, tons of people are suddenly faced with the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or a heart-breaking divorce.

“Has that happened to you?”

I’ll bet you bedknobs to broomsticks that everyone who received this email has had something bad happen to them. That’s what’s killing me about this letter. According to Laura, “You know that feeling when, deep down, you are aching for that elusive, soothing ‘something,’ and when you can’t find it you have an even greater sense of anxiety, stress and insecurity than ever before?..”

I can’t help but see that Laura Silva Quesada is playing off the people’s emotional insecurities. Of course, everyone in a fear-mongering society feels like this one way or another. Those emotional insecurities are rooted in people’s fears – and Laura Silva Quesada is playing off of your fears.

I guess that I’m dissappointed with her because I thought she was above mainstream marketing tactics. I guess I was wrong.

Let’s continue with the rest of her letter:

Burt mentioned it to me in passing during a conversation we had last week, and after reading Dolores’s email, I asked Burt if I could share with you his secret because I’m fully aware how acute the problems of stress, anxiety and depression are too many.

Many people have already benefited from Burt’s incredible program. Now, you too can use his new “Victory Program: Your 5 Stage Journey Out of Stress, Anxiety and Depression” to help you combat stress, and even cut it off before it begins.

You can benefit from the Victory Program whether you’re chronically depressed, you simply have too much to do, or you just badly want to find the right one, have more money, or start a family.

Stress is so common in many of our lives and, if left for too long, stress will, without a doubt, lead to depression –and that’s why it’s important to nip it in the bud before it’s too late.

Fortunately, the good news is, this program is sure to put a smile back on your face and take the enormous weight off your shoulders.

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Live again!

Laura Silva Quesada
Silva International

I’m sorry, but if Laura Silva Quesada actually wrote this, then she’s sold out to mainstream marketing. I don’t know if her father would be too thrilled about that.

It’s not that I’m perfect, but expected Laura to be more perfect than me because she’s a Silva, a certified psychic. So, why would she bother playing devil’s advocate in spite of her real talents? It also begs the question if Laura Silva actually wrote this.

It also begs the question: “What can I do for you at this very moment without your having to plunk down your hard earned cash just to get some inner peace?”

This is the reason I produced HealingMindN Meditation, for your inner peace. Just google it. You’ll see the web is flooded with it; it’s a ten minute video that guarantees your inner happiness – and I’m giving it away for free, to people with broadband on the web, anyway. Last time I looked, MetaCafe keeps coming up on top with my video.

Not everyone has broadband internet, so that’s kind of a problem. Now, I’m going to tell you something that eBay shoppers don’t know when they find my classified ad on Marketing Persuasion Tactics: You see how I promise to give away a free mini-CD filled with a library of NLP, hypnosis, and mind control manuals?

What I did not mention is that I also include the HealingMindN Meditation video in .mov format, so you can play it in crystal clear video and stereo on your PC. Therefore, you would get all those cool effects of binaural beats among other brainwave entrainment effects that you can’t get on the web.

This is my gift to you.

Sure, you have to spend some money to get that free CD, but I prefer that you be in control of your life and your reality by learning Power Keys to Persuasion rather than simply be happy with the way things are.

I believe in you because you have the power to change your reality; this includes the world around you. You’re here now exactly because you knew exactly where to look. Realities converge that way.

I’m here in your reality only because you invited me.

Thank you. I hope to serve you.

Yours Truly,

Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man.

P.S. Use your innate gifts to change your reality for the better.

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Remote Viewing is Mindfulness Meditation

A plethora of resources exist on the web on Remote Viewing as well as Mindfulness Meditation. My opinion on Mindfulness at Mind Body Medicine expounds on the fact that we are born with the natural ability to focus on the present on any particular function of the body. We all have the innate ability to focus on small things like the flow of our breathing and large things like the flow of our oceans.

I contend that Mindfulness Meditation is an ability with which we are all born. By the same token, Remote Viewing is an ability with which we are all born. Of course, you say that this is an ability with which we must be trained and disciplined to really experience. True, the same concept applies to Mindfulness Meditation. But this doesn’t mean that do not also experience these things at some level.

If you’ve read my Meditation Guide, then you know that I refer to those instances when you were a kid daydreaming in school as a form of meditation. We all also experience small instances here and there of psychic anamolies like:

  • Auto writing: As a kid did you ever find your hand with pencil just kind of going off on its own, drawing or writing things that you don’t quite understand? This is of the traits of remote viewing wherein you just let your hand follow your thought patterns.
  • Precognition: As a kid did you ever dream about what you were doing the next day, then go to school the next day to find yourself doing what you did in your dream? I still remember those times when the teacher thought I was nuts or get mad if I told her that we did this “yesterday.”
  • Clairvoyance: Did you ever think of someone who called or showed up at your doorstep a few moments later?
  • Synchronicity: Did you experience a moment when you had exactly the answers or resources you needed at exactly the time you needed them?

These are just a few moments of psychic anomolies which indicate that you already have all the tools for extra sensory perception. Training is for enhancing and focussing your psychic abilities.

The problem is the present paradigm of decadent western culture is not interested in any of those special abilities. Mindfulness is the most basic one, but how can grade school teachers teach Mindfulness to students if it was trained out of them at an early age. They can’t, so the decadent cycle continues.

Fortunately, there are a few teachers who are catching on to give their students the edge in their studies. I would like to provide you with an academic interpretation of Mindfulness Meditation then of Remote Viewing, so you can understand how the two abilities are inter-related.

Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve examined the Wikipedia definition and as a complementary alternative therapy as it applies lately to helping ailing patients in these departments of integrative medicine as administered by “experts” in “psychoneuroimmunology.”

At the moment, I’m interested in how an educator would define it because I, like many others, would like to see Mindfulness Meditation taught to kids in school to help them focus.

From College Teaching Methods & Styles Journal – April 2008, we have an article entitled, “Educating For Tolerance And Compassion: Is There A Place For Meditation In A College Classroom?” by Lana Zinger, Queensborough Community College. This paper in .pdf format should serve as a standard for all educators, so I hope you pick up your own copy.

Just in case you’re worried that such an educator is suffering from some kind of boogady woogady new age nonsense to teach kids how to contact UFO’s or ghosts, the following is Zinger’s actual intention towards her students:

Imagine A Classroom …

  • Where there is minimal waste of time, confusion or disruption.
  • Where a no-nonsense, work oriented tone prevails but there is a relaxed pleasant atmosphere.
  • Where mutual respect is established.
  • Where non-judgmental views are expressed when tackling controversial topics.
  • Where we develop realistic ways of teaching and learning that moves us toward compassion and tolerance.

Contemplative practices are used to facilitate mindfulness in students, which can be characterized as the capacity to concentrate on the here and now. The goal is to have students become more attentive in the classroom or more focused on what they are reading or discussing.

It is as if contemplative activity can cleanse the mind so that it can engage more fully with what one is currently experiencing even when living in a highly stressful environment.

In the field of education, contemplative practices have been integrated into programs of teacher preparation so that they can become a source for innovative pedagogy, in which they help to shape not only how the teacher interacts with students but also how students interact with each other…

My goal was to teach the students to focus on issues in the classroom by tapping into their individual experiences of compassion and meaning. Compassion, of course, cannot be taught but it can be discovered or remembered. I’ve discovered that simple breath meditation can transform students’ fundamental relation to themselves and their surrounding communities…

I think it’s even more important to examine how academic productivity rises according to Ms. Zinger’s experience of teaching Mindfulness to her students:

Why I teach meditation in my classroom?

Classroom Management through Meditation-I use meditation in the classroom when controversial issues arise. My goal was to teach students to be less reactive to life’s annoyances and to respect one another’s opinions.

Perception and Diversity– To help my students in understanding different points of view, expressing empathy and appreciating diversity.

Anger Management and Other Emotions-To teach my students how to cope with emotions such as sadness, fear and stress, and to sensitize students to their anger cues, triggers and style.

Effective Communication– To increase communication skills by teaching reflective listening, the use of I-statements and non-inflammatory ways of expressing one’s needs and emotions.

There are a number of other important reasons for bringing contemplative pedagogy into any classroom:

  • Reduced stress levels and lowered anxiety can have a noticeable effect on classroom productivity.
  • Decreases in school absenteeism.
  • Increased concentration and focus.
  • Improved memory; and a greater ability to ―be in the moment‖, to remove yourself from the chaos (centeredness).
  • Less stress when taking exams.
  • Less panic attacks and anxiety especially during public speaking.

Meditation and mindfulness lets the students perceive the world, the classroom and other people more openly, with more compassion…

You know what? Ms. Zinger is our dream teacher. We should have someone like her at every level of education. College kids in decadent society are not much better than they were as grade school kids because they don’t have anyone actively opening their minds and hearts to compassion and empathy.

Imagine having compassionate, empathetic kids who understand and feel the needs of the people around them rather than – something else; this is what most parents have because their kids want to emulate them.

I hear what you’re saying that compassion and empathy are moot points in the current corporate and social culture which is run by dispassionate, unempathetic, mindless adults.

Not really. Certain companies like Google for example, have regular meditation classes now in order to increase their productivity. More companies will catch on as they learn how their productivity levels can potentially rise by being “Mindful.” There are several “corporate meditation programs” that can be googled on the web exactly for this purpose.

Let’s examine Ms. Zinger’s practical definition of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of training the mind to focus in a steady and non-judging way on the different phases of human experience. With mindfulness meditation, we learn to experience non-judgmentally. A practice of seeing clearly, seeing things as they truly are, being aware of experiences…

Guess what? This is how Remote Viewing begins.

Remote Viewing

I’ve listened to these mp3’s that can be downloaded from Gerald O’Donnell’s site on Remote Viewing and Influencing; they all begin with focusing of phases of human experience, basically your sensations, while seeing things clearly, as they truly are, and being aware of all your experiences.

Then Gerald continues with the bonuses wherein you practice by expanding your internal light energies, first by a few feet. Then you focus on those sensations you experienced and remember them. With each practice, you expand your internal light energy further while remaining in the moment of those sensations and remembering them each time for the next session.

Remote Viewing is, in fact, next level Mindfulness Meditation wherein you are expanding your senses far beyond your body. To most adults, such a practice is nonsense and boulderdash, but remember: The big intelligence operations including CIA and FBI, west European Intel Ops, and your local police force have used psychics to help them “spy on the enemy” and unravel mysteries.

Besides Gerald O’Donnell, you probably already know of Maj. Ed Dames who with his crew have already helped solve a number of crimes with their local police. Although most people do not understand the science attached to Remote Viewing, there is science outside of the mainstream wherein remote viewers like to refer to “The Matrix” or the “Akashic Records.”

In fact, there’s a forum of Remote Viewers at TRV News that constantly refers to “The Matrix. This site has an animated flash video that explains “technical remote viewing” which refers to “The Matrix.”

The Stewart Swerdlow definition of Akashic Records: “Imprinted information on the group mind of a species.” This means when people are remote viewing, they are tapping into the “Matrix,” or the collective human intelligence all around them.

I’m pretty sure that the Akashic Records refers specifically to the group mind of a species while The Matrix refers to universal intelligence – for example, beyond the human species. Altogether, these sources form a collective consciousness. Rupert Scheldrake and William Tiller also agree on the concept of collective consciousness as the mind within “The Matrix.”
Now you know why I expound on these papers on Collective DNA Consciousness, Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram, and the Holographic Paradigm. These papers attempt to explain the holographic model of the universe and how we fit in that model with ourselves functioning as holographic entities.

In order for you to be able to tap into human collective consciousness, you have to have all the qualities imbued through mindfulness meditation.

Navy SEAL officer’s report on ‘remote viewing’ urges ‘transcendent’ intelligence postulates further on what expanding the consciousness through remote viewing does for the practitioners:

..In fact, we might consider that variations on Bremseth’s term transcendent warfare could be “transcendent operations” or “transcendent solutions.” These terms provide a broader scope of use for remote viewing and other kinds of anomalous cognition.

Disease, poverty, hunger, injustice, crime, drug abuse, slavery, child abuse, political corruption, pollution of natural resources, emerging climate change and similar serious problems that currently challenge us may also be useful targets for transcendent operations and transcendent solutions.

For people interested in these problems and possible solutions, as well as the national defense applications that Navy SEAL officer Bremseth explored in his paper, the unconventional, unusual and transcendent phenomena of remote viewing and anomalous cognition seem to be valuable resources.

Bremseth demonstrated courage and insight to tackle such a sensitive topic for his Marine Corps War College report. His paper is worthwhile reading for anyone with an open mind and an interest in human potential.

In fact, if taken to its natural and logical conclusion, Bremseth’s concept of transcendence would bring us to a better world and achieve the peace, security, happiness, prosperity, beauty and discovery that, for now, we can only dream of…

This is basically an extention of what Lana Zinger wants her students to accomplish in the world through “Mindfulness:” A Spiritually, Morally, and Culturally Advanced World. Training Mindfulness like Remote Viewing helps to Save Humanity.

The Matrix

Some of you might be saying that I’m just postulating based on platitudes and hyperbole, that, in fact, I speak of pseudo-science and nothing more. The proof is in the pudding. Isn’t it? Or, shall I say, scientific experiment.

Now, you could look up the white papers through Dr. Tiller’s Site on Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices (IIED). Tiller had numerous controlled experiments that provide the necessary data for you to understand that human intention is key to precipitating reality.

You might insist that psychic experiments have failed too many times to actually prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ESP exists. But according to Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, the success rate of a psychic is a function of environmental factors such as body chemistry, terrestrial magnetism, and solar activity – all of which vary over time; and that is why experiments of the paranormal appear to fail. When the regression model is expanded to include these factors the success rate of psychics becomes statistically significant.

Let’s consider Dean Radin’s experiments on random number generator’s concerning the event of 9/11/01 before you dismiss the idea of collective consciousness.

If anything, Dean’s findings have proved that the human collective consciousness itself is non-linear in respect to the time of the event and non-local in the respect that the random number generators were affected all over the world in and around the relatively local event of 9/11/01.

You need to understand that the human mind does not operate in a linear, local sense. Your mind’s only attachement to physical reality is your body. The human mind actually operates in a non-linear, non-local basis as a living extention of the holographic paradigm we know as the universe.Mindfulness allows you to center on your inner sensations which happen to be reflections of outside physical reality. We are microcosms reflecting the macrocosm of the universe. Each of us are pieces of the hologram we call the universe – And each piece still carries the same information as the rest of the universe. You have the same amount of information as the rest of the universe.

Water crystal replication study

Jan 9th, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009

Radin, D., Lund, N., Emoto, M., Kizu, T. (2008). Effects of distant intention on water crystal formation: A triple-blind replication. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 22(4), 481-493.

An experiment tested the hypothesis that water exposed to distant intentions affects the aesthetic rating of ice crystals formed from that water. Over three days, 1,900 people in Austria and Germany focused their intentions towards water samples located inside an
electromagnetically shielded room in California. Water samples located near the target water, but unknown to the people providing intentions, acted as “proximal” controls. Other samples located outside the shielded room acted as distant controls.

Ice drops formed from samples of water in the different treatment conditions were photographed by a technician, each image was assessed for aesthetic beauty by over 2,500 independent judges, and the resulting data were analyzed, all by individuals blind with respect to the underlying treatment conditions.

Results suggested that crystal images in the intentionally treated condition were rated as aesthetically more beautiful than proximal control crystals (p = 0.03, one-tailed). This outcome replicates the results of an earlier (double blind) pilot test.

When you remote view, you are observing extentions of yourself. I know. It’s difficult to fathom that anything outside of yourself is an extention of you. Decadent society doesn’t train us to think that way; that’s why it lacks compassion and empathy.

As you understand, it’s far more than realising that remote viewing is mindfulness meditation. It’s about taking advantage of our natural gifts to go forward as a race.

Instead of war, famine, disease, and economic depravity, we should have extended ourselves towards the stars already. Instead of contemplating habitation on Mars, we should be there right now. The science exists to rehabitate Mars right now. And there’s so much more wonderful science that needs to be tapped.

I can only ask you to find a way to be “Mindful” – not only of where you are in your career, your love life, or your studies. I ask you to be mindful of where we are as a species – and be that advanced human that helps remote view the advancement of humanity.

related article:

The quantum vacuum and the singularities of integrated consciousness create the basic infrastructure of the universe – the essence of remote viewing

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Art of Prose: How JK Ellis Changed His Name

About 4 months later after I published an essay in a contest held by JK Ellis, his name is now Dantelion Jones. That name came out of the blue, but that fact that he changed it was my fault – and I’m feeling somewhat guilty. I didn’t think it was possible until it happened, but this essay that I wrote especially for JK Ellis actually caused him to change his name.

If you look back at the first post on this subject, Art of Prose: rapport, I specifically wrote, “There are elements in this story that appealed especially to JK Ellis – elements of which he is probably not aware, but you will be…”

Now, I’m making you aware. There is an imbedded command in that essay that I wrote specifically for JK Ellis. In this writing contest JK Ellis asks people to write the most evil, slanderous things they could possible imagine about him while still maintaining some elements of truth.

As a subscriber to his email marketings, I had learned several things about JK Ellis: He likes to quote famous people; He likes Milton Erickson mind control methods; and he courts darkness.

In the essay I wrote (#12), there is no real judgement or labeling going on that you read in the other essays at; it’s all a sensual experience attached to concepts told in pretty much the way that Erickson would tell to his patients. I also happen to be a big fan of Erickson because of his story telling methods that would directly relate to his patients and their mind patterns. In fact, I’ve been a fan of his work for decades.

What’s interesting about this story is that it contains many elements of truth – scary irrefutable truths mixed in with half truths interlaced with intensely sensual imagery as it relates to those truths as experienced by a central character – a method that Erickson never really revealed in his notes. You had to listen to him. I suppose you could say he was using the politician’s method as discussed by Alan Tutt in Keys To Power Persuasion, but in the context of a story.

Our central character likes traveling to explore bizarre, paranormal things. I also had the sense that JK Ellis has a passion for the same; this along with several elements I discussed earlier on Art of Prose established JK Ellis’ rapport with the central character.

Let me sum up the truths for you from the essay, first: There actually is a restaurant where fried bologna is a favourite in Dayton, Ohio at an intersection of Highway 4 where Marl Road splits off. Military officers actually do like to stop at this restaurant. Marl Road really is surrounded and shadowed by tall trees; it’s also a restricted road because it leads straight to the tarmac of Wright-Patterson AFB, a fabled area for strange UFO sightings. I’m pretty sure that JK Ellis probably had all of this at the back of his mind as he read the essay.

There are also the Ellis Town Truths: There really was an Ellis Town in 1883, but in the UK. The town really was made of brick and metal rails with a cobblestone road. The women’s fashion back then really were those suggestive jersey dresses if not steam punk with nothing underneath. The attitudes back then really were sexually free with harlots roaming the streets. You could say that I did my research because the image I painted is historically accurate.

Now, for the half truths: Ellis Industries really does exist, so I made up this super secret, 3rd party security force, “JK Ellis Industries.” The Shadow Beast was taken from the Montauk Project; there are actual pictures of this shadow beast destroying a building in the book. Supposedly it was the manifestation of Duncam Cameron’s dark side when he was in the Montauk Chair. Shadow Beast also represents the darkness which JK Ellis consistently courts in the form of his “mysterious” persona.

This Shadow Beast also manifests itself as a beautiful, exotic woman, Esprit Contrôle, who makes our central character feel really good and strong at times when he was at his weakest. Our central character courts the shadow beast just as JK Ellis courts his. He doesn’t want any common harlot. He wants the woman who gives him power, the Shadow Beast.

Oh yes, the clicking in our protagonist’s head: The clicking sound is due to a directed beam of microwaves at the cerebrum. There are several U.S. patents that describe this process for using microwave beams to deliver subliminal suggestions directly to the human mind. Supposedly, the Shadow Beast was also precipitated from the ether using the same microwave antenna array used for mind control during the Montauk Project. The same beast is able to direct microwaves in the same fashion – in theory.

There are also the vastly empty fields on either side of Marl Road. Supposedly, these fields are where strange things land and set up shop as an extension of “aerospace research.” There are theories floating around that these fields are not actually empty, that this is just an “illusion.” Since space and time are inextricably connected, I came up with Ellis Town in one of those spaces in a time bubble, 101 years ago. That 101 Sound familiar?

I have to admit. I crafted so many elements into this story that when I look at it again, I amaze myself. For example, JK Ellis said that a requirement of this essay was that the URL, had to be mentioned at least once. I found several ways to covertly and subconsciously insert this term:

“MCIONNDT1R0O1L:” The words, mind control 101 embedded within itself.
“Bewusstseinskontrolle LOL:” German for Mind Control; LOL, a play on 101.
“101 Lortnoc Dn IM:” Obviously, it’s spelled backwards.
“Esprit Contrôle… She laughed out loud:” French for Mind Control; laughed out loud, another play on 101
“don’t come…” A play on dot com.

Now for the truly covert elements. Carl Jung had a regular trigger statement for his patients, “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.” When you dwell on what this means, you will actually go into a trance. In fact, Jung would ask his patients to quietly ponder what that statement means to them. By using this same trigger, we can cause a person to be open to suggestion.

Our central character had already established rapport with JK Ellis by the time he heard this Jungism in his mind. As the story continued this caused JK Ellis to really see the story with his mind’s eye as he read it without any critical analysis.

Throughout the story, JK Ellis probably identified more with the central character than Ellis Town or JK Ellis Industries – Mainly because that central character is courting the darkness, the shadow beast, the sensuous, exotic woman who makes him feel good. JK Ellis Industries and their “tour” was making our central character feel pretty miserable and helpless through most of the story. The only saving grace was our lovely shadow beast, Esprit Contrôle.

At the end of Ellis Town, our protagonist has an altercation with JK Ellis Industry Military Personnel, one of them a highly decorated officer. He beats these military personnel to a pulp and shoots them. This happens after one of the officers calls our central character Mr. Ellis, to which he violently responds, “My name is not Ellis!” Thereafter, he steals away Esprit Contrôle.

Since JK Ellis identified more with the central character while he despised JK Ellis Industry Personnel as he left Ellis Town behind him, that was the nail in the coffin for JK Ellis. Now, there’s Dantelion Jones. I deeply apologise to JK Ellis because I had no idea that words on a page could do that – until now.

I guess that makes me dangerous in a way, but I choose to be a HealingMindN, so I’m not out to get anyone, not consciously.

Thanks for your time,


Spiritual Control

24 Hour Meditation for World Peace

If you haven’t visited Holy Life, HealingMindN already, then I advise you to consider doing so. At the home page, I already discuss the events precipitated by a prayer group formed by Dion Fortune during World War II. I have copied it here for your convenience:

Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light” during WWII had the threefold purpose of protecting Great Britain, blocking and destroying the evil which had taken over Germany, and laying the foundations for a better and more just world after the war. We must wonder about the still unresolved mystery of Hitler’s fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer. There are strong indications that far more forces were at work rather than a guilty conscience…

The proof is in the pudding. As you see, this is only one example of the practical use of prayer. There are more examples at collective DNA consciousness on how prayer affects the physical world. And as I’ve quoted already from the Maharishi, a number of times, prayer is for asking question, meditation is for listening to the answers.

Now, there’s an even better reason for you to participate with your own “Society of Inner Light.” We have a 24 Hour Meditation that began today. The article on World Peace through Prayer at the Olympian only speaks of the event at one particular location. Dion Fortune’s group proved that you don’t have to be at a particular location: You just need the same intention through opening that spiritual doorway as the rest of the group at the same relative time, then the space-time events that need to happen will precipitate.


Whether we understand these powers as coming from the outside in or inside out, we appreciate that they work. Our intentions and how we apply them make all the difference in the world.

If we really wish for world peace, we must apply our intentions to that end and the more of us who direct our “lamps” in the same direction, the brighter the future will become…

Intention from a sentient mind resonates with the same intention from other sentient minds. Similar mind patterns of a higher consciousness resonate with each other in the same quantum coherent particles are entangled with each other, but with the added spiritual aspect of intention.

Your special human facets allow your mind to travel anywhere in the universe at any time – beyond the imagination – because you are a living part of this universe. You are a living aspect of the One Mind, the Creator of the Universe. Therefore, you can accomplish anything when you put your mind to it.

Your ability to work miracles in concert with other sentient beings is your birth right. “But what protects good from evil?” you might ask, “if miracles are everyone’s birth right?” Very simple.

Your intention must be the same as God’s. Your miracles come when you resonate with the Mind of God. Evil cannot do this. Evil is a distortion of nature. Good people were put on this planet to defeat the evil. More importantly, good people are meant to defeat the evil within themselves. And if they can’t do that, the good people around them are meant to help them:

Some of the greatest advice from Ms. Fortune can be extrapolated from this quote: “Nothing and nobody is altogether evil, therefore it is never justifiable to destroy any person or thing by direct action, but only to open a channel whereby spiritual forces are brought to bear upon the problem… Our work is a work of healing, and no hate must come of it…”

This is the answer to the World’s Ills: It’s clear that answering evil with more evil is not the answer. Answering hatred and violence with more hatred and violence is not the answer.

The true reality, our spiritual reality that lies beyond and within each person is the only good that can defeat the evil that lies on the surface of evil people. Your goodness and your healing spiritual connections to others with the same healing intentions and the healing spiritual connection to the One Mind of God works the miracle of defeating evil by opening the doorway to the good person.

In doing so, you are simply revealing and giving power to the good person who is already there.

I wish for you, peace through goodness.


Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man