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Remote Viewing Alien Orbs, UFOs, and Spheres

Inclemencies are subjective or objective influences outside the realm of a controlled channel of information such as remote viewing. When remote viewing, we can be influenced by our personal feelings from our experiences of an object in question.

We can also be influenced by our personal logic, culturally trained judgmental heuristics or cognitive commitments when perceiving an object and it’s internal workings. Inclemencies can apply to people, places, and things. Inclemencies can skew actual facts.

I believe that I experienced inclemencies during the ARVARI Remote Viewing Training Session on CD3. This second of ten training sessions teaches a powerful technique to allow us to operate our minds “as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of vibratory light that we know, from quantum mechanics and religious traditions, is the basis of creation as a storage and instant conveyor of sensory and data streams;” it sounds like a load of gobbledygook, but the method that Gerald employs is very similar to Visual Ray Psionics method of creating “thought forms.”

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Learning Tool Parable for Education: Humility

Although I’ve been through the CD3 session of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, I’ve chosen to delay my review of it because of several inclemencies I’ve experienced during and after the sessions.

The whole idea of remote viewing is strange enough to most people. It’s just too “out there” and of course it’s a joke now because of “Men Who Stare at Goats.” The thing is there are very strange customs and practices in this world that don’t make sense until we apply them in the real world. When we do that, we’re able to look at the big picture of how things fit together.

Do you remember “Karate Kid?” “Wax on, Wax off” didn’t make much sense, right? Not until Mr. Miyagi demonstrated how “Wax on, Wax off” is applied in a real world situation of self defense. In fact, there are a number of practices in old world martial arts that are considered very strange, if not mundane, to the “civilized” Western Mind, yet have practical uses in real world situations.

The same concept applies to psychic senses like remote viewing. Like an old world martial arts dojo, each school of remote viewing has it’s own methods of teaching. These methods are very strange, much like the method on CD3 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, but like I said, I’m not going to review CD3 yet. And as you know, when I say it’s “very strange,” then you know it’s got to be out there.

Instead, I want to share an important lesson with you; it’s one of many lessons in martial morality. In martial arts, remote viewing, or any esoteric activity that takes intense discipline there will always be people with the attitude, “I’ve already learned this. I already know that. What more can you teach me?” For the moment, I want to discuss humility.

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Addendum, Remote Viewing Course Review: CD2

I understand a little better now why Gerald recommends listening to each CD several times in the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. I was experiencing “inclemencies” as discussed in “The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual,” therefore I wasn’t completely following the instructions the first time.

Each time we follow a session, it’s a filtering or refining process that helps us to reduce the inclemencies each time, therefore, our approach to remote viewing becomes more objective each time. It’s possible that my inclemencies came about because I was hearing so many familiar concepts from Gerald’s guided meditation to the music in the background.

The music would be unusual to most people unless you’re into ethnic music, like me. As best as I can “finger” this music, it sounds like Samgita because of the combinations of intense primal voices. Samgita is the combination of vocal music, instrumental music and dance (Aeolian Mode?), believed to influence the whole workings of the universe according to Hindu Tradition. The only part missing is the “dance,” unless that’s going on in your head.

Of the three times that I’ve listened to CD2, I almost expect to see “dancing” on my fourth round. Gerald informs us that the method he provides here is one method to achieve deep theta and that he provides more methods. In the CD2 method, as I’ve mentioned a previous post, he makes use of chakra colors as representing different levels of consciousness until we finally reach deep theta rhythms.

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Psychoneuroimmunology + Remote Viewing Course CD2

Most of the scholarly papers that I’ve seen on psychoneuroimmunology disappoint me. They’re written mostly by neuroscientists who are focussed on the neurochemistry of stress. If this is your field, then your scholarly, “trees for the forest” treatment of stress, makes complete sense. What worries me is what you consider “treatment.”

For example, Psychoneuroimmunology examined: The role of subjective stress makes complete sense especially in consideration of stressors and the psychological stress response, behavioral and physiological stress in immunity and moderators of the stress response. But this big article only discusses half the equation: The Problem of psycho-somatic illness.

The only solution this huge article suggests is “psychological intervention.” Between you and me, I think we know what that means: Neuroleptic, Anti-psychotic, Anti-depressant Drugs. Conventional medical practitioners are not interested in treating the spirit – this means getting to know people on a deeply personal level.

The problem with most conventional “counselors” is that they are like their medical counterparts: They have swollen egos. They feel that most people are beneath them. They feel they don’t have to know anyone beneath them on a personal basis, so their preference is prescribe drugs to simply fool your brain chemistry into thinking that you’re OK.

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ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, Review: CD 1

I’ve decided to share my personal experiences of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Courses by Gerald O’Donnell one CD at a time.

The first CD of the RV course has only audio one track lasting a little over 57 minutes. In that time, Gerald explains the “basic mechanisms involved in Remote Viewing and its modus operandi.” What really grabs me about this introduction to RV is that it’s also a hypnotic induction. There’s music and sound effects in the background that I’m pretty sure were entraining my brainwaves.

Besides that, Gerald’s voice is quite soothing. Since he has an accent while explaining this esoterica on RV with that meditative music and sound effects in the background, it’s difficult to focus on anything else other than what he’s telling you.

Therefore, if you think you can work on other things while listening to this course, think again. You will probably find yourself drifting away into altered states of consciousness. Gerald’s style compares quite well to the Milton Method since he uses a drawn out vocal inflections that stick in the mind.

In fact, Gerald makes a contrast between his European Western Intelligence Oriented Course and the courses developed by U.S. Intelligence Personnel: The main difference is that the U.S. courses require intense structure (as outlined in “The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual”), so much so that “Scientific” RV Practitioners are allowed to go into altered states of consciousness “only when required,” but are not allowed to go into altered states on consciousness on a regular basis because that sort of activity “lacks structure.”

Not true with the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course – Altered States of consciousness and awareness are part of the curriculum. We learn how to control our states of awareness throughout the day by using this course. According to Gerald, we are all capable of remote viewing; it’s just a matter of focussing your psychic powers to remote view.

What intrigues me further about this first CD is that Gerald talks about himself in the third person. He does this like five times or more. In between those strange self inferences, he’s drilling more information into your subconscious, yet another Milton Method Tactic? Yes. And it works.

He also provides an eBook of the same script he reads to you on CD 1. Here it is: RV Secrets Revealed. But you have to get a free Subscription to Way of the MindGate Newsletter before you download it. In fact, there are a bunch of cool books and reports waiting for you when you subscribe

Please Stay Tuned for my review of CD 2 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course.

Healing Thoughts,


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Economic Control Evil Control

Analysis of Haiti Earthquake among other World Affairs

If you’re an old school epidemiologist like me, you will notice that there are a few discrepancies in the conventional wisdom discussed at Conspiracy Theory: Haiti EarthQuake Natural or Man Made? – not only in the data that’s there, but moreover in the data that’s not there.

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Emotional Aspect of Psychic Sensitivity

I recently discovered a book on psychoenergetics written by a few medical doctors and recommened by a number of other doctors. The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion: How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body, and the Sixth Sense would seem to me more of a subject on psychoneuroimmunology, but it treads into more esoteric areas of the paranormal; The authors discuss the general health constitution of psychically sensitive people.

Here is a description that introduces us to the concept of emotion as the gateway to psychic sensitivity:

A cutting-edge examination of feelings, not thoughts, as the gateway to understanding consciousness

• Contends that emotion is the greatest influence on personality development

• Offers a new perspective on immunity, stress, and psychosomatic conditions

• Explains how emotion is key to understanding out-of-body experience, apparitions, and other anomalous perceptions

Contemporary science holds that the brain rules the body and generates all our feelings and perceptions. Michael Jawer and Dr. Marc Micozzi disagree. They contend that it is our feelings that underlie our conscious selves and determine what we think and how we conduct our lives.

The less consciousness we have of our emotional being, the more physical disturbances we are likely to have–from ailments such as migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and post-traumatic stress to anomalous perceptions such as apparitions and involuntary out-of-body experiences.

Using the latest scientific research on immunity, sensation, stress, cognition, and emotional expression, the authors demonstrate that the way we process our feelings provides a key to who is most likely to experience these phenomena and why. They explain that emotion is a portal into the world of extraordinary perception, and they provide the studies that validate the science behind telepathic dreams, poltergeists, and ESP.

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion challenges the prevailing belief that the brain must necessarily rule the body. Far from being by-products of neurochemistry, the authors show that emotions are the key vehicle by which we can understand ourselves and our interactions with the world around us as well as our most intriguing–and perennially baffling–experiences.

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Honest, Selfless, Loving, Caring = Meaning of Life?

It’s been said that the best things in life are free – although in our hyper-consumptive culture, you’d be hard-pressed to find many people who would agree with you.


Our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle recently found a beautiful feature film entitled Amal. It’s a modern-day parable that tells the story of a man named Amal – a simple, humble auto-rickshaw driver in the colorful, bustling city of New Delhi, India. Content with the small but vital role he plays in life, to drive his customers throughout the city as safely as possible, Amal is a man who lives simply to do “the right thing” in every situation.


One day Amal drives an eccentric billionaire who, disguised as a vagabond, is searching the streets for the last morsel of humanity; someone he can leave all his money to. His children are ungrateful spoiled brats and his colleagues are corrupt, money-sucking leeches.


Despite all his wealth, the old man wanders the city hoping to find the two things his money has never brought him – hope for humanity and peace for his soul. In Amal, he discovers a dying breed: a man who is honest, selfless, loving, and caring.


This riveting and surprising tale ultimately reveals that the poorest of men are sometimes the richest.



Enjoy the movies!

“The Spiritual Cinema Circle is providing a great service to those who want to evolve and be entertained at the same time.”
-Deepak Chopra


“It’s not often you can combine entertainment with personal growth, but that is exactly what The Spiritual Cinema Circle offers. These engaging films provide important messages about life, love, and the world we live in.”
-Jack Canfield

“Spiritual Cinema Circle reminds us that goodness is reserved for the good ones.”


Start your free trial today! For just a small shipping fee, you can receive a *free DVD that includes Amal plus three great short films, plus Mariel Hemingway’s very special in-depth interview with spiritual teacher Alan Cohen! [Please Discover how these amazing stories on DVD tug on your heart strings.]


Spiritual Cinema, Inc.

833 W. South Boulder Rd. Louisville, CO 80027

Copyright ©2009 Spiritual Cinema Circle, A Gaiam Company

*$4.95 US shipping fee applies, $7.95 international.

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Remote Viewing Joke: Men Who Stare at Goats

Hollywood has its customers well trained. After any movie, each and every person questions their own reality. I still remember when I went to the movies with my nephew to see one of those American Pie movies. He actually asked me “is that how it really is?”

Let me explain something to you: Hollywood Movies are pure fiction. There was a time when their sole purpose was entertainment. Now, that there are all kinds of hands in Hollywood Productions, the movies also have ulterior motives and an agenda to fulfill with it’s audience.

When I say “all kinds of hands,” I’m talking about people behind the scenes, beyond the experts in marketing and psychology. I’m talking about people who want to shape public.

You know how I mentioned Kaizen in a previous post? Hollywood has great Kaizen because production crews are such well oil “machines” raking in billions of dollars a day. Their goal is your entertainment, but they also have another goal: To please the hand that feeds them.

For example, why did a number of Hollywood Films, by happenstance, so brazenly contain a 9:11 symbol within the context of their stories – before the event of 9/11/01?

By the same token, why does Hollywood like to make a joke out of psychic powers? For example, the character played by George Clooney in “Goats…” was treated as a joke as in that “cloud busting” scene.

I realize this movie was meant to be a comedy because the book is also humorous. The problem is that the general public think that trained psychics are jokes now and they’re just plain flaky after “Men Who Stare at Goats?” Who wants to be like that? Right?

I can come up with jokes too. Did you know that the sequel is called “Goats Who Stare at Men?” This is about psychic goats who force Hollywood Producers to have a conscience. The prequel is called “Cavemen Who Stare at Goats,” a story about a few cavemen who couldn’t get human wives. Their offspring were Hollywood Producers without a conscience.

I could go on, but I want you to know that you’re losing out if you allow Hollywood and other mass media to shape your opinion. The people who want to shape your opinion are not interested in your spiritual growth.

The people who want to shape your opinion are not interested training the general public to have psychic powers or else we would have regular psychic 101 classes in school.

No. The people who want to shape your opinion want you to focus on whatever status symbol or fad or celebrity or whatever hot topic trivia there is today. They want you to focus on your mundane jobs, so you can go on your mundane vacations, then spend your money on more mundane entertainment and status symbols, then work on your mundane taxes every year.

What the people behind the scenes don’t want is for you to know them. The last thing the people pulling the strings want is for you to find out what they’ve been doing.

Do you know what kind of world this would be if most people were psychic? Let me rephrase that: What if you and your friends did know how to do remote viewing? Let’s say you and your friends get together to find out why that 9:11 symbol turned up in a number of movies before the event of 9/11/01.

Do you believe the people behind the scenes would actually want that to happen? Probably not.

Ergo, “Men Who Stare at Goats” turned people with psychic powers into a joke.

You could go along with that joke, but since you’re here, I imagine you might agree with what I’m saying.

Perhaps, you should look into that Remote Viewing / Remote Influencing Course by Gerald O’Donnell. Like me, he’s interested in raising the spiritual growth of humanity through psychic discipline.

Learning remote viewing does take intense discipline. The most psychic discipline the people behind the scenes want you to have is to earn money, then turn around and pay them to watch their movies.

Learning remote influencing also takes great discipline. Do you believe the people pulling the strings behind the scenes want you pulling any strings? Probably not, so they want people to think that psychics are a joke. Who wants to be a joke? Right?

What you want is to be “deadly” to the people behind the scenes. Not just a threat, but down right seriously deadly. That’s what a nation of psychics would be to the people behind the scenes.

For me, it would be heaven on earth. What about you?

Please look into the Remote Viewing / Remote Influencing Course. The US$100 discount is good until 15 January 2010, only a few days left, and the Probable Future Corporation does provide a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not pleased.

You have pleased me by giving me your time.

Healing Thoughts, Happy New Year,


P.S. Here’s part 4 from the Conspiracy Theory series wherein Jesse Ventura questions General Stubblebine, one of the real life characters of “Men Who Stare at Goats” on Manchurian Candidates, AKA programmed assassins:

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Keys to Creation Meditation: OM

“Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace.”

-Bhagavad Gita

Omkara_smWe’ve talked about the basics of meditation. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what we can do to really achieve a higher stage of enlightenment. Last time we talked about breathing and how it is widely considered the most important physical aspect of meditation. I say physical aspect because the state of the mind is, as always, the most important. This time, we examine the verbal aspect of meditation, the mantra.

The Omkara Mantra

You may have seen others meditating while uttering a single syllable at a specific frequency; this is a mantra. The most famous mantra is the “Om” or “Aum” sound. This sound is considered to be sacred to several religions and spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The sound “aum” is formally referred to as the “Omkara,” or “Name of God” in Sanskrit and there are several ways of speaking it.

“Omanipadme Aum” for example, roughly translates to “I pray to the Jewel in the Lotus Flower.” The “Lotus Flower” is the brain. The “Jewel” is the mind. In essence, this means you are praying to your own spirit or the essence of God contained within you.

The main objective of a mantra is that it is a tool to help you achieve permanent inner awareness; this is the key to your inner transformation. The purpose is not the meaning of the word in and of itself. Rather, it is your personal utterance of the word and the vibration it makes within you that matters.

Getting in touch with your inner vibration is the key to your permanent inner awareness; this is the central theme in most methods of spiritual growth.