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Dr. William Tiller lecture: higher gauge symmetry, quantum vacuum

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This first of three lectures by Dr. William Tiller helps us understand concepts on psychoenergetics. I would like to elucidate a few of the terminologies he employs since they tend to go over the head of most people. In fact, he wants most people to understand through their own practice of meditation for example to achieve higher consciousness. Let’s listen to Dr. Tiller as he discusses his ideas for measuring personal energy as a form of biofeedback and the quantum vacuum:

Higher gauge symmetry

“Higher gauge symmetry” as Dr. Tiller puts it can be pictured on the outside of the body as the “aura” or energy field or inside the body as the energy meridians of Chinese Medical Theory; this is only a beginning of higher gauge symmetry; call it a “bridge.” Understand that the human aura and energy meridians contain intelligence as part of an information matrix. Some psychotronics researchers refer to the “intelligent data field.” Biologist, Ruper Sheldrake, refers to the “morphic field” in his research.

Let’s use an analogy to help us understand higher gauge symmetry as discussed by Dr. Tiller:

Take our wireless phone infrastructure for example: This is an information matrix. Cell towers are part of the infrastructure emitting microwave carriers which put out the necessary protocols pertaining to specific services. A cellphone also has protocols in order to use those services. In turn, cell towers are linked to centralized control centers which direct signals from cellphone to cellphone per the user’s request.

This infrastructure correlates to the nervous system including nerve impulses to major ganglia to the spinal cord to the brain which, in turn, feeds signals back to the neural sensors (cellphones).

Now, try to imagine everyone who has a cellphone on this infrastructure are all using it at the same time. Some of them are calling the same place at the same time for the same purpose conducting important business. Others are calling each other just for the hell of it.

The above example represents a person who might be at work or at school just trying to get through the day.

Now, imagine everyone with a cellphone on this infrastructure all calling the same place at the same time.

This example represents all the complete attention of a person in one place. When you suddenly experience pain from getting hurt in a certain place on your body or when you’re with someone who you truly love with your all consuming devotion. (Of course, a cellphone infrastructure would break down at that point.)

Now, imagine everyone with a cellphone on this infrastructure all calling the same place at the same time. The catch is this place is in an alternate reality: The infrastructure is the same except all the microwave frequencies are doubled, tripled, and beyond. That alternate reality is also bigger: twice as big, thrice as big, and beyond. So big that the regular human senses can’t really see it, although we’re right here in the middle of it

That alternate reality can also be extremely small, yet have the same information infrastructure. It can be so small that it’s the size of an atom. So small that we can’t see it for what it truly is, although atoms make up our entire physical universe.

Imagine everyone calling this alternate equal reality, in this alternate dimension, at the same time. Then everyone in that alternate dimension answers at the same time – and you exchange information.

Like I said, that cellphone infrastructure would have broken down already if everyone tried to call the same place at the same time. Not true with the human infrastructure: the mind.

The only attachement you have to this physical universe is your body, which is intimately attached to your mind, a superior quantum holographic, multi-phasic information carrier.

The mind is basically the spirit – or an aspect of it. NeuroScience sometimes mistakes the brain for the mind; it’s the functional signals processed through the brain that form your thought patterns. These signals form multi-phasic quantum holograms, an information matrix that cellphones will never have.

(When I say multi-phasic I mean that your neural patterns exhibit different harmonics simultaneously in terms of alpha, beta, gamma, delta rhythms, etc. while one rhythm takes presidence during any particular state of consciousness. Each of those phases carry its own set of information; it’s the same principle that over the air digital TV signals have multiple stations on the same UHF carrier. Of course, the human mind is so much more complex and superior – you knew that!)

The brain is the best quantum dynamic computer in the world; it is the tool of the mind which gives it instructions. Some neuroscientists want to travel into mystical territories of psychology when asked, “where does the brain get its instructions?”

The mind is part of the universal matrix which is the Mind of God. The human mind needs a quantum dynamic computer because it uses quantum holographic information. The human mind is, itself, a quantum hologram, a reflection of the universal matrix, the Mind of God.

When we shift into higher consciousness, through meditation for example, the greater quantum coherence we achieve, the closer we get to contacting our infinite alternate realities provided by God. Complete quantum coherence is equivalent to everyone with a cellphone calling the alternate reality wireless infrastructure at the same time.

At that point, who knows what might happen? Psychokinetic Teleportion? Enlightenment? Amazing human accomplishments are done through tapping into your higher gauge symmetry.

As Dr. Tiller states, observe how the celebrities do it. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to their drive, determination, dedication, and discipline to their talents, so they can put it on public display – rather than their dirty laundry…

The quantum vacuum

The human information matrix resonates with the universal information matrix because fractals repeat throughout nature. At the quantum level level, where the electrons are swirling about the nucleus of atoms, there is information being stored – about you.

One of your blood drops has the same information as your body. I’m not talking about cloning or reproduction. I’m talking about vibratory information that is specific to you.

Each of your cells emits biophotons as a form of mitogenic radiation and contain potential energy – in the same way that the mind is also a form of potential energy. Each of the cells in your body emit biophotons when going to a lower energy state. Each of these biophotons contains a packet of information specific to your genetic makeup. In turn, a drop of blood from you can be used like a radio crystal that tunes into you.

This is why a device such as the Harmonic Translator works. That drop of blood is a piece of you in the same way that piece of a hologram still carries the same information as the rest of the hologram. This is how nature works. Your blood is a harmonic fractal of you.

All of reality consists of harmonics. There are subharmonics and superharmonics. Think of yourself as the harmonic. (This concept is real easy to understand if your a musician.)

A drop of your blood contains subharmonics of you. Your higher self or your higher consciousness contains superharmonics of you. All of nature, your entire reality, is also a harmonic expression of you – which you, in turn, are a harmonic expression of the universe.

In human society, we socialize and commune with each other. We are harmonics seeking like harmonics. We like to resonate with others who seem to have the same harmonics that we do – like when we go to church, or a football game. In fact, everything in nature puts out its own harmonics, even inert matter, like the screen in front of you.

At the quantum level, there are also all sorts of harmonics going on. These harmonics are being emitted from the quantum vacuum; that’s the space that the electrons do not momentarily occupy in their orbit around the nucleus of the atom.

Within that momentarily unoccupied space, there are all kinds of vibrations going on. Like a guitar being played classical flamenco style from one person or bario style from another, there are a specific set of harmonics being emitted from this quantum vacuum according to each person.

Most people emit the same kind of harmonics, which makes harmonic translation easy. For example, a group of rowdy college kids pretty much have the same mindset when they go on vacation together. On the other hand, a group of people in church service also have the same mindset. Each group has shared harmonics.

Think of these harmonics as information. Information is key to us – isn’t it. Information is what makes us individuals, who we are. Information is what makes specific variations and fractals in nature.

When you think about it, all of nature is swarming with information. Of course, what matters to most people is the information that interests them in particular.

Dr. Tiller realises that when we tap into this universal information matrix, we tap into the overall higher consciousness. You see, all of nature reflects itself. That why we have sacred geometry which describes fractals in nature which describes all of nature.

Like your body, the entire universe functions as a cohesive unit. The universe is also filled with multi-phasic harmonic carriers of information – just like you. In that sense, you can think of yourself as that quintessential information carrier that represents the universe – just like a drop of your blood represents you.

When you realise that everyone around you is an aspect of the same universal mind, it makes no sense to have war, hatred, and violence – that only peaceful, productive alliances should reign. When you realise that all of nature is a reflection of you, then you want to protect it the same way you protect your loved ones.

Please stay tuned for Dr. Tiller’s 2nd lecture which should be posted in a few days.

Thanks for your time,

HealingMindN Medicine Man

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