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HealingMindN ThunderStorm Power Nap Theory

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Right now, HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is available at HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction is coming up right behind it and HealingMindN OceanScape: Altered States is soon to follow.

Now, let me tell you about the influence behind these ambient recordings. The Music of Time by Preston Nichols has inspired me to put out these neural entrainment atmospheres which apply white noise, the universal correlating source of information.

Here are a few extracts from Chapter 14 and 17:

..As white noise contains virtually every potential transmission and every quantum potential, it is a very open ended proposition. Within it are ordinary transmissions, but also etheric and esoteric ones. It literally represents the energy stream of the universe….

I have already discussed the fact that music is a thought form. Of course, many times authors will encode thought forms into the music without even being fully aware of it….

White noise is also a natural energy stream. In rain, we have stacatto or pulsed white noise. The wind gives us rhythmic white noise and the rumbles of thunder throughout the sky represent evoked cortical responses.

You know, there are around 2000 storms happening somewhere on this planet at any given moment – not that different from post synaptic potential activies in the human brain.

Of course, only people who enjoy thunderstorms enjoy HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap. In fact, most people have come to welcome the healing, cleansing effects of thunderstorms on the landscape.

HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is for healing and athletic recovery. This one hour recording represents that time throughout your life where you became used to the wind, rain, and rumbling that once frightened you as a child.

You came to welcome that thunderstorm because you knew that power would last for only a short while, so you take advantage of that time by getting comfortable, cuddling up, and letting the power of the thunderstorm take you away to bring you back refreshed and renewed.

HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is my thought form for restful, refreshing relaxation provided to us by nature; it also includes golden ratio adjusted intensities to further bring you into harmony with your true nature of which the thunderstorm is a living part.

Stellamara’s Sonja Drakulich inspired me to produced my own label in the same way she did with their latest album, The Golden Thread.

I’m addicted to Stellamara’s music. I assume that their songs represent thought forms that resonate with mine. The Golden Thread has a very interesting theme for sure. Per Sonja:

The golden thread is a symbol of the inspiration, intuition, and guiding light that graces us throughout our lives. It is that which we follow, knowing that it will, in some mysterious way, guide us on our true paths in life. It is most colorfully portrayed in Greek mythology as the magical thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus assisting him in his heroic journey into and out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. As we travel through literal and figurative labyrinths in our lives, the golden thread may easily go unnoticed, yet when it is recognized and followed, we may find that this archetypal strand of gold connects us to our true selves, to our beloveds, and to that which we discover to be home.

In The Music of Time, Preston Nichols discusses something related to The Golden Thread:

..My definition of superstring is “a string of energy which goes through space and time.” It defines our time.

einstein theorized that if you move forward in a straight line, you will end up where you started; this is a superstring… the original string would be something like a circular line (positioned linearly within a torus or “time sea”). This is a time flow and that is the superstring.

What surrounds the inner circle and outer circle is what I call the “time sea” which represents time at rest, a giant torus or doughnut. The time sea represents all quantum possibilities; all possible space / times are here. It includes all abstract information and ideas including the universe of thought.

The astral plane would only be a small part of the time sea. There are no limits as to what it could include.

The original string created the first flow of time… From the inside it would look like a tube or pipe. We call this a “time manifold” or just a “manifold.” It forms around the time flow and enables what we know as “human experience” to take place. the manifold contains a great deal of continuity and is a continuum all to itself…

The “manifold” of which Preston speaks is Sonja’s Golden Thread. The “time sea” of which he speaks includes the universal correlating source of HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap and more to come.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo