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Special Care Focus: Israel and Gaza + Sam Worthington, The Letter Writer

Hamas controlled Gaza has fired rockets into Israel reaching Tel Aviv and near Jerusalem and Israeli warplanes are striking Gaza. Israel is amassing troops and tanks near the border of Gaza for a potential ground invasion. The new Egyptian Prime Minister met with Hamas officials and the world waits to see how Egypt and Mid-East countries will respond. Leaders across the world have called on Israeli and Palestinian governing bodies to show restraint.

It’s important that we send coherent heart energy to the leaders and people of Gaza and Israel. Visualize a dome of coherent heart energy surrounding the region and radiate peace and care into the dome, desiring the highest best outcome. Let’s remain vigilant in our care and compassion for the suffering that is occurring.

Please join us in the Global Care Room; you can enter the room directly from

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The GCI Steering Committee and Staff

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How to Know When You’re Making the Right Choice (on Election Day)

Montezuma was famed for his gluttony. On a typical night he ate chicken, turkey, songbirds, doves, ducks, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, quail, and — according to a secondhand report — once ate an adolescent boy or two, followed by tortillas and hot chocolate…

I’ll get back to Montezuma in a moment. You may ask what Montezuma has to do with this discussion; it will become clear to you.

Let’s say that you don’t quite have the conviction to make a choice on a certain decision. On the other hand, you probably had the conviction in the past to make the “right choice,” but you ended up paying for making the wrong choice – or someone else’s wrong choice. For example, when we vote on election day, we want to make sure that we vote for the “right choice.”

How do we know what is the “right choice?” Obviously, it’s the right choice if the result of making that choice benefits us. Every day of our lives, we have to make big choices and little choices. At times, there are so many little choices, that we leave them to others, so we can take care of the big choices.