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Fox News strikes again with yet another double speak interview; this time with Kevin Barret, professor of Winconsin U. The Kitchen Synch blog got there before me, so here are three < ten minute interviews at Interpreting Media – TV Mind Control.

Fox News “journalists” of the “most powerful news network on television,” (so they say) slaughter yet another interview of what could have been enlightening information by a college professor with their rude, manipulative, adolescent mentality.

I still remember when Fox News monkeys did this to Dr. Joseph Mercola when he addressed avian flu in his book. The “journalist” doing the interview actually pretended to be Dr. Mercola’s good friend at first, but when the on air interview time came, this “journalist” went berserk with the NLP in order to attack, berate, and defame Dr. Mercola with NLP terms like “water rolling off a duck’s back” to describe the evidence around bird flu as they showed ducks in a lake. Then the interviewer called him a “quack” during narration.

Although these so-called reporters are rude and manipulative, and no good information ever comes across to the audience through these discrediting type interviews because of constant Fox Newsesque interruptions, these so called “interviews” really do give the best demonstrations of NLP on TV.

I’ve mentioned Tavistock Institute somewhere in my blog before; as I mentioned before, they helped the political factions get WWII started, most likely helped Bush convince the people that invading Iraq is “good,” and helped the multinational pharma co’s get 80 to 90% of the American People beginning in grade school to get hooked on prescription drugs among a lot of other distasteful activities.

Tavistock counselors are most likely coaching Fox News “journalists.” It’s clear that Tavistock has no moral compass about who they help with what activity. It probably has something to do with “who can pay their price.”

I don’t watch Fox News. I do catch it sometimes when someone else has it on. The problem is this “most powerful news network on TV” makes me sick with their nonsense. Monty Python’s Flying Circus makes more sense compared to Fox News. At least, Monty Python nonsense is laughable – unlike Fox News “journalists” laughing at their audience because they know they’re getting away with…

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P.S. I have to ask you something: Would you allow anyone to speak rudely to you and constantly interrupt you with their discursive, adolescent banter while they do their little sign language to you as you tried to give an important speech on your work? Probably not.P.S.S. At Al Neal Mind Control, I refer to a 2 hour video by Al Neal. This video might be available in stores like ebay or some other strange place if you don’t have broadband.

In the video, Al Neal refers to “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was a courtesan of one of the Rothschild Brothers who are described at my site, Evil Mind.

Within “Atlas Shrugged” is a kind of fiction wherein the main character is literally telling the reader, “don’t think for yourself – you don’t have a mind of your own – leave the thinking to the experts…” among other horrid things.

According to Al Neal, “Atlas Shrugged” is proudly displayed in the homes of members of the illuminati (high ranking members of skull & bones, freemasons, Bilderberger members, etc.).

From the evidence, “Atlas Shrugged” is a kind of ‘bible’ philosophy shared by these people and seems to be philosophy shared by the “journalists” of Fox News; they don’t want you to think for yourself. You should leave the thinking to them, the “experts.” They know their audience – too well.