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Keys to Power Persuasion Test Question

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As your prospect imagines what you are saying in the process of interpreting your words, they are partaking of the experience and being affected by it. We use this principle to process languages as experiences. What is the “colorful label” used to describe this principle?

A prize is reserved for the first person to answer this question correctly.

I’ve worked out a system where the first person who gets the answer right to this question gets his/her choice of prize. What’s the prize? I’d like to deplete my inventory that I have at This inventory consists of music CDs and movie DVDs. I would like to send one free CD or DVD to the first person who answers this question from Alan Tutt’s Keys To Power Persuasion Course with free first class shipping and handling. Of course, the fastest way to do that is to actually get Keys To Power Persuasion.

I plan on giving away a free CD or DVD upon the right answer to every one of these questions from now onward until my entire inventory of CDs and DVDs is gone – then I’ll just give away free ebooks.

Please take a look at my HealingMindN Inventory at and see what you like. This blog is moderated, so I receive comments on every post right away. When the first correct answer comes in, I’ll ask for your choice and shipping information if required.

Thanks for your participation.