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Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and Psychic Sensitivity

I would like to address the article, Lost Colony Site Discovered Through Remote Viewing, wherein George McMullen of British Columbia, perhaps the best known Archaeological Remote Viewer ever studied by science, provided The Lost Colony Project, in the person of its Director, Sam Sumner, with the location of the previously unknown location, including highly specific descriptive information as to what would be found. This technique has been previously used for archaeological work that resulted in the discovery of Cleopatra’s Palace, and Mark Antony’s Timonium, in Alexandria Egypt — in which McMullen also participated — and by the CIA, for intelligence work.

George McMullen described his ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an antiquated object or location, usually by being in close contact with it. To be more precise, this ability is called psychometry, yet this does fall under remote viewing.

In addressing the skeptics, I wish to provide two points of arguement in the favour of psychic sensitivity: One is common sense. The other is scientific basis of psychometry. I encountered the science years ago and it’s almost beyond my schooling, but I will dig up that proof and provide it in detail shortly.

For now, common sense tells us that there are mysteries in this universe we have yet to explore; this means that conventional science has yet to be further refined to provide concrete evidence of psychic powers. Did we have bioinformatics or even know the existence of biophoton emissions from the body 50 years ago? No. We had to build up to these things. We had to further refine our science.

Meanwhile, the skeptics enjoy sticking their heads up their arses while convincing themselves that human society can’t get along without them. As I said at Constructs of Belief, human society has never gone forward on pure skepticism. We all need that balance of idealism and realism to ground us while reaching for the stars. More on this later.

Healing Thoughts,


The following excerpt from The Holographic Universe is not the technical explanation that I was searching, but it’s an arguement worth examining in terms of the holographic model:

Bohm believes the ubiquitousness of meaning offers a possible explanation for both telepathy and remote viewing. He thinks both may actually be just different forms of psychokinesis. Just as PK is a resonance of meaning conveyed from a mind to an object, telepathy can be viewed as a resonance of meaning conveyed from a mind to a mind, says Bohm. In like manner, remote viewing can be looked at as a resonance of meaning conveyed from an object to a mind. “When harmony or resonance of ‘meanings’ is established, the action works both ways, so that the ‘meanings’ of the distant system could act in the viewer to produce a kind of inverse psychokinesis that would, in effect, transmit an image of that system to him, ” he states.

Jahn and Dunne have a similar view. Although they believe reality is established only in the interaction of a consciousness with its environment, they are very liberal in how they define consciousness. As they see it, anything capable of generating, receiving, or utilizing
information can qualify. Thus, animals, viruses, DNA, machines (artificially intelligent and otherwise), and so-called nonliving objects may all have the prerequisite properties to take part in the creation of reality.

If such assertions are true, and we can obtain information not only from the minds of other human beings but from the living hologram of reality itself, psychometry—the ability to obtain information about an object’s history simply by touching it—would also be explained. Rather than being inanimate, such an object would be suffused with its own kind of consciousness. Instead of being a “thing” that exists separately from the universe, it would be part of the interconnectedness of all things—connected to the thoughts of every person who ever came in contact with it, connected to the consciousness that pervades every animal and object that was ever associated with its existence, connected via the implicate to its own past, and connected to the mind of the psychometrist holding it…

(A Pocketful of Miracles, the Holographic Universe; pp. 145-146; Michael Talbot; 1996)

You can get your own fully searchable .pdf copy of the Holographic Universe by subscribing to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. See how Holy Scripture applies to the Holographic Paradigm of psychic senses.

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Healing Thoughts, Randolph

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Analysis: Golden Ratio Brainwave Entrainment Video

As of late, my latest video, Phantom, Kiss the Girl, can be found on your favourite video server like Youtube. For now, I want to explain some of the brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology that went into this video.As you might know, the BWE audio visual effects are from Mind Stereo. I captured the A/V effects in Windows with Cam Studio. The particular BWE Session I chose in Mind Stereo was the Schumann Resonance, which helps induce alpha rhythms for relaxation and visualization.In the A/V session editor window, you can click and edit any of the present nodes:

Mind Stereo A/V Session Editor Window

Upon clicking a node, the background node window pops up. Here you can adjust rate or frequency, the ramp time to the rate, and different types of intensities which are all kinds of fun. We have pulse, low-pass, pitch modulation, crossfeed, and auto-pan intensity controls. Let me cover two where I made adjustments: Pulse and AutoPan Intensity controls,

Background Node Window

Pulse Intensity is basically the sweep rate; basically, the Schumann frequency of 7.8… Hz is riding a further wave of 314 Hz. I chose 314 because it’s close to π, but 2 decimals ahead. I wanted a golden ratio between the Pulse Intensity and the auto pan intensity, so I divided 314 by 1.62 (3 significant digits of the golden ratio) and got ~194 Hz. Then I plugged that number into the auto-pan intensity; this is the rate of panning between right and left channels.

Therefore, between Pulse Intensity which shifts the audio amplitude up and down while the auto-pan intensity shifts the audio right and left, we experience an interesting sympathetic resonance because our neural patterns extrapolate the golden ratio between the shifts; it’s an interesting, natural ability that we have that allows us to discern patterns in nature.

It just so happens that all of living nature is based on the golden ratio. Patterns produced by lightning are based on the Golden Ratio. Our post synaptic potentials within our brains are based on the Golden Ratio. Patterns in the stock market are based in social mood which is based in the Golden Ratio as proven by Elliott Wave International and the Socionomics Institute with their successful predictions in the stock market. In fact, here’s an EWI report on Human Social Experience; it’s quite enlightening.

Golden Ratio in DNA

My intuition told me that if human behavior can be predicted mathematically, then the converse must also be true: Human behavior can also be adjusted mathematically. The golden ratio in birds’ tweeting, the dawn chorus, the oceans, the wind, the rain is the reason nature has such a calming effect on our minds.*

My goal for this video is that the viewer would feel relaxed while experience positive hallucinations. You saw for yourself how the video is jacked. I mean there’s all kinds of intense flashing. BTW: I used the “cosmic nebula” visual in Mind Stereo because it reminded me a little bit of the champagne bubbles from the Lawrence Welk Show (I used to watch it with my father), so it has a festive look to it.

The Positive Hallucinations mean that the viewer comes away from the video experiencing the same effects while seeing things that aren’t there. My intention for this video was to make something for the guys. Obviously, because it’s “Kiss the Girl,” as long as you’re not Katy Perry, it’s meant for the Guys, OK.

When I was an audience response auditor for the movie trailors, I noticed how there was a lot more flashing of intense, sensory imagery when advertising the action movies; it was mostly males in the audience when they did this. When you’ve seen enough movie trailors the way I have and worked enough with brainwave entrainment, then you would also figure out what Hollywood is doing.

Intense sensory imagery flashing on the retina tends to burn the image into our neural patterns. As I was looking back and forth between movie trailor and audience, I would see their response; it became obvious to me, the trance like, hypnotic effect this intense flashing from the big screen was having, mainly on the guys, since we’re visually oriented.

A few times I interviewed some of the audience to find out what they remembered the most from a trailor; they would actually report seeing things that weren’t there!

OK, that means if I put some pretty ballroom dancing women on a golden ratio BWE with an intensified kiss the girl theme, there should also be some interesting positive hallucinations there.

I could be wrong. Maybe the video is too jacked. You tell me.


I would like to thank Hans and Annie Schmidt for allowing me to film this Disney Themed Ballroom Dance Event on at their place of business, San Jose Dance Sport Centre in San Jose, CA. Thanks also to all the wonderful dancers, especially Jennifer, a choreographer. I know she wanted me to dance, but I chickened out.

SuperNatural NLP

At the moment, I’m still working on the Supernatural NLP. I’m hoping to make it several steps above and beyond Storm NLP. I truly appreciate the accolades from Dr. Bruce Eisner on this work; it takes recognition from guys like this to keep me going. Also, if it weren’t for Milton Erickson visiting me in my dreams, I wouldn’t be this good at the Milton Method, so thanks to Dr. Erickson as well.

My motivation for Supernatural NLP is a UFO experience reported by a woman, so this video will once again be geared towards the women’s mind patterns. This time I will try my acting ability. I will try to be as realistic as possible. I’ve been watching this actor on a religious station tell tales from the Bible as he plays different roles – and he’s very captivating. I won’t be playing different roles, but I will try to be captivating and come up with that video by 31 October 2009.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN

Randolph Fabian Directo

*At Binaural Harmonics, I discussed what I like to call “bioheterodyning” wherein the frequency following neuro-dynamics produce binaural beat frequencies when differing frequencies are discerned between right and left ear.

A great part of those neuro-dynamics are provided by the inner ear. I believe the inner ear serves as a harmonic translation mechanism for differing sound waves to be discerned and extrapolated. This is the reason we extrapolate binaural beat frequencies. (In fact, there are a variety of harmonic translation mechanisms in the living system.)

Since the inner ear is a harmonic translation system for waves beyond the acoustic range (as proved by ELF entrainment effects and the effectiveness of the Flanagan Neurophone communication which uses ultra-sonic frequencies), then it is capable of three dimensional seismic exploration which allows us to determine depth, height, and breadth of a sound source. We can compare the following excerpt to the function of the inner ear:

Algorithm stability is ensured by choosing an integration step size dz (change in depth) that is smaller than the horizontal sampling interval, and by using a three-term smoothing filter in the directions x and y (with bandwidth proportional to the ratio between vertical and horizontal sampling intervals)…

(US Patent 6418380 – Method for seismic processing and in particular for three-dimensional seismic exploration using seismic data migration)

What better smoothing filter than the harmonic translation provided by the human inner ear? Therefore, I will further explore this ability for 3-dimensional seismic exploration of the inner ear by providing the most bizarre sound waves for you to interpolate. Of course, this process is many steps beyond the steadfast and basic binaural beats, but the living system needs to work with complexity so we can exercise our abilities of harmonic translation. Let’s give it what it craves.