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Born February 15 in Warwick, R.I., Julie Bay was 5lbs 13 oz, and Alanna Bay was 4lbs 12oz. These wonderful twins have multiple, multiple birth defects.

These are the defects we know as of now:

1) Both girls have polysplenia. They each have 6 spleens. It is unsure if any of them are working and further testing is required.

2) Julie also has bi-lateral left-sidedness. This means that she has 2 left lungs, missing the 3rd lobe that is present normally.

3) Julie has no descending aorta from her heart! Her tiny body has adjusted already, creating several small blood vessels to carry blood away from her heart. However, this is no long-term solution and Julie may die if doctors cannot create an aorta.

At this time, the doctors are unsure if Julie has other heart abnormalities. Further testing is required.

4) Julie also has a problem with the location of her duodenum (connector from stomach to small intestine). It is rotated and may be the cause of her recent bowel problem. In the future, she will have to be closely monitored for bowel obstructions.

Testing is under way to determine if the girls are identical twins. Because they were not in the same amniotic sac, it was assumed that the girls are not. However, since both girls have 6 spleens, it is imperative that doctors know for sure; if they are identical twins, Alanna will most definitely have each of the medical defects which have already been identified in Julie. Since Alanna has already been diagnosed as having 6 spleens just as does Julie, doctors are believing right now that she has all the birth defects of Julie. Alanna is the smaller one so testing will have to wait a short while.

Julie and Alanna Bay really need your prayers for healing. Please take 3 minutes to pray for these twins. This special video is set up for you to carry your prayers to them. This is a 3 dimensional radionic modulated upon a Christ Frequency healing and alpha rhythm brainwave entrainment.

Every point in space and time has a unique vibratory rate of resonance. When an object matches that particular vibratory rate, there is an instantaneous resonant connection. The vibratory rate of a person, place, or thing is determined by accessing their frequency via a photo, name, or personal object; radionic tuning can be done by device or by the trained human mind.

This means that your mind is the central tuning mechanism for obtaining unique vibratory rates. All you need is a psionic tuning key such as this radionic video. Your intention towards healing the twins within this 3 minute span is of the utmost importance; no other intention will work.

Alpha rhythm is also important for establishing a psychic bridge. This planet continuously experiences at least 2000 lightning storms in any particular part of the world; this electrical activity is akin to neural activity in the brain. Lighting storms also cause the standing resonant waves between the earth’s surface and ionosphere. The famous Schumman resonance of 7.83 Hz is one average of these geophysical, standing resonant waves. The standing resonant waves of alpha rhythms are most prominent on this planet, so we use them in psychic communication.

As a form of harmonic translation such as binaural beats, the human psychoenergetic system responds to standing resonant electromagnetic rhythms of the earth with resonant alpha rhythms, a relaxed yet aware state of consciousness. We use these bioresonant harmonics as bioenergy carriers of information. In this case, we send healing intention to Julie and Alanna Bay.

Your 3 minute focus here will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the healing ability to achieve your heart’s desire. More videos like this can be personalised upon our success with Julie and Alanna. Stay tuned for results

Thanks for your time.

Happy Healing,

Randolph @

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