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Art of Prose: How JK Ellis Changed His Name

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About 4 months later after I published an essay in a contest held by JK Ellis, his name is now Dantelion Jones. That name came out of the blue, but that fact that he changed it was my fault – and I’m feeling somewhat guilty. I didn’t think it was possible until it happened, but this essay that I wrote especially for JK Ellis actually caused him to change his name.

If you look back at the first post on this subject, Art of Prose: rapport, I specifically wrote, “There are elements in this story that appealed especially to JK Ellis – elements of which he is probably not aware, but you will be…”

Now, I’m making you aware. There is an imbedded command in that essay that I wrote specifically for JK Ellis. In this writing contest JK Ellis asks people to write the most evil, slanderous things they could possible imagine about him while still maintaining some elements of truth.

As a subscriber to his email marketings, I had learned several things about JK Ellis: He likes to quote famous people; He likes Milton Erickson mind control methods; and he courts darkness.

In the essay I wrote (#12), there is no real judgement or labeling going on that you read in the other essays at; it’s all a sensual experience attached to concepts told in pretty much the way that Erickson would tell to his patients. I also happen to be a big fan of Erickson because of his story telling methods that would directly relate to his patients and their mind patterns. In fact, I’ve been a fan of his work for decades.

What’s interesting about this story is that it contains many elements of truth – scary irrefutable truths mixed in with half truths interlaced with intensely sensual imagery as it relates to those truths as experienced by a central character – a method that Erickson never really revealed in his notes. You had to listen to him. I suppose you could say he was using the politician’s method as discussed by Alan Tutt in Keys To Power Persuasion, but in the context of a story.

Our central character likes traveling to explore bizarre, paranormal things. I also had the sense that JK Ellis has a passion for the same; this along with several elements I discussed earlier on Art of Prose established JK Ellis’ rapport with the central character.

Let me sum up the truths for you from the essay, first: There actually is a restaurant where fried bologna is a favourite in Dayton, Ohio at an intersection of Highway 4 where Marl Road splits off. Military officers actually do like to stop at this restaurant. Marl Road really is surrounded and shadowed by tall trees; it’s also a restricted road because it leads straight to the tarmac of Wright-Patterson AFB, a fabled area for strange UFO sightings. I’m pretty sure that JK Ellis probably had all of this at the back of his mind as he read the essay.

There are also the Ellis Town Truths: There really was an Ellis Town in 1883, but in the UK. The town really was made of brick and metal rails with a cobblestone road. The women’s fashion back then really were those suggestive jersey dresses if not steam punk with nothing underneath. The attitudes back then really were sexually free with harlots roaming the streets. You could say that I did my research because the image I painted is historically accurate.

Now, for the half truths: Ellis Industries really does exist, so I made up this super secret, 3rd party security force, “JK Ellis Industries.” The Shadow Beast was taken from the Montauk Project; there are actual pictures of this shadow beast destroying a building in the book. Supposedly it was the manifestation of Duncam Cameron’s dark side when he was in the Montauk Chair. Shadow Beast also represents the darkness which JK Ellis consistently courts in the form of his “mysterious” persona.

This Shadow Beast also manifests itself as a beautiful, exotic woman, Esprit Contrôle, who makes our central character feel really good and strong at times when he was at his weakest. Our central character courts the shadow beast just as JK Ellis courts his. He doesn’t want any common harlot. He wants the woman who gives him power, the Shadow Beast.

Oh yes, the clicking in our protagonist’s head: The clicking sound is due to a directed beam of microwaves at the cerebrum. There are several U.S. patents that describe this process for using microwave beams to deliver subliminal suggestions directly to the human mind. Supposedly, the Shadow Beast was also precipitated from the ether using the same microwave antenna array used for mind control during the Montauk Project. The same beast is able to direct microwaves in the same fashion – in theory.

There are also the vastly empty fields on either side of Marl Road. Supposedly, these fields are where strange things land and set up shop as an extension of “aerospace research.” There are theories floating around that these fields are not actually empty, that this is just an “illusion.” Since space and time are inextricably connected, I came up with Ellis Town in one of those spaces in a time bubble, 101 years ago. That 101 Sound familiar?

I have to admit. I crafted so many elements into this story that when I look at it again, I amaze myself. For example, JK Ellis said that a requirement of this essay was that the URL, had to be mentioned at least once. I found several ways to covertly and subconsciously insert this term:

“MCIONNDT1R0O1L:” The words, mind control 101 embedded within itself.
“Bewusstseinskontrolle LOL:” German for Mind Control; LOL, a play on 101.
“101 Lortnoc Dn IM:” Obviously, it’s spelled backwards.
“Esprit Contrôle… She laughed out loud:” French for Mind Control; laughed out loud, another play on 101
“don’t come…” A play on dot com.

Now for the truly covert elements. Carl Jung had a regular trigger statement for his patients, “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.” When you dwell on what this means, you will actually go into a trance. In fact, Jung would ask his patients to quietly ponder what that statement means to them. By using this same trigger, we can cause a person to be open to suggestion.

Our central character had already established rapport with JK Ellis by the time he heard this Jungism in his mind. As the story continued this caused JK Ellis to really see the story with his mind’s eye as he read it without any critical analysis.

Throughout the story, JK Ellis probably identified more with the central character than Ellis Town or JK Ellis Industries – Mainly because that central character is courting the darkness, the shadow beast, the sensuous, exotic woman who makes him feel good. JK Ellis Industries and their “tour” was making our central character feel pretty miserable and helpless through most of the story. The only saving grace was our lovely shadow beast, Esprit Contrôle.

At the end of Ellis Town, our protagonist has an altercation with JK Ellis Industry Military Personnel, one of them a highly decorated officer. He beats these military personnel to a pulp and shoots them. This happens after one of the officers calls our central character Mr. Ellis, to which he violently responds, “My name is not Ellis!” Thereafter, he steals away Esprit Contrôle.

Since JK Ellis identified more with the central character while he despised JK Ellis Industry Personnel as he left Ellis Town behind him, that was the nail in the coffin for JK Ellis. Now, there’s Dantelion Jones. I deeply apologise to JK Ellis because I had no idea that words on a page could do that – until now.

I guess that makes me dangerous in a way, but I choose to be a HealingMindN, so I’m not out to get anyone, not consciously.

Thanks for your time,