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Symbology: Prediction of 2011 Japanese Tsunami a Month Earlier?

Did Gerald O’Donnell predict the Japan Tsunami exactly one month earlier?

I was going over my notes from Gerald O’Donnell, founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Thought and Reality, when I glanced at his last message of 11 February 2011, exactly one month before the Japanese Tsunami:

“Because of the exponential acceleration of chaos within world events in large strategic regions, nature’s wrath, and the very precarious level of the illusory fake very temporary balance we are trying to preserve as a civilization, I have decided to unveil very soon a article which will give a Higher perspective to what I call the Final Cosmic Clash and where its potential resolution really lies.

“And yes, it does indeed involve your acting silently, all of you. I will show you how.

“We are all walking a High level wire, above torrential waters, in an act which will require your undivided attention, focus on balance, and unified co-operation.

“There will be also 2 interviews released very soon on these subjects…”

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Baby Steps to Your Psychic Powers to Save the World, part 1

Visual Ray Psionic QiGong Fundamentals

In the same way that Beginning QiGong Practitioners learn to feel Qi or bioelectricity through diligent practice, you will also learn to feel the same through your visual ray in the next few steps.

I have a manual floating around here on visual ray psionics. You need only click through the links of the same name at Visual Ray Psionics to find it.

The manual contains all the details you need to utilize your visual ray, but I thought I should touch upon the basics from a slightly different perspective in terms of getting a feeling for it. Even skeptics, if they correctly follow these steps, will be convinced of the existence of psychic energy.

  1. Hold your hands palms facing each other just below eye level as if to pray, but allow a small space between them.
  2. Slowly push your palms towards then away from each other with an oscillating motion. While you are doing this, relax your gaze between your palms.
  3. As you oscillate your palms together, you should begin to experience a gossamer feeling between them such as a sensation of warmth or resistence. You are building a bioelectric (Qi) potential between your palms.
  4. When you achieve this sensation, slow the oscillations further then shift your gaze slowly to and fro between your palms.
  5. When you feel a definite force gliding between your palms with your gaze, you are sensing your visual ray.

We lose most of our psychic energy throughout the day through the visual ray. When we practice QiGong, we regain that energy. Another way to regain that energy is through cloudbusting as discussed in the Visual Ray Psionics Manual.