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Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4a: Creativity and Reality Bubbles

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We are all born creative; that’s God’s Gift to us. Whether we think and learn for ourselves for personal growth or build something new to share with the world, this is our creativity at work.

To keep your creative juices flowing, always try to learn new and exciting ways to do things in order to stimulate your neural patterns. We experience maximum neural plasticity when we use the entire body to do these new and exciting things, therefore, learning how to use that new cellphone or video game doesn’t count.

..There’s another reason why your brain loves physical exercise: it promotes the growth of new brain cells. Until recently, received wisdom had it that we are born with a full complement of neurons and produce no new ones during our lifetime. Fred Gage from the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, busted that myth in 2000 when he showed that even adults can grow new brain cells. He also found that exercise is one of the best ways to achieve this…

(extract from Brain Solutions – 11 steps to a better brain)

In order to remain creative, you have to keep the blood flowing through your entire body. Personally, I recommend martial arts or yoga, but any active sport will do (hunting doesn’t count).

To help build new neural pathways, learn a new language or take up music. Learning Music uses both brains, so I highly recommend it. (To Way of the MindGate Subscribers, this is one of the reasons I’ve been spending so much time at sound engineering.) The Multiple Mentality Course available through Way of the MindGate also helps to open new neural pathways.

Reality Bubbles

Now, for reality bubbles. We all have our individual reality bubbles. Our creativity extends as far as our reality bubbles. Even if we make up a story that’s totally fantastic, it only extends as far as our reality bubble (i.e. what we know and understand).

We go to school and socialize to enhance our reality bubbles. When our reality bubbles achieve a certain set of harmonics (mainly in adulthood) we seek reality bubbles that resonate with our own.

When you reach into a person’s psyche using the Milton Method, you’re using their reality bubble to create a new set of circumstances.

When we see Derren Brown pull a mind control stunt, he usually does a certain type of stunt with a certain type of person. The subject doesn’t need to be gullible; you need only work within their frame of reality.

For example, when he made a film student believe that he was invisible, he was working with someone who was visually oriented with a very creative mind oriented towards mainstream film. The same stunt will not work with someone in different field of interest.

Therefore, you must match the story with your subject’s mind patterns. You must resonate with their reality bubble.

Derren, like Milton, can size up the reality of a person by their chosen profession and work within that reality to create a strange new set of circumstances for that individual.

By the same token, the Milton Method uses subliminal symbols that represent a person’s reality in that same way that dream symbols represent a person’s reality.

When you use subliminal symbols, the story can be as fantastic as you want while your subject can still relate to it – as long as that symbol represents something within the confines of their reality.

On an interesting side note, I was at a post office the other day. I like many others noticed that the main automatic doors didn’t work and there was a sign posted, “Sliding Doors Out of Order.”

A short while later as I was waiting in line, a man walked up to the postal clerk’s main desk and announced that he was there to fix the doors. One of the postal worker’s asked, “which doors?” The man replied, “the doors with the sign that says Sliding Doors Out of Order.”

Still yet, this concept of the main doors requiring a fix remained a mystery to the postal clerks; it seems that their reality bubbles were so “boxed-in” within their line of work that they didn’t bother noticing one of the main facets of their own reality: The Front Doors.

This left some of the postal customers questioning the mental acumen of the clerks, but it’s obvious that everyone experiences their own compartmentalization of their mind patterns according to their work and interests; reality bubbles are illusions encompassing positive and negative hallucinations, but they’re very real.

For this reason, in the next segment, we cover objectivity and recognizing your limitations within creativity.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,


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