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Socionomics Summit 14 April 2012 Atlanta GA

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Presentation Topics

Robert Prechter

Robert R. Prechter, Jr., CMT“Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and US Presidential Elections”

Terry Burnham

Terry Burnham“The Neural and Emotional Basis of Herding in Financial Markets”

Kevin Coogan

Kevin Coogan“Social Mood as a Predictor of Global Equity Market Inversions”

Jordan Kotick

Jordan Kotick
Presentation Abstract
“The Three Epistemological Questions”

Peter Atwater

Peter Atwater“Horizon Preference: How Changes in Social Mood Affect Decision Making”

Johan Bollen and Huina Mao

Johan BollenHuina MaoJohan Bollen and Huina Mao of Indiana University are the main authors of the recent study, “Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market.”

Richard Peterson

Richard L. Peterson“Investors Reacting: Greed, Fear, and the Predictive Power of Financial Emotions”

Jose Carlos Carvalho

Jose Carlos Carvalho“Brazil’s Socionomics: From Basket-Case to Superstar”

Leena Ilmola

Leena Ilmola“Social Mood Indicator”

Euan Wilson

Euan WilsonWilson will present the socionomic story of the drug war.

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