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Why Your Dreams are More Important Beginning with 2013

Abraham Lincoln: Catafalque

Late one night in 1865, Abraham Lincoln had a discomforting dream. Walking through the silent White House toward the sound of sobbing, he entered the East Room and was confronted by the sight of a catafalque (a coffin platform) covered in black, surrounded by a group of mourners. Lincoln proceeded to ask the guard on duty who had died. The man’s reply? “The president.”

[One week later, Lincoln, who had discussed the dream with several people, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. (Lincoln also had a dream on the eve of his election: While peering into a large mirror, he saw two distinct images of himself; one, much paler, superimposed upon the other. Lincoln’s wife, told of the dream, interpreted it to mean that he would be elected to a second term but would not live through it.)]

We have all kinds of dreams including precognitive dreams. Most people don’t pay attention to their dreams – at least – not on the surface. Some people prefer to forget and dismiss their dreams as mindless, random figments of their imaginations. Others claim that they don’t dream at all. I’m not too worried about these types of people; I’m worried about you, your dreams, and the basis of your dreams. I’m worried about the reality which you influence and create based upon your dreams.