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Your Higher Awareness encompasses 360 Degrees

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Your higher awareness is always awake, reaching out, sensing in all directions at once. Through the techniques and exercise methods of LiuHeBaFa, you can quiet your reactive mind and begin to tune into your higher awareness. When you were a child, you could hear and tune into your higher awareness, but as (linear) time and socialization happened, you turned your attention more to the mundane and trivial things in life.

In time, by residing in the stillness, you can turn your attention back towards the light and sound (of higher consciousness). This is a process of discovery and exploration. The training methods of LiuHeBaFa can give you the tools to dig for the rich treasures within (yourself). (continue…)

The above passage may sound like not much more than a sales pitch for LiuHeBaFa, but the idea it provides is universal: Tune into your higher awareness through stillness. This does not mean that we have to sit absolutely still and motionless. This concept refers to having a focused, open mind that can listen and understand; this is opposite to a discursive mind that is all over the place or a closed mind that only accepts preconceived beliefs and notions.

Mainstream media has people paranoid and worried about things that just do not matter to the overall advancement of humanity. Decadent culture takes away our focus from the big picture of our place in the universe as a species and our purpose within this universe; it removes your spiritual connections with the universe by removing this focus. In doing that, decadent culture takes away from your humanity.

By decadent culture, I mean mainstream media: News programs – especially the “experts” who work for them, commercials, big and small screen entertainment – including video games, political figures, all of them.

By products of decadent culture only push more decadent culture; they’re not interested in your higher awareness. To them, pursuit of Your Higher Awareness is trivial pursuit. This kind of philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the saying, “If you’re not with us, your against us,” the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ says in the Holy Bible.

Let me tell you, right now: Anything that takes you away from your higher awareness IS trivial pursuit. But anything that brings you closer to your humanity is “For You, not against you.”

Look up to the skies. Look at the stars. Then look within yourself: You are a living, breathing, special variation of the universe. According to Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram, you contain the same information as the rest of the universe because you are a living aspect of the same wonderful holographic matrix.

You and every human being on this planet are a microcosm of this wonderous, multidimensional, miraculous universe. You are nothing less than an aspect of God; it’s simply a matter of discipline and understanding to bring your powers as a true human being to fruition. Is this also according to God? I believe so:

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” [Genesis 1:27]

Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you.

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