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Law of Attraction: Choose to Believe

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Alan Tutt has done it again…

The newest book on the Law of Attraction is now available, and from all the reports, this is the BEST ONE YET!!

It’s called “Choose to Believe,” written by Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing.

Within this revolutionary new book, Alan presents some VERY interesting concepts – including some that have NEVER been presented before.

Concepts such as:

  • why thoughts DO NOT create reality
  • how quantum irregularities become real magic
  • why you’re not ALWAYS responsible for the things that happen to you
  • why we sometimes experience things that conflict with our surface beliefs
  • why some people use affirmations or visualizations and get the opposite of what they focus upon
  • why the connection between reality and the Power of Belief is not always obvious
  • the role the Placebo Effect plays in creating the life of your dreams.

Of course, understanding WHY things happens is not nearly as important as knowing HOW to change things as you desire. Alan presents a POWERFUL system for doing exactly this, and offers some UNIQUE tools.

Tools such as:

* – a simple way of organizing yourself so that you’re always taking the MOST EFFECTIVE action at any given moment

* – a set of questions to discover HIDDEN BELIEFS that may be standing in your way

* – a unique approach to doing affirmations based on concepts from conversational hypnosis

* – how to INSTANTLY establish a strong belief in whatever you desire

* – what to do AFTER you change your beliefs – how to ensure the new beliefs ‘take hold’ and produce the results you expect

* – how to change the beliefs of others, especially when their beliefs affect your experience

As you can see, Alan rips away ALL barriers to EFFECTIVELY using the Law of Attraction, and gives you EVERY tool you need to simply Choose To Believe.

During the final stages of producing this book, Alan allowed a few select individuals to look it over and comment about what did or didn’t work. Here are some of the things these folks had to say about “Choose To Believe“:

* – This may be the best in terms of new, useful information I have heard in years. And I’ve read and heard plenty.

– Robert Blake

* – Choose To Believe is for the best and highest good of all.

– Al Diaz

* – Choose To Believe will probably be the most important book you read this year.

– Iain Legg

* – With this book, Alan delivers what other teachers only promise.

– Charles Burke

* – Anyone who reads this book will experience a miraculous transformation!

– Michael Lee

* – If you really care to change your life for the better, this book is for you.

– Irena Whitfield

* – … expect to be challenged, inspired, empowered and educated by this book.

– Donna Maher

* – This unique book is unlike any other I’ve ever read before!

– Enoch Tan

Compared to other books and courses available online, you’d expect that “Choose To Believe” would be priced at $97 or more!

However, this is where Alan defies standard marketing logic. This amazing new book can be yours for a mere $17.95!!

What’s the catch, you ask?

There is none.

There IS one minor glitch, however.

Choose To Believe” is being produced as a paperback book that cannot be downloaded, but delivered through standard shipping.

AND, it’s currently being printed, which means that Alan cannot yet ship it to you. He should have books available before the end of April, but not now.

So why am I telling you about it NOW?

Alan has created a FANTASTIC OFFER for those who purchase this book BEFORE it’s physically available.

Here are the details of the PRE-PUBLICATION SPECIAL:

Anyone who purchases “Choose To Believe” before April 30th will receive:

* – An autographed copy as soon as the books are delivered from the printer. Autographed copies become collector items and are more valuable than a plain book. Think about it…

* – A download link for Alan’s KTP Mastery System. This is a collection of Alan’s earlier books and audio programs currently being sold for $67.

* – A direct download of EVERY ebook in PowerKeys Publishing’s Self-Empowerment Ebook of the Week Club (SEEWC).

And for the FIRST 500 customers, a TRULY once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be available again!

Because it will take approximately 500 sales of Alan’s new book to completely pay for the printing bill, he’s offering the first 500 customers a COMPLIMENTARY copy of an E-BOOK EDITION of Choose To Believe. (Alan does not plan to make an ebook edition generally available.)

This way, you can be reading the book while waiting for the printed copy to arrive.

And all of this for $17.95 plus shipping. FANTASTIC!!

Thanks for your time.

Happy Healing,

Randolph @ HealingMindN

P.S. From what I understand, there are 3000 copies being printed, and Alan himself has over 5700 subscribers on HIS mailing list. This means that all 3000 copies COULD sell out before the end of April, so don’t delay. Grab your copy NOW!

One more thing. Download a free sampler ebook of Choose to Believe. Alan actually did discover some very cool mind control resources unknown to me until now.