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ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, Review: CD 1

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I’ve decided to share my personal experiences of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Courses by Gerald O’Donnell one CD at a time.

The first CD of the RV course has only audio one track lasting a little over 57 minutes. In that time, Gerald explains the “basic mechanisms involved in Remote Viewing and its modus operandi.” What really grabs me about this introduction to RV is that it’s also a hypnotic induction. There’s music and sound effects in the background that I’m pretty sure were entraining my brainwaves.

Besides that, Gerald’s voice is quite soothing. Since he has an accent while explaining this esoterica on RV with that meditative music and sound effects in the background, it’s difficult to focus on anything else other than what he’s telling you.

Therefore, if you think you can work on other things while listening to this course, think again. You will probably find yourself drifting away into altered states of consciousness. Gerald’s style compares quite well to the Milton Method since he uses a drawn out vocal inflections that stick in the mind.

In fact, Gerald makes a contrast between his European Western Intelligence Oriented Course and the courses developed by U.S. Intelligence Personnel: The main difference is that the U.S. courses require intense structure (as outlined in “The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual”), so much so that “Scientific” RV Practitioners are allowed to go into altered states of consciousness “only when required,” but are not allowed to go into altered states on consciousness on a regular basis because that sort of activity “lacks structure.”

Not true with the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course – Altered States of consciousness and awareness are part of the curriculum. We learn how to control our states of awareness throughout the day by using this course. According to Gerald, we are all capable of remote viewing; it’s just a matter of focussing your psychic powers to remote view.

What intrigues me further about this first CD is that Gerald talks about himself in the third person. He does this like five times or more. In between those strange self inferences, he’s drilling more information into your subconscious, yet another Milton Method Tactic? Yes. And it works.

He also provides an eBook of the same script he reads to you on CD 1. Here it is: RV Secrets Revealed. But you have to get a free Subscription to Way of the MindGate Newsletter before you download it. In fact, there are a bunch of cool books and reports waiting for you when you subscribe

Please Stay Tuned for my review of CD 2 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course.

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