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Affirmations: The Key to Your True Happiness – Spiritual Health

Affirmations are one of the easiest learning tools you can use to help shift negative thinking.  Affirmations are as simple as repeating a positive statement over and over until you finally believe the statement yourself.  Affirmations can replace bad habits with constructive actions.  Because your reality is created by programming yourself with negative comments and beliefs for a long time, it takes practice and patience to turn off that kind of inner thinking which is one of the functions of linear time.  Stop believing that there is a lack of anything in your life, for everything in the Kingdom of God is attainable here and now.  There is an abundance available to everyone that is not only a dream.  A persistent attitude and a sincere desire to change is all it takes.  Your mind is more than ready to physically manifest this wonderful new attitude.  All seeds need to be planted and then nurtured with tender loving care in order to take root and grow.  “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” [Mark 11:24]
After working with affirmations for awhile, you will notice that you no longer convince yourself that you are sick, or you do not have enough money, or wish you had a better job, or long for a better relationship, etc.  You start to attract all of the things you desire by simply telling yourself that you deserve them.  Your faith and a knowing of your true reality and inheritance from the Father brings all that you need to you.
You can create any type of affirmation that you wish.  Design them for a specific aspect of your personality that you need to overcome.  Preface any affirmation by saying, “Jesus Christ is in Me, Through me, Around me, with the Father.”  This macro-affirmation is the software that runs the reality computer. 

What ever affirmation you create will be a meaningful and personal one.  All affirmations must be “zero-time based.”  In other words, only related to NOW – not the past or the future.  (Linear time is an important aspect of our separation from the spiritual world in our physical existence. Remember that Lucifer’s original fall from grace established physical reality which exists in linear time which is a limited sense of reality. Spiritual reality consists of all events, past, present, and future existing independently of linear time: An unlimited sense of reality.)
Sample Affirmations:
1.There is only Love, peace and harmony in and through me.  I attract People, situations, and things that are all positive.  I know that my experiences are all according to Divine Plan.  I know this to be true because I am a beloved Child of God.

2.Today is a positive day.  Everyone and everything I come in contact with adds to this pool of positive energy.  I am always surrounded by God’s harmony.

3.Divine substance flows in and through me now.  I am thankful for receiving my daily sustenance.  Thank you God for providing me with all that I ever need.
1. O lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.
2. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.
3. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.
4. For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O LORD, thou knowest it altogether.
5. Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.
6. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.
7. Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?
8. If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.
9. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
10. Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.
11. If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.
12. Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.
13. For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.
14. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
15. My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
16. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
17. How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!
18. If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.
19. Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
20. For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
21. Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
22. I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
23. Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
24. And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

If you have trouble with someone and wish to have harmonious experiences with them, affirm to yourself before and during the experiences that you associate with this person in an atmosphere of God’s harmony.   Also use affirmations to heal a child’s wounds as well as an adult’s wounds. Thank you for Cleansing the Soul.
Disciplinary Studies

Healing Mind Tools for Your Self Improvement

Disciplinary Studies

Emotional Freedom Techniques vs. Ancient Keys

Learn How Energy Psychology Healing Modalities Validate Each other Throughout Time

New School, Emotional Freedom Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian Knowledge proves that there are numerous ways to unlock the healing potential of the human psyche. Table of Contents:

  1. New School versus Old School,..
  2. How are energy meridians related to Us?
  3. What is an example of Ancient Keys to the Human Psyche?
    • 9 Keys to Unlocking the Psyche…
  4. How does EFT Tapping compare to QiGong Methods?..
  5. How does EFT Chanting compare to Ancient Mantra Chanting?
  6. What is an example of Ancient Persuasion Techniques?
  7. How does EFT compare to Kuji Kiri Breath Control?
  8. References
  9. Comment on this Article

New School, Emotional Freedom (Shotgun) Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian (Scholarly) Knowledge

The new thought healing modality dubbed “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (EFT) as developed by Gary Craig is no exception. EFT is a simple, Western-Mind Set friendly energy psychology which compares to ancient scholarly meditation techniques that have been around for a number of millenia. For example, EFT has been around for a few decades as opposed to similar chi kung (qigong) meditation forms which has been around for at least five millenia.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m an advocate of EFT and the work from health professionals all over the world that goes into it. EFT has helped people overcome physical and emotional maladies where mainstream medicine fails. We have to understand that EFT is yet another healing modality or another set of “keys” to unlocking the healing mind.

For example, those of you familiar with Wild Goose Patting Qigong (AKA, Chi Kung), may find EFT seems like a cousin of sorts. In contrast, EFT does not tap along all 12 meridians (of Chinese Medical Theory), but it stimulates key “shotgun” points along the meridians in tandem with healing intentions which makes it a close relative.

How are the energy meridians of TCM related to our Life Patterns?

I’ve already expounded upon the phenomenon of the spoken thoughts, ideas, feelings and intentions in relation to DNA structure in the article, Collective DNA Consciousness1; this treatise explains how DNA is structured according to the same rules as word language and is, therefore, influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language ideas and song. Russian and American scientists (including the U.S. Military) proved this concept is real through scientific experiments. The foundation of EFT is built upon this concept as well as meditation and prayer modalities which utilize the spoken idea.

To solidify this foundation, EFT taps into the energy meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where our most powerful emotions originate to flow in health or stagnate in sickness.

According to Dr. William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of Stanford University, in essence, the system of meridian channels taps into our original untainted physical/spiritual life patterns within subtle energy layers of space time (“higher gauge symmetry”). This means we are able to literally tap into our perfect life patterns (“original blue prints for the human frame work”) through psychic keys such as the energy meridians to heal any malady on our physical plane.

Dr. Tiller’s work in psychoenergetics is central to the foundation of EFT. There are twenty citations of Dr. Tiller’s work at the EFT site. One article, Touch And Breathe–TAB Paper, by John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D. provides excellent background on the autonomic nervous and meridian systems as complex antenna circuits in reference to Dr. Tiller’s discoveries. This revelation leads to the physical ability to “transceive” feelings and impressions as a form of telepathy.

The ancient keys to psychic ability can be referred to as ancient psychoenergetics, the study of the disciplined, coherent infrastructure of the human mind, the effects of its coherent energy and the interactions thereof with bioresonant energy fields, but using basic psychic keys as used by ancient mind control adepts.

EFT and ancient psychoenergetics both tap into DNA ability to be programmed as it relates to the flow of Chi or life force. For example, although Kuji Kiri martial arts meditation is far more refined than EFT, both modalities demonstrate the amazing abilities of the human mind opened through the spoken idea. Beyond healing chronic ailments, the human mind can be keyed to manipulate the physical reality as in the Law of Attraction2.

Tiller’s research has proven that the universe is a living extension of ourselves which is also keyed to reverberations of sympathetic thought patterns; Resonating thoughts through spoken word is a regular ritual occultist practice of religious sects such as Buddism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Kabbalah, Taoism, among others.

What is an example of Ancient Keys to the Human Psyche?

For example, Kuji Kiri Meditation is a derivation of ancient disciplines two of which are: The Healing Mudras of Ha-Tha (Sun-Moon) Yoga and Shii Soei Ching (Marrow/Brain Washing) Chi Kung.

The Healing Mudras utilize specific hand gestures in relation to chakras; their specific colours and breathing patterns, along with mentally/physically spoken mantras serve as keys to the human mind.

By this token, Healing Mudras also comes extremely close to the EFT modality except it focuses on specific hand gestures, the chakra system, and colours in relation to each chakrum instead of spoken ideas.

From my studies in the Healing Mudras, they also tap into the Law of Attraction through intense visualization; this is also the intention of EFT with its shotgun stimulation of energy meridians and spoken ideas.

Shii Soei Ching is an advanced form of chi kung usually translated as “Marrow/Brain Washing Classic;” this training specialises in leading Chi to the bone marrow to cleanse and strengthen them. This particular form of chi kung is quite scholarly being taught only to adepts. Its complexity encompasses study as well as the energetic manipulation thereof manifold connections between meridians and extraordinary vessels. Here the adepts used physical and etheric keys to each of eight vessels since they control our organ functions, therefore, our overall health.

Kuji Kiri practitioners enter a slightly different trance that literally floods the senses with psychic keys according to each of these eight extraordinary vessels and the three main vessels of Ha-Tha Yoga. These keys encompass all the senses in terms of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, and emotion including symbols known as Kuji Kuri Kanji.

Since Kuji Kiri Meditation floods the senses, there is very little, if any room for discursive thought, thereby, allowing room only for the psychic keys. This takes an intense amount of focus which allows the mind and body to resonate with key elements in the universe.

Although, we do not have such scholarly approaches in EFT, we still prove that we can induce healing through psychic intervention through a shotgun approach.

I’ve been through the EFT site enough to tell you that there are some paranormal events happening in people’s lives which are a direct result of using EFT. The reports of these paranormal events and psychic phenomena are direct parallels to ancient psychoenergetic phenomena. For example, we can look at the Nine Levels of Power obtained through the Kuji Kiri. Here’s an extract from Ashida Kim’s Secrets of the Ninja:

“Here they are presented as taught in the Japanese system, as one complete set of movements, flowing from first to last rhythmically, in conjunction with breath control. They are derived from the Tibetan lama chanting practice, whereby one may attain enlightenment. These are the oldest exercises of this type, and have survived from prehistoric times.

The Nine Levels of Power/9 Keys to Unlocking the Psyche are as follows:

1. Rin – “Strength” of mind and body; in Chinese, chu;

2. Kyo – “Direction of energy”; in Chinese, shen;

3. Toh – “Harmony” with the universe; in Chinese, tai;

4. Sha – “Healing” of self and others; in Chinese, sha;

5. Kai – “Premonition” of danger; in Chinese, kai;

6. Jin – “Knowing the thoughts of others”; in Chinese, jen;

7. Retsu – “Mastery of time and space”; in Chinese, tung;

8. Zai – “Control” of the elements of nature; in Chinese, hua;

9. Zen – “Enlightenment”; in Chinese, tao.

The Kuji-Kiri positions that embody the nine levels of power are used as a mnemonic device to train the Ninja both mentally and physically. The progression of movements from one to another symbolizes the movements of the chi within the body.

The Nine Levels of Power are extreme in comparison since EFT focuses on healing. This does not mean that EFT cannot also accomplish the above feats. EFT may be a watered down version of the of the ancient, yet refined psychoenergetic techniques, but intention and sympathetic resonance is central to all of these modalities.

How does EFT Tapping compare to QiGong Methods of “Tapping” into Energy Meridians?

EFT activates chi flow at specific “shotgun” areas of the body through tapping. They’re shotgun areas because these areas are saturated with acupuncture points along the meridians. One shotgun area is around the collar bone and pectoral region where stomach, small intestine, spleen, kidney, and gall bladder channels have trigger points.

My personal favourite “shotgun” point is just between the nose and upper lip on the maxilla. In Chinese Medical Theory, this point is called “Yinjiao;” this is an intersection point of yin conception and yang governing vessels. After a hard workout, I touch my tongue to my pallet, then tap this point while redirecting my intensified respiration to these vessels and I calm down my heart beat in ten to twenty seconds as a result. Learn more about this method at the Heart Rate QiGong Paper.

You can see how this “shotgun” area is utilized in the EFT Manual. The living body is the most complex computer of all with “circuits” that can heal and augment the body’s performance at will when we push the right buttons with proper intentions.

There are a specific set of sensations and feelings attached to the meridians (AKA channels), more specifically, to the eight extraordinary vessels which is the focus of Kuji Kiri. One example is the governing vessel (AKA, “sea of yang meridians”) which relates to the feelings of worry or revelation, sensations of moisture, sweetness, polyphony or chorus and the color yellow (according to the Kuji Kiri) to its flow of chi.

You can think of it this way: Chi Kung on the extraordinary vessels guides the actions of the meridian energy flow like a giant, complex integrated circuit that can change its state of operation, conductivity, receptivity and more through disciplined intention of the operator. In doing so, we adjust our thought patterns or neural pathways to serve our higher consciousness – which is healing and altruistic in nature as long as we maintain these intentions.

Kuji Kiri activates chi flow first through specific manipulation of the meridians at the termination points of the fingers or “finger knitting,” then by visualizing the chi flow through a specific vessel, then by attaching the specific feelings and sensations to the chi flow for that vessel, and so forth. The main objective is to build a powerful life energy force then control the direction and intent of that force.

Although EFT focuses on healing, there are also examples at the EFT site that demonstrate the successful flexibility of this modality. For me, this does not speak of the power of EFT, but the power of the human mind even when provided with a “shotgun” approach.

From what we’ve examined so far, EFT is almost an occult ritual in itself as it uses intuitive “incantations.” Now, let’s examine the carrier wave for the living word: Chanting

How does EFT Chanting compare to Ancient Mantra Chanting?

I’ve noticed that EFT practitioners prefer to use their intuition when choosing their words. Indeed, many of them claim to be psychic, so they use their intuitive insight to perform surrogate and remote tapping on others from a distance. They must be right because it works. EFT is based within our inherent psychic abilities. Examples of “surrogate” tapping are provided in the EFT for Action Manual.

You see from their example (on fertilization, p. 18) how the practitioner first “tunes” into the problems by acknowledging them, then by methodically “tapping” towards the healing with spoken ideas that empower that person. (See how “tuning” relates to radionic phenomena discussed at Mind in Science Blog.) This is a form of chanting that takes place in every culture – from meditations to prayers to song lyrics – which makes them highly accessable to everyone.

Mantras are cultural enigmas. For example, “om mani padme aum;” literally translates from sanskrit as “I pray to the jewel in the lotus flower.” The “lotus flower” is a metaphor for the brain (which happens to resemble a lotus flower in full bloom) or the higher mind.

Christian Mantras employ God’s Names3 which are also enigmas. The power of spoken words are enigmas until we study them and the context wherein they occur.

The creative power of the voice is clearly expressed in Sanskrit, where vac (=voice) is often regarded as a synonym for shakti, which is the creative energy, the power of manifestation. In various trends of ancient Greek Philosophy, one finds a similar concept in the logos, whose primary meaning is word, but also means creative principle.

Later, in the gospel of John (originally written in Greek), it is also the word, logos, that is used to characterize the creative principle at the beginning of creation: “In the beginning was the logos (word), and the logos was with God, and the logos was God…” [John 1:1].

Note that the first book of the old testament also presents a picture in which, at various stages of the genesis of the world, God uses the power of the Word to create: “And God said, ‘Let there be light:’ and there was light…” [Genesis 1:4, then 1:6, 1:25, etc.]

One finds in Rudolf Steiner’s works many indications related to the power of the voice. For example, Steiner describes that, in late Atlantis, men had the power of influencing each other, or even the elements by manifesting forces through their voice

The magik of power words is legend in every culture. This is true of the mantras in the Kuji Kiri. A mantra or chant applies to each of the nine levels of power, the study of which obtains a deep spiritual meaning for those who use the mantra. This deep spiritual focus was necessary to the lifestyle of the ninja.

Ninjas were warrior adepts; they were hired for missions of espionage and reconaissance by a royal family to learn the weaknesses of their enemy or even make their enemy’s kingdom implode from within. Let’s examine how stealth warriors may have used power persuasion techniques on their unsuspecting prey and how their ancient techniques can possibly be applied to EFT.

What is an example of Ancient Persuasion Techniques?

Ninjas use methods for learning about the personality of their targets, so they can employ methods of persuasion to convince their victims to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. They would go a step further than neurolinguistic programming (NLP) by learning the personality dimensions of their victims, then perform a hypnotic combination of NLP with Kuji Kiri like a spider weaving a web around his unwitting captive; this art form was known as Mumai Mugai (no name, no art) no-jitsu.

Like any martial art, Mumai Mugai Ninjitsu molds and shapes itself to the particular situation being a form of NLP. Instead of a physical battle this persuasion technique reaches into the mind – much like the intuitive reactions of EFT.

EFT practitioners realize that they have this power which is why I’m surprised that more of them don’t employ NLP Power Persuasion techniques in their healing rituals. Perhaps, they do, but they don’t want to talk about it.

Nevertheless, we can learn about the personality dimensions by listening to answers from these simple questions:

For example, if the topic of the conversation is UFOs:

  • How do you feel about UFOs?
  • What about UFOs is important to you?
  • How would you describe UFOs?
  • How do you know if a UFO is good?..

I write further about persuasion methods at Way of the Mind Gate Group4}

Upon learning the type of person with whom they were dealing, the ninja would employ the correct phraseology and personal “power words” in combination with remote stimulation of their targets’ Qi flow.

This method is not that different at all from Remote/Surrogate EFT which is also telepathic in nature. Both methods enable the human mind to affect a subject at a distance.

How does EFT Breath Control compare to Kuji Kiri Breath Control?

Kuji Kiri is far more refined than any shotgun energy psychology method when it comes to breath control. Kuji Kiri practitioners actually change the pH of the blood through breath control to induce altered states of consciousness.

EFT practitioners may ask their patients to circulate their respiration once at each given trigger point. But I have yet to read any where in EFT about the intense breath control that is practiced in Kuji Kiri.

In fact, the kind of breath control required in Kuji Kiri is only for people in good health and already self disciplined. EFT succeeds in cases where people are in bad health with chronic ailments. An afflicted person who chooses to treat him/herself usually finds EFT simple and accessable, especially to those without discipline.

I also have yet to read about touching the tip of the tongue to the pallet in EFT. Doing this connects yin conception and yang governing vessels to complete the grand circulation circuit of chi within the body. I’m a little dissappointed that EFT practitioners fail to mention this area since they stress the idea that they work with Qi (life energy) circulation in the meridians, but they don’t completely follow all the principles of QiGong.

I’m also dissappointed that Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, a world-reknowned expert in internal martial arts and QiGong is mentioned no where at the EFT site. To me this is strange since Gary Craig, William Tiller, and Yang Jwing-Ming are all engineering graduates. I figured they should be the three musketeers of psychoenergetics, but that’s just my opinion.

Since I’m airing out my grievances against the EFT site, I might as well mention that Kiatsu is mentioned no where at the EFT site; this is a healing modality of Aikido practitioners, an internal martial art similar to Taijiquan.

I still remember years ago (before EFT existed) when I was scouting the dojos in my area. There was an aikido dojo where I asked a student how they work with the energy meridians. Quite simply, the aikido practitioner kneels in a still position, then utilizing one or two fingers he goes down the path of the meridian “inducing energy flow” at key points along the meridian to guide healthy Qi (“ki” in Japanese) circulation while dwelling on the “one point,” the central ki (Qi) resevoir just below the navel. There was more to it than the student had time to explain, but this is called “Kiatsu;” it’s similar to shiatsu except there is no physical pressure applied, BUT there may be tapping or other rhythmic stimulation depending on the injury being treated. Yes, this is what the aikido student told me.

Guess what? This article, Touch And Breathe, at the EFT site almost describes, to the letter, how Kiatsu works. But the PhD who wrote it wants to call it “Touch and Breathe.” The method at this article lacks refinement in comparison to the actual Kiatsu, but, in essence, it’s still the same healing modality with the addition of healing intention through the spoken word. And, yes, the ancient ninjas were also aikido experts, therefore, the attached healing art of Kiatsu; tapping and chanting are familiar to the Kiatsu Healer.

This is the same difference between EFT and Kuji Kiri. I guess I’m one of the few willing to recognize the parallels between these arts. To me, I don’t mind that these solutions repeat themselves even though they are augmentations and variations upon themselves because the universe is built upon robust and self repeating fractals.

We are part of that universe, so we are also bound to be repetitions of people from the past. Once gaining this perspective, we can see that all healing is old school. Individual healing modalities are a matter of individual perspectives and healing perspectives we are willing to accept.

For those of you who believe this article is over your head, I want to console you: There was a time when I had a closed mind.

When I say that I had a closed mind, I mean that my conventional education and belief system came from a neat little box.

Whenever I encountered information outside of this box, I would scoff, call it a bunch of “woot” and negate it like everyone else who also saw the universe from the perspective of the same neat little box.

Scoffing and negating the reality outside of our neat little box is what we’re taught to do as a denizens of the neat little box, in order to perpetuate the neat little box.

Fortunately, my first hand experiences and my interest in science had me latching onto clues. Since I was a child was always getting clues that there is a much bigger reality outside of this neat little box. Fortunately, I am not the only one with first hand experiences and an interest in scientific clues. Although we are few and far between, we’ve always been here.

To help you with your continuous improvement, I hope to provide you with a simple understanding: We are all a special variation of the universe. What makes us special? We are the part of the universe that has become self aware. The entire universe is made of fantastic order and life energy – which only looks chaotic from the perspective of a neat little box. We are all part of the same order and life energy. We are all pieces of the same hologram. We are blessed with minds that allow us to resonate with any part of the universe – including each other – throughout time.


1Collective DNA Consciousness: DNA forms an intelligent network which is influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language and ideas. Includes relevant facts on psychic phenomena.

2Law of Attraction: Based on Genevieve Gehrand’s book, Your Invisible Power, is explored from a spiritual trance state. See the HealingMindN Meditation Video to gain the necessary consciousness.

3God’s Names: When we fill our minds and hearts with His Word in understanding and evoking His Names, we take on His Image.

4Way of the Mind Gate Group: Way of the Mind Gate Group allows us to share ideas and perspectives on mind control, self improvement, spiritual growth, and related topics.

Spiritual Control Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Health vs. Depression

Learn How to Heal Depression Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

Depression Definition & Statistics
Brainwave Entrainment Solution for Depression
How to Change Your State of Mind
Let Go of The Past
Turn the Negative into a Positive
New Suicide-Depression Warning Issued
What is a Christian Perspective of Depression?..
Do I Want to cure myself from depression?
How do I breathe to cure myself of depression?
What are the Foundations of Depression?
What does my Spiritual Concept of Myself have to do with Depression?
How can Forgiving Myself Cure Depression?

Depression as the basis for emotional corruption versus God’s Word is examined. This paper utilizes breathing exercises and other practical meditations for regaining spiritual health.

Introduction: Depression Definition & Statistics

What is depression? Psychologists say depression is a dejected state of mind with feelings of sadness, discouragement, and hopelessness, often accompanied by reduced activity and ability to function, unresponsiveness, apathy, and sleep disturbances.

Breaking news:

If You Can’t Beat Depression, This Could be Why

Posted By Dr. Mercola | April 12 2011

According to the study in Neurogastroenterology & Motility, when they examined the animals’ brains, they found that:

“these differences in behavior were accompanied by alterations in the expression levels of several genes in the germ-free mice… Bacteria colonize the gut in the days following birth, during a sensitive period of brain development, and apparently influence behavior by inducing changes in the expression of certain genes…”

Neurogastroenterology & Motility March 2011; 23(3); 255-e119


In essence, there is an established psychoneuroimmunologic connection between the health of your intestinal flora and your mental health. Here’s the entire report and how probiotics can help in this .pdf booklet: PNI Intestinal Flora.

Depression will affect one third of adults in the United States sometime during their lives. At any given time, 5% of adults are depressed, with women being three times likely as men to suffer depression. Although the median age of onset of depression is 25 years, the initial episode can occur at any age.

Most persons who experience depressive symptoms have a minor depression. Fortunately, almost all sufferers recover completely from a single episode of depression. Major depression is a recurrent disorder, and the risk of further episodes increases with each subsequent episode. Depression is a significant risk factor for suicide among men and women, young and old.

Psychologists believe that depression is due to a deficiency in one or more of three chemicals (neurotransmittors) in the brain called mono amines: serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. (What they don’t believe is that the depression creates the neuro-chemical condition – more on this later.)

Most cases of depression are treated with a combination of medication and psychological counseling or psychotherapy. Pharmacological approaches attempt to correct the chemical imbalance that is causing the depression. Treatment usually consists of medications and psychotherapy. Severe cases may warrant electroconvulsive therapy. (Shock Therapy for any reason belongs in the dark ages. ‘Would you like some leeches with your electrodes?’)

To most people depression is a ‘fact of life.’ How many people in this ‘modern,’ ‘civilized’ world are taught about depression? How many of us know know all of its manifestations? How many of us care about it until it manifests itself as suicide or homicide by loved ones and high school kids? Do you know that depression weakens the body’s immune system and makes it more susceptible to disease?

Even worse, did you know that depression weakens the mind and convictions leaving the person open to evil temptations? How many people know-or even care-about prophylaxis against depression versus the number of people who have it on this planet?

First, let’s talk about yours. (Even if a loved one has it, it’s still yours because YOU have to live with it.) How did it happen? Social stress? Work related stress? (e.g. Australia is big on economic/work related depression.) Personal stress? ‘Chemical imbalance?’ Or is there a bigger source of stress – a fact that is so huge, yet so simple that it exists like the world beneath our feet? How do we cope with depression of the soul? That’s what it is: Oppression of the spirit depresses the soul.

We should recognize depression. We should see it coming like a dreaded ghost ship coming off the misty horizon. Most of us don’t see it coming. Most of us don’t want to see it coming; it grows and spreads not much different than a malignant cancer. Once depression is rooted and takes hold, it has, in it’s own way, replaced the person that we knew. Depression is strong enough to take on a life of its own. The person that depression controls is different from the original. At its onset depression is unrecognizable. We usually call them idiosyncrasies, but the signs are evident:

When we are “nice” at the expense of our health, we set ourselves up to develop disease. Civilization has it’s price. We cannot afford to allow situations to continually gnaw at our insides in silence. “Every doctor is familiar with the ‘cancer personality’…. “The nicest person in the world” say his friends and relatives, “This should not have happened to him” (Dr. Kennedy)

The “nicest person in the world” lies on a continuous basis to the people who are closest to him, at first, to protect his relationships with them, but later for the main reason of feeding the cancer known as depression. He may even lie to protect depression by denying that he has it, but the most ostensible ones are those who not only admit to depression; they empower it.

A depressed person believes that depression provides insight; this is a positive hallucination or a trance state that is meant to protect the emotional securities of the depressed personality.

By denoting one or more life-positive aspects to a condition which is obviously nothing more than life-negative, the depressed person justifies, therefore, protects depression. The cancer personality enjoys his anonymity, so he will notspeakoutloud to people or make public knowledge of himself or his ideas. In essence, he avoids emotional outbursts that may cause personal confrontation from others.

The more he sinks away from people and physical reality, the more of an ally his depression becomes. The original person slowly shrinks away as the cancer personality slowly takes over. The cancer personality also develops logic and reasoning for his condition to further justify it. He might try to seek help for himself and enjoys talking about his condition, but he will do this as a challenge to those who would “cure” him. The cancer personality only accepts those ideas which please the cancer. The cancer personality rejects life-positive ideals.

A cancerous mind pattern is truly sub-human; it does not really seek methods of healing – only pieces of concepts that feed his system of logic. Ideas are only accepted if they fit into that tiny “box” known by the cancer personality as his own “special” code of ethics.

Unfortunately, the cancer personality is a product of modern day decadent society, depressed human culture, which isn’t special or individual at all. Eventually, the original person is just a puppet and the cancer known as depression is the puppeteer; the puppeteer is satan.

A cancerous biopathy from other sources is not much different. Depression and cancer go hand in hand since this mental state tends to depress the autonomic and immune systems in the body. The ritual system of drugs and chemotherapy provided by “modern oncology” is also depressing.

Remember, it is the immune system that fights cancer. Any type of stress that leads to cancerous biopathy is devastating to our immune systems. This may be the most difficult area of managing our lives in order to get well – especially in a life-negative, industrial society where toxic industries think nothing of polluting and killing life on this planet while the public at large is either too complacent or fearful to do anything about it.

We can be loyal to our business relationships, our politics, and a government corrupt at the highest levels at the expense of our health. The emotionalvacuumcaused by the biopathy known as depression has deleterious health effects that are just as real. (“As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So He Is” [Proverbs 27:19]).

Brainwave Entrainment Solution for Depression

Depression – This subject can take on many different roles and it is one of the more difficult subjects to master. Now down to business.

Depression is the feeling like you are trapped inside a hole where your world is full of despair and heartaches and there’s no one to turn to while feeling helpless, empty, hopeless, worthless, and hurt. It makes you feel like you’re falling into an abyss where there’s just not a single hand that you can reach out to for help.

How to Change Your State of Mind using Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE)

Establish the world you strive to live in. Learn to manifest a life of joy, happiness and pure optimism and let go of the constant thoughts of gloom and doom. It is never an easy task because most of the time, depression has become a state of mind in which you have already accepted. It is where you feel like you’re a useless person and that you are always destined to fail, but you must fight this condition.

Break the chains that bind you by learning to clear your negative thoughts by re-tooling yourself and transforming your thoughts into positive thoughts by the use of Delta and Mid Theta tones. Before we talk tactics, let me introduce our Depression Help Brainwave Recording. This recording will make the process easier and quicker. We recommend picking up a copy of it as you practice. Here’s the page to do so: Depression. Learn more about BWE at Brain Wave Science.

Let Go of The Past

It can be difficult at first as it takes time to convince yourself that you are still valuable especially if you have had a fair share of remorseful life encounters. You may have been abused as a child, neglected by your parents, recently had a break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, lost a job, or someone close to you just passed away.

These stressful life events constitutes to depression. Whatever happened in your life, you need to break out from this feeling. You have to move on because nothing will ever change if you don’t act on it. If you allow yourself to feel depressed, these negative energies can easily eat you up and drown you into a pool of misery.

Turn the Negative into a Positive

Break the chains and clear your thoughts. Transform all these feelings of negativity to positive ones and bring back the bliss into your life. It’s actually easy as long as you give yourself a chance to let it all go and reinvent yourself. … Release the tensions that have been building up for years and send it back to the universe for healing.

Put the spring back in your step and bring Joy back into your life. It starts by making the decision to stand up and fight depression and make a choice to reinvent yourself. Get into the mindset by using our Depression Help,professionally built brainwave session to stimulate and help you to once again become a tower of power, a beacon of light, hope and happiness.

These sound waves and frequencies will stimulate your brain, and fight depression. These two types of frequencies, when put together, can combat the feeling of misery and increase and strengthen your aura by simply bringing positivity back into your mind’s eye and life.

With our Depression Help, you’d be amazed how this type of healing can easily get you back in your game and live life to its fullest.

Our Depression Help recording uses two specific Frequencies. The first is a Delta Frequency which gives a feeling of unity and helps depression. The second part is a Mid Theta tone that also helps depression and insomnia. Alone each tone is a powerful addition to our arsenal when combating depression. But as we discovered, when put together they are a powerful one two knockout to scatter depression and fill the body with a renewed sense of drive, and renewed hope.

New Suicide-Depression Warning Issued

More than a year ago, I posted news of a warning label added to antidepressants — as mandated by the FDA — cautioning physicians to pay close attention to patients taking these drugs for the first time (over the first few weeks) or changing their dosages for suicidal tendencies. The FDA issued its second warning for antidepressants in some 16 months — and a much stronger one at that — last Friday, again urging the monitoring of adults who use these potentially toxic drugs for warning signs of suicide.

The new warning — applicable to adults and children — was a response to recent studies that linked suicidal behavior in adults to their use of antidepressants. The FDA also announced a review of antidepressant drugs — unfortunately based on data provided by manufacturers — to determine the extent of the risk of suicide that should take more than a year to complete.

The drugs affected by the new labeling:

  • Bupropion (Wellbutrin)
  • Citalopram (Celexa)
  • Fluoxetine (Prozac)
  • Fluvoxamine (Luvox)
  • Mirtazapine (Remeron)
  • Nefazodone (Serzone)
  • Paroxetine (Paxil)
  • Sertraline (Zoloft)
  • Escitalopram (Lexapro)
  • Venlafaxine (Effexor)

In an interesting aside as to how the FDA may be leaning, the agency also updated its Web site about a far higher-than-expected number of suicide attempts in studies analyzing the effectiveness of Cymbalta for incontinence, an off-label use of the drug. Another study I posted last year measured Cymbalta’s effectiveness with “curing” fibromyalgia.

All the more reason you should be running as fast as you can from anyone recommending antidepressants, as they are never a safe or appropriate treatment. Some helpful ways you can treat your depression effectively and safely:

  • Reduce, with the goal of eliminating, sugars and grains from your diet.
  • Optimize the ratio of omega-3 fats in your diet by eating foods high in omega-3 fats and taking a high-quality fish or cod liver oil every day.
  • Start moving today on an exercise program.
  • Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique for Depression, an effective, energy psychology tool I find very useful in the treatment of depression and other emotional, as well as physical, issues, with the help of my free online manual.

What is a Christian Perspective of Depression?

Depression can exist for anyone no matter their beliefs or religion. We know there is greater truth than what is presented to us at school,television, the newspaper or our family doctor. WE realize that there is a deeper truth concerning our nature and the nurturing of our spirits.

All of us should be taught how to deal with depression and its servants, but we’re not – far from it. Rather than rely on mainstream psychiatry and their anti-depressants, can we agree that we would be far more empowered by being self reliant? Wouldn’t we be better off by understanding and nurturing the life within us and all around us rather than depend on drugs to kill our senses to make us “feel better?”

If you agree, then discover how weak depression really is since it is a tool of Satan. Find out how to rise above depression and its weak-willed servants. Most of all you will learn to recognize the seeds of depression and keep the evil from taking root. First, allow me to show you the seeds of depression from my own perspective.

Please realize that this author cannot lay claim to perfection. I have battled depression enough times in my life because I have had so many downs. Outside of my GPA, I have to say that I had so many downs because I had set myself up for so much disappointment. (Did you see my index page?) The reader might ask why I am not concentrating my efforts in any of those fields I mention on this page. You can read part of my story, ‘The Website Owner’s Preface‘ at Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People on how I tried to play the prodigal citizen to a prodigal society. Imagine trying to find happiness in Oakland where most people are in the dark about the drains and chains upon their lives?

Somehow, I developed morals and ethics in my own search for the truth. Of course, I would prefer to be devoting my life to the sciences. Instead, I’m stuck here as a webmaster telling you this: Unless human society on this planet becomes more spiritually advanced, my work in the sciences means nothing. Have I set myself up for disappointment again? Will I be battling depression again because I have too many expectations from YOU, my dear reader? I think not.

I don’t put you on a pedastel – just like I don’t put our government ‘leaders,’ health ‘authorities,’ and our ‘all-knowing’ media on a pedastel. I have learned to think of all of you as my EQUAL. If anything you have to say sounds suspect, I will research it myself to find the truth.

I do have expectations from myself, but not from any of you. You are my equals, individuals who live by your own code. You are made in God’s image, with your own free will. The only one I put on that almighty pedastel is God. I have put my faith in God – and God always provides a back up plan, just like the fantastic science and discoveries He provides.

I do not look down on you, my dear reader, but I do need you to know your place before we begin: I want us to see eye-to-eye. If you let depression take hold of you, then you have somehow excluded God from your life. At this point, I will have to ask the atheists to leave because the only thing you have placed your faith in is death and the scientific cretinism of the dark ages. GO!

{The problem with atheists is that they have taken so many decadent concepts to heart that they have trouble digesting this paper with an objective mind. At the same time, they have many troubles in their personal lives because they fail to nurture their own spirits and that of the lives around them.

In general, atheists are too quick to stereotype others – especially people like me when talking about God and spiritualism – and they tend to question the critical thinking of everyone except themselves (read “Constructs of Belief“).

If you are an atheist – or worse, a depressed atheist, then there is nothing I can offer to you. You just shouldn’t be here.

How do I know if I Want to cure myself from depression?

Like any problem if there are not enough facts to solve depression, we have to do more research to gather more facts. Since we are talking about you – not a laboratory or a math equation – we factor in the human element: You must WANT to be better.

I know it sounds simple, even non-sensical to ask since you are here, but: Do You Want to Get Better? Depression doesn’t just gain a life of its own, it gains a mind of its own. Like cancer it will lie, cheat, and steal to stay alive.

Depression serves only one master, Satan. There is the possibility that depression has brought you here to learn about its enemy. Remember Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War,’ “Know thine enemy as well as you know thyself.”

Depression knows everything that you know. It will try to protect itself by blocking your attempts at getting well. You may Learn how to cope with depression here, but later, when you least expect it, a small voice inside you may say, “It’s a fact of life… Life is too difficult… I can’t do it… I want to be alone… Tell them to go away…” That’s depression talking to you. Depression is a demon whispering to you, programming you to fail from the inside. You have to expect how this demon may counter what you have learned here. Know thine Enemy.

How do I breathe to cure myself of depression?

Your Breath is Spiritual – Breath out the Evil, Breath in the Good. We start with a basic autonomic function: The Breath“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2).

The word for “spirit” for the ancient Hebrews (also pneuma or anemos for the Greeks and animus or anima for the Romans) was the same for “breath.”

What is meant by the words “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” is that the breath of God caused visible ripples upon the dark mirror surface of the waters of chaos creating form from formlessness.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).

The Shape of our souls was determined by the expressed Word in the vital Breath of God when he inspired life into Adam. Your spiritual awakening is directly proportional to your inner most true desire to overcome this reality. Your Breath, the flow of God’s divine spark, is directly proportional to your spiritual awakening: The weaker the breath the weaker the divine spark.

The Gist: You imagine the air around you. You imagine the air within you. Your breath is your life, ergo, you become what you breathe. Strangely enough, depressed people are more mindful of their breathing than the average person, but imagine and feel things from a dark perspective. Depressed people must instead focus on the origins of the breath: Creation of Life.

What are the Foundations of Depression?

The human nervous system is directly related to the world around it. Disturbed breathing patterns can be evoked at a subconscious level. Human nervous systems are structurally similar, but are never exactly the same. Any human nervous system is affected by events verbal or non-verbal.

Any event can affect the body and mind as a whole. For the sake of sanity, remember:

  1. first is the event, the initial stimulus;
  2. second is the nervous impact of the event via the senses;
  3. third is the emotional reaction, based upon past experience of the individual, and
  4. fourth comes the verbal reaction.

Most individuals identify the first and the fourth steps and are not aware that the second and third exist. Because children and neurotic grown ups are incapable of refined discrimination, many experiences shock their nervous systems so violently that psychiatrists have evolved a special word for the result – Trauma. Carried over into later years these traumas can so entangle an individual that neurosis, psychosis, and depression can result.

Almost every individual has had several traumatic experiences. The functions which sustain us such as our vision, speech, clarity of thought, breathing, circulatory system, and the sexual function are the casualties of stress.

We practice a form of triage here and work on the breathing first since it sustains us. I don’t just mean that it keeps us alive. God created us in His Own Image, therefore, we create ourselves everyday through our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

In turn, the form and functions of the body follow the mind pattern of the soul personality. Wilhelm Reich discovered in his clinical practice that an autonomic function can be objectified through practice which can make it subject to conscious control.

Decades later, the research psychologists at Stanford University rediscovered the same principle when studying people who practice meditation among other ancient forms of mental discipline.

In fact, Dr. Reich ‘discovered’ a very old principle of vegetotherapy known by the ancients who practiced QiGong, Transcendental Meditation, the Kabbalah, and other such disciplines: The way we breathe sustains who we are. Any function in the body, from parasympathetic to sympathetic, can be objectified or controlled through meditative practice which includes disciplined deep breathing patterns.

Our breathing patterns are integral to our blood chemistry so, that other 65 to 70% percent of our brains can work and do the most fantastic things that humans are meant to do. Unfortunately, a depressed breathing pattern takes us in the wrong direction.

A depressed breathing pattern is a secondary autonomic function. A depressed person tends to hypo ventilate or have shortness of breath. Hypoventilation acidifies the blood creating a constant imbalance in the blood chemistry. The body will try tomakeupfor this imbalance by ‘sighing’ or taking a deep breath, thereby taking in more oxygen.

Maybe you have seen this in old people at rest homes or young people at school try to get through the day. They are ‘sighing’ because they are being depressed by their environment; They are being depressed by their peers; They are being depressed because they feel that things could be better – and they’re right.

By the same token, depression is self induced by their own reaction to to a bland environment or lack of stimulus. By establishing a correct breathing pattern you create a hostile environment for depression; in turn, this means we need a stimulating environment to evoke life-positive breathing patterns. Please look up the Mozart Effect for an example.

Cleansing Breathes‘ are the best way to begin. Breathing by this type of deliberation not only objectifies the breathing function it really does cleanse the ‘light‘ within each cell of our bodies. Your ‘light’ energy creates YOU. Energy creates Matter. Your mind pattern programs this energy to create you. I’m not talking about eating; that only sustains the building blocks of your body. I’m not talking about your parents; they established a DNA pattern which is 60% of you.

I’m talking about your mind patterns, the 40% of you which is all yours to program the ‘light’ within your own body, the collective consciousness of each cell in your body which is your soul-personality. Remember, “I Am Who I Am” (Exodus 3:14). God created you as “I Am,” perfection in creation, in His Image. That means you have the ability to create yourself. You are your own microcosm. You program the energy in your body and your energy creates You. Revelation!

For example, blood represents the joy of life as it flows throughout your body. Blood loss indicates a loss of joy in your life. A female with a heavy menstrual flow indicates that she feels a loss of joy in her womanhood, and needs to look at her love relationships. Highbloodpressureshows stress in the avenues of life chosen to express joy. Fat is literally a barrier that you erect to protect yourself from experiences. Often, extremely obese people are victims of sexual abuse. They amass the weight to make themselves undesirable to others, thereby precluding any further sexual encounters. If you have a mind-pattern for insulation, regardless of what you eat, you will stay insulated. Diets do not ever work.

After you have practiced ‘Cleansing Breathes‘ for a few days you can also incorporate the next set of breathing exercises (click on Breathing Exercises). The next set is slightly more advanced. They are designed to purify the mind, body, and soul-personality. Don’t worry if you can’t do all the exercises. Just do what ever you can. Take baby steps. Work your way up.

The premise for working on these breathing exercises here is to ‘push’ the superconducting traits of your cellular matter to fire up your soul personality. You don’t have to be of the physical stamina to hold your breath or need the endurance to do yogic breathing to have correct breathing.

On the other hand, if you ask God to help you, you probably can. (Whenever I have a trouble with an exercise or lifting weights that’s what I usually do: “Hey God, how ’bout a little help here?”) Your inner strength comes from your passion to live. Your passion for life in being the best you can be has to come from some where.

For those of you who have spent at least a week at ‘Prelude to Chi Kung: Breathing Exercises,’ you probably have some questions regarding their relationship to our purpose here. I like to follow a treatise in karate for breaking boards: Focus slightly beyond the target.

That is exactly what we are doing here. Depression is the object we must break, so, at the moment, we are focusing slightly beyond it into different realms of personal achievement such as cleansing breaths, relaxation, and psychic dowsing.

I also hope you found the special existence of microtubules to be uplifting as opposed to the ‘dust to dust’ attitude presented in school or the spiritually bereft presentation of humanity given by scientific cretinism.

I promise to deliver works on how we are capable of so much more than mainstream decadent society is telling us at this point. For whatever works this site is lacking towards your health and self improvement, I provide links to my affiliates such as Bioenergetic SpectrumRepurpose Your RealityBinaural Beats Meditation, and The Unexplainable Store.

I am including God’s Word in this work and in this entire web site because God’s Word provides the power in the human equation. God’s Word provides hope far beyond the drugs and spiritually bereft funk of decadent society. Spiritual science empowers humanity far beyond the imagination of mainstream thinkers.

What does my Spiritual Concept of Myself have to do with Depression?

For those of you who have come this far I should hope that your frame of mind has been focused from “poor little you..” to a greater possibility of you. There is more to this reality than is being offered to you by mainstream thinkers. By the same token there is much more to you.

By the same token, if you have attracted the demon known as ‘depression’ into your life, then you must also be playing the prodigal son or daughter to a spiritually bereft society.

Are your values balanced? ‘Nostril Breathing’ from Breathing Exercises indicated if your breathing isn’t balanced, then your mind patterns are not balanced. An unbalanced mind pattern, in turn, leads to an unbalanced soul personality. An unbalanced soul-personality, in turn leads to a malfunctioning person: Whether you’re depressed, whether you’re psychotic or neurotic or diseased; IT DOESN’T MATTER!! What matters is the value system, attitudes, and preconceived notions that have been pushed onto you and the way you are reacting to them.

God gave us a left and right brain that oppose each other for a reason. They are symbols. They represent the link between the physical world, or the original fall from grace and the spiritual world, the original time line. Below please examine left brain versus right brain behavior and emotions. See for yourself which attitudes you follow:

Left Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Fear
Abandonment… Abrupt… Abusive… Accusing… Afraid… Aimless… Anger… Annoyed… Antagonizing… Anxiety… Arrogant… Ashamed… Attack… Badgering… Belligerent… Berating… Bigotry… Bitter… Blaming… Bothered… Chauvinistic… Cheating… Cocky… Comparing… Competing… Complaining… Conceited… Condemning… Condescending… Conflict… Confusion… Conniving… Cowardly… Cranky… Crazy… Criticizing… Cruel… Deceptive… Defensive… Degraded… Demeaning… Denial… Depression… Disappointed… Discouraged… Disease… Disgusted… Dishonest… Disrespectful… Distorted… Distracted… Disturbed… Doubt… Embarrassed… Empty… Envy… Exaggerating… Fabricating… Failure… Fighting… Frustrated… Furious… Gauging… Gossiping… Greedy… Guilt… Harassing… Harsh… Hate… Helpless… Hoarding… Hopeless… Hostile… Hyper… Idolizing… Illness… Impatient… Inadequate… Inconsiderate… Inconsistent… Insecure… Interrupting… Intimidating… Irrational… Jealousy… Judgmental… Justifying… Lack… Loneliness… Loss… Low Self Worth… Lust… Lying… Manipulating… Materialistic… Miserable… Mistrust… Mocking… Moody… Nasty… Nervous… Obnoxious… Offensive… Overreacting… Pain… Panic… Paranoid… Pessimistic… Pompous… Preoccupied… Procrastination… Punishment… Rage… Resentment… Restless… Rude… Rushed… Sacrificing… Sad… Scared… Scornful… Self-Deception… Self-Glorification… Self-Image… Self-Indulgent… Self-Pity… Selfish… Short Tempered… Sickness… Sin… Sorrow… Specialness… Stress… Struggling… Stubborn… Suffering… Suppressing… Swearing… Teasing… Temptation… Tense… Terrified… Trashing… Troubled… Uncertainty… Uncomfortable… Uncooperative… Ungrateful… Unsure… Unworthy… Upset… Vanity… Victimizing… Vindictive… Violent… Wandering… Weak… Weary… Whining… Withdrawn… Worry…
Right Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Love
Acceptance… Appreciation… Assured… Balanced… Blessed… Calm… Caring… Certain… Charitable… Cheerful… Co-operative… Comfortable… Compassion… Confident… Considerate… Content… Courage… Dedicated… Encouraged… Enthusiastic… Faith… Fellowship… Focused… Forgiveness… Friendly… Fulfilled… Generous… Gentleness… Giving… Grateful… Happy… Harmony… Healthy… Helpful… Honest… Hope… Hospitable… Humble… Integrity… Joy… Kind… Mercy… Optimistic… Patience… Peace… Rational… Respectful… Responsible… Safe… Secure… Serene… Sharing… Sincere… Sympathetic… Thankful… Thoughtful… Trust… Understanding… Unselfish… Welcoming… Whole… Zealous….

Each of us can have any of these qualities listed, left and right brain depending on where we root our emotions. The point is, which qualities do you celebrate? Which qualities do you lament, gossip, or dwell upon every waking moment? Which qualities haunt you during your sleeping moments? I’m willing to bet that the first behaviors and emotions that you want to talk about everyday are from the left brain. Why?

They are the first qualities that people want to talk about on mainstream media, at work, in school, ad infinitum…

We are constantly deluged by emotions rooted in fear. Here are the results of a society rooted in fear: What’s Different About the 2012 Election? The Campaign to “Kill the Facts.”

Of course, all of us aspire, exclusively, to right brain thinking. The problem is we have to deal with left brain thinkers again in the physical world in the form of our co-workers, our friends, our family, and, yes, even you and me. What does all of this have to do with depression? If you have studied the left brain’s negative characteristics, then you see that a personality rooted in fear is devoid of spirituality.

If you dwell on nothing but this void, then that’s the source of your depression. Who teaches us spiritual thinking to root our emotions in love? Our parents? Our teachers? Our Ministry? Is there anyone outside of ourselves who can create this balanced mind pattern between left and right brain? There is only one.

The one person, besides God, who we live with twenty four hours a day is the only one who can solve the depression. God’s guidance helps us solve the problem to any lesson, but we bring the lessons into our lives. Depression is one of the biggest lessons of all.

You create yourself every day through your mind-patterns: your beliefs, your expressions, your obsessions, your reason to live – and your mind patterns reflect your reality. ( “As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So He Is” – Proverbs 27:19). You should know that prayer is no different from lamentation when God gave us our power: “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).

Because your lamentation like prayer is incensed with emotion you give power to sadness and turmoil and bring it into your life. Your experiences reflect your thinking, thoughts reflect action, action reflects reality:

"7. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: 
for whatsoever a man soweth, 
that shall he also reap. 
8. For he that soweth to his flesh 
shall of the flesh reap corruption; 
but he that soweth to the Spirit 
shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. 
{As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap}" [Galatians 6:7-8].

You create your own thoughts, no one else. Your thinking influences your actions and reactions as you create what you see. Depression takes advantage of the ego (left brain). Depression hides behind the ego. Influenced by depression, the ego distorts thoughts since fear of anything is rooted within the ego.

Fear rooted in the ego-centric person evolves into a form of trance logic; this creates a person with a lot of conviction about their distorted sense of reality.

The Ego does not acknowledge its own tremendous negativity; it uses cloaking, self-deception, and finds whomever or whatever to convince itself that the problem is not within.

The Ego actually imposes its thinking onto other people. As a depressed person, you may perceive others as imposing their beliefs. You end up perceiving the rest of the world as depressed, therefore, you are depressed.

The ego is directly attached to physical reality since it represents Lucifer’s original fall from grace: “Look what I have created.” As a depressed person, you have set limitations on yourself and all of reality and there is nothing more devoid of God than a limited view of reality – especially when rooted in fear.

Our physical bodies are the limiting factor. The body is an egotistical, physical, limited object; it is the physical symbol of the separation from the Mind of God. People view each other as separate entities of different sex, color, age, height, beliefs, etc., instead of viewing these bodies as different aspects of the One Soul-Personality, God.

We are all aspects of the same Soul-Personality, given freedom of will because God is All That Is. There is only One Creator, wherein, we are all reflections of the One Creator.

(Satan does not have the power denoted to him; he is only the life-negative aspect of God, Who allows evil to exist as part of our lesson in physical reality, so we know the difference. We are each creators of our own microcosm, our own universe.)

Since we are all individual aspects of God and the power that God gives us is our eternal salvation then we must also use our power in this physical plane – in the form of forgiveness.

How can Forgiving Myself Cure Depression?

In the physical plain we are given the lessons by God which lead to our personal salvation. We draw experiences to ourselves according to our mind-patterns. If a negative experience is drawn to us, this means we must correct an imbalance in our mind-patterns. This world being full of negative experiences can easily be dealt with if we stop dwelling on negative experiences of the past.

The past is an illusion. Dwelling on negative experience only brings more negative experience. Forgiving the negative experience as a lesson to be learned and a cause for change invokes our salvation and clears the way for a better world. Any person, place, or thing that provides a negative experience must be forgiven. We must let go of memories that only cause negative emotions. Forgive the past and let it go. {Sample Forgiveness Exercise}

Since you are the only one who can rid yourself of depression you must ask yourself, “Do I contribute positive or negative energy to the healing of myself?” You can see any number of doctors, specialists, and priests for an inordinate amount of time. If your attitude does not contribute to your healing, then you cannot heal. You must learn to forgive yourself, not only for your life to continue, Your Salvation.

You must learn to forgive every aspect of your life because this is all you have encountered; this includes your sex life, your social life, your family life, and your working life. Do not misinterpret forgiveness. Forgiveness is not just turning the other cheek. (Christ was just showing what He was made of: No Fear.) Forgiveness is the epiphany of letting go and moving on. (Depression Case History)

Dr. Colbert examines humans and the multitude of illnesses that stem from wrong thought and lifestyle with a near-religious fervor that doesn’t detract from the value of this audiobook. The weaving of spiritual knowledge with scientific savvy make this especially palatable. Greg Wheatley is a straightforward narrator who doesn’t stumble over medical terms or the author’s occasional overzealousness. In general, DEADLY EMOTIONS is an eye-opening guide to our responsibility for many of the illnesses we experience and to the possibility of creating a healthier emotional state.

If you are in a situation where you are being hurt right now, then you must forgive the person who is hurting you by letting go and moving on. Only the ego fights to stay in a destructive situation. If you are in a situation where you cannot get away from the person who is hurting you, then you must show this person the path to forgiveness. Do not be afraid to show what you are really made of. You must have the courage to speak up and say what is hurting you. You must also have the courage to say that you want things to be better.

That’s what this web site is for. I’ve done all this and more. The only thing keeping me in a prodigal society is my ego – telling me that I can somehow make things better by turning depressed people around.

Call me a dreamer. I have learned to forgive. I see people in a different light since I look beyond physical appearances: The person may not be aware of the Christ within, so he projects incorrect mind-patterns. I always try to see the Christ within everyone, so this empowers the Christ.

Remember, the actions of anyone who is ego influenced is separate from the Christ, who is truly within that person. By accepting and understanding who is within yourself and the people you attract, you view others in a more Christic fashion. Ask yourself, “Why would Christ argue with Christ?” Seeing yourself the same way prevents arguments, fights, and disagreements of all kinds. Be like Christ: Offer your personal salvation through forgiveness.

Most of all you must forgive yourself for having the depression. You have it because you have reached a turning point in your life. It’s time to let go of those memories that hurt you. It’s time to let go of a life that is hurting you. Close that door to the life that is hurting you. Open two or three alternative doors to your passion for life.

In order for you to continue with your life and your salvation, YOU must forgive, let go, and change for the better. You are a living aspect of God. You already know how you must change and what direction you must go. Peace be with You.

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Healing Science

Binaural Harmonics in brainwave entrainment

Learn How Certain Types of Brain Waves are Keys to Healing

  1. Overview
  2. What are Brainwaves?
  3. The Significance of Brainwaves
  4. Brainwave States
  5. Binaural Beats
  6. Frequency Following Response
  7. Brainwaves: Dominant, Mental States, Specific Frequencies
  8. Whole Brain Synchronization
  9. Stimulate New Neural Development
  10. Harmonically Layered Frequencies
  11. Binaural Beats in History

Introduction to Brain Wave Entrainment

Learn how Brainwave entrainment can change your life for the better; binaural harmonics, as a result of brainwave entrainment or invoked cortical stimulation, induce flashes of creativity, insight, and wisdom. Learn how tools for achieving altered states of consciousness and awareness can enhance your life.

The neuroscience technology of binaural harmonics is a constantly developing, fascinating field with many potential applications. With technology designed according to psychneurophysiological stimulation principles, you can dramatically enhance your mind’s performance and discover your own potential for perfect health and well-being.

To recognize why various brainwave states is significant, it is important to understand how the brain (as well as overall psychoenergetic processing) contributes to a person’s state of mind and level of consciousness.

When we say “brain” here, we are talking about the brain, the attached neural pathways and networks (i.e. autonomic, parasympathetic, sympathetic), and all of the attached functions that it serves.

There are several types of brainwave states. Your brain consistently cycles through each of these brainwave states many times throughout the day and night. It is a completely natural biological occurrence in every human being.

Your brain does not operate in only one brainwave state at a time but instead pulses in all these brainwave states simultaneously, with one of the states being dominant at any given time. The dominant state indicates your “state of mind” or level of consciousness. Because different areas of the brain may have different activity at any given time, you may have activity in one brainwave state in one area of the brain while at the same time a different brainwave state may be more active in another area of the brain. Each of these brainwave states occurs in a specific frequency range.

What are Brainwaves?

Your brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which use electricity to communicate with each other. The combination of millions of neurons sending signals at once produces an enormous amount of electrical activity in the brain, which can be detected using sensitive medical equipment (such as an electroencephalogram {EEG}), measuring electricity levels over areas of the scalp.

The resultant wave activity is related to the standing resonant electromagnetic waves on the earth due to electrical storm activity.

The combination of electrical activity in the brain is commonly called a BrainWave pattern, because of its cyclic, “wave-like” nature.

Below is one of the first recordings of brain activity.

antiquated EEG reading of brainwave patterns

Here is a more modern EEG recording:

modern EEG reading of brainwave patterns

What is the Significance of Brainwaves

With the discovery of brainwaves came the discovery that electrical activity in the brain will change depending on what the person is doing. For instance, the brainwaves of a sleeping person are vastly different than the brainwaves of someone wide awake. Over the years, more sensitive equipment has brought us closer to figuring out exactly what brainwaves represent and with that, what they mean about a person’s health and state of mind.

Brainwave States:


Gamma brainwave states are the most rapid in frequency. They have received the least attention and research, although more attention is currently being paid to them than in years past. Research has indicated at moments when bursts of precognition or high-level information processing occur, your brainwaves briefly reach the Gamma state. The Gamma brainwave state corresponds to frequencies of 40Hz or higher.


The Beta brainwave state is associated with a heightened state of alertness and focused concentration. When your mind is actively engaged in mental activities, the dominant brainwave state will be Beta. A person in active conversation, playing sports or making a presentation would be in a Beta state. The Beta brainwave state corresponds to frequencies ranging from 13Hz to 40Hz.


Alpha brainwaves are slower in frequency than Beta brainwaves and represent a state of relaxed mental awareness or reflection. Alpha brainwave states are typically associated with contemplation, visualization, problem solving and accessing deeper levels of creativity. The Alpha brainwave state corresponds to frequencies ranging from 8 Hz to 12 Hz.

(We also need to acknowledge that brainwaves, particularly alpha rhythms, do not exist in and of themselves as simply a matter of coincidence. We express alpha brainwaves in response to geophysical electromagnetic effects, outside of auditory stimulation, namely, the Schumann Resonances, as a form of harmonic translation – more on this soon.)


Theta brainwaves are even slower in frequency and represent a state of deep relaxation and meditation, enhanced creativity, stress relief, light sleep and dreaming. Theta brainwave states have been used in meditation for centuries. Research has proven thirty minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being. Theta meditation has also been known to cause the need for less sleep. The Theta brainwave state corresponds to frequencies ranging from 4Hz to 8 Hz.


When your dominant brainwave is Delta, your body is healing itself and “resetting” its internal clocks.

Delta brainwaves are the slowest in frequency and represent a state of deep dreamless sleep. Delta brainwave states have long been associated with healing. While Delta brainwave states usually only occur in deep sleep, it is possible to train yourself to remain awake while reaching the Delta state to experience even deeper levels of meditation and awareness (See Remote Viewing/Influencing Course for this method by Gerald O’Donnell). The Delta brainwave state corresponds to frequencies from 0Hz to 4Hz

You can tell a lot about a person simply by observing their brainwave patterns. For example, anxious people tend to produce an overabundance of high Beta waves while people with depression tend to produce an cacaphoney of brainwaves due to manic-depressive states of mind.

Researchers have found that not only are brainwaves representative of mental state, but they can be stimulated to change a person’s mental state, and even help treat a variety of mental disorders. Certain Brainwave patterns can even be used to access exotic or extraordinary experiences such as “lucid dreaming” or ultra-realistic visualization.

With the help of our audio / visual technology, you can guide your brain into any of these brainwave states naturally and effortlessly, simply by listening to an audio CD using stereo headphones. No special equipment is required. As long as you are using stereo headphones, you can listen via your stereo, a portable CD player, or even your computer’s CD-ROM drive. The choice is yours.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats were originally discovered in 1839 by German experimenter H. W. Dove. He discovered when signals of two different frequencies are presented separately, one to each ear, the brain detects the phase variation between the frequencies and tries to “reconcile” that difference.

In doing so, as the two frequencies mesh in and out of phase, the brain creates its own third set of “phantom” signals — a binaural beat — equal to the difference between those two frequencies.

In electrical engineering, this is similar to heterodyning of electromagnetic or radio waves where we obtain beat frequencies by combining waves. In the case of human energetics, we have the ability to heterodyne environmental harmonics across the spectrum as a form of harmonic translation. (I like to call this bioheterodyning.) By the same token, the magnetic field of the earth gently entrains our brainwave patterns into resonant harmonic patterns. Let’s talk about audio frequencies for now.

For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is presented to the left ear, and a frequency of 105 Hz is presented to the right ear, the brain “hears” a third frequency pulsing at 5 Hz, the exact difference between the two frequencies. In the living system, we call this a binaural beat.

Research has proven that introducing a binaural beat will cause the brain to begin resonating in tune with the frequency of that beat. This is called the “Frequency Following Response” and was thoroughly researched and tested in 1973 by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. His research on binaural beats and the frequency following response was published in Scientific American and paved the way for further development in the area of auditory stimulation to enhance brain functioning.

The central theme of Oster’s article is that processing of auditory binaural beats bears distinct differences from that done for normal sound, emphasizing different neural pathways and highlighting different parameters of the sound stimulus.

Oster’s observations inspired a wave of research into the ways in which binaural beats could affect the brain. One area of research explored how binaural beats could evoke a “frequency-following response” (also known as “brainwave entrainment”) in EEG measures.

Of particular interest from Oster’s thesis (that binaural beats are processed in ways fundamentally different from normal hearing) was the fact that binaural beats are perceived even when one of the two frequencies is below the human frequency threshold, and also when both frequencies are below the human volume threshold. This, combined with the brain data available at that time; this suggested to Oster that the processing of binaural beats follows different neural pathways in the brain from other auditory processing. (Please reference the short synopsis at Gnaural: Binaural Audio Beat Software – free download;)

In my humble opinon of human biodynamics, the same neural pathways ARE involved, but in a manifold. Since binaural beats are generated with or without input from the audio receptors, these bioresonant signals must be an integral result of further biodynamic perceptions in the body.

When we examine how the Flanagan Neurophone works, we can see that we utilise the entire nervous system to receive and process information (like a giant antenna with brain serving as modem and harmonic translator).

Since Oster’s time, binaural beat technology has been endorsed by scores of doctors and scientists around the world.

What is the Frequency Following Response?

By introducing a binaural beat via stereo headphones, you can guide your brain into very specific brainwave frequencies via the Frequency Following Response.

For example, by listening to a binaural beat pulsing at a frequency of 5 Hz — a low Theta frequency — you can trigger your brain to resonate at that same 5 Hz frequency, automatically inducing brainwaves in the Theta range. By listening to a binaural beat pulsing around a frequency of 10Hz — an Alpha frequency — you can effortlessly guide your mind into the Alpha range.

When your brain begins to resonate with the binaural beat, or “follow” along with the beat, it is called the Frequency Following Response (FFR). Neural Phase Locking takes place when a brainwave directly resonates with an entrainment signal; this means one or more brainwaves have reached coherence with an external stimulus. Neural Phase Locking, resonance, and coherence are desirable qualities for inducing a desired state of consciousness for learning, relaxation, mood enhancement, etc.

FFR is a component of Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) which refers to the brain’s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound or light.

When the brain is given a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a Cortical Evoked Response (shown below). These electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what you see and hear.

cortical evoked response

When the brain is presented with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a drum beat for example, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses. If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brainwaves. When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response (or FFR.)

(More succinctly, this is a form of psychoenergetic harmonic translation wherein the original harmonics are are truely described as rhythmic interpolations and subharmonics:)

brain wave entrainment

FFR can be useful because brainwaves are very much related to mental state. For example, a 4 Hz brainwave is associated with sleep, so a 4 Hz sound pattern would help reproduce the sleep state in your brain. The same concept can be applied to nearly all mental states, including concentration, creativity and many others. It can even act as a gateway to exotic or extraordinary experiences, such as deep meditation or “lucid dreaming” type states.

Brainwave Entrainment has over 70 years of solid research behind it.

While the scientific effects of binaural beats on the brain were not formally studied until the past century, various cultures have been inducing the frequency following response through more primitive means for thousands of years.

By introducing a harmonically layered combination of frequencies and binaural beats to your brain via the audio technology developed by the Binaural Beats Meditation, you can effortlessly induce amazingly powerful states of focused concentration, deep relaxation, intense creativity, and more, while stimulating various parts of your brain to work together in synchronization.

Super Brain Power

What are Brainwave Bands?

There are certain bands (subcategories) of brainwaves that are related to specific functions of the body and mind. Brainwave stimulation can be a very effective treatment for many types of mental and physical disorders. It can also be a gateway into exotic or extraordinary mental states.

What are Dominant Brainwaves?

The brain is constantly emitting nearly every type of brainwave. However, based on the strength of the certain bands of brainwaves, and depending on where the EEG electrodes are placed on the scalp, a person can be said to be “in” a certain brainwave. As you are reading this, you are (assumedly) wide awake and are most likely producing more Beta brainwaves than any other type. So you could be said to be “in” Beta.

How are Mental States Induced?

By stimulating the brain to produce or decrease certain brainwave bands, we can induce a huge variety of mental states and emotional reactions, including meditation, excitation, motivation, anxiety, irritation, sexual excitement, relaxation, spiritualism and more. Manipulating brainwave bands through auditory stimulation is still highly experimental, but is in regular use by the marketing/music industry.

For instance, if we were to embed Alpha waves into music, listening to it would be very relaxing, even causing your body to physically relax. If we embedded Theta waves into music, people might even fall asleep!

What are Specific Brainwave Frequencies?

In addition to bands of brainwaves, very specific frequencies have been shown to have certain physiological effects, such as stimulating the release of Serotonin or human growth hormone (HGH) among other biological responses to bioresonant energy. (Examine the Solfeggio Scale at Healing Music Spectrum and Dr. Royal Rife’s work in therapeutic electrokinetics for further details.)

What is Whole Brain Synchronization?

When both hemispheres of the brain begin to resonate to the binaural beat in synchronization, this is called “whole brain synchronization”. This is also sometimes referred to as “whole brain functioning” or “hemispheric synchronization.”

Whole brain synchronization occurs when the various parts of your brain begin to work together, resonating at the same frequencies and causing neural pathways to fire more rapidly.

The left and right sides of your brain begin to work in concert with each other. Electrical activity and energy patterns in your brain become more widespread throughout the brain instead of remaining confined to certain areas. Your brain reaches extraordinary levels of performance not normally attainable without years of practice.

Research has indicated this type of “whole brain synchronization” is present in the brain at times of intense creativity, clarity and inspiration. EEG patterns recorded from various test groups comprised of extremely successful individuals also displayed an extraordinarily high level of “whole brain synchronization”.

By listening to the audio technology offered by the Binaural Beats Meditation, for example, you can train your neural functions towards this high level of synchronisation, opening up the way for positive and beneficial effects. From the moment you first listen to the binaural beat induction, your brain will begin the process of reorganizing itself for higher thinking and enhanced levels of performance.

How to Stimulate New Neural Development

While using the audio technology, electrical activity and energy patterns in your brain become more widespread throughout the brain instead of remaining confined to certain areas.

When this type of stimulation to the brain occurs, your brain begins to create new neural pathways. The neural stimulation encourages new dendritic growth within the brain. New dendritic growth allows for faster and smoother neural communication in the brain, and also provides more “processing power” in the brain. The dendrites are the many branching fibers extending from the neuron/cell body. These fibers increase the surface area available for receiving incoming information. The more dendrites the brain has at its disposal, the more quickly and smoothly it can process information.

Dendritic growth is a process that occurs throughout our lifetime. Whenever you learn something new, such as learning to play the piano, new dendritic growth occurs as a result of stimulating the mind in a new and different way. At the same time, old dendritic connections can become inactive and dissipate. (The shortening of dendritic branches and the reduction of the number of branches is associated with senility in the elderly, but new neurons and their associated pathways always form as the mind remains active.)

One of the goals in using the audio technology is to stimulate dendritic growth to occur on an ongoing basis to provide an ideal situation for the brain, allowing the brain to operate at its maximum possible potential rather than only using a portion of its potential, and allowing the brain to establish dendritic growth for long-term benefits, including benefits that work to counteract the debilitating effects of aging.

Through this type of neural development and whole brain synchronization, the brain eventually learns to achieve more powerful states of performance on its own, so that in time these states may be achieved at will.

What are Harmonically Layered Frequencies?

The Binaural Beats Meditation worked for several years to develop and test proprietary harmonically layered audio technology — a new more advanced and more effective form of binaural audio. We call it the “next generation in brainwave technology.” (Please excuse the hyperbole.)

Most companies offering binaural audio recordings stop with one frequency, introducing only one binaural beat that may gradually raise or lower your brainwaves into a specific frequency over a period of time, usually in anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes.

What’s wrong with using only one binaural frequency? Your brain typically operates not in only one frequency but in all brainwave frequencies simultaneously, with one frequency typically being the dominant one at any given time.

Every moment of the day and night, various brainwaves in your brain are pulsing in delta, theta, alpha, beta, and even gamma frequency ranges, all at the same time. Your brain has its own individual brainwave patterns, incorporating a combination of all the frequencies pulsing in your brain. Just like your fingerprints or vocal patterns, your brainwave patterns are unique to you.

Our technology has a unique new form of harmonically layered audio rhythms that work to create actual patterns, not just single frequencies. Binaural Beats Meditation binaural (induction) frequencies are combined in a way that replicates your brain’s natural way of functioning, with frequencies that interact with your own brainwaves to evoke the most powerful response on all levels for a dramatically improved listening experience.

Binaural Beats Meditation binaural (induction) frequencies based on the way your brain naturally functions; we also use a form of harmonic layering with a foundation in the principles of music science. Even though the binaural frequencies are placed beneath the sounds of natural rain, and are embedded below the audible level and therefore not heard out loud in the same manner music would be heard, the brain still responds more effectively to binaural frequencies that are blended together in a harmonically pleasing way that is soothing to the ear and mind. This enhances the effectiveness of the audio technology and allows your brain to resonate smoothly and comfortably with the binaural beats.

What are examples of Binaural Beats from different cultures in History?

From the droning chant of Tibetan monks to the rhythmic beat of a Native American drum, sound has played an important role in healing and spiritual practice throughout history. Primitive cultures were aware of the powerful and beneficial effects of binaural beats on the brain centuries before modern science recognized those same effects.

Research conducted by Melinda Maxfield, PhD, demonstrates how the drumbeats found in the rituals of various cultures beat at a steady rate of 4.5 beats per second, inducing a trance-like state in listeners. This trance-like state is a result of the brain’s shift into a 4.5-beats-per-second brainwave pattern, a low Theta brainwave state.

Using repetitive beats or chanting, Native American shamans, Samigita healers, Tibetan monks, Sufi dervishes, and practiced Yogis have been able to induce an entire range of brainwave states for healing and the attainment of higher levels of consciousness. In India, there exist songs and mantras created specifically for use in curing illness and disease, practiced by Babaji — Hindu healers — to heal even such medical problems as arthritis and smallpox.

(Samigita: The combination of vocal music, instrumental music and dance, believed to influence the whole workings of the universe in Hindu tradition.)

Everywhere we turn, in every culture throughout history, binaural beats have been a powerful tool in the healing process, as well as a guide in spiritual ceremony and ritual. At the Binaural Beats Meditation, they’ve taken the research and those thousands of years of proven effects and paired them with the power of today’s technology.

Healing Science

Meditation: An Introduction including Brain Electro Stimulation

How Meditation is used as a Tool for Healing

Introduction to meditation for the beginner includes advanced topics. Brain electrostimulation is advised for a busy lifestyle. 7 Key Points:

Why Meditate?

  • Find your inner guidance
  • Learn to relax and walk your inspired path
  • Learn to lucid dream and explore inner space
  • Understand the subtle body & the human energy system
  • Awaken the kundalini and open the third eye
  • Learn to easily open the chakras
  • Heal the body, find your Self
  • Obtain the ability for tremendous concentration and focus
  • Control heart rate, blood chemistry, and other autonomic functions

Benefits of Meditation:

The benefits are unique for each person, but both physiological and psychological balancing are common. Some of the benefits of meditation will be realized quickly, and others over many months, so don’t be discouraged. Meditation is like a martial art in that there are different forms of meditation. Therefore, you will derive benefits according to the form of meditation you practice.

{e.g. In the basic QiGong meditation for martial arts, one meditates in order to focus the energy gathered in the extremities during practice towards the mental clarity of advancing one’s martial skill (nei dan kung). In turn, the internal energy (Qi) gathered during practice of one’s physical skill (wai dan kung) is once again focused towards mental clarity for further advancement through meditation (nei dan kung). In essence, all forms of meditation should have a feedback effect for your mental as well as physical self enhancement.}

What does Meditation do for Me?

Meditation is a way to change your attitude towards life. The act of practicing meditation changes you from inside. It takes a lot of work, but slowly you become more relaxed and more connected to people. It’s not an easy solution. But it is a solution. As in martial arts a beginner needs experienced instruction in the basics before practicing on his own. Like a martial art – meditation requires the necessary discipline to actually affect your life. Once you have disciplined yourself to meditate, the feedback from the meditation will increase your discipline. In turn, you will understand and appreciate the needs of others when they need or achieve internal discipline.

How does meditation Reduce and Eliminate Stress?

As the mind settles down, the body also achieves a unique state of rest. The changes that take place have been measured in physiological tests and are found to directly reverse the adverse effects of stress.

Everyone is aware of the negative effects of stress. It decreases performance, harms relationships, and creates physical wear and tear. In short, it curtails enjoyment of life.

Nowadays, stress is a fact of life. Furthermore it tends to build up in the system over the course of a lifetime. Even a good night’s sleep or an extended holiday may not enable us to recover fully.

There may or may not be things we can do to restructure our lives externally in order to help to reduce stress. But whether or not this is an option, regular practice of Meditation actually eliminates stress physiologically. This results in a more balanced outlook and greater appreciation.

One of the first things that people often notice when they learn Meditation is a reduction of stress. Research shows that when you meditate, the body experiences deep relaxation. Psychological stress has many adverse physical effects on the human body including a direct and damaging influence on the immune system.

What are the Physiological Indicators of Deep Rest?

A meta-analysis, the preferred scientific procedure for drawing definitive conclusions from large bodies of research, found Meditation produced a significant increase in basal skin resistance compared to eyes-closed rest, indicating profound relaxation. Deep rest and relaxation were also indicated by greater decreases in respiration rates and plasma lactate levels compared to ordinary rest. These physiological changes occur spontaneously as the mind effortlessly settles to the state of restful alertness, pure consciousness.

How does meditation decrease stress Hormones?

Plasma cortisol is a stress hormone. Study’s show that plasma cortisol decreased during Meditation, whereas it did not change significantly in control subjects during ordinary relaxation

Natural Change in Breathing

Subjects have been measured for changes in breathing rate during the practice of the Meditation techniques. Breath rates fell from about 14 breaths per minute to about 11 breaths per minute, indicating the Meditation technique produces a state of rest and relaxation. The change in breath rate is natural, effortless, and comfortable. The final obstacle in meditation is ecstasy; you feel great bliss and happiness and want to stay in that ecstasy. Do not yield to it but pass on to the next stage which is great calm. Sri Ramana Maharshi.

How does meditation reduce anxiety?

A statistical meta-analysis conducted at Stanford University of all available studies-146 independent outcomes-indicated that the effect of Meditation programmes on reducing anxiety. This analysis also showed that the positive Meditation result could not be attributed to subject expectation, experimenter bias, or quality of research design.

How does meditation unfold the potential of the mind?

Throughout the day we experience the mind in its busy active state. Often it may seem as if the mind is constantly filled with thoughts. During Meditation this activity settles down in a natural way, until the finest level of thought is “transcended” and the mind is left in a simple state of least excitation – a refreshing and deeply relaxing state of restful alertness. After we have finished meditating, the mind is fresher, quieter, more alert, happier. Any problems that there may have been prior to meditation are frequently seen in a better light.

It has been accepted for some time by psychologists that most people use about 5-10% of their full creative potential. Our mind is our most under-utilized resource! By gaining access to the quieter, deeper, more comprehensive and intuitive levels of thinking, Meditation helps unfold the potential of the mind. Regular practice sustains this development.

How does meditation increase creativity?

This study used the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking to measure figural and verbal creativity in a control group and in a group that subsequently learned to Meditate. On the post test 5 months later, the Meditation group scored significantly higher on figural originality and flexibility and on verbal fluency.

How does meditation increase comprehension and improved Ability to Focus?

Field independence has been associated with a greater ability to assimilate and structure experience, greater organisation of mind and cognitive clarity, improved memory, greater creative expression, and a stable internal frame of reference. The results show that practice of Meditation technique develops greater field independence. This improvement in meditators is remarkable because it was previously thought that these basic perceptual abilities do not improve beyond early adulthood

How does meditation improve Perception and Memory?

College students instructed in Meditation displayed significant improvements in performance over a 2-week period on a perceptual and short-term memory test involving the identification of familiar letter sequences presented rapidly. They were compared with subjects randomly assigned to a routine of twice-daily rest with eyes closed, and with subjects who made no change in their daily routine. {I might add that college research in meditation only reaffirms what is know already for millenia, yet only scratches the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the adepts who can instantly achieve a trance state.}

How does meditation increase Orderliness of Brain Functioning?

EEG coherence increases between and within the cerebral hemispheres during Meditation. EEG coherence is a quantitative index of the degree of long-range spatial ordering of the brain waves. They found high levels of coherence even before meditation began, spreading of coherence to high and lower frequencies about half way through the meditation period, and continuing high coherence even into the eyes-opened period after meditation.

Transcendental meditation, zen meditation or your own form of meditation, when used daily, can fully transform and empower your life. Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, you can find incredible power with meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions throughout the world. By the same token, when the people of the world practice meditation for their own good, studies have found that the people are spiritually enlightened with increased intelligence, therefore, more interested in advancing their society.

What are brainwaves?

Enhance Your Brain Waves

The brain is a neurochemical information processor that gives off electrical signals as electrochemical circuits close and open a million each second. If this is so, why can’t we detect these signals? Primarily because our skulls are too thick and the signals too weak for them to resonate outside our heads. With the exception of perhaps the most clairvoyant and telepathic among us, brain wave patterns are impossible to detect without the aid of a special amplifier called an electroencephalograph or EEG, which detects and records the changes in the voltage emanating from the brain. These electrical patterns tend to be similar in their general rhythm or rate of pulsation, and can be placed along the consciousness continuum.

The first pattern is described as beta waves, of short amplitude and very rapid pulsations of 30-14 cycles per second (Hertz or Hz). This pattern is optimal for intense mental activities such as calculations, linear logical analyses, and other highly structured functions.

The second pattern is described as alpha waves, characterized by a slightly larger amplitude of 13-9 Hz. This pattern typically occurs in daydreaming, relaxed awareness, guided or focused imagery and smoothly rhythmic athletic activity. There is often a euphoric, effortless feeling of “flow” as the doer is absorbed in activity, and subject and object are felt to be united.

The third pattern is described as theta waves, pulsations that are more ragged and irregular, in the 8-4 Hz range. While this range is rather small, a difference of 1 or 2 Hz in this zone is very noticeable, as it is proportionately much larger than it would be in the beta or alpha range. This pattern is associated with deep unconscious imagery, and thus creativity, as the person drops into a state of drowsiness and near-sleep.

The last main pattern is that of delta waves, pulsations that range between 3-1 Hz. In this range of profound relaxation, images and dreams have largely subsided, as the person slides into a state of slow wave restorative sleep. Meditators who remain aware during this state of near unconsciousness report tranquillity and peace.

Obviously, being able to control a mind state (the subjective mental state that typically accompanies a brainwave pattern) would be helpful in optimizing human functioning in contexts that required specific kinds of concentration and relaxation. While there have always been brainwaves, only recently have we become aware of them and been able to effect their change. This accessibility with demonstrable, rapid results has great potential for the relief of suffering and the evolution of the social mind of our society.

See the binaural harmonics page for more information on controlling neural patterns.

It was first coined by William James, a philosopher and psychologist. Some professionals have even stated even lower percentages, like Margaret Mead saying that we use 6% of our brains3. If this statement is true, it implies that humans could behave very differently and perhaps with greater thought and purpose. If the statement is a fallacy, it supports the brain equals behavior theory, such that the brain is not harboring unused capacities and behaviors.

The 1012 neurons in the brain have not all been researched for activity or not, but researchers have found no evidence for unused abilities or large, unused regions of the brain. Researchers know that humans do not use every region of their brain for every behavior, unless we are doing something so complex that it requires all of the brains capacities.

At any given point in time, about 5% of the neurons are active, but over time and change of ones behavior, PET scans and fRMIs show that the vast majority of the brain is active2. Perhaps this is an evolutionary adaptation: To conserve energy and prevent an electrical and chemical overload from all the neurons firing and inhibiting.

The brain is about 3 pounds, using an inproportionate 20% of the body’s oxygen-rich blood, but is only 2% of the bodys total weight3. The significance of the brain receiving so much of the body’s energy supply, reveals its ability to perform important functions. The heart and the lungs main function is to provide the brain with oxygenated blood, presumably because the brains will be performing essential neuronal activity relevant to the days behavior. The highly specialized regions of the brain give some insight into the many functions that the brain is capable of doing. So the development of the brain into specific sections that have been researched to facilitate specific functions, provides evidence that these regions are active in a normal human’s lifetime.

The fact that the brain has a highly ordered procedure for developing, leads researchers to believe that each region of the brain is essential. In fact, researchers have found several regions to account for one function, to imply that the collaboration of several brain regions is sometimes necessary for normal functioning.

Other evidence against the statement that humans only use 10% of their brains

Of the 1012 neurons, humans possess extra neurons, but these neurons serve the purpose of repair when severe head traumas occur, like a stroke3. These neurons function like the lost neurons, giving an appearance of regeneration, by expanding the neurons dendritic field to compensate for the loss neurons4.

Research has been done on the plasticity of the brain and its implications. The plasticity factor is the brains ability to constantly change its structure and function in response to experiences coming in from the outside. An increase in neuron size, thicker cerebral size, and more neuron connections are all examples of the plasticity of the brain. A study designed to show the effects on rats in a rich and stimulating environment found that the rats brain weight increased by about 7-10% after 60 days, with synaptic connections increasing by about 20%4. It has also been experimentally shown that new and novel experiences increase the number of excitatory synapses per neuron and decreases the number of inhibitory ones in the visual cortex4.

The modification of the excitatory and inhibitory balance is a direct result of the plasticity factor in action. Also, the plasticity factor can increase or decrease the number of neurons depending on the richness or depravity of the experience. The neuronal increase was approximately 35-40% more neurons in the olfactory region4.

During human development, connections are being built at the speed of about 3 billion a second, reaching 1,000 trillion connections in the whole brain. All of these many neurons, connections, and maintenance thereof do not exist to remain dormant.

The implications of the plasticity factor include the fact that the brain has been empirically seen to physically reconnect itself, so that it improves its present functional state3. So perhaps the brain does not use its full potential, after all.

Perhaps, instead of less usage, we can improve our usage through education. Biologically, education increases the number of neuronal connections, improving memory, spatial and problem solving skills, and a number of other functions. The plasticity of the dendrites morph or extend and retract its processes when stimulated, in response to neuronal activity, chemicals, and neuronal damage4. Therefore, dendrites, composing about 95% of the receptor surface that neurons form connections, are the best tools to determine the plasticity of the central nervous system4.

It was experimentally discovered that dendritic fields also change, changing the structural organization of the central nervous system, according to stimulation. Behaviorally, education improves the number of positive values and attitudes about health and an increased self esteem4.

There is evidence that humans can build more brain capacity through specific exercises that increase neuronal connections and efficiency. Education makes us more immune to disease and premature aging1.

And the earlier the educational exercises occur, the increased the mental capacities become4. If one performs these mental exercises throughout their life, it is like getting a booster shot of mental capabilities. In recent studies, it has revealed a relationship between dendrite atrophy and decreased function and increased dendritic space leads to an increasing function. This suggests that there is a relationship between brain plasticity and behavioral change4.

So if neurons have more connections and are structurally larger, the brain is hypothesized into having a greater influence over behavior. There is evidence that activity caused by experiences could increase the activity of genetic mechanisms responsible for dendritic and synaptic growth, ultimately influencing behavior.

Since there is evidence for the plasticity factor, it does not seem so outrageous for people who are left or right brain dominant to become ambidextrous. Being left or right brain dominant does not imply that the non-dominant hemisphere of the brain is not active at all. Many of the activities that humans perform everyday use both right and left brain specialties, such as sensory input. Hemisphericity is a dependence on one side of the brain to solve intellectual issues and physical issues, like unilateral thinking and headaches and insomnia5.

The body strives for homeostasis, which cannot be achieved by being left or right brained dominant. Perhaps the plasticity of the brain can lead to a more holistic brain, functioning in right and left brain dominant activities, like analyzing math problems and addressing issues of emotion. Practice using the neglected hemisphere through mental drills proves useful in becoming a more balanced individual1. For instance, using the body in new ways helps, like doing routine activities with the non- dominant hand. Another exercise is doing something different everyday, like breaking from your daily routine to allow your brain to experience different situations to produce those chemical and structural changes in the nervous system1.

How does meditation contribute to Development of Intelligence?

Students at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, who regularly practiced Transcendental Meditation, increased significantly in intelligence over a 2-year period, compared to control subjects from another Iowa university. This finding corroborates the results of two other studies showing increased IQ in Maharishi International University students.

What is The Maharishi Effect?

When a small, but sufficient, proportion of a population (sqr (1/10 x 1% of population)) regularly experiences transcendental consciousness, through the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) or TM-Sidhi programs, an influence of progress and harmony spreads through the whole society. This phenomenon was named the Maharishi Effect after Maharishi, who first predicted it. Both the TM technique and the more advanced TM-Sidhi program were derived by Maharishi from the ancient Vedic tradition. The Vedic tradition is thought to be the oldest recorded tradition of knowledge in the world.

Maharishi has long held that war is the result of collective stress reaching such a high intensity that it must explode into violence. (Consider the economically depraved, politically fortified attitude of the U.S. people against “terrorism.”) Moreover, in his view, criminal violence within the nation, and other signs of social disorder, derive from the same source. Thus, though the consideration moves from the international sphere to the internal affairs of nations, the underlying principle remains the same.

Reduction of this collective stress through the Maharishi Effect technology may simultaneously explain decreases in war intensity and violent crime, as well as improvements in international relations and progress within the nation. Thus, although the bulk of Maharishi Effect research concerns variables at the city, state or national levels, these are thought to be directly relevant to national and international conflict. (See the Maharishi Effect in different schools of the U.S. Courtesy of the Natural Law Party.)

How does meditation draw upon the forces of Nature?

Nature makes available to all of us a renewable energy source that we can tap into every day. Yet because most of us live in ignorance of it, we are forced needlessly to exhaust ourselves, to stretch our physical and mental resources to breaking point, even while the energy, relaxation and inspiration we crave is all around us. This is not just a bunch of new age treacle. Adepts advanced at psionic’s are quite able to draw energy from clouds, water, sometimes fire, trees, as well as other people (known as spiritual vampirism). The honorable adepts usually draw upon atmospheric and universal energy.

What is the purpose of a Mantra?

A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated to yourself. It could be spoken aloud, as a chant, or silently, as in meditation. Many people think that the best mantras are sounds which have no clear meaning, and are used as a way of displacing your usual thoughts and moving your awareness inward. There are many mantras ranging from words taken from Hindu Sanskrit to Christian scripture (especially when “saying the rosary,” where the repetition of the prayer is meditative). The classic method of enunciation ranges from guttural to lingual to labial (when saying “AUM” for example). The esoteric schools of meditation concentrate on certain energy centers of the body such as “the third eye” by focusing the vibrations of the mantra at that energy center (or chakra in Hindi). In the case of the “the third eye” or seventh chakra, we focus guttural vibrations here in order to induce sensitivity to the more subtle, etheric forces. (“Prayer is your talking to God; meditation is your listening to God.”) -Yogi Amrit Desai

When are the best times to Meditate?

It is recommended that a person meditate twice a day. Before breakfast and before dinner are ideal. A full stomach tends to attract the psychic force away from those areas necessary to achieve a controlled trance state. The human circadian rhythm is in direct alignment with the passing of the day. The yin-yang symbol represents both extremes of sleeping and wakefulness; it also represents the passing phases between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems:

yin yang clock shows apex for best times to meditate

A point on the yin-yang symbol where a “head” and “tail” merge can be considered an apex which represents dusk while the other represents dawn. That apex is also where sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems merge (the trance state between sleeping and waking may be considered a taichi state since it is a state of transition), therefore, dusk and dawn are optimal times for meditation. Noon and midnite are reserved for more advanced practitioners because of the extreme “yang” and “yin” conditions, respectively. This is the applied logic from Chinese medical theory of Chi Kung meditation used to program the psyche for greater achievement.

How does meditation increase sensitivity?

Meditation will bring you sensitivity, a great sense of belonging to the world. It is our world – the stars are ours, and we are not foreigners here. We belong intrinsically to existence. We are part of it; we are the heart of it. And this sensitivity will create new friendships for you – friendships with trees, with birds, with animals, with mountains, with rivers, with oceans, with stars. Life becomes richer as love grows, as friendliness grows. In essence, a spiritually enlightened person is in touch with his environment and tends to align himself with science and philosophy oriented towards nature and peaceful coexistence.

Of course, a busy lifestyle does not lend itself to true appreciation of our natural resources. There are not enough “civilized” people who have the time, much less, the discipline to devote to psychic exercises. A quick fix, magic pill, mechanistic culture does not lend itself to “strange science.” This would include meditation. For those few who are busy, convenience oriented, yet crave and understand the benefits of meditation there is hope. For the rest of you who see no point in further stimulating your brains, you should consider the aging factor:

The Aging Brain

As the brain ages it may lose some of its neural circuitry. Specifically, we experience a shrinkage and reduction in the number of dendrites, the filament-like extensions of the axons or main nerve fibers. In normal circumstances the dendrites of a given axon connect with the dendrites of many other axons, thus fostering full communication of information. As these connections shrivel with age, the communicating ability decreases. We find ourselves forgetting names of people, and then names of things and facts. Short-term memory begins to fail, e.g., going into the next room to get something and then forgetting what you are there for. We find it more difficult to follow instructions or to memorize material. These symptoms can start in our 40s.

That’s discouraging news; the good news, however, is that the more we can stimulate our brains, the more we can slow down this process and even reverse it.

Dr. Diamond’s amazing old rats

At UCLA Dr. Marion Diamond examined the maze learning ability of aged rats and found the usual deficits in keeping with their advanced age. However, when she took half the rats and increased the stimulation in their environment, their learning ability and other aspects of their functioning improved significantly. When the brains of both groups were later examined, Dr. Diamond was amazed to find that the brains of the stimulated group actually weighed more and had more dendrites than the control group who received no more than the usual stimulation. Dr. Diamond concluded that the unusual stimulation promoted the dendritic growth that contributed to the extra density and weight of these brains.

Does Dr. Diamond’s Brain Research apply to humans?

Large scale studies have not yet been done in this area of interest; however, Dr. Harold Russell, a Texas researcher and clinician, has completed a number of individual case studies on brain injured and aged individuals. Dr. Russell and his colleagues Drs. Carter and Ochs are exploring the use of audio/visual stimulation with such clients. Although their results are anecdotal (not part of a controlled study), preliminary indications are still impressive: in almost all of the case studies of stroke or other brain damaged victims, whose conditions had “plateaued” a number of years earlier, significant progress was made after using the stimulation daily over a period of months. Again, this research is still preliminary and firm conclusions cannot be rendered at this time.

It is noteworthy that Diamond and her former graduate student Allison McKenzie, Ph.D., found that brain damaged rats (simulated strokes) recovered more quickly and more fully if stimulated regularly than the control group which received no special stimulation. Finally, Dr. Diamond also discovered that the stimulated rats developed a stronger immune response than those not stimulated.

How does Electronic Stimulation enhance brain function?

Throughout the ages humankind has searched for new means to reach higher levels of consciousness. Most of this exploration has been shrouded in the occult and sought through spiritual or mystical experimentation. With the advent of the technological age science has joined the quest for the Holy Grail of expanded experience. This state of awareness has been sought in all cultures and described in the ancient eastern teachings as Nirvana, the state of bliss. The scientific exploration of this field has developed through psychology, studying human behavior and psyche, sensory deprivation with John Lily’s floatation tank, the psychedelic days with Tim Learny and friends, and finally to the most recent and technologically advanced form yet, electronic Nirvana.

Much research on brain and mind development has led to and been conducted on behalf of the development and use of transformational electronic devices. Included in the technology are tapes that emit sounds or tone that synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain; some include music or subliminal positive affirmations.

  • Some devices reduce the effects of ELFs (extremely low frequencies) from electrical appliances.
  • There are machines that create fields of resonant frequency that balance energies in the body.
  • Brainwave bio-feedback is available and can be run off a regular desktop computer.
Electronic Brain Improvement, Energy Health, and Spiritual Gifts

Electrostimulation sends small transmissions of electricity to the brain stimulating certain levels of consciousness and modifying behavior. And, of course, there are the popular light and sound synchronizers equipped with goggles and headphones that emit sound and light patterns that balance the brain hemispheres and adjust their wave frequencies.

Recent findings have revolutionized the theories surrounding brain science. The old model of the brain depicted its functions as limited in terms of growth. Intelligence was determined at birth and although knowledge could be attained, I.Q. remained the same throughout life. In addition it was previously believed that the brain would atrophy as life progressed and there was no way of thwarting the process of deterioration. While it was recognized that other cells in the body regenerated brain cells were thought of as incapable of this function. It was also believed that the brain fluctuated from the right and left hemisphere, dominated by the right when dealing with abstract thought intuition or creativity and the left hemisphere when thinking logically or analytically.

The new model of the brain/mind based on modern experimentation presents an entirely different perspective. Intelligence as well as brain size can be increased through exercising or stimulating certain regions of the brain. Studies have proven that neurons can regenerate under the right circumstances. It has been discovered that dendrites, the tentacle-like nerve extensions that receive impulses from the axon or core of other nerve cells, when stimulated become stronger and naturally extended. Extended dendrites have greater capacity to receive impulses from the axon or core of other nerve cells, when stimulated becomes stronger and naturally extended. Extended dendrites have greater capacity to receive impulses, enhancing their propensity toward complex cell transmissions. This means intelligence is actually increased.

The new brain model also recognizes that certain mental states such as deep meditation or intense creativity promote what is called synchrony or whole-brain thinking, which involves the synchronization of the right and left hemispheres. In such states human potential is heightened. Brainwave studies have shown that while or after being in such states, individuals can perform mental functions more effectively such as learning, memory recall or problem solving. Brain electro stimulation, light and sound devices and some audio-recorded sound tapes are designed to achieve synchrony. Although little conclusive research has been done with light and sound machines clinical physicians to successfully treat drug addiction, stress and depression and other psychological maladies have used them.

It is known that whenever a new stimulus is introduced to the brain such as meditation, psychedelics, sensory deprivation or alpha/theta stimuli it disrupts the arrangements for stored sense data, i.e., memory tapes, producing expanded awareness. This is one reason so many users of these devices report altered and even mystical states.

Altered states of consciousness may be produced by changes in brain wave cycles. When you decelerate frequencies in brain waves going from beta (14 – 30 Hz) to delta (0.5 – 3.5 Hz) the amplitude increases. Maximum impact on the human body is when the brain waves are in delta. This is when whole brain functions take place. Neurochemical secretions of endorphins and opiates produce sensations of bliss and access to the multidimensional levels of human experience.

What is the Paranormal Connection to Meditation?

Speaking of multidimensional, we must also consider the inherent quantum characteristics in each living cell. A structure within the cytoskeleton known as the microtubule has demonstrated quantum characteristics. Microtubules demonstrate the quantum coherence necessary to maintain our existence in any one particular universe according to the Many Worlds Theory of quantum physics.

Psychic enhancement through meditation is a key for opening our senses to manifold eigenstates or quantum coherence; this leads to the so called “sixth sense” of parallel realities, alternate dimensions, and hyperspace.

Paranormal abilities may seem unnatural, but a few people are mistakenly mislabeled as schizophrenics because they receive too much information due to their extra sensory perception. Others use their extraordinary abilities for scientific research. One of the goals of transcendental meditation is control and focus of the “sixth sense.” Electrostimulation of brain activity is a faster route to achieving E.S.P. In this case, the control would be in cooperation with a device. As beginners to this subject of brain stimulation we should, first, understand the basics.

How is Meditation used in Addiction Treatment?

There have been more extensive electro stimulation studies done in the area of healing as opposed to learning or mind expansion. In such research a wide variety of effects have been corroborated. Doctor Alan Brovar conducted a test on the use of cranial electrotherapy on chemical dependency. His results conclusively showed that patients admitted for treatment for cocaine abuse had much greater success in giving up the drug and far fewer relapses when electro stimulation was used as part of the treatment. Other health related findings include the reduction of pain in cancer patients and success in treating psychological disturbances and neurological disorders.

A noteworthy experiment done by Doctors Richard Madden and Daniel Kirsch confirms the positive effects of electro stimulation on learning. In a double blind test participants were tested in learning a computer game. The electrically stimulated group performed better throughout successive games than the control group.

According to Michael Hutchison “In addition to the physiological benefits many people report personal transformations. Some well-known musicians such as Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards were treated with electrical stimulation of the brain for drug addiction. They as well as others report that not only were they able to get off drugs but they experienced a transformation. They no longer had addictive personalities.”

How does Meditation have a Life-Positive Behavioral Response?

Michael Hutchinson tells of a woman who, as a child, lost her mother in a car accident. “She realized that she had been blaming her mother for many of her current problems. She was under psychiatric treatment and taking antidepressant medication for severe depression. She couldn’t hold down a job. she was a total mess. After a couple minutes on a light and sound device, I noticed there were tears falling down her face. Afterward she said she had met her mother during the session and was able to create a reconciliation. They expressed their love for one another and her mother told her she wanted her to succeed and be happy. Later I found that she stopped taking the medication, got a job, lost twenty pounds and got married. She went through a life transformation from something that started as twenty-five minutes on the machine.

“I’m not saying she actually went and met the spirit of her mother but something very important obviously happened to her. She was clearly ready for it. And something else might have produced the same effect. But the fact is that the machine acted as a catalyst.”

Machines and tapes that synchronize and achieve different brain wave levels can also result in experiences of euphoria. Beta is the fastest level of brain wave function. It is associated with everyday brain awareness and moves at thirteen or more cycles per second. Alpha (8 – 13 Hz) is the next slowest level at eight to thirteen cycles per second. This level indicates a relaxed yet alert state of mind. Theta (4 – 7 Hz) waves at four to seven cycles per second produce greater insight, intuition and sometimes archetypical images. Delta is the slowest level ranging approximately from zero to four cycles per second. Delta is generally associated with deep sleep.

How does meditation stimulate Self Control?

Perhaps the most important discovery that has come from new research is that not only can all these effects be obtained, but humans can learn to control their own mental states. This is where brain bio-feedback becomes useful. Through sensors touching the scalp electrical impulses from the brain are fed into a computer. The computer feeds back information either through a sound or visual monitor on the brain wave the user is emitting.

The user can then learn to produce the brain wave and state he or she wishes to experience. One of the most noteworthy accomplishments of the new technology is that the participation of sciences in extra-dimensional experience creates a new appreciation and the inevitable mass consensus that comes from pragmatic verification. More than ever before in history the benefits of meditation and energy exchange are being experienced by the many instead of just the few.

According to Michael Hutchison, “People can learn to take control of their mental state. People tend to operate under the assumption that if they feel depressed they have to wait for their anger to be gone. The fact is that once you learn how, it is very easy to switch out of one brain state and into a higher or more beneficial one. As more and more people get into these higher states they will carry them into their lives and the world will be a better place. The whole point to brain technology is people learning to function in a high energy, high coherence and high efficiency brain state. We are talking about a momentous leap forward in human evolution.

“People are learning how to work their own software. Just like in computer work, you can use a particular program like WordPerfect as a typewriter. As you get deeper into the program you learn there are all sorts of hidden tricks you can use for different possibilities. As people get into their own personal software they are learning there are all kinds of hidden possibilities of which they weren’t even aware.”

Among the many beneficiaries of brain stimulation machines, there are quotes from businessmen and women who use the technology for stress release, scientists that measure and experience the effects, Wall Street analysts who use it to focus and clear their minds for more effective work and doctors and therapists who use it for treating patients.

But is there any benefit for meditators who have had many years of experience with heightened states of awareness? Michael answers this question with the following example. “A psychiatrist came to one of my workshops. He told me that he had twenty years of experience meditating twice a day and he is very suspicious of all this stuff. I put him on one of the machines and afterwards he looked at me and said ‘I can’t believe it, this is my meditative experience.'”

Now he uses the technology in his psychiatric practice to help people who have difficulty getting into meditative states. Many experienced meditators tell me that they can get into their meditative states faster and at times when their stress level might normally make it very difficult. It becomes a kind of meditation booster in that way.

It seems however that there is an experiential difference between brain stimulation and meditation. You cannot help but get the sense that you are giving up your process to a machine and perhaps losing some of the benefit that comes from flexing those meditative muscles. Michael gives his version of this idea. “The metaphor I often use is this: You can set out walking from San Francisco to New York. You will wear out some shoes and get sore feet but in the meantime you will meet fascinating people and undergo personal growth experiences by the time you reach your destination in about five hours. In a way these brain machines are like the jet plane. They can get you to pretty much the same place in less the time, but you won’t have undergone the same kind of personal growth that involves the discipline.”

Nevertheless, it is apparent that sometimes a quick flight is better than missing your appointment with bliss altogether. There is another point of import that should be addressed when offering a system of easy transformation to the general public. Meditation is more than a process of stress reduction. It is transmutative in nature. It is most effective when applied with a program of discipline and a reaching for a higher sense of self-awareness. Could it be that reaching higher states of consciousness without these important elements can lead to more difficulty than good?

Why is mediation important to our culture?

“In the classical context, meditation is a clarification in consciousness; it is an upheaval in one’s being, an explosion in one’s depth, a process of purification in addition to being a process that yields an experience of elevated awareness or bliss. The brain wave frequencies, in addition to creating physiological and psychological euphoric responses, relate to the data banks of the brain/mind computer.

When the brain goes into alpha theta and delta, windows open to the subconscious and unconscious. When we are in theta/delta all data that are incongruent with the experience we are having, which is one of increasing non-duality or oneness, has to be released or reprogrammed to be congruent with the experience.

When people start meditating they get a taste of the bliss and peace, and then they have to confront all their anger, anxieties and fears. This is particularly important for the western culture, as our culture is particularly suppressive. As a result Westerners experience a great deal more catharsis in their meditating. So it is imperative not only to use the technology available for accessing higher mental states but also to utilize the reprogramming and rescripting dimensions that address the integration of the upheaval. Then and only then is there a proportional expansion of awareness.”

So the executive using a brain machine to de-stress or tune his brain for more effective use may begin to experience forms of catharsis. It is important that people be aware that this may happen, and be prepared to take the steps toward integration.

It becomes apparent that the use of technology in and of itself as a transformation media can be limiting. Equal to the ignorance of the neophyte enlightened who believes that technology is unnatural has no place in the evolution of consciousness is that of the technological addict who uses the devices as a crutch. We can recognize that science and technology, just as any available tool can, as Brother Charles put it, “accelerate integration through greater precision in the transformation process.”

We must also acknowledge that this acceleration ultimately is monitored and created by inner awareness. It is important in an age of advanced technology that we remember who is the creator and who is the machine. You can most effectively utilize the mechanical tools by learning to induce heightened awareness with your own internal powers.

In addition to being passive and blissful, meditation can be creative and active. On the active side of the spectrum one can use subliminal tapes and other methods for integration. These tools used consciously can help entrain the inward process that moves one into more effective levels of actualization.

It is an exciting time in which we are living. The age-old polarity between physics and metaphysics is breaking down. In this integration we have the spiritual ideal manifesting on the physical plane as well as physical proof validating the spiritual ideal. Thus philosophy and science are beginning to embrace the one truth.

We are in the beginning of a new phase of human evolution. Science and metaphysics working hand in hand is a phenomenon in its infancy. We would be wise to proceed with enthusiasm secured with caution. All the effects of the devices mentioned, although decorated with examples of many benefits, have not yet been determined. As we learn more about this new field, its functions will be improved and the benefits augmented. In working with and enjoying our new abilities to electronically experience self-realization we are wise to fall back on a familiar message from ancient wisdom. Trust your inner knowing.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts forever” Bibliography

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Mind Control

How to Market to the Limbic System

Culturally Primitive vs. World View, Higher Mind Processes in Healing

The limbic system is instinctive because it’s older than language, faster than thinking; it controls trust, attention and desire. Learn how mainstream marketing to the limbic system depends on your lower level reasoning. Includes work from Alan Hall and “Woo The Buyer’s Limbic Mind Or All Your Efforts Are Wasted” by Lynella Grant

Foreword by Randolph Fabian Directo

I agree with marketing to the limbic system to a certain extent. I find that Lynella Grant is somewhat terse in her explanation of the subject. Of course, I enjoy the spoils of selling the ‘sizzle’ over the ‘steak’ as much as the next person – that is, when I’m doing it for your health and well being.

What specifically worries me about marketing to ‘id’ and ‘ego’ as opposed to higher brain functions over the long run as that it tends to perpetuate that type of thinking. Look where we are now because we submit to our baser instincts: “Civilised” people submit to economic tyranny, and legalised evils such as dangerous drugs and artificial fluoridation while our freedoms are eroded by evil politicians with delusions of god-hood by threat of “terrorism.” Unless you are one of the corporate giants who live in ivory towers far above the mediocrity, you have to care about the (in)actions and attitudes all around you.

Haven’t you every wondered why kids these days are so careless? They are the offspring of sensationalistic mainstream corporate marketing to YOUR limbic system. That’s Right.

You may ask “what’s wrong with that?” First, let’s look at the definition we are given in school: “It is the limbic system that contains all the primitive reflexes for our individual survival. The thirst and hunger mechanisms are initiated here, for we cannot survive without water and food…”

Maslows Heirarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

Humanity lives, first, according to basic survival mechanisms. Health, wealth, and well being, safety, happiness, and freedom are secondary to our basic survival mechanisms. Admit it: Most of us will give up any of those characteristics that MAKE US HUMAN in order to survive. Allow me to rephrase that: MOST PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO GIVE UP PART OR ALL OF THEIR HUMANITY IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

For example, in order to keep other aspects of his humanity, a mediocre person might give up his real freedoms for the illusion of freedom, then give up another aspect, then another – just for survival. You will discover soon how mainstream marketers sell “feelings” (i.e. illusions of feelings) to sell their products.

Can I make an admission to you? I run into enough careless, numbskull products of society everyday that I know who are subjects of mainstream media right away. These types of people are gullible and highly suggestible – for a reason. Mentalists like Derren Brown know who they are, so he uses them for entertainment.

Dr. Derrick Londsdale puts it best at this article on health factors wherein he points out how malnutrition causes higher brain functions to revert back to the primitive limbic system.

That’s another problem with marketing to the limbic over the long term: Corporations selling their fast food, junk food utilising the most sensational commercials under the guide of astute psychological marketing experts. Meanwhile the people imbibe empty calories lacking proper nutrition, in turn making generations of babies suffering from malnutrition maladies, so they end up having careless, prayless kids who couldn’t care less if the world around them goes to hell in a hand basket – while our freedom to take proper amounts of essential nutrients and supplements to maintain our health is eroded away by Nazi death camps that exist under the guise of public health organisations.

Oh Hell Yeah, I’m being abrasive. But I’m still speaking from a healing mind when I say these things. Sometimes, you have to wake a person up to reality before their higher thought processes register. Fortunately, I know the people I’m insulting are more likely watching violence on TV or playing violent video games rather than reading this.

Yes, marketing to people’s baser instincts can be lucrative – IN THE SHORT TERM. Lynella fails to point out the pitfalls of marketing to lower level thinking in the long term: Eventually, she and her loved ones will cross pathes with lower level thinkers, possibly with dire consequences. Eventually, the same happens to us and our loved ones.

Big industry has been enjoying the windfall from marketing through mainstream media to your pleasure and survival instincts – to your own detriment. You see what I mean as I provide specific examples in blockquotes such as these under Lynella’s vague references.

Woo The Buyer’s Limbic Mind Or All Your Efforts Are Wasted

by Lynella Grant

If you’ve driven yourself crazy trying to figure out why so many customers get away, relax. You can’t figure it out because it’s not logical. The impulse that makes people buy from one business instead of another is no more logical than the baying of an elk’s mating call. In fact, it works exactly the same way, through the limbic system.

The limbic system is instinctive because its older than language, faster than thinking. It controls trust. It controls attention and desire. Logic must stand aside until the limbic part of the brain decides something is trustworthy. In primitive times it was constantly alert for danger. Detecting threats spelled the difference between life and death. That function is still important today (although the risks are different).

Stop right there. Let’s talk about those “risks” for a moment. First, let’s talk about the cause behind the risk. Secondary autonomic reflexes are taught to us through our presiding culture.

For instance, we display “knee-jerk” reactions to sensitive subjects like sexuality by prudish parents and other “teachers.” Kids end up hating that reaction and – Voilà – here comes Hollywood to save the day with teen sex movies pandering to baser instincts rather than education – then kids end up being sequestered by their peers if they haven’t seen the latest teen sex movie or heard the latest porno-oriented rap album or succumb to peer pressures.

Average Kids are specifically trained to be addicted to video games through sensationalistic marketing, first through marketing, then through the game itself. Then the parents are trained through a mainstream media mixture of half-truths to have “knee-jerk” reactions to video games that they are somehow good for their kids. “Why would they lie?” is the paw parrot response. “If we can’t trust the media, who can we trust?” is their trance logic response.

People living in a decadent culture succumb to authority figures who represent their beliefs. Mainstream media is treated as an “authority” figure in decadent culture. In the report by Alan Hall from the Socionomics Institute, “Authoritarianism: The Wave Principle Governs Fear and The Social Desire to Submit,” we can see how beliefs based in fear cause people to succumb to authorities who represent their fears.

Mainstream marketers are deeply dependent on those mainstream, “knee-jerk” reactions, so they know how the general public thinks and reacts; they depend on those learned, cultural responses. Albeit, they are irrational, they are also dependable demographic responses which drive the economy for a decadent culture.

I hope that I have not insulted my reader insofar. I happen to know you’re here because you are above the mediocrity of which I speak.

So here’s the steps to how the buyer’s pattern works:

  1. Court the limbic system. Provide reasons for the limbic mind to be interested in you. Let it get to know and like your personality, the unique flavor of the business. Once it decides it’s interested (or not), it hands the matter off to logic, which waits to be called up.
  2. The logical mind evaluates the arguments and facts. It considers the pros and cons and arrives at its best choice.
  3. The mind then defers the final decision back to the limbic mind; it says Yes or No. The final decision isn’t logical, and rational thinking plays a secondary role. Although it’s willing to let you think it runs the show, that’s not true.
  4. Step Four – Action = the sale–if you’ve done it right; or a missed opportunity

Step 2 is supposed to come after Step 1, but sales people usually want it first. It doesn’t work that way. Most Web sites and business ads start directly with logic, unaware of the vital importance of the limbic system. But getting the buyer to purchase without its blessing is a long shot.

You ever heard the phrase “sell the sizzle – not the steak?” Mainstream marketers are talking about feelings. Mainstream marketers actually believe they are “selling feelings.” They believe that the item they sell is the delivery device for those feelings. In a way, they’re right.

When a drug company advertises sunshine, happy faces, and floating like a butterfly, they are advertising feelings which their target market seeks to obtain. Never mind all the rancid side effects mildly reported with gentle, soft spoken voices amid the happy, flowing feelings and the green, green grass in that commercial. That big pharma company knows they sold their product because they sold all those “good, wholesome” feelings to their otherwise suffering target market.

Another example is a car commercial. What about that catchy tune playing in extra high fidelity over the airwaves with the heavy backbeat? Doesn’t that grab you as you watch the “conquering hero” power his way through unbeaten pathes in his big, potent SUV? Intense feelings of potency and power are being sold to their otherwise impotent target market.

As you see, human frailty is the target of these advertising techniques. These commercials are carefully crafted to fill an emotional void caused by decadent society. Feeling threatened by “terrorism?” Voilà. Here comes the terrorist pushers to make you feel “safe” (by ripping another one in the constitution). Let’s face the facts: Mainstream marketers believe that they are selling you your reality since your reality is based on your feelings – and they are selling you your feelings. How does that feel to you when I say that?

Successful businesses make more money because they speak to the deeper (emotional or instinctive) concerns of their specific market. They engage their buyer’s limbic mind in a unique and noteworthy way–a way that matters to them. The value of that company’s products and services, which are seldom unique to them, are secondary to making that strong limbic connection. The ability to do so doesn’t depend on their size, bankroll, or how long they’ve been around, but on understanding what their customers really want.

How to work the “Mating Call” of the Limbic System

You need to send a “mating call” of attraction. By knowing your buyer’s desires, you understand they’re looking not just for products or services, but the good feelings that they expect to go with them. Your ability to deliver that feeling, in a variety of ways, is evidence of your enhanced value to them. They buy because they want that intangible “something” that makes you stand out from the rest.

In a nutshell, fill that emotional void and you sell your product. All you need to do to recognise how that void stems from negative social mood. In fact, the stock market is one of the best indicators of social mood: Negative mood = bear market, Positive mood = bull market. In the report by Alan Hall of the Socionomics Institute, “How Will the New Social Psychology Affect Military Action?” We see how negative social mood has led to war. Social mood is perpetuated by mainstream news reports since they guide public opinion.

Another example is to study the demographics of a market. For instance, If you’re selling dating services, then look for where there are the most available singles and/or swingers on the dating scene. When you find that area, then you know you’ve found a place where there are the most unsatisfied relationships and unrequited love. The people in these areas have emotional voids that may never be fulfilled; they’re like bottomless pits because they’re so spiritually bereft. They don’t understand love. Therefore, there are other markets that can sublimate those voids such as fattening fast foods which can substitute for love…

When people allow their opinions to be influenced through the pleasure center of their limbic systems, they are using that product to sublimate that emotional void. For example, there are a lot of impotent guys out there, so they accept the illusion that a body deodorant has women going crazy over them. Although it’s an illusion, it’s instant potency.

A buyer’s limbic system decides in an instant and doesn’t change its mind. That part of the mind constantly scans for one of two things: What it likes (attraction) and, equally important, what it dislikes or fears. Anything else hardly rates a notice, indifference, and that includes most information. It has already decided from the context even before the words are heard or read.

This kind of inflexible thinking goes back to the constructs of belief. An integral Part of that “knee-jerk” response trained into secondary autonomic behaviours is rigidity in thinking. Most people believe that they are being “strong willed” by not caving into ideas that contradict their reality. In fact, this is an amazing weakness by which marketers take complete advantage according to the following rules: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

If this sounds political to you, then You’re Right. Hitler used these rules and nearly took over the world. Cult leaders, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Marshall Applewhite used these rules and commanded such loyalty that many of their followers willingly – even eagerly – died for them.

Yet, these rules are not only tools for madmen, but for entertainers, evangelists, marketers, politicians, salesmen, seducers, etc.

Yes, we have crossed into unholy territories: People who market to the limbic system to take advantage of human frailties are devil’s advocates. These are not healing minds. These are evil minds.

Don’t assume the limbic mind is only alert to face-to-face exchanges. Printed materials, ads, Websites, packaging, facilities and every other component of your operation all must face its scrutiny; it can spot the inconsistent signals you don’t even know you’re sending. You can make your business limbic-friendly with no more expense or effort than you already spend.

Signals: (How Consistency stimulates the limbic system)

Jarring or inconsistent signals turn the limbic mind off. They may seem minor, but they cost you big time. The limbic mind doesn’t decide by words (content), but by more subtle signals that people send without intending to (context). Its reaction is almost instantaneous. It can be fickle, if you don’t continue to amuse, or if you fail to deliver. It can also be determinedly loyal when the connection forged with him/her is strong and personal.

Remember to be a reliable devil’s advocate. Become reliable by filling that emotional void on a regular basis. Always fulfill their reality by following these simple rules: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Make people feel sexy and loved with your product – no matter how disgusting and unhealthy it might be. Deliver those feelings with your product on a regular basis to an otherwise emotionally impotent target market, so you can have regular customers.

Fulfill their perspective on reality and keep it full; this means pushing objectivity and logic only insofar as it fulfills the reality of your target market. Mix lies with truth when half truths aren’t enough.

By wooing the limbic system, you’ll get the attention of the only buyer that matters (the ones with money). So assess your business practices and promotional materials to ensure they acknowledge its crucial involvement. When they’re limbic-friendly, all your other sales efforts will yield greater returns.

Shock the Monkey Addendum

There are two things that mediocre people crave. If there are two things that lower level, compulsive, suggestible, gullible, “knee-jerk” people crave, it’s authority and instant gratification. Think about it. What’s the number one unnatural thing that has had kids addicted for centuries since it was discovered?

What is the danger of combining processed sugar consumption with limbic system gratification?

Pure processed sugar is instantly gratifying to the limbic system; then the kids get used to it. Read that article again by Dr. Lonsdale on what happens to the central nervous system when we bypass all the natural flavours and complexities in natural, unprocessed foods on a regular basis. That processed sugar is instant gratification on a silver platter, so kids get addicted to instant gratification – not necessarily the sugar itself; you see, that sugar also carries sensual and emotional gratification along with it, albeit, temporary. And you know as well as I do that sugar is not the only addictive thing…

Where does authority come in? Authority comes in the form of parents or other “authority” figures who serve up that sugar under the pretense of rewards and treats. Most people don’t understand that kids are especially sensitive and susceptible to sensually and emotionally addictive substances; their young sensibilities are not matured enough to understand seduction of their senses – especially when they are instantly gratified.

Parents and teachers think they’re rewarding kids for a job well done at Krispy Kritter Donuts, then wonder why their kids cry uncontrollably after they eat their sugar. Parents and teachers are condemning kids at a young age to a life of addiction to instant gratification, a characteristic unbecoming of high achievers (as I discuss at the Law of Attraction article).

What happens when these kids grow up? They become adults addicted to instant gratification. They become victims of their own addictions. I can fill volumes with what adults of this nature do, but I’ll leave that to the soap operas, horror movies, porno movies, and every kind of bizarre fetish. I’ll provide a few key examples:

Victims go deep into debt because they want to be instantly gratified with something they don’t have rather than save their money properly. The “authority” figure at the bank says “it’s OK” because they have “good credit,” so they can take plenty of time to pay off their debt…

Victims get into deep trouble with their neighbors. They tend to react to situations violently rather than think them through. Violence is instantly gratifying to these people. This is especially true when their “authority” figures justify the violence – or even better – provide a mode for that violence.

Did the Victims think about how to stop the “terrorists” after 9/11? No. They simply went along with “authority” for the instant gratification of a violent reaction to someone who was known to be connected with the terrorists.

The problem with that solution is that same “authority” was also known to be connected with the same “terrorists” at least a few times in the past. As a result, Victims allow further restrictions of their freedoms as they succumb to their reality based in fear.

What do you do as a marketer in this situation? You do the same thing you did before. Your target market was instantly gratified with your actions before, therefore, you can do the same again – even under false pretenses.

Under the guise of “defending freedom” and finding “weapons of mass destruction,” an entire country became subject to genocide from depleted uranium weaponry – all in the name of instant gratification of the Victims.

Yes, these are the pitfalls of marketing to the limbic system. Now, look at the trouble we’re in… Of course, the Victims do not accept the reality of this situation because they are too “strong willed…”

The authority figure in this situation also followed ALL the rules for marketing to the limbic system: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Obviously, when you do one or more these things with the intention of providing instant gratification to your target market, you have a customer for life. Unfortunately, that life is unnaturally short because the limbic system has been trained to believe all the crap that’s been handed to it as “good and safe.”

I apologise for the vitriol. I know that I’m not insulting my readers because I know you’re above the mediocrity. I’m only blunt and harsh when necessary, but this is a blunt, harsh reality that was handed to me as well.

I hope the readers of this article understand these harsh realities. You should further understand as an advocate of good healing minds everywhere that the same methods may not work to “snap” docile minds out of their lower level thinking.

“Shocking the monkey” may work on monkeys, but we’re still human here – no matter what. We are spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. This is the reason why I completely advocate higher level, spiritual feelings as opposed to “logic” which is easily blocked and defeated by the critical faculties of compulsive, “knee jerk” thought patterns.

Yes, I can work the limbic system like a devil’s advocate, but I happen to know that humanity is better than that. We just need a wake up call. No, not another 9/11 – something more on the order of Rahab, a wake up call – from God. Thanks for your time.

Disciplinary Studies

The Multiple Mentality Course eBook


This Multiple Mentalism course is a revised version of the course originated by Harry Kahne in the early 1920s. At that time he was billed as The Incomparable Mentalist and The Man with the Multiple Mind.

He often demonstrated his ability on stage by doing six different mental operations simultaneously. His platform performance entailed standing in front of a large blackboard with a piece of chalk in each hand while conversing with the audience. There was a newspaper on a music rack in front of him. He began reading the headlines while writing upside down and backwards with one hand and mirror language with the other hand.

At his left was another small blackboard on which appeared the number 28,642,981,673 — which was being divided into five unequal parts — these figures he began computing at the bottom of the large blackboard. To his right was another small blackboard on which appeared seven columns of figures which ran into the millions. These were being added and notated as well at the bottom of the larger blackboard in front of him.

This was Harry Kahne’s demonstration of doing six things at one time, i.e., reading, transposing, writing backwards and upside down, holding a conversation, adding and dividing. These six separate processes actually involve fourteen distinct operations, i.e., hearing questions, answering questions, reading a newspaper, transposing what is read, transposing spelling, writing with right hand, writing with left hand, writing upside down, carrying six different thoughts in mind, retaining questions, retaining figures for addition, retaining figures for division, proving previous work and controlling all other physical actions of the body — such as walking, bowing, etc..

At the end of Harry Kahne’s demonstrations, people often asked him, ‘Do you really believe that nearly everyone can learn to perform the amazing mental feats you demonstrate? Is my brain capable of carrying on four to six independent functions at one and the same time, as yours is? Isn’t the ability to master your training confined to well educated people?’ When answering, Harry Kahne admitted he had only an average brain to do things no other man in history had done. Education had no bearing on it…

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Table of Contents from The Multiple Mentality Course

 This Multiple Mentalism course is a revised version of the course  originated by Harry Kahne in the early 1920s. At that time he was billed  as The Incomparable Mentalist and The Man with the Multiple Mind.

 He often demonstrated his ability on stage by doing six different mental  operations simultaneously. His platform performance entailed standing  in front of a large blackboard with a piece of chalk in each hand while  conversing with the audience. There was a newspaper on a music rack in  front of him. He began reading the headlines while writing upside down  and backwards with one hand and mirror language with the other hand.

 At his left was another small blackboard on which appeared the number  28,642,981,673 --- which was being divided into five unequal parts ---  these figures he began computing at the bottom of the large blackboard.  To his right was another small blackboard on which appeared seven  columns of figures which ran into the millions. These were being added  and notated as well at the bottom of the larger blackboard in front of  him.

 This was Harry Kahne's demonstration of doing six things at one time,  i.e., reading, transposing, writing backwards and upside down, holding a  conversation, adding and dividing. These six separate processes  actually involve fourteen distinct operations, i.e., hearing questions,  answering questions, reading a newspaper, transposing what is read,  transposing spelling, writing with right hand, writing with left hand,  writing upside down, carrying six different thoughts in mind, retaining  questions, retaining figures for addition, retaining figures for  division, proving previous work and controlling all other physical  actions of the body --- such as walking, bowing, etc..

 At the end of Harry Kahne's demonstrations, people often asked him, 'Do  you really believe that nearly everyone can learn to perform the  amazing mental feats you demonstrate? Is my brain capable of carrying on  four to six independent functions at one and the same time, as yours  is? Isn't the ability to master your training confined to well educated  people?' When answering, Harry Kahne admitted he had only an  average brain to do things no other man in history had done. Education  had no bearing on it... 
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 Table of Contents from The Multiple Mentality Course
I. How the Space Age Degenerates Intelligence 
II. How Multiple Mentalism Differs from Psychology&Psychiatry 
III Analytical vs. Synthetical Minds 
IV Relationship Between Mental &Physical Health&Multiple Mentalism 
V Psychological Difficulties Relieved by Multiple Mentalism 
VI Multiple Mentalism in Trades, Commerce &Professions 
VII The Problem of Middle Aged Men in Business 
VIII What Creative Imagination is &How to Develop it 
IX Specialization Means Narrowing the Mind; Diffusion Means Mental Shallowness 
X Multiple Mentalism as an Aid in Public Speaking 
XI How to Develop Intuition --- The Sparkplug of Intelligence 
XII Modern Education &Its Critics Equally at Fault 

Paranormal Foundation: Basis for Psychic Phenomena

What proof is there for me to Accept the Paranormal World?

Research on psychic phenomena is scientifically verifiable, yet most of this work is left out of mainstream academia. Discover Why.

I want to tell you about the paranormal foundation at HealingMindN beginning with my personal experience. I saw things differently as a kid – different from most other kids especially adults. If I see things differently it’s because I choose to see things that noone else is willing to see.

Plasmoid Creatures, Genoa Italy, 1981 IR Photo; image courtesy Cosmic Pulse of Life, Trevor James Constable
Plasmoid UFOs

I recall throughout my life beginning as a child that I saw “entities” that might be considered “ghosts” or “demons” by some people. I have seen bizarre phenomena such as “UFOs” and “spider webs” falling from the sky. (The story in the early 1970’s about spiders flying on their webs all over the place was invented. There were no spiders on these “webs” which were absolutely huge.)

I have also experienced incidental psychokinesis (like a “jinx”) and something that I would not quite call possession but a “hitch hiker” that skipped from one person to another.

Before you think I am too spooky, you should know that I have questioned my own sanity beginning from childhood. The thing is, I knew when the kids around me were lying. At first, they would admit, “yeah, I saw that too,” or “I felt that too,” but the next day they denied what they saw or felt.

Later, I learned these kids would tell their parents what they saw, then their parents would “set them straight.” During grade school, starting at eight or nine, I began learning how our oblivion is akin to denying our own senses.

Around 3rd grade, I still recall a story of the Pilgrams at Plymouth Rock Pointing out their ships to the Native Americans (As told by our teacher, Mrs. Hope, gorgeous woman); it seems the Native Americans were unable to see the Pilgram Ships at first because they were unable to conceive such a thing. That’s when it hit me: People around me, especially adults, were unable to conceive psychic phenomena.

Although we can all see “something” out the corner of our eyes or in the corner of our minds, we choose to deny our senses because most people fear the thought of being surrounded by paranormal entities. As a social stigma, most people fear the thought of being called “crazy, strange, weird, woot pushers” or any other derogatory labels pushed by mainstream paradigm skeptics. How do your neighbors treat psychic events in ?

The problem with closing our senses to psychic phenomena is that we also close our same senses to each other; this is a problem because we are all spiritual entities. Most people should be able to sense this of each other, but they don’t. Unless you’re an atheist, you already know that we are all spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies.

The same concept applies to the world around us and the rest of the universe. All of nature embodies a universe of living spirits. For example, every star in the sky including our sun, embodies the spirit of a living angel.

Most people do not accept such ideas. If they did, they would have to have sympathy and empathy for the world around them – especially other people. They would have no time to feed their own oblivious reality – as they do now.

Accepting the concept of a “living spirit” within our planet, means that people would have to be mindful of how we treat our planet, mindful of using technology that works with nature rather than against it, and respectful of each other as spiritual beings.

Most people prefer oblivion rather than have sympathy and empathy for spirits of any kind – including their own. Strangely enough, most people consider their own personal reality “safer” than opening their senses to the world of the living – no matter how deeply disturbing their own reality is. As a result, most people in modern society live in an oblivious world where it’s OK to be high on drugs, junk food, or any other fetish that deadens the senses.

As a result, producers of pollutants like dental mercury, fluoride and GMOs and producers of weapons of mass destruction and all other corporate execs who leech off human society deaden their senses on a regular basis – else they feel sympathy and empathy for the ones they afflict.

What are examples of fringe science?

As for myself, I decided to do a little research to discover if I was the only one who saw things differently. When I reached adulthood, I discovered the works of Wilhelm Reich who made many interesting discoveries about living energy (“orgone” as he called it); among his inventions he had a “cloud busting” device that could actually “shoot down” UFOs.

From there, I compared Reich’s theories on orgone to traditional Chinese Medical Theories of Qi (living energy). Then I discovered very strange things that QiGong adepts can do with their Qi.

I went onto discover the works of Doc Childre of the Heart Math Institute, the works of Gregg Braden and Dean Radin in psychic phenomena. From there, I discovered works in psychoenergetics by William Tiller, Rupert Sheldrake, and a few others I mention through out this site like Drs. Penrose and Hameroff on quantum microtubules.

Why aren’t the works of fringe scientists mainstream?

People living in mainstream decadent society call it “woot.” When I say “decadent,” I mean actual decay and de-evolution of the human condition. Researchers in “bioenergy” or biological energy, psionics, psychoenergetics, and psychic phenomena are a minority. Their work is scientifically verifiable, yet most of them are left out of mainstream academia; it’s like teaching architecture students how to build a house in this modern day and age without green energy technology; that’s a careless waste.

In physics, we were taught to look at reality from different perspectives. For example, we could look at physical reality as “frozen energy.” By the same token, I had wished that someone had told me that qigong is a form of applied biophysics and that extra sensory perception is a form of applied quantum electrodynamics.

In fact, we CAN quantify human psychodynamics. We need only study the vastly ignored quantum microtubule system and their relationship to psychic phenomena. From the perspective of these microtubules, one enlightened person has power equivalent to the sun.

If the mainstream teachers took the time to expand our perspectives of this world rather than mold and shape us to fit into “modern-day” skeptical/mystical society, then human society would be far more advanced.

For this reason, I want to expand your perspectives on your body and mind. I devote Bioenergetic Spectrum to the subject of bioenergetics which is aimed at expanding your perspectives of your physical existence. I use the information there as supporting reference material for this site with the aim of expanding the potential of your mind.

The concepts presented here have a resemblance to a lot of the wild “snake oil” being taught in those new age cults, but I’m not asking you to have faith. I’m asking you to understand through your own research, your own exercises, and your own experiments, so you can discover your own true mind / body potential.

How do I live in a modern day era in without ever using electricity?

A lot of people are doing that by NEVER considering their psychic potential, but what do you want?

The sort of “house” that’s being built in schools when they leave out the subject of bioenergy and psychic energy from life sciences is a “house” built without electricity; it’s a “house” from the dark ages that war lords burn down without a second thought.

Mainstream teachers like to talk about human “plumbing” like kids in a school yard, but they don’t want to address the many levels of energy throughout the living body. They neither want to acknowledge the soul nor the concept of human beings as spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies; they feel that something like “psychic energy,” for instance, is so much mystical, magical mumbo-jumbo, but they prefer to think of humanity as a bunch of biochemical meatsacks with neurochemical reactions as “personalities” running around as “accidents” in an accidental universe.

The fact is that we each have a purpose in this world according to our strengths and gifts. When we are nurtured according to our individual energies, we can create our own “flow” within the “Great River of Life.” We can also think of that flow like “electricity” in a “house.”

For example, in grade school, I felt that I was held back – like a lot of other kids – just because we didn’t act or respond in certain ways. If we were too shy, we were held back a grade. If we didn’t hit a single note xylophone just right, we were held back from music. If a teacher felt that a student should be held back for whatever reason, he was held back.

I still remember researching nuclear energy in grade school because I had so much interest in “energy” in general, but this was a time without internet and all the kids books contained propaganda – like nuclear fission by-products and fluoride are “good and safe…”.

I actually had an interest in “living energy.” I wanted to know what kind of “electricity” flows through our bodies. When I asked teacher how nuclear energy works in the body, I was held back from further research because I asked too many “silly questions” that had “nothing to do with what was being taught in school.”

The reality is that the “electricity” is there to use within our “house” whether the mainstream academicians acknowledge it or not. The “electricity” of which I speak is not from energies of decay like electromagnetic (EM) waves.

I’m talking about subtle energies of creation like scalar (potential) energy and quantum fields which have non-local effects and can be emitted from exotic configurations like a mobius coils, caduceus coils, bifilar coils; these emitter arrays are built up structures in nature such as DNA, the central nervous system, and the brain.

The “electricity” emitted from our bodies and minds is pure potential energy; this type of energy need only resonate with a target any where in the universe to manifest itself. Scalar fields, for example, are capable of carrying intelligence or intention such as biological information. (As you see, the wikipedians even call scalar fields “pseudoscience” or “woot” just because it doesn’t fit within the paradigm of conventional science.)

Manifestation can be in the form of an EM force or any kind of paranormal event which we lovingly refer to as Psychoenergetics; it’s all scientifically explainable – within the realm of alternate science.

Research veterans in this field are people like Rupert Sheldrake, William Tiller, Dean Radin and a host of other works I discuss throughout this site. (I plan on discussing biological effects of Scalar Energy and Quantum Fields at Bioenergetic Science Circle, but you can examine at case histories and more evidence at Collective DNA Consciousness and The Holographic Paradigm.)

Under related posts, please see a few examples of my personal research in remote viewing and remote influencing:

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Disciplinary Studies

Psychic Research PSI and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Learn How Psychic Energy is used for Healing

Discussion on Dean Radin, Gary Craig, William Tiller and more psychic researchers who seek to advance humanity through their esoteric research in psychoenergetics for self improvement.

  1. Bioelectricity carries intention and emotions specific to each organ in our bodies according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For this reason, energy psychology is a successful healing modality. The most successful energy psychology modality to date are emotional freedom techniques or EFT.
  2. The only way that EFT could possibly work is if bioelectricity and the energy meridians actually exist. We could easily claim that it’s a “placebo effect,” but how does this explain surrogate EFT wherein the target is healed at a distance, similar to remote influencing without prior knowledge?

Fortunately, there are a good number of psychic researchers in this world who are open minded and have done amazing work. HealingMindN honors the research of those open minded teachers who seek to advance humanity through their esoteric research. One great investigator is Dean Radin, for example:

At the Google Tech Talks, January, 16 2008, Dean Radin lectured on “taboos” in the mainstream paradigm of neuroscience researchers:

Of the 17,500 learning institutions in the world there are only 50 academicians interested in researching psi phenomena. 0.3% of academia exploring psi anamolies is taboo to the rest of mainstream researchers…

(Mainstream) western neuroscience experts equate the mind only to the brain. Skeptics or mechanistic thinkers are quick to judge psychic phenomena on selective memory, wishful thinking, coincidence, misperception, embellishment, and mental illness. These reasons are about 80% correct which leaves 10% to 20% of true psychic experiences.

In direct opposition, the ancient eastern energetically oriented sciences tell us that the mind is everything. You learn how important your mind is at this site and the following video: “Science and the taboo of psi” with Dean Radin. “We live in a weird fabric of reality with connections that transcend space and time…”

This site is all about increasing your true psychic experiences your personal development; your growth and discipline is reflected in the world around you according to the holographic paradigm of the universe. For example, you should learn the answers to remote viewing FAQs, so you can choose the teaching that’s suited to your needs. In discovering your personal needs, you also learn your true connection to the world around you and how it reflects you.

Of those open minded teachers, there is one whom I honor in particular at Holy Life, HealingMindN. Let’s call this person, “The Creator.” If you prefer, call Him/Her the Lord of Jehovah or the “Creator.” (Please also take what I’m telling you here with a grain of salt.)

The “Creator.” of the universe made sure that every “house” has electricity. The beauty of this is We control that “electricity” with our minds. In a living body, we call this bioelectricity or bioenergy. Without bioelectricity generated by living tissues and the living world around us, we wouldn’t be alive.

The more sophisticated martial arts/qigong instructors teach us all the “on,” “off,” “dim,” and “overload” switches through stimulation of the energy meridians (the “internal wiring”) which controls the flow of bioelectricity.

More importantly, bioelectricity carries intention and emotions specific to each organ in our bodies according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For this reason, energy psychology is a successful healing modality. The most successful energy psychology modality to date are emotional freedom techniques or EFT.

As of this writing, Gary Craig has moved his business to The links to his new sight are in process at this site, but he has EFT counselors all over the world turning in their reports at Craig says to try it for everything – and that’s what people do.

The basic premise of EFT comes from TCM: Circulation is health, Stagnation is sickness. If we’re traumatized, especially at a young age, then emotional blockages appear in the meridian system while the amygdala in the brain acts as an emotional high pressure valve. Those emotional blockages cause emotional armor which leads to physical armor which leads to aches, pains, biochemical imbalances, and other chronic ailments.

Emotional Freedom Techniques release those blockages by tapping key trigger points on the meridians while talking out the issue at hand. This stimulates circulation and healthy release of plugged up emotional traumas.

The only way that EFT could possibly work is if bioelectricity and the energy meridians actually exist. We could easily claim that it’s a “placebo effect,” but how does this explain surrogate EFT wherein the target is healed at a distance, similar to remote influencing without prior knowledge?

“But there must be reasonable explanations…” say the skeptics in their Mickey Mouse Voices. Of course, there are reasonable explanations, but skeptics only choose to accept “reasonable explanations” that apply to their own emotional securities. Tell me: Would you prefer to take a skeptic to dinner or someone more interesting in Palo Alto?

Remote Influencing like surrogate EFT proves that “bioelectricity” is sypathetic resonant potential energy that carries your intentions to a target (of your choosing) to produce psychic and other paranormal phenomena. Similar effects happen with the visual ray.

For lack of updated links to the above EFT articles, I provide you with a few methods of increasing your psychic sense using a higher vibration than can be accomplished without tapping and talking:

Unlike a house, we can’t exist without “bioelectricity.” We consistently break the second law of thermodynamics because of our internal energy; we are warm blooded beings by nature. Besides our internally generated energy, we also depend upon external sources of energy.

This energy comes from the sun, the earth, the air, food, water, other people, and every other source in between. We are constantly interacting with our environment through energetic / synergistic / sympathetic relationships.

When we lose that “electrical connection” with the world around us, we feel despair, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and all those other chronic mental ailments that plague human society. This is why we try to re-establish that connection with mental discipline, spiritual growth, emotional guidance, whatever works.

For many people, they not only lose spiritual connection with others; they also lose a spiritual connection with God.

People with spiritual connections have been clinically demonstrated to be healthier and happier. Sometimes that’s all people need: To Feel God, so they can be happy.

This cure may apply to atheists as well. The Creator of the Universe always begins with the spirit. The Creator also gave us the ability to heal ourselves. To do that, We have to use His/Her Tools, the Healing Tools of the Mind.

All of our intentions towards healing, love, and real progress for life are aspects of the Mind of God. We are all individual aspects of God. Belief based in fear and hatred causes distortions of God.

The tools I bring to you through this site are based in love and healing to help you re-establish your “connection” with the world and the rest of the universe. The expert “electricians” who I present to you through this site are giants and I stand on their shoulders.

Conscious Intention, Water & Subtle Energy


We’re excited to launch Prof. Haralick’s follow up presentation on intention and other subtle energy influences on water.

Not only does he share his experiments, he shows how he was actually able to measure the influence the conscious intent all by itself has on water along with all the exact equipment he used to measure it!

Many people are getting more involved with the subtle energy field but most are unfamiliar with how to quantify the results of their experiments – this presentation is a MUST HAVE for those of you who are following much of the research in this field, especially as it relates to water.

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