Mind over Matter by Robert Haralick

Professor Robert Haralick’s Presentation: Mind over Matter

Many people want to learn about overunity technologies and the science to back it up; it is worth noting that John Bedini, Peter Lindemann, and other notable researchers in the field of “free energy” have quite a background in mind over matter interactions using radionic machines and related technologies.

At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Prof. Robert Haralick gave the first presentation that treads in these waters and, as usual, he brings rigorous science and experimental methods to present.

His presentation is Mind Over Matter, Subtle Energy Research.  If you want to know the proper way to conduct an experiment to see if intention can indeed influence something such as water, then this is the definitive presentation. These subtle energy protocols empower you tools of which the most skeptical academics simply cannot argue.

To Help You Understand the Works of Dr. Emoto

You’ll also learn a few things that the well known Dr. Emoto may not have considered in his own experiments; this includes the way ice crystals formed when exposed to various words or intentions. In fact, it is quite eye opening!

There are various ways that the structure of water can be influenced and that includes programmed crystals, electric and magnetic fields, and other influences such as the human mind.

Everyone who is serious about subtle energy research needs to add this presentation to their library. If these protocols are followed, then half the battle is won; the experiment itself is inarguable. At least, they are not by anyone that has a scientific background because they would be arguing with their own methods!

“Intention, Programmed Crystals, Magnetic & Electric Fields May Influence Matter At A Distance. Here Are The Necessary Protocols To Properly Measure The Results.”

REVEALED: The proper way to conduct an experiment to quantify the results of Mind over Matter experiments!

Mind Over Matter by Prof. Robert Haralick