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Disciplinary Studies

Emotional Freedom Techniques vs. Ancient Keys

Learn How Energy Psychology Healing Modalities Validate Each other Throughout Time

New School, Emotional Freedom Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian Knowledge proves that there are numerous ways to unlock the healing potential of the human psyche. Table of Contents:

  1. New School versus Old School,..
  2. How are energy meridians related to Us?
  3. What is an example of Ancient Keys to the Human Psyche?
    • 9 Keys to Unlocking the Psyche…
  4. How does EFT Tapping compare to QiGong Methods?..
  5. How does EFT Chanting compare to Ancient Mantra Chanting?
  6. What is an example of Ancient Persuasion Techniques?
  7. How does EFT compare to Kuji Kiri Breath Control?
  8. References
  9. Comment on this Article

New School, Emotional Freedom (Shotgun) Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian (Scholarly) Knowledge

The new thought healing modality dubbed “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (EFT) as developed by Gary Craig is no exception. EFT is a simple, Western-Mind Set friendly energy psychology which compares to ancient scholarly meditation techniques that have been around for a number of millenia. For example, EFT has been around for a few decades as opposed to similar chi kung (qigong) meditation forms which has been around for at least five millenia.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m an advocate of EFT and the work from health professionals all over the world that goes into it. EFT has helped people overcome physical and emotional maladies where mainstream medicine fails. We have to understand that EFT is yet another healing modality or another set of “keys” to unlocking the healing mind.

For example, those of you familiar with Wild Goose Patting Qigong (AKA, Chi Kung), may find EFT seems like a cousin of sorts. In contrast, EFT does not tap along all 12 meridians (of Chinese Medical Theory), but it stimulates key “shotgun” points along the meridians in tandem with healing intentions which makes it a close relative.

How are the energy meridians of TCM related to our Life Patterns?

I’ve already expounded upon the phenomenon of the spoken thoughts, ideas, feelings and intentions in relation to DNA structure in the article, Collective DNA Consciousness1; this treatise explains how DNA is structured according to the same rules as word language and is, therefore, influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language ideas and song. Russian and American scientists (including the U.S. Military) proved this concept is real through scientific experiments. The foundation of EFT is built upon this concept as well as meditation and prayer modalities which utilize the spoken idea.

To solidify this foundation, EFT taps into the energy meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where our most powerful emotions originate to flow in health or stagnate in sickness.

According to Dr. William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of Stanford University, in essence, the system of meridian channels taps into our original untainted physical/spiritual life patterns within subtle energy layers of space time (“higher gauge symmetry”). This means we are able to literally tap into our perfect life patterns (“original blue prints for the human frame work”) through psychic keys such as the energy meridians to heal any malady on our physical plane.

Dr. Tiller’s work in psychoenergetics is central to the foundation of EFT. There are twenty citations of Dr. Tiller’s work at the EFT site. One article, Touch And Breathe–TAB Paper, by John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D. provides excellent background on the autonomic nervous and meridian systems as complex antenna circuits in reference to Dr. Tiller’s discoveries. This revelation leads to the physical ability to “transceive” feelings and impressions as a form of telepathy.

The ancient keys to psychic ability can be referred to as ancient psychoenergetics, the study of the disciplined, coherent infrastructure of the human mind, the effects of its coherent energy and the interactions thereof with bioresonant energy fields, but using basic psychic keys as used by ancient mind control adepts.

EFT and ancient psychoenergetics both tap into DNA ability to be programmed as it relates to the flow of Chi or life force. For example, although Kuji Kiri martial arts meditation is far more refined than EFT, both modalities demonstrate the amazing abilities of the human mind opened through the spoken idea. Beyond healing chronic ailments, the human mind can be keyed to manipulate the physical reality as in the Law of Attraction2.

Tiller’s research has proven that the universe is a living extension of ourselves which is also keyed to reverberations of sympathetic thought patterns; Resonating thoughts through spoken word is a regular ritual occultist practice of religious sects such as Buddism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Kabbalah, Taoism, among others.

What is an example of Ancient Keys to the Human Psyche?

For example, Kuji Kiri Meditation is a derivation of ancient disciplines two of which are: The Healing Mudras of Ha-Tha (Sun-Moon) Yoga and Shii Soei Ching (Marrow/Brain Washing) Chi Kung.

The Healing Mudras utilize specific hand gestures in relation to chakras; their specific colours and breathing patterns, along with mentally/physically spoken mantras serve as keys to the human mind.

By this token, Healing Mudras also comes extremely close to the EFT modality except it focuses on specific hand gestures, the chakra system, and colours in relation to each chakrum instead of spoken ideas.

From my studies in the Healing Mudras, they also tap into the Law of Attraction through intense visualization; this is also the intention of EFT with its shotgun stimulation of energy meridians and spoken ideas.

Shii Soei Ching is an advanced form of chi kung usually translated as “Marrow/Brain Washing Classic;” this training specialises in leading Chi to the bone marrow to cleanse and strengthen them. This particular form of chi kung is quite scholarly being taught only to adepts. Its complexity encompasses study as well as the energetic manipulation thereof manifold connections between meridians and extraordinary vessels. Here the adepts used physical and etheric keys to each of eight vessels since they control our organ functions, therefore, our overall health.

Kuji Kiri practitioners enter a slightly different trance that literally floods the senses with psychic keys according to each of these eight extraordinary vessels and the three main vessels of Ha-Tha Yoga. These keys encompass all the senses in terms of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, and emotion including symbols known as Kuji Kuri Kanji.

Since Kuji Kiri Meditation floods the senses, there is very little, if any room for discursive thought, thereby, allowing room only for the psychic keys. This takes an intense amount of focus which allows the mind and body to resonate with key elements in the universe.

Although, we do not have such scholarly approaches in EFT, we still prove that we can induce healing through psychic intervention through a shotgun approach.

I’ve been through the EFT site enough to tell you that there are some paranormal events happening in people’s lives which are a direct result of using EFT. The reports of these paranormal events and psychic phenomena are direct parallels to ancient psychoenergetic phenomena. For example, we can look at the Nine Levels of Power obtained through the Kuji Kiri. Here’s an extract from Ashida Kim’s Secrets of the Ninja:

“Here they are presented as taught in the Japanese system, as one complete set of movements, flowing from first to last rhythmically, in conjunction with breath control. They are derived from the Tibetan lama chanting practice, whereby one may attain enlightenment. These are the oldest exercises of this type, and have survived from prehistoric times.

The Nine Levels of Power/9 Keys to Unlocking the Psyche are as follows:

1. Rin – “Strength” of mind and body; in Chinese, chu;

2. Kyo – “Direction of energy”; in Chinese, shen;

3. Toh – “Harmony” with the universe; in Chinese, tai;

4. Sha – “Healing” of self and others; in Chinese, sha;

5. Kai – “Premonition” of danger; in Chinese, kai;

6. Jin – “Knowing the thoughts of others”; in Chinese, jen;

7. Retsu – “Mastery of time and space”; in Chinese, tung;

8. Zai – “Control” of the elements of nature; in Chinese, hua;

9. Zen – “Enlightenment”; in Chinese, tao.

The Kuji-Kiri positions that embody the nine levels of power are used as a mnemonic device to train the Ninja both mentally and physically. The progression of movements from one to another symbolizes the movements of the chi within the body.

The Nine Levels of Power are extreme in comparison since EFT focuses on healing. This does not mean that EFT cannot also accomplish the above feats. EFT may be a watered down version of the of the ancient, yet refined psychoenergetic techniques, but intention and sympathetic resonance is central to all of these modalities.

How does EFT Tapping compare to QiGong Methods of “Tapping” into Energy Meridians?

EFT activates chi flow at specific “shotgun” areas of the body through tapping. They’re shotgun areas because these areas are saturated with acupuncture points along the meridians. One shotgun area is around the collar bone and pectoral region where stomach, small intestine, spleen, kidney, and gall bladder channels have trigger points.

My personal favourite “shotgun” point is just between the nose and upper lip on the maxilla. In Chinese Medical Theory, this point is called “Yinjiao;” this is an intersection point of yin conception and yang governing vessels. After a hard workout, I touch my tongue to my pallet, then tap this point while redirecting my intensified respiration to these vessels and I calm down my heart beat in ten to twenty seconds as a result. Learn more about this method at the Heart Rate QiGong Paper.

You can see how this “shotgun” area is utilized in the EFT Manual. The living body is the most complex computer of all with “circuits” that can heal and augment the body’s performance at will when we push the right buttons with proper intentions.

There are a specific set of sensations and feelings attached to the meridians (AKA channels), more specifically, to the eight extraordinary vessels which is the focus of Kuji Kiri. One example is the governing vessel (AKA, “sea of yang meridians”) which relates to the feelings of worry or revelation, sensations of moisture, sweetness, polyphony or chorus and the color yellow (according to the Kuji Kiri) to its flow of chi.

You can think of it this way: Chi Kung on the extraordinary vessels guides the actions of the meridian energy flow like a giant, complex integrated circuit that can change its state of operation, conductivity, receptivity and more through disciplined intention of the operator. In doing so, we adjust our thought patterns or neural pathways to serve our higher consciousness – which is healing and altruistic in nature as long as we maintain these intentions.

Kuji Kiri activates chi flow first through specific manipulation of the meridians at the termination points of the fingers or “finger knitting,” then by visualizing the chi flow through a specific vessel, then by attaching the specific feelings and sensations to the chi flow for that vessel, and so forth. The main objective is to build a powerful life energy force then control the direction and intent of that force.

Although EFT focuses on healing, there are also examples at the EFT site that demonstrate the successful flexibility of this modality. For me, this does not speak of the power of EFT, but the power of the human mind even when provided with a “shotgun” approach.

From what we’ve examined so far, EFT is almost an occult ritual in itself as it uses intuitive “incantations.” Now, let’s examine the carrier wave for the living word: Chanting

How does EFT Chanting compare to Ancient Mantra Chanting?

I’ve noticed that EFT practitioners prefer to use their intuition when choosing their words. Indeed, many of them claim to be psychic, so they use their intuitive insight to perform surrogate and remote tapping on others from a distance. They must be right because it works. EFT is based within our inherent psychic abilities. Examples of “surrogate” tapping are provided in the EFT for Action Manual.

You see from their example (on fertilization, p. 18) how the practitioner first “tunes” into the problems by acknowledging them, then by methodically “tapping” towards the healing with spoken ideas that empower that person. (See how “tuning” relates to radionic phenomena discussed at Mind in Science Blog.) This is a form of chanting that takes place in every culture – from meditations to prayers to song lyrics – which makes them highly accessable to everyone.

Mantras are cultural enigmas. For example, “om mani padme aum;” literally translates from sanskrit as “I pray to the jewel in the lotus flower.” The “lotus flower” is a metaphor for the brain (which happens to resemble a lotus flower in full bloom) or the higher mind.

Christian Mantras employ God’s Names3 which are also enigmas. The power of spoken words are enigmas until we study them and the context wherein they occur.

The creative power of the voice is clearly expressed in Sanskrit, where vac (=voice) is often regarded as a synonym for shakti, which is the creative energy, the power of manifestation. In various trends of ancient Greek Philosophy, one finds a similar concept in the logos, whose primary meaning is word, but also means creative principle.

Later, in the gospel of John (originally written in Greek), it is also the word, logos, that is used to characterize the creative principle at the beginning of creation: “In the beginning was the logos (word), and the logos was with God, and the logos was God…” [John 1:1].

Note that the first book of the old testament also presents a picture in which, at various stages of the genesis of the world, God uses the power of the Word to create: “And God said, ‘Let there be light:’ and there was light…” [Genesis 1:4, then 1:6, 1:25, etc.]

One finds in Rudolf Steiner’s works many indications related to the power of the voice. For example, Steiner describes that, in late Atlantis, men had the power of influencing each other, or even the elements by manifesting forces through their voice

The magik of power words is legend in every culture. This is true of the mantras in the Kuji Kiri. A mantra or chant applies to each of the nine levels of power, the study of which obtains a deep spiritual meaning for those who use the mantra. This deep spiritual focus was necessary to the lifestyle of the ninja.

Ninjas were warrior adepts; they were hired for missions of espionage and reconaissance by a royal family to learn the weaknesses of their enemy or even make their enemy’s kingdom implode from within. Let’s examine how stealth warriors may have used power persuasion techniques on their unsuspecting prey and how their ancient techniques can possibly be applied to EFT.

What is an example of Ancient Persuasion Techniques?

Ninjas use methods for learning about the personality of their targets, so they can employ methods of persuasion to convince their victims to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. They would go a step further than neurolinguistic programming (NLP) by learning the personality dimensions of their victims, then perform a hypnotic combination of NLP with Kuji Kiri like a spider weaving a web around his unwitting captive; this art form was known as Mumai Mugai (no name, no art) no-jitsu.

Like any martial art, Mumai Mugai Ninjitsu molds and shapes itself to the particular situation being a form of NLP. Instead of a physical battle this persuasion technique reaches into the mind – much like the intuitive reactions of EFT.

EFT practitioners realize that they have this power which is why I’m surprised that more of them don’t employ NLP Power Persuasion techniques in their healing rituals. Perhaps, they do, but they don’t want to talk about it.

Nevertheless, we can learn about the personality dimensions by listening to answers from these simple questions:

For example, if the topic of the conversation is UFOs:

  • How do you feel about UFOs?
  • What about UFOs is important to you?
  • How would you describe UFOs?
  • How do you know if a UFO is good?..

I write further about persuasion methods at Way of the Mind Gate Group4}

Upon learning the type of person with whom they were dealing, the ninja would employ the correct phraseology and personal “power words” in combination with remote stimulation of their targets’ Qi flow.

This method is not that different at all from Remote/Surrogate EFT which is also telepathic in nature. Both methods enable the human mind to affect a subject at a distance.

How does EFT Breath Control compare to Kuji Kiri Breath Control?

Kuji Kiri is far more refined than any shotgun energy psychology method when it comes to breath control. Kuji Kiri practitioners actually change the pH of the blood through breath control to induce altered states of consciousness.

EFT practitioners may ask their patients to circulate their respiration once at each given trigger point. But I have yet to read any where in EFT about the intense breath control that is practiced in Kuji Kiri.

In fact, the kind of breath control required in Kuji Kiri is only for people in good health and already self disciplined. EFT succeeds in cases where people are in bad health with chronic ailments. An afflicted person who chooses to treat him/herself usually finds EFT simple and accessable, especially to those without discipline.

I also have yet to read about touching the tip of the tongue to the pallet in EFT. Doing this connects yin conception and yang governing vessels to complete the grand circulation circuit of chi within the body. I’m a little dissappointed that EFT practitioners fail to mention this area since they stress the idea that they work with Qi (life energy) circulation in the meridians, but they don’t completely follow all the principles of QiGong.

I’m also dissappointed that Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, a world-reknowned expert in internal martial arts and QiGong is mentioned no where at the EFT site. To me this is strange since Gary Craig, William Tiller, and Yang Jwing-Ming are all engineering graduates. I figured they should be the three musketeers of psychoenergetics, but that’s just my opinion.

Since I’m airing out my grievances against the EFT site, I might as well mention that Kiatsu is mentioned no where at the EFT site; this is a healing modality of Aikido practitioners, an internal martial art similar to Taijiquan.

I still remember years ago (before EFT existed) when I was scouting the dojos in my area. There was an aikido dojo where I asked a student how they work with the energy meridians. Quite simply, the aikido practitioner kneels in a still position, then utilizing one or two fingers he goes down the path of the meridian “inducing energy flow” at key points along the meridian to guide healthy Qi (“ki” in Japanese) circulation while dwelling on the “one point,” the central ki (Qi) resevoir just below the navel. There was more to it than the student had time to explain, but this is called “Kiatsu;” it’s similar to shiatsu except there is no physical pressure applied, BUT there may be tapping or other rhythmic stimulation depending on the injury being treated. Yes, this is what the aikido student told me.

Guess what? This article, Touch And Breathe, at the EFT site almost describes, to the letter, how Kiatsu works. But the PhD who wrote it wants to call it “Touch and Breathe.” The method at this article lacks refinement in comparison to the actual Kiatsu, but, in essence, it’s still the same healing modality with the addition of healing intention through the spoken word. And, yes, the ancient ninjas were also aikido experts, therefore, the attached healing art of Kiatsu; tapping and chanting are familiar to the Kiatsu Healer.

This is the same difference between EFT and Kuji Kiri. I guess I’m one of the few willing to recognize the parallels between these arts. To me, I don’t mind that these solutions repeat themselves even though they are augmentations and variations upon themselves because the universe is built upon robust and self repeating fractals.

We are part of that universe, so we are also bound to be repetitions of people from the past. Once gaining this perspective, we can see that all healing is old school. Individual healing modalities are a matter of individual perspectives and healing perspectives we are willing to accept.

For those of you who believe this article is over your head, I want to console you: There was a time when I had a closed mind.

When I say that I had a closed mind, I mean that my conventional education and belief system came from a neat little box.

Whenever I encountered information outside of this box, I would scoff, call it a bunch of “woot” and negate it like everyone else who also saw the universe from the perspective of the same neat little box.

Scoffing and negating the reality outside of our neat little box is what we’re taught to do as a denizens of the neat little box, in order to perpetuate the neat little box.

Fortunately, my first hand experiences and my interest in science had me latching onto clues. Since I was a child was always getting clues that there is a much bigger reality outside of this neat little box. Fortunately, I am not the only one with first hand experiences and an interest in scientific clues. Although we are few and far between, we’ve always been here.

To help you with your continuous improvement, I hope to provide you with a simple understanding: We are all a special variation of the universe. What makes us special? We are the part of the universe that has become self aware. The entire universe is made of fantastic order and life energy – which only looks chaotic from the perspective of a neat little box. We are all part of the same order and life energy. We are all pieces of the same hologram. We are blessed with minds that allow us to resonate with any part of the universe – including each other – throughout time.


1Collective DNA Consciousness: DNA forms an intelligent network which is influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language and ideas. Includes relevant facts on psychic phenomena.

2Law of Attraction: Based on Genevieve Gehrand’s book, Your Invisible Power, is explored from a spiritual trance state. See the HealingMindN Meditation Video to gain the necessary consciousness.

3God’s Names: When we fill our minds and hearts with His Word in understanding and evoking His Names, we take on His Image.

4Way of the Mind Gate Group: Way of the Mind Gate Group allows us to share ideas and perspectives on mind control, self improvement, spiritual growth, and related topics.


Paranormal Foundation: Basis for Psychic Phenomena

What proof is there for me to Accept the Paranormal World?

Research on psychic phenomena is scientifically verifiable, yet most of this work is left out of mainstream academia. Discover Why.

I want to tell you about the paranormal foundation at HealingMindN beginning with my personal experience. I saw things differently as a kid – different from most other kids especially adults. If I see things differently it’s because I choose to see things that noone else is willing to see.

Plasmoid Creatures, Genoa Italy, 1981 IR Photo; image courtesy Cosmic Pulse of Life, Trevor James Constable
Plasmoid UFOs

I recall throughout my life beginning as a child that I saw “entities” that might be considered “ghosts” or “demons” by some people. I have seen bizarre phenomena such as “UFOs” and “spider webs” falling from the sky. (The story in the early 1970’s about spiders flying on their webs all over the place was invented. There were no spiders on these “webs” which were absolutely huge.)

I have also experienced incidental psychokinesis (like a “jinx”) and something that I would not quite call possession but a “hitch hiker” that skipped from one person to another.

Before you think I am too spooky, you should know that I have questioned my own sanity beginning from childhood. The thing is, I knew when the kids around me were lying. At first, they would admit, “yeah, I saw that too,” or “I felt that too,” but the next day they denied what they saw or felt.

Later, I learned these kids would tell their parents what they saw, then their parents would “set them straight.” During grade school, starting at eight or nine, I began learning how our oblivion is akin to denying our own senses.

Around 3rd grade, I still recall a story of the Pilgrams at Plymouth Rock Pointing out their ships to the Native Americans (As told by our teacher, Mrs. Hope, gorgeous woman); it seems the Native Americans were unable to see the Pilgram Ships at first because they were unable to conceive such a thing. That’s when it hit me: People around me, especially adults, were unable to conceive psychic phenomena.

Although we can all see “something” out the corner of our eyes or in the corner of our minds, we choose to deny our senses because most people fear the thought of being surrounded by paranormal entities. As a social stigma, most people fear the thought of being called “crazy, strange, weird, woot pushers” or any other derogatory labels pushed by mainstream paradigm skeptics. How do your neighbors treat psychic events in ?

The problem with closing our senses to psychic phenomena is that we also close our same senses to each other; this is a problem because we are all spiritual entities. Most people should be able to sense this of each other, but they don’t. Unless you’re an atheist, you already know that we are all spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies.

The same concept applies to the world around us and the rest of the universe. All of nature embodies a universe of living spirits. For example, every star in the sky including our sun, embodies the spirit of a living angel.

Most people do not accept such ideas. If they did, they would have to have sympathy and empathy for the world around them – especially other people. They would have no time to feed their own oblivious reality – as they do now.

Accepting the concept of a “living spirit” within our planet, means that people would have to be mindful of how we treat our planet, mindful of using technology that works with nature rather than against it, and respectful of each other as spiritual beings.

Most people prefer oblivion rather than have sympathy and empathy for spirits of any kind – including their own. Strangely enough, most people consider their own personal reality “safer” than opening their senses to the world of the living – no matter how deeply disturbing their own reality is. As a result, most people in modern society live in an oblivious world where it’s OK to be high on drugs, junk food, or any other fetish that deadens the senses.

As a result, producers of pollutants like dental mercury, fluoride and GMOs and producers of weapons of mass destruction and all other corporate execs who leech off human society deaden their senses on a regular basis – else they feel sympathy and empathy for the ones they afflict.

What are examples of fringe science?

As for myself, I decided to do a little research to discover if I was the only one who saw things differently. When I reached adulthood, I discovered the works of Wilhelm Reich who made many interesting discoveries about living energy (“orgone” as he called it); among his inventions he had a “cloud busting” device that could actually “shoot down” UFOs.

From there, I compared Reich’s theories on orgone to traditional Chinese Medical Theories of Qi (living energy). Then I discovered very strange things that QiGong adepts can do with their Qi.

I went onto discover the works of Doc Childre of the Heart Math Institute, the works of Gregg Braden and Dean Radin in psychic phenomena. From there, I discovered works in psychoenergetics by William Tiller, Rupert Sheldrake, and a few others I mention through out this site like Drs. Penrose and Hameroff on quantum microtubules.

Why aren’t the works of fringe scientists mainstream?

People living in mainstream decadent society call it “woot.” When I say “decadent,” I mean actual decay and de-evolution of the human condition. Researchers in “bioenergy” or biological energy, psionics, psychoenergetics, and psychic phenomena are a minority. Their work is scientifically verifiable, yet most of them are left out of mainstream academia; it’s like teaching architecture students how to build a house in this modern day and age without green energy technology; that’s a careless waste.

In physics, we were taught to look at reality from different perspectives. For example, we could look at physical reality as “frozen energy.” By the same token, I had wished that someone had told me that qigong is a form of applied biophysics and that extra sensory perception is a form of applied quantum electrodynamics.

In fact, we CAN quantify human psychodynamics. We need only study the vastly ignored quantum microtubule system and their relationship to psychic phenomena. From the perspective of these microtubules, one enlightened person has power equivalent to the sun.

If the mainstream teachers took the time to expand our perspectives of this world rather than mold and shape us to fit into “modern-day” skeptical/mystical society, then human society would be far more advanced.

For this reason, I want to expand your perspectives on your body and mind. I devote Bioenergetic Spectrum to the subject of bioenergetics which is aimed at expanding your perspectives of your physical existence. I use the information there as supporting reference material for this site with the aim of expanding the potential of your mind.

The concepts presented here have a resemblance to a lot of the wild “snake oil” being taught in those new age cults, but I’m not asking you to have faith. I’m asking you to understand through your own research, your own exercises, and your own experiments, so you can discover your own true mind / body potential.

How do I live in a modern day era in without ever using electricity?

A lot of people are doing that by NEVER considering their psychic potential, but what do you want?

The sort of “house” that’s being built in schools when they leave out the subject of bioenergy and psychic energy from life sciences is a “house” built without electricity; it’s a “house” from the dark ages that war lords burn down without a second thought.

Mainstream teachers like to talk about human “plumbing” like kids in a school yard, but they don’t want to address the many levels of energy throughout the living body. They neither want to acknowledge the soul nor the concept of human beings as spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies; they feel that something like “psychic energy,” for instance, is so much mystical, magical mumbo-jumbo, but they prefer to think of humanity as a bunch of biochemical meatsacks with neurochemical reactions as “personalities” running around as “accidents” in an accidental universe.

The fact is that we each have a purpose in this world according to our strengths and gifts. When we are nurtured according to our individual energies, we can create our own “flow” within the “Great River of Life.” We can also think of that flow like “electricity” in a “house.”

For example, in grade school, I felt that I was held back – like a lot of other kids – just because we didn’t act or respond in certain ways. If we were too shy, we were held back a grade. If we didn’t hit a single note xylophone just right, we were held back from music. If a teacher felt that a student should be held back for whatever reason, he was held back.

I still remember researching nuclear energy in grade school because I had so much interest in “energy” in general, but this was a time without internet and all the kids books contained propaganda – like nuclear fission by-products and fluoride are “good and safe…”.

I actually had an interest in “living energy.” I wanted to know what kind of “electricity” flows through our bodies. When I asked teacher how nuclear energy works in the body, I was held back from further research because I asked too many “silly questions” that had “nothing to do with what was being taught in school.”

The reality is that the “electricity” is there to use within our “house” whether the mainstream academicians acknowledge it or not. The “electricity” of which I speak is not from energies of decay like electromagnetic (EM) waves.

I’m talking about subtle energies of creation like scalar (potential) energy and quantum fields which have non-local effects and can be emitted from exotic configurations like a mobius coils, caduceus coils, bifilar coils; these emitter arrays are built up structures in nature such as DNA, the central nervous system, and the brain.

The “electricity” emitted from our bodies and minds is pure potential energy; this type of energy need only resonate with a target any where in the universe to manifest itself. Scalar fields, for example, are capable of carrying intelligence or intention such as biological information. (As you see, the wikipedians even call scalar fields “pseudoscience” or “woot” just because it doesn’t fit within the paradigm of conventional science.)

Manifestation can be in the form of an EM force or any kind of paranormal event which we lovingly refer to as Psychoenergetics; it’s all scientifically explainable – within the realm of alternate science.

Research veterans in this field are people like Rupert Sheldrake, William Tiller, Dean Radin and a host of other works I discuss throughout this site. (I plan on discussing biological effects of Scalar Energy and Quantum Fields at Bioenergetic Science Circle, but you can examine at case histories and more evidence at Collective DNA Consciousness and The Holographic Paradigm.)

Under related posts, please see a few examples of my personal research in remote viewing and remote influencing:

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Disciplinary Studies

Psychic Research PSI and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Learn How Psychic Energy is used for Healing

Discussion on Dean Radin, Gary Craig, William Tiller and more psychic researchers who seek to advance humanity through their esoteric research in psychoenergetics for self improvement.

  1. Bioelectricity carries intention and emotions specific to each organ in our bodies according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For this reason, energy psychology is a successful healing modality. The most successful energy psychology modality to date are emotional freedom techniques or EFT.
  2. The only way that EFT could possibly work is if bioelectricity and the energy meridians actually exist. We could easily claim that it’s a “placebo effect,” but how does this explain surrogate EFT wherein the target is healed at a distance, similar to remote influencing without prior knowledge?

Fortunately, there are a good number of psychic researchers in this world who are open minded and have done amazing work. HealingMindN honors the research of those open minded teachers who seek to advance humanity through their esoteric research. One great investigator is Dean Radin, for example:

At the Google Tech Talks, January, 16 2008, Dean Radin lectured on “taboos” in the mainstream paradigm of neuroscience researchers:

Of the 17,500 learning institutions in the world there are only 50 academicians interested in researching psi phenomena. 0.3% of academia exploring psi anamolies is taboo to the rest of mainstream researchers…

(Mainstream) western neuroscience experts equate the mind only to the brain. Skeptics or mechanistic thinkers are quick to judge psychic phenomena on selective memory, wishful thinking, coincidence, misperception, embellishment, and mental illness. These reasons are about 80% correct which leaves 10% to 20% of true psychic experiences.

In direct opposition, the ancient eastern energetically oriented sciences tell us that the mind is everything. You learn how important your mind is at this site and the following video: “Science and the taboo of psi” with Dean Radin. “We live in a weird fabric of reality with connections that transcend space and time…”

This site is all about increasing your true psychic experiences your personal development; your growth and discipline is reflected in the world around you according to the holographic paradigm of the universe. For example, you should learn the answers to remote viewing FAQs, so you can choose the teaching that’s suited to your needs. In discovering your personal needs, you also learn your true connection to the world around you and how it reflects you.

Of those open minded teachers, there is one whom I honor in particular at Holy Life, HealingMindN. Let’s call this person, “The Creator.” If you prefer, call Him/Her the Lord of Jehovah or the “Creator.” (Please also take what I’m telling you here with a grain of salt.)

The “Creator.” of the universe made sure that every “house” has electricity. The beauty of this is We control that “electricity” with our minds. In a living body, we call this bioelectricity or bioenergy. Without bioelectricity generated by living tissues and the living world around us, we wouldn’t be alive.

The more sophisticated martial arts/qigong instructors teach us all the “on,” “off,” “dim,” and “overload” switches through stimulation of the energy meridians (the “internal wiring”) which controls the flow of bioelectricity.

More importantly, bioelectricity carries intention and emotions specific to each organ in our bodies according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For this reason, energy psychology is a successful healing modality. The most successful energy psychology modality to date are emotional freedom techniques or EFT.

As of this writing, Gary Craig has moved his business to The links to his new sight are in process at this site, but he has EFT counselors all over the world turning in their reports at Craig says to try it for everything – and that’s what people do.

The basic premise of EFT comes from TCM: Circulation is health, Stagnation is sickness. If we’re traumatized, especially at a young age, then emotional blockages appear in the meridian system while the amygdala in the brain acts as an emotional high pressure valve. Those emotional blockages cause emotional armor which leads to physical armor which leads to aches, pains, biochemical imbalances, and other chronic ailments.

Emotional Freedom Techniques release those blockages by tapping key trigger points on the meridians while talking out the issue at hand. This stimulates circulation and healthy release of plugged up emotional traumas.

The only way that EFT could possibly work is if bioelectricity and the energy meridians actually exist. We could easily claim that it’s a “placebo effect,” but how does this explain surrogate EFT wherein the target is healed at a distance, similar to remote influencing without prior knowledge?

“But there must be reasonable explanations…” say the skeptics in their Mickey Mouse Voices. Of course, there are reasonable explanations, but skeptics only choose to accept “reasonable explanations” that apply to their own emotional securities. Tell me: Would you prefer to take a skeptic to dinner or someone more interesting in Palo Alto?

Remote Influencing like surrogate EFT proves that “bioelectricity” is sypathetic resonant potential energy that carries your intentions to a target (of your choosing) to produce psychic and other paranormal phenomena. Similar effects happen with the visual ray.

For lack of updated links to the above EFT articles, I provide you with a few methods of increasing your psychic sense using a higher vibration than can be accomplished without tapping and talking:

Unlike a house, we can’t exist without “bioelectricity.” We consistently break the second law of thermodynamics because of our internal energy; we are warm blooded beings by nature. Besides our internally generated energy, we also depend upon external sources of energy.

This energy comes from the sun, the earth, the air, food, water, other people, and every other source in between. We are constantly interacting with our environment through energetic / synergistic / sympathetic relationships.

When we lose that “electrical connection” with the world around us, we feel despair, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and all those other chronic mental ailments that plague human society. This is why we try to re-establish that connection with mental discipline, spiritual growth, emotional guidance, whatever works.

For many people, they not only lose spiritual connection with others; they also lose a spiritual connection with God.

People with spiritual connections have been clinically demonstrated to be healthier and happier. Sometimes that’s all people need: To Feel God, so they can be happy.

This cure may apply to atheists as well. The Creator of the Universe always begins with the spirit. The Creator also gave us the ability to heal ourselves. To do that, We have to use His/Her Tools, the Healing Tools of the Mind.

All of our intentions towards healing, love, and real progress for life are aspects of the Mind of God. We are all individual aspects of God. Belief based in fear and hatred causes distortions of God.

The tools I bring to you through this site are based in love and healing to help you re-establish your “connection” with the world and the rest of the universe. The expert “electricians” who I present to you through this site are giants and I stand on their shoulders.

Conscious Intention, Water & Subtle Energy


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