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How Does Fantasy Become Reality?

With the light that burns
Auburn skies
All shines down on me
With heaven's answer
Open eyes reveal

The lessons learned along this way...

                        Jana Mashonee

Dear Gerald,

I want to share my experience with you concerning your remote influencing course. Although this is a personal subject for me, I believe it’s important for others to know what I have been through, so they know what to expect by following your guidance.

I was familiar with the earth energies of which you speak in the remote influencing meditations. Through the 1990’s, I had studied ley lines and transvection currents concerning monolithic science such as stone henge.

One design in particular captured my attention: It was a perfect, seven-sided polygon used in a stone henge design. The instructions based in sacred geometry were there for drawing a perfect seven-sided figure.

Upon examining the pattern, I noticed a directional pattern with an opportunity for extracting transvection points (energy currents), so I took a compass and drew them. Please see the pattern to the right.

The energy pattern is a familiar double helix.During my Judaic Studies around the same time, I found this passage in the Sefer Ketzirah:

Seven Doubles: BGD KPRT 
With them were engraved
 Seven Universes, seven firmaments,
 Seven lands, seven seas,
 seven rivers, seven deserts,
 seven days, seven weeks,
 seven years, seven sabbaticals
 seven jubilees,
  and the Holy Palace
Therefore, He made sevens beloved
 under all the Heavens.(1)

Skeptics would call this apophenia, but the synchronicity is unmistakable. The seventh level angel in the Shemhamphoresh according to Yehuda Berg in the 72 Names of God(2) represents the DNA of the Soul. There are also the seventh level dominions who represent the realization of the true self through opening DNA codes and mind patterns. Thereupon, I was convinced that this double helix pattern I had extracted represents those seventh level angels.

Is the DNA of the Soul part of the “essence” of which you speak? I’m not sure. I drew this pattern every where knowing it’s source, knowing what it represents. I also found myself doing every day things by the sevens; it became habit.

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Name Analysis Reveals Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post

When I found Pop-Sci of all pubs express an interest in Jeff Bezos, I decided that a name analysis would reveal Jeff’s motivations and intentions:

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Buys The Washington Post | Popular Science.

J – 1: tenacious

E – 5: energy

F – 6: secretive

F – 6: uses knowledge against others

18 > 1+8 = 9; gold; end of a cycle

B – 2: issues related to past

E – 5: excitable person

Z – 8: reactive personality

O – 6: in tune with nature

S – 1: deceptive

22; turquoise; transition