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Remote Viewing Joke: Men Who Stare at Goats

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Hollywood has its customers well trained. After any movie, each and every person questions their own reality. I still remember when I went to the movies with my nephew to see one of those American Pie movies. He actually asked me “is that how it really is?”

Let me explain something to you: Hollywood Movies are pure fiction. There was a time when their sole purpose was entertainment. Now, that there are all kinds of hands in Hollywood Productions, the movies also have ulterior motives and an agenda to fulfill with it’s audience.

When I say “all kinds of hands,” I’m talking about people behind the scenes, beyond the experts in marketing and psychology. I’m talking about people who want to shape public.

You know how I mentioned Kaizen in a previous post? Hollywood has great Kaizen because production crews are such well oil “machines” raking in billions of dollars a day. Their goal is your entertainment, but they also have another goal: To please the hand that feeds them.

For example, why did a number of Hollywood Films, by happenstance, so brazenly contain a 9:11 symbol within the context of their stories – before the event of 9/11/01?

By the same token, why does Hollywood like to make a joke out of psychic powers? For example, the character played by George Clooney in “Goats…” was treated as a joke as in that “cloud busting” scene.

I realize this movie was meant to be a comedy because the book is also humorous. The problem is that the general public think that trained psychics are jokes now and they’re just plain flaky after “Men Who Stare at Goats?” Who wants to be like that? Right?

I can come up with jokes too. Did you know that the sequel is called “Goats Who Stare at Men?” This is about psychic goats who force Hollywood Producers to have a conscience. The prequel is called “Cavemen Who Stare at Goats,” a story about a few cavemen who couldn’t get human wives. Their offspring were Hollywood Producers without a conscience.

I could go on, but I want you to know that you’re losing out if you allow Hollywood and other mass media to shape your opinion. The people who want to shape your opinion are not interested in your spiritual growth.

The people who want to shape your opinion are not interested training the general public to have psychic powers or else we would have regular psychic 101 classes in school.

No. The people who want to shape your opinion want you to focus on whatever status symbol or fad or celebrity or whatever hot topic trivia there is today. They want you to focus on your mundane jobs, so you can go on your mundane vacations, then spend your money on more mundane entertainment and status symbols, then work on your mundane taxes every year.

What the people behind the scenes don’t want is for you to know them. The last thing the people pulling the strings want is for you to find out what they’ve been doing.

Do you know what kind of world this would be if most people were psychic? Let me rephrase that: What if you and your friends did know how to do remote viewing? Let’s say you and your friends get together to find out why that 9:11 symbol turned up in a number of movies before the event of 9/11/01.

Do you believe the people behind the scenes would actually want that to happen? Probably not.

Ergo, “Men Who Stare at Goats” turned people with psychic powers into a joke.

You could go along with that joke, but since you’re here, I imagine you might agree with what I’m saying.

Perhaps, you should look into that Remote Viewing / Remote Influencing Course by Gerald O’Donnell. Like me, he’s interested in raising the spiritual growth of humanity through psychic discipline.

Learning remote viewing does take intense discipline. The most psychic discipline the people behind the scenes want you to have is to earn money, then turn around and pay them to watch their movies.

Learning remote influencing also takes great discipline. Do you believe the people pulling the strings behind the scenes want you pulling any strings? Probably not, so they want people to think that psychics are a joke. Who wants to be a joke? Right?

What you want is to be “deadly” to the people behind the scenes. Not just a threat, but down right seriously deadly. That’s what a nation of psychics would be to the people behind the scenes.

For me, it would be heaven on earth. What about you?

Please look into the Remote Viewing / Remote Influencing Course. The US$100 discount is good until 15 January 2010, only a few days left, and the Probable Future Corporation does provide a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not pleased.

You have pleased me by giving me your time.

Healing Thoughts, Happy New Year,


P.S. Here’s part 4 from the Conspiracy Theory series wherein Jesse Ventura questions General Stubblebine, one of the real life characters of “Men Who Stare at Goats” on Manchurian Candidates, AKA programmed assassins:

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