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How Dreams become Reality for Problem Solving

Recently, I answered a question on building internal energy for athletics for one of my readers. The reader asks:

What are the most POWERFUL or what exercises generate the most chi or vital energy that I can use to improve weight lifting and sports performance?

This person is already a consummate athlete who uses traditional as well as energy psychology and QiGong Meditation to maximize his performance. Although this site is about improvement of the mind, we need a healthy body to support that mind, therefore, I’m an advocate of athletics.

When we exercise the body, we build up the energy in the limbs, especially in martial arts where the exercises are geared towards Qi flow in the energy meridians. When we meditate, as in QiGong, we manipulate and focus that excess energy from the extremities to key points of energy storage in the body such as the DanTian, Governing, and Conception Vessels.

These areas of the body serve as psychically activated “capacitors” that allow us to focus our martial arts skills with greater precision and to deliver Qi or bioenergy to any predetermined location.

For example, the more internal or bioenergy we have from our athletic activities, the easier it is for us to have extreme clarity in our dreams and visions. Athletes are particularly able to visualize any event throughout the space / time continuum because they are able to focus that energy from their powerful extremities to the necessary areas of their visual neocortex or the upper DanTian. For this reason, athletes can visualize themselves winning an event given all the necessary parameters of the competition.

By the same token, a weaker person living a relatively sedentary life probably doesn’t recall his dreams very well because they lack clarity or they’re so discursive in nature (not focused). This is because weak, sedentary people are not used to calling upon their Qi in sleeping or waking states, whereas, calling upon the Qi comes naturally to an athlete.

For those of you who are living a sedentary lifestyle, this means that none of the tools that I provide for you at this site will ever work for you: You don’t have enough internal energy to be motivated to visualize your success. This is why I also have to help heal those who are sick and weakly from chronic ailments, so they can join the ranks of the healthy and go forward with further psychic improvement at You understand now why I have both these sites? Good.

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Positive Attitudes, Remote Influencing and the Law of Attraction

This month, Spiritual Cinema Circle is proud to present the feature film SMILE along with three truly phenomenal short films.



Beau Bridges, Linda Hamilton, Sean Astin and Saturday Night Live’s Cheri Oteri star in SMILEā€¦ a story about two girls, born on the same day, who lead very different lives. Katie is a beautiful pampered Malibu teen while Lin is a Chinese girl born with a cleft lip.


This moving, entertaining and inspiring movie, filmed in both Malibu and Shanghai, shares important messages of honor, integrity and responsibility that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Spiritual Cinema Circle offers a whole month’s worth of joy, inspiration and liberation. I encourage you to check it out.


Start your free trial today! For just a small shipping fee, you can receive a *free DVD that includes SMILE plus three great short films, plus Mariel Hemingway’s very special in-depth interview with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Judith Orloff! [ Spiritual Cinema Circle]

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P.S. Some of you don’t think much of Spiritual Cinema Circle for some reason. Perhaps, you have some preconceived notions about the actors or the economic motivations behind getting people to subscribe to “Spiritual Cinema Circle.”

We must ask ourselves, “What is the main purpose of Spiritual Cinema Circle? What does it hope to accomplish?” The answer is simple: “To give us hope and faith in each other – and to shift our focus from fear to love.”

A drama always reflects its audience in different ways, but it always reflects its audience at the emotional level; this is the essence of drama, to reflect its audience at the emotional level.

The Law of Attraction

Drama serves us accordingly when we are able to positively apply lessons therein to our own lives. We also listen to music for the same reasons. The artists who we appreciate reflect our thoughts and feelings in their songs.

When we allow life positive feelings from these artistic media into our lives, we reflect those same feelings into the world as in the law of attraction. Our power of attraction is controlled by our underlying feelings. When we feel hope and goodness, these things are attracted into our lives per the law of attraction.

Remote Influencing

The same concept applies to remote influencing. In fact, there’s no difference between the law of attraction and remote influencing, except remote influencing breaks the space / time barrier to bring things into our lives according to our underlying feelings.

For this reason, the ARVARI Remote Influencing Course consists of many hours of programming positive feelings into us during altered states of consciousness. The difference between Spiritual Cinema Circle and the ARVARI Course is:

  • You take time to time to watch and listen to one program in the waking state while you are induced into trance states in the other.
  • You gain life positive feelings in the waking state watching one program while you gain life positive feelings listening to the other while you’re in a trance.

Which type of program is better than the other? Actually, they are both useful for inducing positive attitudes. They can both be enjoyed simultaneously by friends and family. They are both useful in the law of attraction.

Remote influencing takes us several steps further by programming us during altered states of consciousness with positive attitudes, for example, from the ARVARI Remote Influencing Course:

RI Training Session 2
  • Deprograms and cleanses past memories
  • Experience the Great Void
RI Training Session 3
  • Explores the levels of the mind with full consciousness: Alpha, Theta, and Delta
  • Create the flame of Eternal Joy within your heart
  • Reconnect to the Womb – The Source
RI Training Session 4
  • Experience Delta, your center of energy and the silvery cord
  • Reprogram your DNA and healing rejuvenation
  • Reprogram yourself into a new being; healing and strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Learn principles of manifestations and increase inner vibrations
  • Experience Joy, overcome fear-vibrations of mass-consciousness
  • Use flowers and nature’s portal to the non-physical quantum level
  • Liberate yourself from mind bondage
RI Training Session 5
  • Reach deep Delta and experience other mental states in the process
  • Cultivate your inner smile
  • Learn lucid dreaming and manifesting from that level
  • Use deep Delta as a Stargate to higher levels

The above lessons are from CDs 6 through 9 in the ARVARI Remote Influencing Course. I would love to tell you about the content from these CDs, except that I have been falling asleep each time, so I can’t remember any of the content, not on a waking level. As far as the effects, I have been getting some strange dreams lately.

As of late, I’ve been having dreams about things and people I don’t recognize. In my dreams, I seem to know everyone and everything I’m doing, but when I wake up, it’s all strange to me. Last night, I had a dream that I was playing this bizarre stringed instrument, a cross between a ukelele, mandolin and a violin; it had bizarre, yet beautiful sounds coming from it as I plucked and strummed the (6) strings which raised up and down as I played it – like a piano.

It turned out I was playing for a huge audience and they all seemed pleased with my performance. I still recall their smiling faces, but I didn’t recognize anyone. OK, I guess that was a good feeling type of dream; it might have something to do with the music programs I’ve been writing lately to go with the brainwave entrainment – and I’m always looking for these special sounds.

That’s another major difference: Watching a Spiritual Cinema Circle movie with family and friends, we can ask, “Do remember that downs syndrome guy with the tape recorder?” And we would remember.

But with the ARVARI Course, if we ask, “hey, do you remember using deep Delta as a Stargate to higher levels?” The response would be, “no, but I remember these strange dreams…”

In the next post, I’m covering how our dreams reflect our subconscious abilities to solve problems. Imagine combining that with a positive attitude, how much better life would be for us and the rest of humanity?

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,


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*$4.95 US shipping fee applies, $7.95 international.

Mind Control Psychoenergetics Self Improvement

Remote Viewing: Tools, Detailing, and Limitations

Jim McElwee’s Unexplainable Store has the most eclectic supply of brainwave entrainment programs available on the market. To me, Jim is an incredible teacher of esoterica and the “unexplainable.” Remote Viewing is yet another one of Jim’s expertise, much in the same vein as Rudolph Steiner.

In this post, Jim provides us with a tangible feel for remote viewing, so anyone can get a handle on the discipline necessary to this ability. After Jim’s presentation, I have further interesting facts on remote viewing to share with you and in relation to a promise I made to Way of the MindGate Subscribers. Please enjoy!