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Teen Suicide Intervention: Recognizing the Signs

On 31 August 2009, I attended a “teen mental health” meeting lead by local faith groups. Six religious leaders took the stage wherein they offered their opinions on what may lead to teen suicide and how to prevent it.

The premise of the event was to “add the unique gifts of spiritual traditions and communities as sources of strength and guidance in service to the whole community.” The premise within my going there was for further insight into my nephew’s passing a few years ago.

Of all the people who spoke, the one who rang clearest was the one parent who lost his child to suicide. That’s right. Only one parent out of all the parents who lost their children to suicide in this community spoke at this meeting. This meeting took place exactly because there was an alarming number of teen suicides happening in the community.

This one parent wished that there was a teenage panel at this meeting, so he could hear exactly what’s on their minds. Out of 300+ people who attended this meeting only three teenagers attended; none of them spoke at this meeting. The rest were politicians, police officials, parents, religious leaders, and school officials. I’m not sure if anyone else in the audience lost kids. Only one would admit it.

This one parent also said, “..I don’t know how we could have recognized anything… nothing can be done about it…” Here’s a short mp3 audio of his saying this (please excuse the quality).

My only nephew would have been 23 this year. The signs were there, but I didn’t recognize them. Had I or my family recognized them, we might have prevented it. I hope that the experience that I share with you here will help you recognize and do something about it, whether you are a teen or an adult. For my nephew, the signs were there in the form of signs or patterns and symbols.

You may not notice all the subtle signs that I provide here within your loved ones who are at risk. If you see one pattern or symbol and if you’re sensitive enough, your intuition should alarm you to give you that gut feeling that something is wrong, so you could quite possibly save a life.

The information here is non-linear because I only kept mental notes.


Of the times I was with my nephew, I noticed certain shifts in his mood, behavior, and social habits in high school – especially after 9/11/2001.

He was a special needs kind of person because he had a hard birth. The high school counselor put him on zoloft in his freshman year. (At the time, there was no talk of anti-depressants causing feelings of suicide in teenagers). He was not always the best student, but of all his school activities, he was best at wrestling, so I encouraged him and showed him a few joint locks to give him the advantage.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last. For some reason, he dropped this activity where he completely excelled. He told me that he lost interest in what was once his favourite activity.

I recall helping him land a job that he wanted in his senior year. That lasted only a few days. He had fainted on the job because he was malnourished, then he decided not to return. I think he said he lost interest. His reasons never completely made sense.

Around his sophomore or junior year, he picked up an after school activity in studio pipeline; this lasted for six months. He even got certified with CEUs. The problem that I saw in this was the kids with whom he had to associate. According to my nephew, they were all doing drugs, recreational and prescription. (My nephew was a habitual truth teller, but he would also hide certain things.)

I recall specifically from that 31 August 2009 meeting how the moderator put the question to this panel of “experts,” “How do we address the over prescription of drugs, both legal and illegal?” Not one of those “religious leaders” would answer that question; they all strayed to another subject. More on this later.

I should also mention that my nephew was a gullible, vulnerable person. Because he was a special needs type of student, the high school put him in a remedial class. The problem with this, was that the high school was mixing special needs kids with sociopathic kids, namely burnouts. My nephew was a very innocent person until he was put in the mix with burnouts.

Burnouts are smart. In my opinion, they don’t belong in remedial class with special needs kids, but that was the school system. The problem is that sociopathes have ill will towards their fellow human beings and recognize who is vulnerable like wolves among sheep to take advantage of them. This is what happened to my nephew.

Burnouts were leeching my nephew for favors. They pretended to be his friends because my nephew lived in a nice house and he owned nice things. Of course, I asked my nephew what kind of influence these kids were having on him because he told me beforehand that some of them do drugs. He told me, “don’t worry – there’s nothing to worry about…” He believed he didn’t merit any kind of worry.

His social circle were mostly emotionally troubled kids from broken homes; they were nothing like my nephew, but they would gather at his house.

One older kid in particular latched onto my nephew in his senior year and first year of college; this was a burnout in his early 20’s. Whereas most young men his age would have been consumed with getting their degree, jobs, relationships and generally getting their lives together, this twenty something burnout took every opportunity to hang out with my nephew and other high school kids. I learned later that this older kid had a police record. To me, this screamed trouble in every conceivable way.

At this point, I hear you screaming, “what about his parents? Why did they allow that to continue?” Those are good questions. I could write an encyclopedia about his parents, but that meeting of 31 August 2009 pretty much summed up what I saw in my nephew’s parents. I’ll get back to this later.

Before this negative social circle formed around my nephew I had noticed two things: He had an obsession with catastrophe and he wasn’t afraid of getting hurt. Because he fell a lot when he was a child (mainly off his bike and out of trees), he had grown tolerant of pain and getting hurt as a teen.

There might be guys out there who say, “well, he was being manly.” To me, this indicated that he was willing to hurt himself with the false notion that he was indestructable. He told me more than once that he stuck a wire in a power circuit when he was much younger, but he didn’t get hurt. I begged him more than once not to play dangerous games.

For some reason, he was interested in the WWII holocaust of Nazi Germany. He told me it was a class project. One time, he had me drive him to the public library and he checked out ten books on the subject; this from a special needs kid with a learning disability. I wasn’t sure what to think because he called it “a class project.”

The events of 9/11/01 were more of a secret obsession with him. Whenever he knew of a replay on TV he would always tune in. When I was with him at the store he wanted to spend time on magazines devoted to 9/11/01.

I’m not sure if the 24 December 2004 tsunami in Phuket, Thailand obsessed him as much. I didn’t spend much time with my nephew in his last few months because he had a girl living with him.

My nephew had a few girlfriends, but they were always from broken homes. There was one who he assumed got pregnant; she never proved the baby was his, but he paid for her abortion. The last girl was extremely emotionally disturbed from a broken home. For some reason, my nephew’s parents allowed this girl to stay under the same roof with them.

It was a month after that tsunami in Thailand when I lost my nephew. Later, I discovered that this girl living with him had an obsession with death and that she was a drug addict.


Symbols are much more difficult to recognize than patterns. Symbols are like subliminal messages that we only notice subconsciously. Dream symbols have hidden or overt messages. Waking symbols are not that different.

If you have read the articles at my site on esoteric subjects including the Holographic Paradigm and Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram, then you know that I ascribe to the philosophy that all things happen to us because we bring it into our lives; nothing happens by accident.

Signs in the form of symbols based in the patterns of our lives always enlighten us; for example, a forewarning of danger.

The works of Dean Radin and Stewart Swerdlow had proven to me that nothing in nature is truly random; we bring events into our lives according to our mind patterns and behavior patterns. We recognize symbols for these events through our intuition.

For me, the symbol was 9:11. I kept seeing this symbol when I would turn to look at digital clocks, receipts, and other places where I never before noticed this symbol; this happened for weeks in November and December 2004. The problem was my interpretation of the symbol.

Around this time, VP Dick Cheney was threatening the American Republic with a terrorist attack which never happened. I figured that 9:11 symbol was associated with Cheney’s threats. Then when the Tsunami hit Thailand, I figured that 9:11 was somehow associated with that event.

There were other signs and artifacts even stranger than this. 9:11 was the most significant. My subconscious was latching on to this number to try and warn me, but I allowed myself to be distracted so much, that I couldn’t interpret the sign correctly.

If I was properly trained in technical remote viewing back then, perhaps I could have properly interpreted the sign. Since my nephew had this secretive obsession with the events of 9/11/01, my subconscious latched onto that number to use it as a warning beacon.

If you have a loved one in danger who has a secret obsession with something life negative, then your subconscious has also latched onto a symbol representing that obsession to provide you with a warning beacon. You must trust your intuition and act before it’s too late.

False Sense of Security

I remember how I lulled myself into a false sense of security. For instance, I tried to convince myself that the school counselor was doing the right thing by prescribing zoloft. Zoloft was a gateway drug for my nephew. After that, everything went downhill.

The last time I spoke with my nephew was over the phone in January 2005. He told me that he was seeing a family physician, that he had just gotten a prescription (immetrex) for his headaches. How wrong I was to think that mainstream medical doctors are interested in looking for signs of trouble in my nephew or any teenager for that matter?

A few weeks later, I got the call. A few months later, I learned that my nephew’s blood was loaded with narcotics, prescribed and recreational. Evidence showed that he may have been a victim of the “choking game” which is usually taught by sociopathic kids to their gullible, younger victims (to get high).

Not only have anti-depressants been implicated, but the drug companies admit that they may cause feelings of suicide in teenagers. My nephew was already too vulnerable. Zoloft was mandated for my nephew. Remedial class spiked with sociopathic kids was mandated for my nephew. How wrong was I to delude myself into thinking that school officials somehow had my nephew’s best interest at heart?

After Thoughts

As for that meeting of 31 August 2009, I could tell that none of these “religious leaders” were prepared to deal with the hurt or the rage from a teen who’s been jaded to the point of suicide. They were not prepared to answer that question on drugs, therefore, they were not prepared to deal with reality. Actually, I and a few others had asked that question:

“How do we address the over prescription of drugs in our community, both legal and illegal?”

Religious leaders, politicians, school officials, parents are not prepared to deal with reality when they avoid those important questions. Their own reality, carefully balanced upon thin ice would come crashing down if they had to face the inconvenient truths that their teenage children have to face every day:

School Mandated Narcotics; School Mandated Vaccinations; Ridiculous piles of homework that leave kids feeling numb, so they end up learning nothing; Lack of sleep from doing homework; Huge doses of caffeine or some other stimulant; Peer Pressure; Sociopathic Behaviors; Threats and Bullying from teachers and other kids; Drug Dealing; Crackheads; Military Recruiters.

These are just a few pressures that teenagers must face in our decadent society. Am I getting through to you yet? No? Then let me dig a little deeper.

Kids take drugs, play the choking game, and walk in front of trains to deaden reality because they see how much the adults around them deaden reality.

I had to fight to remember that this audience of 300+ people were once kids. They were raised to avoid the inconvenient truth upon which the fabric of their reality is built. The fabric of the reality of those religious leaders was obviously based on drugs.

Kids think it’s OK to take every kind of drug because decadent drug commercials and doctors and school officials and politicians and parents tell them it’s OK. Kids don’t know and don’t care about how much or what kind is good or bad for them when they want to deaden reality – same as the adults around them.

All it takes is one powerful drug to serve as a gateway drug, then it’s a slippery slope of lies and deceit leading to a path of destruction – from them and you. Can we expect our religious leaders to teach us the morals and ethics of drugs? Obviously not.

For your convenience, I have that drug question with responses as from the Q&A session (approx. 4.5 minutes) here for you in MP3 format. Once again, please excuse the audio quality. If you would like the rest of the meeting published, please let me know at this blog.

If you get the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, you may be able to better interpret the signs rather than allow yourself to be deluded by distractions and false sense of security. I promise to use my knowledge in RV to intercede in curtailing every potentially hazardous situation that threatens my loved ones. I hope you do too.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Why didn’t I raise my voice and kick up dust at this meeting? Because I did not expect to hear so much applause and laughter around so serious a subject. I did not expect to hear so much chatter as if I was at a night club. If I didn’t know that I was at a “mental health meeting for teens,” I would have sworn that I was at a show in Las Vegas.

The social mood of this meeting was very nervous. They applauded and laughed to make themselves feel better; this made me feel very uncomfortable because they didn’t want to deal with inconvenient truths. The more time they took with laughter and applause, the less time they had to deal with the truth. These people would not have been receptive to me. I didn’t feel like playing devil’s advocate.

In fact, I don’t know who is interested in this article. I don’t expect laughter or applause for this work. I expect you to be sensitive to your loved ones and to act on your intuition.

I hope that by helping you uncover inconvenient truths and recognize the signs that you will save your loved one who may be in danger of deadening reality.

Did I suggest professional intervention for my nephew? Yes. Did it happen? No.

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