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Honest, Selfless, Loving, Caring = Meaning of Life?

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It’s been said that the best things in life are free – although in our hyper-consumptive culture, you’d be hard-pressed to find many people who would agree with you.


Our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle recently found a beautiful feature film entitled Amal. It’s a modern-day parable that tells the story of a man named Amal – a simple, humble auto-rickshaw driver in the colorful, bustling city of New Delhi, India. Content with the small but vital role he plays in life, to drive his customers throughout the city as safely as possible, Amal is a man who lives simply to do “the right thing” in every situation.


One day Amal drives an eccentric billionaire who, disguised as a vagabond, is searching the streets for the last morsel of humanity; someone he can leave all his money to. His children are ungrateful spoiled brats and his colleagues are corrupt, money-sucking leeches.


Despite all his wealth, the old man wanders the city hoping to find the two things his money has never brought him – hope for humanity and peace for his soul. In Amal, he discovers a dying breed: a man who is honest, selfless, loving, and caring.


This riveting and surprising tale ultimately reveals that the poorest of men are sometimes the richest.



Enjoy the movies!

“The Spiritual Cinema Circle is providing a great service to those who want to evolve and be entertained at the same time.”
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“It’s not often you can combine entertainment with personal growth, but that is exactly what The Spiritual Cinema Circle offers. These engaging films provide important messages about life, love, and the world we live in.”
-Jack Canfield

“Spiritual Cinema Circle reminds us that goodness is reserved for the good ones.”


Start your free trial today! For just a small shipping fee, you can receive a *free DVD that includes Amal plus three great short films, plus Mariel Hemingway’s very special in-depth interview with spiritual teacher Alan Cohen! [Please Discover how these amazing stories on DVD tug on your heart strings.]


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