Cultivate the Temperament of Righteousness

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This study gives you ever more freedom. With a greater freedom you must act with a greater sense of ethics and responsibility than ever before. Basically, you must not do anything that will harm others or yourself. To follow truth and live in harmoney with all of life, it would be advisable to foster the Five Virtues in our life:

These Five Virtues are:
Discrimination – choose what is good for you rather than what is not
Forgiveness and Tolerance – the way to dispel anger.
Contentment – sufficient for the day is enough.
Detachment – by not being attached to things or desires, you are free to give and serve generously.
Humility – the balance to ego’s negative aspects of arrogance and vanity.

It is advisable at this point to also caution against the Five Passions: Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Vanity.

I hope this philosophy serves you and your loved ones well. Simply by understanding, you have raised your consciousness. Simply by sharing, you have changed your reality.

For more LiuHeBaFa Philosophy, please look up Liuhebafa Five Character Secrets by Paul Dillon.