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Female Sexual Health in Taoist Sexology

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Gain Female sexual health for a healthy sex life using Taoist Sexology techniques. Learn about care for breasts and vagina.

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What is an ancient, yet successful method to maintain female sexual health?

FAQs about Women's Libido Lotion

Learn how to care for your female body parts to protect your sexual health using Taoist Sexology techniques. Gain Female sexual health for a healthy sex life. Learn about care for breasts and vagina. (Excerpts from Ch. 8, The Tao of Sexology, “The Female”)

  1. The Breasts
  2. The Vagina
  3. Care of the Vagina
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Guidelines on The Breasts

In Taoist Sexology, the breasts, along with the vagina, uterus, and ovaries, are regarded as essential parts of the reproductive system.  From foreplay to pregnancy to nursing, the breasts are closely tied to the genital system, through nervous impulses, hormones, etc. (This relationship underlies the creation of the Female Deer Exercise.)

The internal organization of the breast is very complex.  The delicate intertwinings of numerous capillaries, nerves, lactation glands, lymphatic

Anatomy of the Female Breast

Anatomy of the Female Breast

Vessels, and other delicate structures of the breast are easily damaged by improper handling. Any damage to breast tissue can lead to accumulations and blockages. These can then lead to lumps or, possibly, cancer. (The breast is so delicate that caffeine can cause lumps and cysts to form inside the breast, as was shown in recent studies.) If this should ever happen, the entire female reproductive system would be torn out of balance.

Therefore, the sensitive and easily over-stimulated breasts must never be mishandled by the woman or her sexual partner.  A woman’s partner should never bite, suck, or pinch the breast.  Contact should be limited to a very gentle caress or kiss. 

The breast and nipple can, however, accommodate themselves to a limited period of stimulation, that is, nursing.  Pregnancy will change the breasts and nipples drastically, so that the mother will be able to tolerate the sucking of the baby.  But even the stimulation for which the breast was designed must end after eight to ten months.  After eight to ten months of continuous sucking, further sucking will cause blockages to form.  Moreover, the growing child’s nutritional needs can no longer be met by its mother’s milk.

Blockages arising from any of the above causes (or from blockages in energy flow) can be eliminated by practicing the Female Deer Exercise.  The Female Deer Exercise clears up the channels of blood and energy flow, so that the natural cleaning processes of the body are allowed to proceed unhampered, to eliminate any existing blockages.  When the channels of energy are clear, future breast problems are prevented.

Guidelines on the The Vagina

The vagina is capable of expanding or contracting in width, but it can not change much in length maximum expansion in length is only about one inch.  Its width, or circumference, changes greatly to allow the head and body of the baby to pass through it during childbirth. 

A six inch erect penis is considered to be the perfect size for most vaginas.  The average vaginal channel measures four inches from the entrance of the vagina to the entrance of the uterus.  If another inch is allowed for expansion and a second inch is allowed for the area at the entrance of the vagina (after stimulation), we come up with a total of six inches-a perfect fit for a six inch penis.  The penis, penetrating all the the way to the back of the vagina, reaches every sensitive place in the vagina, and its reflexology zones will unite with the reflexology zones of the vagina.  In terms of reflexology zones, heart will be aligned with heart; lungs, with lungs; and so on.  These alignments play important roles in the Healing Positions (to be discussed later).

The perfect penis or vagina is that which matches its counterpart perfectly.   This kind of perfection can eliminate many problems.  For example, a man with a nine inch penis will cause great problems for a woman with a shallow vagina.   But the same man will cause no problems for a woman with a nine inch vagina.  (Recall facial features indicative of penile length and vaginal depth.)  A man with a penis shorter than his partner’s vagina will not be able to penetrate all the way into her and totally satisfy her.  But the same man will satisfy a woman with a shallow vagina completely.  Hopefully, this will dispel some myths regarding penis size, because the only matter of importance is the compatibility of the penis and vagina.

When women with shorter vaginas have intercourse with men with longer penises, problems will arise.  Men tend to penetrate as far as they can, particularly in the heat of passion or in the midst of an orgasm.  The head of the penis will penetrate through the tight ring of the cervical opening and enter the uterus.  Penetration through this ring is a source of great pleasure and excitement for the man, but it is disastrous for the woman.  In the Orient, the cervix is called the “second ring,” since the opening to the vagina from the outside is called the “First ring”.  Prostitutes with unusually short vaginas are popular with male clients, but their popularity brings about their early deaths.

Female Genitalia

Cross Section of the Female Genitalia

The uterus is forbidden to penile penetration or, for that matter, any insertion of foreign objects.  Hideous diseases can result from such abuse.  When the penis enters through the cervical opening, it brings in smegma, urine, bacteria, and other disease-causing agents.  Penile penetration also stretches the entrance to the uterus, allowing infectious organisms to enter into the uterus.  Even the mere rubbing of the penis against the uterine wall at the entrance can result in inflammation. The intra-uterine device, thought to expel eggs from the uterus by causing the uterus to tremble incessantly, should not be used for the above reasons and for the fact that its spikes jab and irritate the uterine wall. Fortunately, women have wised up since they are not used as much now as in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Samples of Intra Uterine Devices

Samples of Intra Uterine Devices

It is no wonder why “double ring” prostitutes do not live very long since they are so open to infection from so many different sources.  Prostitution, an unhealthy occupation to begin with, is especially disastrous for these particular prostitutes. The deep penetration of the penis into the uterus may also trigger the tilting of the uterus.  Tilting of the uterus can create an imbalance in the energy flow of the sexual organs and impair their smooth functioning.

If you are a woman who is married to a man whose penis is too long for your vagina, there is still something you can do.  Simply tie a handkerchief or a creative penile attachment around the base of the penis shaft so that the penis is prevented from penetrating any further than desired.  Not only will this prevent uterine problems, but it will also constrict the shaft of the penis and help the head grow bigger.  A larger head will give greater pleasure not only to the woman, but also to the man.  Such a head will enable the man to prolong his erection more easily.

Another way of remedying uterine penetration is to change the position of intercourse so that the woman controls the movement.  This can be done most simply with the woman on top of the man, but there are many other positions in which the woman can still control the extent of penetration.  She is the best judge of the extent of safe penetration,and she can best adjust her position to limit penile penetration.

If problems of the cervix and uterus already exist because of uterine penetration, the best solution is an antibiotic cream.  To apply it, the man simply coats the tip of the penis with the cream before penetration and then penetrates all the way into the damaged areas.  Once the cream is applied this way, healing will slowly take place.  Never allow the penis to penetrate to that depth again.

Care of the Vagina

Many women today-and apparently many men also-feel that it is not necessary to clean the vagina.  They believe that it cleans itself naturally and that it should be left to function on its own.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Saying that the vagina needs no cleaning is like saying that the teeth need no brushing.  The vagina, being wet, warm, and dark, provides the perfect  breeding ground for germs, and the vagina is well-supplied with germs at all times – particularly after intercourse. 

Every man passes different types of disease causing agents to his partner.  If the woman is completely healthy, she can fight off whatever is introduced into her.  But, when her resistance is down – a condition she will not always be aware of – she might not be able to fight off infection.  Then her vagina may become inflamed.  Cleaning the vagina can prevent this from happening.

An effective campaign against vaginal infection can be waged by douching several times a week and douching after intercourse.  Commercial vaginal douche preparations are of no extra value.  A very mild vinegar solution is more than sufficient.  Even plain warm water will do.  With constant and loving care, the vagina will become healthy, clean, and odorless.  For a meager investment of time, extraordinary heights in health and pleasure will be awarded.  For extra protection, a high-quality herbal cream may be applied.