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Special Care Focus: Israel and Gaza + Sam Worthington, The Letter Writer

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Hamas controlled Gaza has fired rockets into Israel reaching Tel Aviv and near Jerusalem and Israeli warplanes are striking Gaza. Israel is amassing troops and tanks near the border of Gaza for a potential ground invasion. The new Egyptian Prime Minister met with Hamas officials and the world waits to see how Egypt and Mid-East countries will respond. Leaders across the world have called on Israeli and Palestinian governing bodies to show restraint.

It’s important that we send coherent heart energy to the leaders and people of Gaza and Israel. Visualize a dome of coherent heart energy surrounding the region and radiate peace and care into the dome, desiring the highest best outcome. Let’s remain vigilant in our care and compassion for the suffering that is occurring.

Please join us in the Global Care Room; you can enter the room directly from

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The GCI Steering Committee and Staff

If you need guidance in sending healing, heart-oriented energy to any particular location, then please look into the remote influencing course from Probable Future; this course includes brain wave entrainment with olde world traditional methods of esoteric, guided meditation.

Yes this is the same course created by Gerald O’Donnell, the guy who I said would make a great cult leader. For some of you, the word “cult” might have bad connotations, but please think about the context.

Within the context of a holiday season, we have “cult classics” like “It’s a Wonderful Life.” There are “cult leaders” like Gerald O’Donnell who are no different than “cult classics”.

His work in remote viewing and remote influencing is there whenever you need a pick-me-up, to help you obtain a greater perspective of the world, and grasp the big picture. More importantly, his work is there to help us in healing the world around us whenever we need it.

Even more important than gaining the perspective from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” we can learn to control our lives rather than let others do the controlling; this is the gift we gain through remote influencing; we shape our world according to the principles of Mark 11:23-25.

Remember, when we gather at the Global Care Rooms to help heal the world, we are remote influencing the world through our healing intentions.

If you lack the healing intentions

If you lack the healing intentions, this can be rectified by channeling the healing intentions of the Universe. The remote influencing course from Probable Future helps us tune into the 99% of the universe which consists of healing energy. Our planet may consist mostly of evil, but, all things relative, our planet is just an insignificant “dot” in an infinite universe of good, healing intentions.

Of course, we miss the point of the rest of the universe when we have to wake up every day to evil in human society every day. In fact, when we fail to recognize the good, healing intentions within that small percentile of humanity, we may also fail to recognize the good, healing intentions in that 99% of the Universe.

In this case, we need further tools to helps us tune into the good, healing intentions within humanity, so we can focus beyond the evils:

“Remember to do at least one thing every day to give purpose to your existence.”

Sam Worthington, The Letter Writer

Following the story of a troubled teenager whose life is turned around by a handwritten letter, December’s feature film, The Letter Writer, showcases the preciousness of our shared humanity with a message of love and selfless service. The Letter Writer is an award-winning film that’s sure to spark inspiration.

December’s shorts are also sure to inspire. In Everything is Incredible, inventor and visionary Agustin intimately shares his life’s work with the world, reminding viewers of perseverance, determination and the purpose of life goals. Downpour, a gentle Irish short, delicately illustrates a bride-to-be’s reflection on some of her life’s most memorable moments.

In All The Way Up, we meet a man whose fateful course of action is sidetracked by an unexpected encounter in an elevator. Directed by award-winning British actor Sir David Jason, All the Way Up also won numerous festival prizes, including Best Short at Monaco International Film Festival.

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