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Learn how to Relax: Fear is a Health Factor

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The following are extracts from Medical News Today article:

Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress Reduction To Prevent Cancer Recurrence

After the surgical removal of a malignant tumor, the chance that cancer will re-appear in a different location of the body remains high. But new research from Tel Aviv University, in a bold new field called Psychoneuroimmunology, may prevent those cancer cells from taking root again – and the key to the treatment is stress reduction

Effects of Fear

“The psychological stressors of surgery deal a blow to the immune system, but this is hardly discussed in the medical community,” says Prof. Ben-Eliyahu. “Ours is among the first studies to show that psychological fear may be no less important than real physiological tissue damage in suppressing immune competence.”

The surprising part of Prof. Ben-Eliyahu’s studies is that stress hormones such as adrenaline, which are released before and during surgery, “underlie much of the devastating effects of surgery on immune competence,” says Prof. Ben-Eliyahu.

Until now, doctors assumed that the immune system was weakened due to tissue damage and the body’s responses to it. A weak immune system is one of the major factors that promotes cancer metastases after an operation, explains Prof. Ben-Eliyahu…

As opposed to basing the solution in existing generic drugs as the article continues, there are other avenues to relaxing the mind, thus boosting the immune system.

Brainwave Entrainment

Clinical brainwave entrainment studies have demonstrated that biochemical effects can be induced through the frequency following response. For example, when we use a binaural recording for Endorphin Release, we stimulate the production of endorphins which resemble opiates in their ability to produce analgesic effects and a sense of well being. We can also use a binaural recording which directly stimulates the Immune System.

We can also produce any variety of brainwave entrainment that we need using Mind Stereo; it’s an advanced Windows media center where you can choose from preset entrainment sessions, insert your own affirmations, and completely program your own audio / visual experience to accomplish just about anything – including how to relax.

Energy Psychology

There are several forms of energy psychology. The most famous form to date is known as EFT or emotional freedom techniques. This doctor approved healing modality has EFT practitioners all over the world using EFT on almost everything including Fear Reduction, how EFT relieves the body’s immune system, and how EFT made a stage 4 cancer disappear.

I know, it seems like some sort of mystical, magical, hocus pocus, but EFT takes advantage of amazing, barely used facets of human bioenergetics and psychoenergetics.

Remote Influencing

If you really want to get deep into influencing your health – and the health of others – then you want to discipline yourself in Remote Influencing. EFT practitioners also do a form of remote influencing which they like to call Intentional or Surrogate EFT.

In the world of Remote Viewing (RV), Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing provides examples of how this amazing mental discipline can be used to induce health and well being.

Remote viewing is a psychic ability that is used to gain knowledge of other people and places regardless of space / time barriers; the abilities of postcognition, clairvoyance, and precognition fall under the umbrella of remote viewing.

The principle in remote influencing is that we can influence that which we view (which may seem a bit scary when someone has post cognitive abilities.)

You may ask, “Why would I need to know remote influencing? I’m right here!” First, by remote viewing, you would objectively be able to see the direct cause of your ailment (which may require a post cognitive ability!)

By viewing the cause, not only can use influence whatever bioenergetic field imbalance you may be experiencing (which may be remote). You can also find ways to render the carcinogen inert through this intense mental discipline.

To achieve this discipline, you must be able to achieve mid-delta / low theta rhythms at will in your neural patterns. Fortunately, the course by Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing includes brainwave entrainment with guided meditation. Strangely enough, this course is also a form of energy psychology that helps you defeat inner barriers to your success; this process is necessary for objective remote viewing.

The most advanced way to learn to relax and defeat fear to boost your immune system and beyond is through learning using all of the above tools. Fortunately, Remote Viewing/Influencing CDs from ARVARI provide all the psychic development training that you need.

Thanks for your time.

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