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24 Hour Meditation for World Peace

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If you haven’t visited Holy Life, HealingMindN already, then I advise you to consider doing so. At the home page, I already discuss the events precipitated by a prayer group formed by Dion Fortune during World War II. I have copied it here for your convenience:

Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light” during WWII had the threefold purpose of protecting Great Britain, blocking and destroying the evil which had taken over Germany, and laying the foundations for a better and more just world after the war. We must wonder about the still unresolved mystery of Hitler’s fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer. There are strong indications that far more forces were at work rather than a guilty conscience…

The proof is in the pudding. As you see, this is only one example of the practical use of prayer. There are more examples at collective DNA consciousness on how prayer affects the physical world. And as I’ve quoted already from the Maharishi, a number of times, prayer is for asking question, meditation is for listening to the answers.

Now, there’s an even better reason for you to participate with your own “Society of Inner Light.” We have a 24 Hour Meditation that began today. The article on World Peace through Prayer at the Olympian only speaks of the event at one particular location. Dion Fortune’s group proved that you don’t have to be at a particular location: You just need the same intention through opening that spiritual doorway as the rest of the group at the same relative time, then the space-time events that need to happen will precipitate.


Whether we understand these powers as coming from the outside in or inside out, we appreciate that they work. Our intentions and how we apply them make all the difference in the world.

If we really wish for world peace, we must apply our intentions to that end and the more of us who direct our “lamps” in the same direction, the brighter the future will become…

Intention from a sentient mind resonates with the same intention from other sentient minds. Similar mind patterns of a higher consciousness resonate with each other in the same quantum coherent particles are entangled with each other, but with the added spiritual aspect of intention.

Your special human facets allow your mind to travel anywhere in the universe at any time – beyond the imagination – because you are a living part of this universe. You are a living aspect of the One Mind, the Creator of the Universe. Therefore, you can accomplish anything when you put your mind to it.

Your ability to work miracles in concert with other sentient beings is your birth right. “But what protects good from evil?” you might ask, “if miracles are everyone’s birth right?” Very simple.

Your intention must be the same as God’s. Your miracles come when you resonate with the Mind of God. Evil cannot do this. Evil is a distortion of nature. Good people were put on this planet to defeat the evil. More importantly, good people are meant to defeat the evil within themselves. And if they can’t do that, the good people around them are meant to help them:

Some of the greatest advice from Ms. Fortune can be extrapolated from this quote: “Nothing and nobody is altogether evil, therefore it is never justifiable to destroy any person or thing by direct action, but only to open a channel whereby spiritual forces are brought to bear upon the problem… Our work is a work of healing, and no hate must come of it…”

This is the answer to the World’s Ills: It’s clear that answering evil with more evil is not the answer. Answering hatred and violence with more hatred and violence is not the answer.

The true reality, our spiritual reality that lies beyond and within each person is the only good that can defeat the evil that lies on the surface of evil people. Your goodness and your healing spiritual connections to others with the same healing intentions and the healing spiritual connection to the One Mind of God works the miracle of defeating evil by opening the doorway to the good person.

In doing so, you are simply revealing and giving power to the good person who is already there.

I wish for you, peace through goodness.


Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man