Economic Control

Prediction: American Economy

(extract from Cutting Edge Newsletter🙂

..Doc (Marquis, former satanist) said that the Illuminati was convinced that Americans were so materialistic that they would never allow themselves to be pushed into the global system if they felt poor. Therefore, Americans are going to be kept feeling prosperous (feelings of security induce complacency such as the recent “economic stimulus tax rebates”) right up until the beginning of the global war.

We have been given extremely scary financial data which, if considered alone, would indicate that the economy just cannot stay afloat very much longer. A lot of ministries and websites are gaining a lot of attention in promoting this scary scenario. However, this economy data is not any more frightful than the data the Cutting Edge Treasurer — a C.P.A. — presented to me in mid-1998.

We have held fast to this scenario since 1998 and have been right every scary year since then. Last year, untold numbers of Americans were absolutely convinced that the economy was going to fail. That collapse did not occur then, and will not occur until that first shot is fired that will begin World War III.


The REAL Financial Objective of This Crisis

We believe that this economic crisis has one major, overriding goal — to induce Americans to accept the regional currency, the AMERO. (There’s already the EURO!)

Every time the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates, they depreciate the American Dollar even more, and that causes prices of commodities like oil to go up even further.

And, that is part of the plan — creating “Order Out of Chaos”.

We believe that oil will be allowed to rise until the financial pressure gets so high that it threatens the entire economy. At that point, a brilliant person will step forward to propose an exciting alternative. That new plan will be to create a stable, fixed currency for all North America — NAFTA — to replace the fluctuating and declining American Dollar.

Can you imagine the kind of broad support a bipartisan proposal of this sort would receive once the American people are told that this move could lower oil prices by 50%? The vast majority of Americans would not only accept this new currency, they would DEMAND it NOW! (This is the result of training a nation on economic instant gratification such as instant credit. Learn how Marketing to the Limbic System achieves the same result in all aspects of life.)

Even genuine Conservatives would be hard pressed to decide whether they will stick to their principles of keeping American sovereignty by opposing this AMERO, or whether they will grudgingly accept it because their financial assets will be protected.

We have no idea when this point will be reached. But, it will be reached, as that is the Plan…