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I am constantly deluged with questions concerning a video I made in deriving the philosopher’s stone.

All the questions are through youtube, because that’s where the video is: How to make your own Philosopher’s Stone.

The most recent question pretty much sums up all the previous questions. You see, people want change; they want alchemy, internal alchemy. The problem is, they are coming from the perspective of instant gratification.

Most people want instant enlightenment and spiritual revelation in the same way they want instant pleasure by biting into a Krispy Kreme doughnut. You can read more about that instant gratification principle at Marketing to the Limbic System.

I’m pretty sure that instant gratification principle doesn’t apply to you since you’re here. You probably figured out that this site is all about mental discipline towards higher consciousness, not instant gratification towards higher consciousness.

That’s what people, who were raised on principles of instant gratification, want with the philosopher’s stone: They want instant revelation, instant internal alchemy, instant higher consciousness, instant happiness. That’s why people are lured to the “seduction” of the philosopher’s stone: They believe that they can treat it like a sugar doughnut – or a drug – that provides instant happiness.

Who’s not attracted to that? The problem is, that’s not the reality of it

Here’s the question posed to me at youtube. I believe it pretty well covers the thinking process of most people concerning this subject:

I am just researching the sorcerers stone and I found you video. I also found people selling products and one from asc-alchemy which is quite expensive. Have you taken the product you make? I have never talked to anyone about this. It sounds like it may be an enlightening tool. I am trying to find such possibilities. If you have how is it beneficial to you? Thanks…

You need to understand something before you read my answer: In all likelihood, if you haven’t made use of any of the tools provided at my site, then you’re probably not going to understand my answer. You need the heart knowledge, not just head knowledge, to understand my answer, or else it’s going to sound like a lot of gobbledegook and pseudo-science.

These tools are important for your personal transformation. I want you to be able to control your reality. If there’s anything that people lack, it’s control over their own reality. That’s what you, me, and everyone else really wants and that’s what I want you to have.

This is my spiritual quest: To give you back what is rightfully yours. Here’s my answer:

My intention is not towards sorcery, but a connection with God: “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” [Rev. 2:17]

ORMEs occur naturally as exotic matter in the world around us and within us. I wanted to demonstrate that this information matrix known as the “philosophers stone” could be derived from simple seawater on the premise that human bioenergetics contain the same essential elements for internal alchemy.

In deriving the ORMEs through the wet method you observed, I stressed the precious elements in the seawater into a cooper pairing monoatomic state. Zero point energy emissions from these cooper pairs emit bioresonant photons. Zero point energy contains the original energy matrix of the universe, thus allowing you to tap into the neutral point matrix, the universal mind, thus fulfilling Revelations 2:17.

Consuming the manna is not necessary in the conventional sense. The biophoton emissions provide the information you need through your proximity – including your visual ray and the 7th chakra, your 3rd eye. The difference is I prepared myself for years through meditation and prayer on the stone to induce the necessary consciousness for receiving this information.

What have you done to prepare yourself? If you haven’t, you need to prepare yourself by raising your consciousness.

Thanks for your interest.

HealingMindN Medicine Man.

P.S. I’m sorry that I am not getting to everyone’s comments and questions at youtube. There are just too many and I’m busy at other things like producing more elaborate and effective NLP videos for you. I really appreciate your interest. Thanks for your time.

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Hello man nice to meet u
i am from Ibiza Spain i been making ormus for a year now
i eat a mix of magnesia milk calcium and mstate i been trying your recepi for some time
to take the magnesia out and collect my ormus more pure
seems like afther i make the last filter from my milk ph 12 the ormus does not disolves in the lye cuz when i try to bring it down again to ph 10.7 dosent do anything no jelly forming
i use citric acid cuz there is no alchool vinager here only from wine vinager

i will be much glad for your advises
and if u are around ibiza spain any time send me a mail i will hook u up here
much love

Your acidic media should be at least 2.3 pH or lower. If not, boil down your citric acid until it’s pH 2.3 or try to get your hands on pharmaceutical grade HCl. Spain has no access to simple white vinegar?

wow man thx for answering my question is at honor to meet u .
i normaly disolve my citric acid with normal water not hot but ph is under 3 for sure
i am trying rigth now to boil the water and add the citric acid will let it setle down and see the ph and give a try with some ormus
here we use white wine vinager i dident found vinager from alcohol fermentesion we have lots of grapes here so we use wine vinager hehe
i live in ibiza also we have our own dead sea water and salt
do u know Ibiza ?

i am using a Buchner funnel with 29/32 ground filter plate, porosity 4, 500 ml, Ø 90m
is that ok ?
i have found apollinaris water here has well
this is my procces
i mix apollinaris water with dead sea salt
i filter it with bucher funel and coffe filter
i make the swing slowly until ph 10.7
wash 3 times or 4 depending the taste of the water
then collect the precipitation
turn to ph 12 dosent take 200ml of lye for the propuse take much less
ones is ph 12 i filter with Buchner funnel with 29/32 ground
filter plate, porosity 4, 500 ml, Ø 90
total clear precipitation to bigin with acid to bring the ph to 10.7 again
but ones i do this nothin happens
so i decide to go down to lets say 5 and then start to add lye to bring it back up and also nothin happens
so i am stock with this deal
thx for your nolage and clear mind

i try to boil the water then add the acid to the water let it cold and ph is 2.3
but dident make any reaction on the clear substance after filtration at 12ph
i also tryed with 25% HCL from store and nothin
is hard to get pure pharmaceutic HCL here

what do u think is the problem ?

maibe my butcher filter is not letting the ormus come throe it ?

I’m wondering now if elevation, weather, and temperature must be factored in. Sorry for my belated reply. I scoured the web last night because I had provided someone else with very simple instructions which he had published, but I can no longer find.

There’s only a difference of about 200 ft above sea level between you and me, so I’m guessing there are other factors to be considered like humidity, temperature, and magnetospheric phenomena in your part of the world.

I can only provide guidelines because your sea salt probably has more trace elements, therefore, you have to SLOWLY add chemicals while CAREFULLY observing and STOP whenever you see a reaction that is almost there; this is a sensitive mixture easily pushed over the brink.

Patience and careful observations are the key to producing your own philosopher’s stone. (In my part of the world, patience and careful observations are very much lacking, so I don’t get much respect for my work here.)

Here are simple guidelines to help using the wet method:

(The following formula is used for seawater at pH~5.9, lye at pH~12.7, and acidic substrate at pH~2.3. Use all glass instruments for mixing the formula. Please make adjustments to your formula however necessary.)

1. Mix 2 cups mineral water with half cup sea salt to 500ml. Mix. Allow to rest for at least one day.

2. Filter off the scum at the top if you see it using a Buchner Funnel.

3. Add 135 to 140 ml lye until pH~10.6 – 10.7. Allow to rest for at least one day in a grounded metal canister.

4. Precipitate should be around 300 – 400 ml mark. To Wash: Drain substrate to 400ml mark. Add distilled water back to 600ml mark. Allow to rest for at least one day in a grounded metal canister. Play your favourite guitar music around it.

5. Repeat step 4.

(You should begin to see m-state bubbles while working with the mixture. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

6. Repeat step 4.

7. Repeat step 4.

(Precipitate should grow in this time of three days / three washings. Substrate should be milky. Precipitate should maintain a pH~10.6 – 10.7)

8. Boil for five minutes in a double boiler configuration. Boiling water should be at level of precipitate.

9. Rack substrate to 425ml mark. Add around 220 – 225ml lye until pH of your formula is ~12.0. Filter through Buchner Funnel.

(The next step is the most important. Think of it as the “God” Step wherein you treat it with the utmost respect. The ORMUS reflects you and everything you are, so pray over it.

Put away the pH meter for now because You know you’re going to get ORMUS at around pH 10.5 – 10.7. The meter isn’t quick enough, so it’s up to you. Step 10 requires truly careful observation and clarity of vision on your part.)

10. Slowly add your acidic substrate as you stir constantly (around 150ml of acid, but carefully using your own judgment). The moment you see particles forming, STOP adding the acid, but keep stirring.

If the particles dissolve while stirring, then slowly add the acid drop by drop until you see particles forming then STOP adding acid, but keep stirring. The moment you see orderly geometric shapes like hexahedrons and tetrahedrons that no longer dissolve, STOP stirring. Simply watch the precipitate form into a gelatin (while you sing to it).

11. Wash the precipitate three times over the next three days with distilled water while letting it rest in the grounded metal container between washings. Play more music for it while it’s resting. pH of ORMUS remains stable through the washings. pH should be 9 or less before ingesting.

(I waive all responsibility for everyone who fails to take all necessary precautions or choose to experiment irresponsibly with this formula. Thank you for your understanding.)

Willie, you must observe the above instructions for the pH by the time you get to step 8 for boiling. The pH of the precipitate should be stable between 10.6 to 10.7.

ok i see your point i like the part u say The moment you see orderly geometric shapes like hexahedrons and tetrahedrons that no longer dissolve
cannot wait to see that …
i have made a tetrahedron box to store my ormus 🙂

ok so i have to focus more into what i am doing and make things better

i notice that my ormus afther washing come down to about 10.1 o so what must i do ?
bring it back to 10,7 ? and wait over nigth and check again until stays stable in 10.6 10.7 ?

i started with a solution of 2 cups apollinaris and 1 cup dead sea salt 500ml
my ley is at 13.3
start swing at 6:26 pm
adding lye 3 drops per secound
solution stops at 8.8 for about 15m then start to go up slowly
6:56 pm arrived to 10.5 slowly adding 8 drops reching 10.7 at 7:00 Pm
total solution of 950ml ph 10.7
wait 5 m and solution is now 10.5 so i add 30 more drops of lye to bring it back to 10.7
wait 5m and ph at 10.6 so i add 7 more dorps to bring it up to 10.7 — 7:17 PM
wait 5 m and ph 10.6 so i add 7 more drops bring it up to 10.7
wait 5m repeat preview step

Willie, there may be a contamination of which you are unaware. In reality, making ORMUS is easy, as long as we are patient and careful during the procedure.

First of all, before step 1, what are you using for lab equipment? Are you washing out your equipment with isotonic solution or distilled water before your experiment?

I have sent you a chat invitation through igoogle. I will try to remain available for the next half hour.

why do u think i gave contamination ?

ok afther wait all nigth and half of the day my preciptaton dident drop down any thing
and ph is now 10.5

Yes Brenda, all it takes is a washing with distilled water to stabilize it to pH 9 give or take. Also try playing your fav brain wave entrainment for this formula since it’s a reflection of you.

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