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Keys to Creation Meditation: OM

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“Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace.”

-Bhagavad Gita

Omkara_smWe’ve talked about the basics of meditation. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what we can do to really achieve a higher stage of enlightenment. Last time we talked about breathing and how it is widely considered the most important physical aspect of meditation. I say physical aspect because the state of the mind is, as always, the most important. This time, we examine the verbal aspect of meditation, the mantra.

The Omkara Mantra

You may have seen others meditating while uttering a single syllable at a specific frequency; this is a mantra. The most famous mantra is the “Om” or “Aum” sound. This sound is considered to be sacred to several religions and spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The sound “aum” is formally referred to as the “Omkara,” or “Name of God” in Sanskrit and there are several ways of speaking it.

“Omanipadme Aum” for example, roughly translates to “I pray to the Jewel in the Lotus Flower.” The “Lotus Flower” is the brain. The “Jewel” is the mind. In essence, this means you are praying to your own spirit or the essence of God contained within you.

The main objective of a mantra is that it is a tool to help you achieve permanent inner awareness; this is the key to your inner transformation. The purpose is not the meaning of the word in and of itself. Rather, it is your personal utterance of the word and the vibration it makes within you that matters.

Getting in touch with your inner vibration is the key to your permanent inner awareness; this is the central theme in most methods of spiritual growth.

How Psychoneuroimmunology of Your Mantra Works

You know how there are people who obsessively / compulsively repeat bad things to themselves? That’s a mantra. Unfortunately, bad mantra’s resonate with bad thoughts. Vibrations from bad thoughts, especially when speaking them leads to inner mental and physical stress; this stress can lead to congestive ailments of internal organs, lymph nodes, the circulatory system, etcetera as a form of psychosomatic illness.

Congestive ailments are the common root of most forms of disease today. The principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that stagnation / congestion in the body leads to sickness, whereas, proper circulation leads to good health.

Since congestion leads to a build up of toxins in the body, a toxic body reflects a toxic attitude. For this reason, the most common chronic ailments are easily relieved through detoxification as detailed in this clinical bioenergetics manual by one Dr. Galitizer.

Unfortunately, if the toxic attitude remains, the person is a “bottomless pit of woe” in constant need of detox because that person is always reaccumulating toxins by inducing their internal stress. For this reason, emotional freedom techniques are ideal at releasing that toxic attitude; this is because by emotional stagnation happens within the energy meridians.

The energy meridians are each an energetic extension of the physical organs. Each organ is responsible for generating specific emotions. Conventional neuroscientists are only focused on the brain, specifically, the amygdala within the limbic system, as the source of emotions. In a holistic perspective, TCM practitioners study all the organs of body as the source of emotions while the brain helps us to coordinate and express our emotions.

Emotional traumas and persistent life negative up bringing cause emotional blocks. These emotional blocks happen first within the energy meridians attached to those emotions. The secondary manifestations are all manner of physical disorders specifically related to congestive problems and the subsequent accumulation of toxins.

The intra-relation between the meridians are determined by the five elements axioms of TCM. Meridians are the “energy framework” or “higher gauge symmetry” of the body as pointed out by Dr. William Tiller, professor emeritus, Stanford University, in his psychoenergetic studies.

This energy framework is part of the mind’s energy matrix and is also a holographic copy of the universal blueprint, whereas, the brain is actually the quantum computer interface for the body as indicated in the works of Dr. William Tiller, PhD. Isn’t that interesting?

We are all based upon the universal energy matrix. We can think of this matrix as an infinite “mind.” Whereas our imaginations can take us anywhere, any time across time / space barriers, the Universal Mind also “imagines” things across time / space barriers in acts of creation. Your reality is based upon the universal reality, but on a smaller scale.

In the remote influencing course from Probable Future and similar courses, the guided meditation exercises resonate visually with sun energies, earth energies, and other natural energy forms based in light.

But remember, when God said in Genesis, “let there be light,..” remember that creation began with the word.

“Circumcision” of Your Mantra

Even more interesting is the reality we create for ourselves when we speak it. According to the Kabbalists, we live the reality that we speak through “circumcision” of our words.

As a figure of speach, the way a male member is circumcised, we also “circumcise” the mantras in our daily lives. The way we speak a word is our “circumcision” of that word. If we did not “circumcise” that word, it would lack clarity and meaning. In essence, we “circumcise” a word to give it shape and resonance, so we can speak it. In turn, the word shapes us in our reality.

Remember the Chladni Plate Experiments and how they relate to crop circles? In the same fashion, the universe was shaped through sound. You and each of us are all microcosms of the universe – which is why I point out we are also holographic copies of the universal paradigm.

We are each a piece of the hologram known as the universe, yet we are whole unto ourselves. Yes, our bodies are inextricably intertwined with our family genetics by 60%, but the rest of our lives is up to us to shape the way we choose.

Indeed, through pure intention, we can shape our DNA sequence any way we want. Please examine the DNA Experiments at Collective DNA Consciousness and the suggestions by Dr. Tiller in the following 2 part video:

Our HUGE potential to Co-Create and Tiller’s Most Profound Hypothesis

Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford University Department of Materials Science, spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories.

He has published over 250 conventional scientific papers, 3 books and several patents. In parallel, for over 30 years, he has been avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which will very likely become an integral part of “tomorrows” physics. In this new area, he has published an additional 100 scientific papers and four seminal books.

The Om Exercise

Barring any kind of toxic attitude, let’s practice the five parts of the Omkara. Remember, We don’t have to join a religion or take part in a belief system for this to work. Our main goal is inner transformation (AKA alchemy); the key to this is inner awareness.

We gain inner awareness through circumcision of a mantra which resonates with our energy framework. Subsequently, We shape ourselves much like the sand on a Chladni Plate through our mantras.

The “om” happens to be a mantra of creation. We could just as easily use the Biblical Names of God in this exercise. For the moment, we use “om” because it’s easy to speak and remember.

First, let’s warm up. If you didn’t pick up the Secrets of the Ninja Manual already, then please do so. There is an excellent set of tempering exercises that lead into the Kuji Kiri Kanji Meditation; I consider it an excellent warm up for any kind of meditation. This “warm up” is actually very similar to the QiGong Exercises of Xing I Quan (“shape / mind” fist, soft style kung fu), except they are all done in a sitting position.

As for the posture during meditation, please look up the HealingMindN Meditation Guide; this guide contains seven key areas of posture. I’ve studied them as universal elements common to most forms of still meditation save for yoga. Once you learn them, they all fall into place, like riding a bicycle, because they are all keys to instantly relax you.

In the HealingMindN Posture, you are breathing in deeply and slowly through your nose then out through your mouth. Now, for the “circumcision” of “om.”

1)After breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth in a deep rhythmic pattern begin with the ‘h’ sound, which should come from deep within the throat, therefore, the sound is gutteral, but feel it originating from deep within your chest; the sound should be barely audible, but you should feel it vibrating from within you.

In this sound, you should not be speaking in the way you speak to others, but rather resonating your voice, as when you sing.

2)You must use your body as an instrument of sound AND energy. Therefore, you must also project emotion. Since “aum” is a sound of creation and the sexual function is the act of creation in the physical world, then project your inner most desires – for love.

No need for primitive intentions. Let nature take its course. In doing so, you activate your kundalini energies which can cause intense euphoria – among other things.

3)From there, the “ah” and “oh” sounds go together; the transition between the two should be blurred sufficiently that it will be difficult to tell when one ends and the other begins.

Therefore, you are dynamically shaping your mouth for each syllable – as though you are singing, but using one monotonic frequency. The sound itself is not as important as the feeling created within your body.

4)Finally we reach the “mm” or labial sound, in which we feel the vibration. The entire vibration began in the heart chakra and climbed up the throat and to the mouth. This sensation of energy rises up to the crown chakra.

The entire mantra should last as long as one complete, slow exhale. Therefore, “hhh-ahhh-ohhh-mmm” might last you for five to ten seconds.

5)When you breathe correctly as in the HealingMindN Meditation Posture, you should feel the sensation bouncing around inside you. This sensation varies slightly between individuals. In general, when you feel something unusual tingling or “wriggling around” inside of you, this means your kundalini energies are activating.

7)When your tongue is at rest, place the tip to the top of your soft pallet. This happens when there is no lingual syllable. (In QiGong, this completes the “Yin / Yang” circuit in the body.)

Omkara is the musical sound the universe makes during a ten million year “sigh.”

Omkara is the symbol of the universally present being within every drop of rain, every speck of dust, the ice crystals around Saturn, the aurora borealis and the muscle making up the heart.

It is the energy that binds us all in unity, and from which all matter came and will go. Upon understanding the unity with this sound you understand the interconnectivity you have with all things. From the “om,” as in creation, you go forward.

An excellent way to help you reach this understanding is to take advantage of our brainwave entrainment, which puts you in the state of mind you need to take the next step toward spiritual progression. Please check out the specially designed brainwave entrainment programs including Theta Meditation. Theta Meditation facilitates visualization in a deeply relaxed state.

If you want to take your meditation to the next level, then please try OceanScape GhostShip, Altered States. The technology in this recording truly opens your senses by inducing alternate states of awareness using an intense sensory experience. The technology in this recording includes pink noise modulated upon theta rhythms with gamma bursts. Get a 25% coupon off your purchase of OceanScape GhostShip, Altered States with your subscription to Way of the MindGate Newsletter.

Thank you for your time in reading this presentation on Meditation. We’re looking forward to tackling the next subject and bringing you closer to inner alchemy and psychic awareness.

Healing Thoughts,


Many of you have heard of the Moody Blues’ album entitled In Search of the Lost Chord. For those of you who have not, perhaps you have heard of this “lost chord” which is commonly referred to and pronounced as “om” or “ohm” in esoteric circles, particularly those of the eastern tradition. It is also known as the “monochord.”

The Lost Chord refers to the perfect state of creation or that state of consciousness which existed before reality existed. The idea of expressing the word “om” is to reunite one with the supreme consciousness. “Om,” in its most perfect sense, represents the complete electromagnetic spectrum.

That includes all of creation. When we consider the principles of hard physics, everything in creation falls within the realm of the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes all matter and energy including light, sound, and different types of matter.

When we consider the lost chord, we are talking about what Lao Tzu called the “uncarved block.” In other words, it is creation undisturbed by anything. In the Qabala (Kaballah), the first principle of creation is known as the “Fool” and it is represented by the Tarot card of the same name.

The Fool refers to a capricious or whimsical impression upon the inherent state of perfection and creates a break in the supreme state referred to as “om.”

Ironically, the word “ohm” refers to a unit of electromagnetic resistance. In a general sense, this is analogous to what happens when “the fool” whimsically presses upon the Lost Chord. He has created a unit of electromagnetic interference (an interferogram, a manifestation of force).

Actually, the foolish impulse has created a whole series of electromagnetic waves that conform to some whimsical principle. More impulses create more waves including light, energy, and matter.

Ultimately, you have an entire universe such as the one that we live in. The search for the lost chord refers to our attempt to regain the understanding of all of this.*

*excerpted from “The Lost Chord,” p.53-54; The Music of Time; Preston Nichols; 2000. (Paragraphs added for clarity)

Through your “Om” practice, you rise above “the whimsical fool” by reestablishing your own creation rather than simply existing as a bit of frozen electromagnetic interference.

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