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Maharishi Effect vs. Hurricane Irene

At this moment, at the time of this writing, we need just under 8,400 people to focus their healing intentions towards the east coast of the U.S. according to the Maharishi Effect:

(sqr (world population x 1%))

The interface at Global Coherence Initiative allows everyone with access to a PC to focus their healing intentions on the most troubled areas of the world. Please join us in helping to dissipate Hurricane Irene – because those are mostly good people and wonderful places on the East Coast. Please help with only 10 or 20 minutes out of your day. Only a few hours remain before Irene hits. Only 8400 out of over six billion in this world are needed to affect real change:

GCI Care Focus
Hurricane Irene
All indications point to Hurricane Irene being extremely destructive to the Eastern Coast of the United States, including densely populated areas such as New York City and the East Cost of New Jersey. President Obama and the mayors of East Coast cities are ordering evacuations.In this Care Focus, let’s radiate our love and care to the entire region. Visualize the hurricane dissipating in strength and moving further out into the Atlantic Ocean, with less impact on potentially affected populations.Let’s sustain our vision for the highest best outcome and maintain our compassion and unconditional love for those involved and throughout any recovery process.
Through these emerging global stress events, it’s important to practice the caring maintenance of our own energy balance in relationship to these seemingly ongoing occurrences. When our emotions are exhausted and frayed, it compromises our personal system and diminishes the effectiveness of our intentions to be helpful. We compassionately realize it’s harder to prevent emotional drain at times when personally connected to these stressful events. Yet it’s worth taking time out on occasion to consciously breathe the feeling of calm and restoration into your system. Doing this from your genuine heart feelings restores emotional resilience, which is especially needed when giving energetic care and support to others who are experiencing a harder time. Use any restoration techniques that work for you. The important thing is: at least remember to do it. Self-care is an essential component in global care.To join us in the Global Care Room; you can enter the room directly from First time users of the Global Care Room need to SIGN UP—please use your Global Coherence Initiative password. Thank you for providing energetic care and support.In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have 8 p.m., 4 a.m. and noon Pacific Standard Time ( -7 hours GMT ) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together. Of course you are welcome to participate at any time, day or night.Thank you for your participation,The GCI Staff

Thanks for your time, and Healing Thoughts,

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News Alert: Breaking News: Irene downgraded to tropical storm
August 28, 2011 9:35:04 AM

The National Weather Service downgraded Irene to a tropical storm as the system made landfall over Coney Island in New York.

The storm is maintaining winds up to 65 mph.

Hurricane Irene has Dissipated to a Tropical Storm! Thanks to every one who participated!

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How to Respond Intelligently to Disasters Every Day

As of late, there’s been all kinds of talk of impending doom and catastrophe – not only solar cycle 24 effects, December 21, 2012, Galactic Superwaves, but disasters that are constantly happening.

Every day, we must deal with the effects of effects of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the nuclear fallout from Fukushima and other garbage that’s NOT being reported by mainstream news.

What’s important is that we don’t run around like a chickens from the butcher like the people in New York during an earthquake about to face impending doom from Hurricane Irene. Here are six ways to survive Hurricane Irene.

Preparedness is most important in the face of impending disaster. Unfortunately, unintelligent people are not interested in preparedness – unless the threat is apparent; they’re not interested in protecting themselves from all the garbage in their lives RIGHT NOW.

Why should they be interested in protecting themselves or their loved ones from impending doom? Because it’s the smart thing to do or the right thing to do? Or is it because the threat is so obvious?

Why isn’t the threat from every day dangers just as obvious to most people? Let’s increase our intelligence to discover why.

In terms of intelligence quotient, I decided that Jim McElwee needed some help. I mean in terms of discussing it in the following guest article. I like to elaborate a little more, so it sticks in your mind.

In the Milton Erickson tradition, I like to engage the imagination wherein our true intelligence works – as long as the imagination is kept in check by our wisdom and understanding of reality. As a result, you see my comments in italics and blockquotes like this.

In this world, mental intelligence is highly regarded. There’s also emotional intelligence, the passion and burning desire that drives our discipline and “vision” for gaining further mental intelligence; they are both flames which fan each other.

Truly intelligent people have a careful balance between the two. In reality, we should all be “Savants,” people of extreme mental and emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately, there are toxins and backwards education in this world which are holding back the human race. At the moment, we’re slaves of multi-national food, pharma, oil cartels, and banking industries; it’s in THEIR best interest to hold back the human race for the sake of greed.

It’s in YOUR best interest – and mine – that your I.Q. and the I.Q. of your loved ones takes a step forward – to break the chains of emotional “securities” and sub-human frailties.

Right Now, unintelligent people are emotionally secure with the way the world is going; they tend to be violent when we go against their grain or their “status quo” of debt-filled impulse buying and instant gratification penchants for junk food, drugs, sex slaves, and techno-toys.

In fact, unintelligent people have deeply engrained fears of authority. They fear resisting “socially acceptable” drug use will make them social outcasts and cause trouble for them. They are like the Jews during the holocaust; they don’t want to “rock the boat,” so they submit themselves – and their children – to all the filthy vaccines, drugs, chemotherapy, x-ray scans, fluoride water and all the other human experiments that decadent authoritarian leaders impose upon them.

What the hell. Here’s a video on personal disasters to help us understand:

Suffocated, dominated, and dumbed down, they’ll just sit back and watch their young ones suffer needlessly, for fear of “rocking the boat” – like Jews during the holocaust – under the whip of Pharoah – while they bow down to their “masters.”It’s time to break the chains. It’s time to go forward and rejoin the human race:

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What about Radiation? The Economy? and American Idol?

Had enough bad news? Open for a shift.

I have to tell you something: Sometimes I feel like a lot of people are just walking talking soap operas. I call them “soapo erectus.” Nothing much seems to matter to these people except their own little universe wherein Justin Beiber, J. Lo, and Twilight are at the top of their “to do” list.

They’re all wrapped up in their own personal feelings and emotional baggage – mostly oblivious to the big picture of all the rest of the bad things in this world like radiation fallout from Fukushima and the grossly polluted sea fare from the Gulf of Mexico.

You know. Every day, I get a long list of bad things that are happening in the world from these activist groups. These are bad things being done by politicians, big pharma, biotech industries, ad infinitum. The list goes on.

Let’s face it. Most of the bad things we must deal within this world are caused by bad people. But there is salvation. Fortunately, we live on only one small planet. We are but a mere “dot” within the vastness of an infinite universe, which I consider, mostly good.

What does this mean?

It means we need to find balance within ourselves by focusing on “the good.” Since we’re all part of the same universe – this MUST mean that, as human beings, we are also mostly good.

Do you ever just wish you could turn off all the “bad” news for a while and relax into something that lifts your spirits and eases your mind?

These days it can feel nearly impossible to maintain a compassionate attitude and a sense of hope in the midst of the struggles and challenges we face. Yet, as spiritually minded people, we know how important it is to feel good on the inside if we want to create good on the outside.

If you’re like me, you may already engage in positive practices – prayer, meditation, exercise, healthy foods, gratitude, inspirational reading. They all help, but wouldn’t it be great if you could give yourself a little “good vibration re-boot” by simply settling into your favorite chair, gathering loved ones around and pressing “Play?”

I’m happy to say it is possible!

I do it by watching great films from Spiritual Cinema Circle! These high quality, inspirational films are showcased at elite film festivals, like Sundance, but rarely do they make it to the theater or other standard outlets.

You, however, can get a front row seat now, when you take advantage of the free trial membership (a $21 value). You only pay $4.95 shipping and handling.

Start your Free Trial Today! 

Healing Thoughts,


PS: One of the best things about Spiritual Cinema Circle is the incredible bonus content you¿ll receive in addition to the amazing monthly films: thought provoking interviews with the film makers, exclusive content from the most inspiring teachers of our time – Louis Hay, Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer to name a few!

Start your Free Trial Today 

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Maharishi Effect: GCI August 2011 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus

Around the world, Only around 9000 people out of six billion are need to precipitate REAL peace and prosperity on this planet. The vehicle we use for applying the Maharishi Effect is the GCI August 2011 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus:

Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s August 2011 full moon synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., noon and 8 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time ( GMT/UTC minus 7 hours ) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.* (The following website – – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A. – California – San Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.)Thank you for being with us.For those of you who are new to the Care Focus, if you are logged into the Global Care Room, you can see your green marker and the gold light points of others around the world in the Care Room at the same time. Realize that one gold light can represent a family, a group or an entire audience viewing the Care Room and doing the Care Focus together.

Let’s start by connecting with our own heart’s love, while breathing love and care in and out through our heart area to increase our heart coherence… Now let’s radiate our love and care to everyone participating in this Care Focus… Imagine our interconnectedness as a network of light, and see our love and care being amplified and uplifted by each other’s light.…

The sun unleashed a massive X-class solar flare on August 9th, the strongest yet in Solar Cycle 24, and scientists predict a wave of solar storms that could cause disruptions in satellite, telecommunications and electrical equipment. They can also cause excitability in people’s emotional and electrical (nervous) systems which can outplay in social, political and economic disruption. It’s very important that we intentionally maintain our emotional balance and increase our heart coherence at this time. By increasing our compassion for others and for ourselves, we remain more poised and positively affect the energetic field environment around us. As we discussed in last month’s full moon Care Focus, solar influxes on our planet provide us with an opportunity to use these energy influxes to create humanitarian advances.

For this full moon synchronized care focus, we will continue the current GCI Care Focus, synchronizing our energetic contributions and commitment to increasing heart coherence as we send our care and compassion to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia and East Africa.

We’ll do the following August full moon synchronized Care Focus together for fifteen minutes. It’s fine to stop sooner or continue longer if you choose. There will be music playing, or you can mute the music if you prefer.

Care Focus: Somalia and East Africa

Let’s send our heart focused care and compassion to the people suffering from famine in Somalia and other countries in Africa due to drought and civil war. While radiating compassion and care, let’s create a coherent heart-field environment to facilitate relief efforts and see food, water and medical supplies reaching the people in need.Now, send heart-focused care and compassion to your own emotional balance, then to people, issues and areas of the world in need of energetic stability, compassion and care. (After 15 minutes)

It would be effective for the planet if we individually continue to do this Care Focus often in the Global Care Room. Use your own heart discernment on how long and when you participate. Connect in the heart with all groups and individuals supporting the possibility and the opportunity for meeting personal and global changes with love, care and compassion.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

“Through these changing times, increasing numbers of people are approaching heart-based living as an employment of common sense and practical intelligence. The desire to expand our heart connection and become “who we truly are” is an accelerated momentum on the rise, not just as a trendy notion, but inspired from Universal Source and felt within the hearts of individuals. This new momentum will birth and unveil the transformational power of “we the people,” to progressively restore peace through heart-based living and compassionate care.” – Doc Childre
* To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from Simply log-in with your e-mail and GCI password. Until the next synchronized Care Focus, it would be effective for the planet if we individually continue this Care Focus often in the Global Care Room.Global Coherence Initiative – 14700 West Park Ave – Boulder Creek, California 95006 – 831-338-8500

There are those of you who may have trouble understanding or achieving the necessary state of consciousness to send heart felt healing to places around the world in the most need. Allow me to help you with that.

Jim McElwee at The Unexplainable Store provides us with an amazing brainwave entrainment that all of us can download at the cost of a few minutes (and a fast web connection). This brainwave entrainment is called Eternal Peace. It is 20 minutes long and a nice ride that takes you from Beta, through Alpha, Through Theta, Dips into Delta, then progresses back up to Beta.

It’s a wonderful tour of the brain frequency spectrum and should provide a feeling of eternal peace in your core level of existence. You can use this recording when you need peace in your life.

More importantly, the Eternal Peace mp3 helps you reach that altered state of consciousness that allows you to broadcast your heartfelt healing to others on the planet as well who need it the most.

BONUS: Brainwave Entrainment Video

As if the above gift wasn’t enough, Jim McElwee also gives us a brainwave entrainment video to download, Earth’s Beauty Video: This 10 minute visualization video was designed to bring the user to peaceful Alpha and Theta states while utilizing printed affirmations and visualization imagery for deep programming.

If you have trouble using Google Earth, like me, All you need to broadcast your care focused intentions to people most in need on this planet is Earth’s Beauty Video. What more could you ask for?

OK, I’ll admit it. You need a fast web connection and a little time. Most importantly, what goes around, comes around. The healing and care focus comes back to you, ten-fold.

Even if not for the people in Somalia, do it for the people in the most need who are closest to you, so they can have the health and well being to heal others.

Thank you for your considerate, healing intentions.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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Care Focus – Somalia-East Africa Famine

I was sent this request by Global Coherence Initiative.

Unfortunately, I cannot use their “meditation room” because it uses Google Earth which only works in Windows. I am hoping that you can make to participate in sending your heart felt compassion to the people in Somalia. In the mean time, I make time to send heart felt compassion to every where I can make my influence felt.

As you might know, Somalian People are subject to their gov’t which is subject to what ever corporate regime happens to providing the highest payola to the Somalian Gov’t. In reality, technology is far enough along to green desert areas and make them fertile for agriculture, but an agrarian society puts too much power in the hands of Somalian Peoples.

In reality, the real problem is greed. Therefore, we have to pray just as much for the people of Psalms 73. Open a spiritual channel to their dark hearts, so they collapse under the error of their ways and bear the fruits of love and human compassion.

By the same token, the heart focused care and compassion you send out is reflected back to your in your personal realm:

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The World Heals as Cinema gets Spiritual!

Can a Movie Inspire You to Live a Better Life, Find Happiness, and Believe in Love Again?

You bet!


Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl once wrote that a person needs just three things in life to be happy: something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to!

Do you know what I look forward to the most? Every month I get 4 inspirational movies delivered to my door. And no matter what challenges I¿m currently facing, I always find happiness and inspiration in these special films.

I¿m a member of Spiritual Cinema Circle, a club that that handpicks the best films from festivals all over the world. They look for the gems that you wouldn¿t ordinarily see in the theatre near your house. And they find movies that are always heart-warming, consciousness expanding and positive.

And every month, we send 4 films right to my door that I get to keep forever! I want you to have this opportunity too. If you take a look at the link below, you will even get a free trial. You¿ve got nothing to lose! Check it out:

Spiritual Cinema Circle is the only film club of its kind just for spiritual seekers like you.

Sign up for your free trial now:


Spiritual Cinema Circle

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