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Cryptic Holiday Message on Remote Influencing

Enclosed is a recent message from Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Founder, Gerald O’Donnell; it’s not so easy to understand on the surface, but there is a gist that comes through: When we take advantage of our birth right as co-creators of our reality rather than allow others to control our reality, we’re happier, healthier, and in control of our own lives.

Hello Dear Friends,

First let me wish you a peaceful and joyful Holiday season.

Please do yourself one gigantic favor during the harbinger of a new year:  let go if only for 2 weeks of all that you remember about this difficult period we are all experiencing during this dark night of the totality of the Soul of Creation.

Only think of your Joyful and Loving Sourcing in Light, be it within your inner heart-core where Source resides, be it within the warmth of your family origin who has given you the gift of Life and brought you so much Love, be it with your warm Motherly womb in the musical Light symphony of nature, or be it with total strangers who are all here to carry your dreams to its ultimate manifestation on the wings of a brilliant Flight in which you have so courageously engaged for you know its ultimate reward.

Please try and stay totally present in the moment for 2 weeks and laugh, dance, embrace, and hug all the creatures that you can and especially yourself.

Remember that every day is a new Creation;  that you spirit rejoins its Higher consciousness each night and that you are in fact  reborn each morning when you Heavenly Divine spirit rejoins the biological  consciousness vehicle which after having rested and rejuvenated itself is awaiting for your return .  So please try and make each future day a new chapter, a new Creation,  which it is, and do not let the memory of past hurt and fears emotionally overstep the holy boundary of the morning.

This will prepare you to fully Create in your mind a new world , a new Creation, unencumbered by all the old patterns and feeling of hurtful anxiety.  You all need to fully engage in this Co-creative process and regain you Divine power of Remote Influencing Reality which you all carry within.

In the next week I will release two interview which do address this very important subject of the inescapable reality of our needing to finally regain and then retain control over what has sadly until now not really been our Creation.  We need to stop being manipulated puppets and become fully conscious and especially fully conscience-filled Real beings.

I know that most are suffering in these harsh economic times. The cry is silent but is felt throughout the world.  In the spirit of this awareness I am announcing a very special and unprecedented deep discount on our combination Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Courses.

Try to take advantage of it while it lasts. The rewards/cost ratio is incredibly high.

Here is a link to this Holidays’ Special

I send you much Love and thank you again for your kind support and Love. We do need it at the Academy for much antagonism to our work has been manifesting lately. I will leave this for another communication.

May the One bless you and all of your loved ones.

Gerald O’Donnell


Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing

As far as that “antagonism” mentioned by Gerald, I can only imagine what he means because I have taken on skeptics, atheists, the Amazing Randi challenge myself.

  • There are people in this world that argue human beings are nothing more than meatsacks and accidents in the universe, that there is no such thing as the soul, therefore, no such thing as true order or universal intelligence in the universe, etcetera…
  • Meanwhile, arguements from people like me claim that we are spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies, that there is REAL purpose for each and everyone of us in this reality because we are all part of an ordered universe and a universal intelligence.

Which arguement do you choose?

I choose a greater reality for myself and the people around me. The reality I choose consists of life positive morals and ethics – as opposed to life negative realities that allow BP to poison the Gulf of Mexico, for example.

It’s really a choice between life positive and life negative realities that we’re making every day. When you choose to be the co-creator of your own reality, I hope you choose to be life positive.

As you observe, people with life negative realities work like locusts: They need each other to support each other’s life negative realities.

In fact, the universe is a life positive place – which is very big. Unfortunately, we’re trapped on a very small planet controlled by life negative people. This can be changed. We can remote influence this reality to be life positive with the correct training such as that provided by Gerald O’Donnell.

Gerald teaches us how to draw upon the life positive energies in the universe including that of our own planet to influence our reality. We are trained to draw upon and focus these energies anywhere we want including that which we can remote view.

For example, my mother recently suffered malignant otitis externa (MOE) due to negligence of life negative doctors; she was severely incapacitated, but I chose a reality where my mother would live and recover.

Life positive doctors worked on her and I applied healing energies of the universe to her almost every day. About a month later, she is almost herself again and independent, whereas, one of the ENT surgeons would have sworn that she would never make it out of the hospital.

According to the surgeons, her recovery was remarkable. Please understand: My mother is an elderly diabetic with a compromised immune system, yet she has recovered from MOE whereas most people don’t. This is the power of remote influencing.

You can do this too with the correct training. Please take advantage of Gerald’s special Holiday Offer.

Healing Thoughts, Happy Holidays,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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Academy Of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Self Improvement Spiritual Growth

How to Remain Happy and Productive during the Holidays

A positive mood allows your brain to think more creatively

PhysOrg, December 15, 2010 (excerpts)

“..Generally, positive mood has been found to enhance creative problem solving and flexible yet careful thinking,” says Ruby Nadler, a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario. She and colleagues Rahel Rabi and John Paul Minda carried out a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. For this study, Nadler and her colleagues looked at a particular kind of learning that is improved by creative thinking…

Happy volunteers were better at learning a rule to classify the patterns than sad or neutral volunteers. “If you have a project where you want to think innovatively, or you have a problem to carefully consider, being in a positive mood can help you to do that,” Nadler says. And music is an easy way to get into a good mood…

Nadler also thinks this may be a reason why people like to watch funny videos at work. “I think people are unconsciously trying to put themselves in a positive mood”—so that apparent time-wasting may actually be good news for employers.

More information: Article: “Better Mood and Better Performance: Learning Rule Described Categories Is Enhanced by Positive Mood,” Psychological Science.