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Keys to Qigong Meditation: Yin / Yang Perspective

Qigong MeditationLet us clarify aspects of Super Human Morals of a Qigong Master, so we can understand. One of the greatest QiGong Sifus of our time, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, advocates theory before practice. I agree with this teaching style. Being sentient, we are curious about all things including why we exercise or do anything in a certain way. When we know why we do things in a certain way, all expectations fall into place wherein we can set goals and learn faster.

This article on Keys to QiGong Meditation provides a “new” perspective on this thousands of years old tradition. The “new” perspective is actually older than QiGong itself, but with an esoteric twist. A different point of view is usually all that is necessary for solving problems like learning the esoteric practice of QiGong.

When Dynamo Jack talks about “Separation of Yin and Yang” most western mindsets are unable to grasp this important concept. “Separation of Yin and Yang” is a key concept in Qigong Meditation.

When we see Dynamo Jack use his hands, he’s not using them like some sort of contrived psychic waving off the evil spirits; he’s actually manipulating energy through “separation of yin and yang.” When we focus upon our inner senses during meditation, what do we usually do?

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Fear of Intimacy: Sneezing and Post Coital Blues Syndrome

My google alerts have sent me this article more than once. It’s an article called “Sexy Thoughts Make You Sneeze.”

Dr Mahmood Bhutta, an ear, nose and throat specialist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, launched a study after seeing a patient who suffered “uncontrollable” sneezing fits every time he had a sexual thought and after finding seventeen more people (on the web) suffering from the same malady.

Dr Mahmood Bhutta and many other people somehow prefer to categorize this reaction of sneezing in response to sexual excitation as nothing more than a mechanical reaction.

Dr. Bhutta calls it “wires getting crossed” while others such as at this post, Why to people sometimes sneeze suddenly during sexual intercourse?…” would prefer the vasodialation / histamine release explanation. These people who prefer the mechanical explanations are also having intimacy issues.

How do I know they have fear of intimacy? 99% of the people on the web who talk about these kinds of problems are on the web because they have a fear of being close to others; they fear intimate, emotional contact.

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Academy of Remote Viewing Remote Influencing Event

Dear friend:

This is Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing. We have a couple of important announcements and special offers to make.

I) Because of the nature of the events that we are all experiencing lately and which are affecting us all, Gerald O’Donnell will be giving a special 1 hour teleseminar hosted by Michael Jura tonight 12/17/2008.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed:

Gerald will reveal to you the shocking (and highly inspiring) TRUE purpose of why our world is facing the crisis it suffers today…

Some of the valuable insights you can’t afford to miss out on are:

The global financial crisis is not the only big challenge that humanity will face in the next 3 years.

There is yet Greater challenge coming – gigantic Environmental crises.

Why these challenges aren’t negative events but necessary situations that are being manifested by the Unity Consciousness to “correct” certain conditions in the world.

Why we’re heading toward a brighter future (you might not think so when you read the world’s news, but Gerald has a different view!).

The key to surviving and flourishing in the new world ahead. Why all older structures are about to collapse. What is in store for us?

A single test that will tell you with 100 percent accuracy which structure will survive and thrive, and which will fail and disappear in the next decade.

The heartbeat of connection and separation. How we as a species have come to a major threshold of separation. And now we will be forced to reconnect towards One-ness.

What is the “Unity-Point” and why we all carry this and need to be reminded of this power than lies within us. How to totally overcome stress – no matter what, and get High on Unity Light.

The only key to de-energize and erase old emotional scars, blockages, and patterns proven to having become a burden to us. Why classical human psychotherapy seldom works.

The event has come and gone now, but the seminar has been recorded for your convenience and is accessible right here.

II) We know the power of our training, as countless of you have already experienced and proven it for 11 years. We feel that now, more than ever, you need to transform you mind, spirit, and biology through attaining the Higher vibrations and awareness it snuggles you within. Denial and procrastination will only make things harder for you. In order to achieve such, you need to awaken many dormant parts of your brain and DNA structures to confront our new realities. You need to shift into a Higher Being and take that quantum leap sooner rather than later.

Our training is highly transformative, and will enable you to navigate in peace and high awareness the big shift ahead. In order to help you, we have decided to make the following unique very special offer available to you for the holiday season. It will be valid until 12/31/2008. Think also of your loved ones and how such a gift could have much more meaning than just a gifting of material “stuff”We are offering a super discount of $100 on each Combination RV/RI course. Please order on-line and when asked for it put in coupon # CY121708C in the on-line coupon window.

We are also offering $50 off our Remote Influencing training. Kindly input Coupon # CY121708RI on the on-line order page

We are gifting a $30 rebate on the Remote Viewing Training. Put in coupon code # CY121708RV in the coupon window when you order.

If you order by phone, please tell the order desk operator your coupon code number and we will charge you only the reduced price.

We truly hope that this will help you acquire the body of High Mind techniques we would like you to master.

We know from experience that children as young as 12 years of age have benefited greatly, as did older seniors. There is no age when it comes to transform into a Higher being and enter a new Self.

We hope that you will take advantage of this offer for yourself and a perfect and really meaningful gift to others you care about.

III) It has come to our attention that many of you, often enough, go through the training just by listening to the CDs and do not try to apply these techniques outside of their daily sessions. Let us make something very clear: There is a large body of knowledge embedded in these courses. You can literally spend years exploring it and still not have reached all of it potential.

You should do the following if you can: as it is often the case, you may go into a semi-unconscious state when you listen to a session with your eyes closed. In reality, your sub-conscious hears it all even if your conscious mind dips into deep Theta and Delta. The training then changes and reprograms you deeper mind to focus on Higher Vibrations.

Nevertheless it would be good for you to listen to each CD as you take for instance a walk and thence allow your conscious mind to also absorb the material and hence remember it.

Thereafter, after having trained for while with the CDs in deep states it is IMPERATIVE for you to choose any and each technique and try to re-create these states and apply the technique, without using the crutch of the CDs in you daily life and activities. This is the main purpose of the courses. They are set up for you to learn certain skills, and then to go on your own and USE them as you go about you daily life. Play with each technique. Do not stay rigid. Don’t get discouraged if you do not master it all at first.

(It’s like weight training: Start small. Get positive feedback with successful reps. Then keep working your way up with more challenging projects.)

It is like learning to ride a bike or driving a car. You first use the training wheels or an instructor and then you let go and try on your own until riding or driving becomes second nature and you just enjoy it and use it for your purpose. You may stumble at first a bit. It is all part of the learning, but soon you reach a place where you need not even focus on how your driving or riding per se, and just enjoy the scenery.

Take our diamond body technique for instance: Are you aware how extremely powerful this technique is? You will not find it anywhere else that on our course.

It literally allows you to re-create a new you: a new mind, spirit and even biology. You can erase old scars by replacing them with implanted good memories replacing the old negative ones. The inner mind has no judgment and takes it all in. and will energize the ones you put your attention onto more.

You can also change you biology and mind operations.

But for that it is not enough to just listen to the R.I. CD#11 a couple of times. You need to set some time every day and methodically and with full intent re-create you new Being and persona. You will marvel at what you can achieve and how much you can mold and input into this new Being with the help of Higher Light Vibrations that give it existence.

There is so much more, and we will cover it in other communications.

And this is just taking the example of one technique.

We feel that many of you need some more help and maybe personalized monitoring and we stand available to provide it.

We are making available from now on personalized training to help you master techniques such as these, and also are about to institute teleseminar focus groups that will address specific aspects and trainings protocols that are on our CDs and expand upon it, all in an interactive format.

There will also be new products coming our next year. You will really enjoy partaking of this Joyful period of inner and outer transformation. We are one family and we want you to connect and feel it.

The 17 December 2008 teleseminar with Gerald O’Donnell is accessible right here.

We truly hope that this next communication and the teleseminar above will help allay many, if not most, of you fears and make you proud and happy to be part of the ultimate adventure we are all engaged in as a human family: The Great Consciousness Shift.

May the One Force be with you and yours.

Wonder-filled and happy holidays,

Your friend,
With Love and Light of Oneness

Gerald O’Donnell

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing

Probable Future Corp.

2234 N. Federal Highway PMB 499
Boca Raton, FL

p.s. You can listen to samples from Gerald’s ARVARI courses by visiting his site. Downloading his mp3’s are free and yours to keep.

Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays! Randolph

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Give Away: Whammy, Amazing NLP Technique

Get your hands on “Whammy!” This Amazing NLP technique combined with the Holiday Seasons gives you a great time to use at Holiday Parties and with your loved ones. Imagine creating those wonderful feelings in your friends, family and co-workers.

For those of you not familiar with this report, David Barron provides a combination of tools to completely shift another person’s belief system using a combination of NLP, elicitation, anchoring, and visualisation.

As David says, the Whammy is an excellent method for building rapport and being closer to the ones you hold dearest. The Holiday Season is the best time for you to build those bridges.

The Whammy does require rapport with the other person before going through with the strategy. If you wish to build rapport, I recommend Alan Tutt’s Keys To Power Persuasion which has every kind of strategy for building rapport. ‘Tis the season to share warmth and create goodness in the world. You might as well do it with the right tools.

Please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link to The Whammy.

Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays!


Randolph, HealingMindN

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Give Away: Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

“Psychology of Intelligence Analysis” by Richard J. Heuer Jr. It was published in 1999 for CIA intelligence analysts. The basis of the book is to stress and maintain objectivity for agents when analyzing data.

According to the description: “This book aims to help intelligence analysts achieve a higher level of performance. It shows how people make judgments based on incomplete and ambiguous information, and it offers simple tools and concepts for improving analytical skills…”

Do you recall from the Rex / Sikes NLP Course about cognitive commitments? This asserts that people can be like flys after being trained remain stuck in a jar with an invisible lid on top. (It makes me wonder how many “invisible lids” I have that keeps me from doing all the things I should be doing!)

“Psychology of Intelligence Analysis” was written to remove those “invisible lids,” so agents can see the world objectively. The same should apply to everyone else which is why I want to share this book. Here’s an excerpt:

Heuer emphasizes both the value and the dangers of mental models, or mind-sets. In the book’s opening chapter, entitled “Thinking About Thinking,” he notes that:

[Analysts] construct their own version of ‘reality’ on the basis of information provided by the senses, but this sensory input is mediated by complex mental processes that determine which information is attended to, how it is organized, and the meaning attributed to it. What people perceive, how readily they perceive it, and how they process this information after receiving it are all strongly influenced by past experience, education, cultural values, role requirements, and organizational norms, as well as by the specifics of the information received.

This process may be visualized as perceiving the world through a lens or screen that channels and focuses and thereby may distort the images that are seen. To achieve the clearest possible image . . . analysts need more than information . . . They also need to understand the lenses through which this information passes. These lenses are known by many terms: mental models, mind-sets, biases, or analytic assumptions…

Heuer is addressing cognitive commitments as labeled in the NLP course. Whereas Heuer prefers agents to remove those cognitive commitments through a series of objectivity training exercises, Rex and Sikes are telling people to use them to their advantage by working within your own mental set of parameters to turn bad habits into good ones.

The questions remain: Can people be completely objective? Can people turn all their bad habits into good ones? That’s like asking: “Can people be perfect?” I’m going to let you answer that one.

To that end, I believe that both of these books strike a careful balance between left and right brains. If you can’t be completely objective, you can recalibrate those mental barriers to make them work for you. If you can’t recalibrate all those mental barriers to work for you, then you can practice some objectivity that allows you to focus and solve the problem at hand.

Heuer and I agree with each other; that you can’t just think about it. This is a practice you have to take with you in the field (of your life):

Thinking analytically is a skill like carpentry or driving a car. It can be taught, it can be learned, and it can improve with practice. But like many other skills, such as riding a bike, it is not learned by sitting in a classroom and being told how to do it. Analysts learn by doing…

Regular running enhances endurance but does not improve technique without expert guidance. Similarly, expert guidance may be required to modify long-established analytical habits to achieve an optimal level of analytical excellence…

One key to successful learning is motivation. Some of CIA’s best analysts developed their skills as a consequence of experiencing analytical failure early in their careers. Failure motivated them to be more self-conscious about how they do analysis and to sharpen their thinking process….

One of the main concepts in the Rex / Sikes NLP Course is not only imagining your success, but your methods for overcoming adversity to achieve success as well. By the same token, CIA agents are encouraged through their failures, because it sharpens their objectivity towards accurate reporting.

The NLP Course mentions that most people imagine adversity, then stop without imagining how to overcome it because they don’t know how. In that case, you have to go “out in the field” like a CIA agent and ask other people how they overcame the adversity that you’re facing. (You will find many Healing MindNs this way.) You gather as much data as you can, then you come to your own conclusion on how to overcome your particular adversity.

Then there’s the alternate method of going “out in the field” and collecting data; it’s called Remote Viewing wherein you tap into the world matrix of information. As you might know, there are a few stories floating around about the CIA and their Remote Viewing Program; agents MUST be objective when employing an extrasensory device – or else it’s all fantasy. The thing is, self improvement is not their #1 goal.

If you have trouble getting clear pictures in your mind of adversity in different parts of the world, or even your success, the Remote Viewing Course by Gerald O’Donnell will help you. In fact, I’m going to discuss his mp3 downloads with you in another newsletter.

Finally, let me share an excerpt with you on the concept of externalization as written by Heuer:

Decomposition means breaking a problem down into its component parts. That is, indeed, the essence of analysis. Webster?s Dictionary defines analysis as division of a complex whole into its parts or elements.

The spirit of decision analysis is to divide and conquer: Decompose a complex problem into simpler problems, get one?s thinking straight in these simpler problems, paste these analyses together with a logical glue.

Externalization means getting the decomposed problem out of one?s head and down on paper or on a computer screen in some simplified form that shows the main variables, parameters, or elements of the problem and how they relate to each other…

This is what I am attempting to do. By writing my thoughts and theories for others to see, I’m externalizing my ideas on self improvement including pros and cons. From what I’ve experienced so far, more people (on the web) are willing to pass judgement because of their cognitive commitments. I’d prefer more objectivity.

I’d prefer to see more people who are passionate about life and are willing to come up with solutions to the world’s problems using their objective analysis (instead of leaving it to the “experts”).

As you might know, passion is what fires your imagination, so you can see all the good things (as well as overcoming adversity) that need to be seen in your mind’s eye, while your objectivity is what gives that vision clarity.

I want you to have all the necessary tools to make those objective decisions to ask yourself all the right questions to influence your reality and the reality of others for the better.

To get your hands on this report, please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link to this report, Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.

Thank you for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo
HealingMindN Medicine Man

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Brainwave Entrainment Self Improvement Special

As you listen to your brainwaves will be entrained into your choice of brainwave entrainments and have you mentally fine tuned for success.If you have ever dreamed of realizing your full potential and receiving all the benefits that will help you to quickly and easily unleash your mental powers and achieve your dreams. Listening to your own music, you will:

  • Sharpen your mental focus, attention, and concentration
  • Enhance your thinking speed and clarity
  • Improve your ability to remember and recall information
  • Increase your mental energy and alertness
  • And much, much more

you can be experiencing acute concentration, accelerated cognition and amazing mental states that the most focused and zoned achievers on the planet know.

Think of the tremendous impact this could have on your life! and improving your mental efficiency could:

  • Help you excel in your career
  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Improve your marriage
  • Make you more content
  • Make you more confident
  • And much, much more!

Mind Stereo is easy to use!

Here I am in a video showing you how you can use Mind Stereo right away with the included presets:

Do you wish your computer could do more for you?

Sure, your computer can help you organize your schedule and your finances. It can help you put together great looking letters and reports, but when is the last time your computer helped you to relax?

When is the last time your computer helped you to get rid of stress? To defeat bad habits? To be more creative? To learn faster? To be smarter?

Neuroscience professionals put together all kinds of light and sound gadgets to help you do that. They grind out all sorts of brainwave entrainment CD’s and DVD’s with relaxing music and subliminal messages for your self improvement. But do they really help you?

Do you really want to go through the trouble of strapping all kinds of gadgets and wires to your head just to relax? Are you willing to invest in all that bland “vanilla” meditation music that you don’t really like?

Most people like to listen to their OWN music to relax. And let’s face it: You made a heavy investment in your computer. It’s your workhorse – or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

Since your computer is your workhorse, doesn’t it make perfect sense to also have it perform as your personal relaxation assistant – with all the knowledge of neuroscience researchers?

This example of Mind Stereo features “Free Me” by TranceVision. Full effects are pared down for the web. Normal playback consists of your choice of neural entrainment stereo effects and visualizations.

Do any of those other hypnotic self improvement devices work?

Maybe you’ve already tried some of those pre-made meditation CD’s out there. One example is which I think is a very good company; they focus on binaural beats, (so you have to wear headphones) and subliminal messages. Immrama has had great success with their customers, but maybe not with you.

I mean, you can listen to the same CD set only so many times before it gets boring. I’m sure it works at first for most people, but, if you respond like most people, it’s not your favorite music and it’s the same old neural entrainment again and again; it gets old and boring – and your subconscious is constantly telling you that.

What about the light and sound machines like those goggles with the built in LED’s? Some of these systems have biofeedback interfaces with computers – which makes it sound really fancy and advanced.

But are you willing to just lay there with eyes closed, goggles wired to your head hoping that those little LEDs flashing on your eyelids will have an effect on your personal performance? (Actually, I should mention that Mind Stereo does have AudioStrobe for use with compatible LED glasses in case you’re into that sort of thing.)

Maybe you’ve even tried professional help. But let’s face the facts: Not all psychiatrists want to be as effective as Derren Brown with NLP, auto-suggestion, or any of the multitude of neuroscience tools that he uses. They want to keep you on the hook for years because you’re their bread and butter. Are mental “health” professionals truly interested in helping you or are they more interested in your money? I believe you know the answer to that.

Why don’t any of these solutions work?

Most brainwave entrainment devices out there don’t have you in mind; they’re impersonal and generic because they were made for the general public. The problem with that is most people have different mind patterns. We think differently because we’re individuals. We should treat our self-improvement in the same way.

Unless you’re a computer geek who knows how to tweek hardware/software interfaces, then you know the same is true of those light and sound machines; they’re dry, impersonal electronic devices that have little to do with your self-improvement and even less to do with your enjoyment.

I also dare say the same is true of the paint-by-numbers, mental health professionals who want to have every American Man, Woman, and Child on a strict regimen of neuroleptic and psychotropic drugs – “for your own good,” of course. These so called “health” professionals are more interested in helping the super-rich drug companies than helping you.

Where does this leave you? On the zombified road to compliance – I guess.

Do you want to be a zombie or do you want real self-improvement?

What kind of self-improvement solution really works?

You need four important things to have a successful self-improvement experience:

  1. It needs to be personalized
  2. It needs to be user-friendly
  3. It needs to deliver a pleasureable experience, so you want to come back for more.
  4. It needs to be able to work in the background, so you can go about your regular routines.

What do you usually do when you’re working with the computer? You like to listen to your music, right? Mind Stereo is a fully functional media center for your mind that was created to accomplish all of these things for you and then some.

Why is Mind Stereo the best solution for our self-improvement needs?

Brainwave Entrainment, Hypnosis & NLP

Mind Stereo is the consumer solution by Transparent Corporation. Professional software products have been developed for years by the neuroscience researchers at Transparent Corporation for neuroscience professionals.

Mind Stereo was created for home computer users in mind: To make it personalized, user-friendly, pleasurable, and non-invasive, so you can experience mental performance enhancements while going about your daily routines with the PC.

Mind Stereo is a fully functional media center for your mind, allowing you to listen to musical playlists, internet radio and watch mesmerizing visualizations while enjoying the many benefits of brainwave entrainment, affirmations and other audio/visual brain-enhancements.

Do I have to look at the visualizations?

You don’t have to look at the visualizations to get all the benefits of Mind Stereo; they’re just icing on the cake. But like icing on the cake, those visualizations are so colorful and tasty. They always play back an endless variety – even on the same songs.

All the visualizations have weird names. Here are a few examples:

  • Acids Punk
  • CoR’s Aorta
  • Phthalo’s Corona
  • HB’s Fractal
  • Light Magick, etc.

To me, Phthalo’s Corona looks more like ocean waves and ocean spray, but I guess it does move more like the corona on the surface of a star. Nonetheless, I used it in my Ocean NLP video (see below). You have to admit; it is a very nice hypnotic effect even when it’s rendered to a lower quality for the web.

Ocean NLP (Haiku Version) was produced using Mind Stereo’s Phthalo’s Corona Visualization, captured with Camstream at 150fps, converted to 30fps with ffmpeg, and edited in Cinelerra.In the Ocean NLP video, I used ocean sound effects instead of music, so those waves in Phthalo’s Corona are actually moving with the sound of the ocean while being modulated upon – you guessed it – neural entrainment patterns.

I use my own voice as the affirmation on Mind Stereo; you could use other music as the affirmation, but that would sound weird. (You can set up the affirmation to repeat at any time interval.) Then I did a video edit to insert a twilight zonish video of myself in the background – which is already weird.

You don’t have to do all the craziness that I do to make Mind Stereo effective, but those brainwave enhanced visual plugins beat all the other visual plugins out there because of the intense neural entrainment visual effects.

hypnotic visualizationsBrainwave-Enhanced Visual Plugins – Every media player has visual plugins and there are hundreds online to choose from and download. These plugins are typically very creative and colorful – even hypnotic. In other words, they are perfect for brainwave entrainment!

The great thing about Mind Stereo is that in addition to rendering these plugins, it adds a flash effect that contributes to the entrainment present in the audio. Sit and watch any visualization for 10 minutes – you will be amazed by the effects this combination can produce.

At certain times, they burst into some intense 3-dimensional effects (especially “Down the Rabbit Hole!”) that really play on the psyche, so you feel like you’re, well – high.

Now, some of you freaks out there might be saying, “Hey man, I take drugs, so I’m high already. I don’t need your damn mind stereo.” The difference is you reach a natural state of euphoria with Mind Stereo without any of the life-debilitating side effects of drugs. (Don’t you know that drugs are bad?!)

The sample videos that I have on this page are crap compared to the real thing. Even when I recorded off the screen at 150fps (frames per second), it still doesn’t look that great. This is because Mind Stereo takes full advantage of your computer’s processor power which is far greater than a measily NTSC bitrate of 30fps.

In that sense, Mind Stereo would take off like a rocket on a gaming computer. A gaming computer is a heavy investment right there. For an extra US$45, you can also make it your own personal brainwave entrainment machine. Since you’re a gamer, you’re totally into those intense graphics anyway, right? Why not use your gaming PC for self improvement too?

Can I use Mind Stereo instead of Windows Media Center?

Mind Stereo acts much like any ordinary media player. It has a playlist and an equalizer. It supports reverb, echo and other effects. It is compact, stylish in design, supports nearly all digital media formats, CDs, DRM protected audio and Net Radio such as Shoutcast. It even supports visual plugins.

But there is one thing that separates Mind Stereo from other players – while the music or the visualizations are playing, Mind Stereo is subtly modifying the audio and visual patterns to affect the neural activity of your brain. This is a process known as Brainwave Entrainment, and it can be used to create mental states ranging from relaxation and meditation to concentration, creativity or energy.

If you would like a technical explanation of how brainwave entrainment works, you should visit this article on Binaural Harmonics for a good explanation of frequency following response.

On the other hand, you don’t have to know exactly how your computer works in order to use it. You don’t have to know exactly how a car works in order to use it. By the same token, we don’t know have to know exactly how the mind works in order to use it. Then again, maybe this world would be a better place if more people knew how the mind works. You decide.

What is important is that Mind Stereo is also your complete media center solution.

Internet RadioNet Radio – Many people may not realize it, but there are literally thousands of internet radio stations available today, and dozens of new stations are added every day.

Net radio provides nonstop high quality music of infinite variety, including music that is ideal for brainwave entrainment. Stations featuring music in the grain of Ambient, Atmospheric, Meditation, Sleep, Trance, Nature sounds, etc, make ideal carriers for neural patterns.

Your PC has to be hooked up to the web for Net Radio to work. Net Radio is built into Mind Stereo. If you ever crave different music than what you have in your personal library, then Net Radio has the all the bizarre and exotic faire that you need, 24/7, all day and all night.

The ability to use radio as a carrier for entrainment makes a lot of sense – a common complaint of regular entrainment users is that sessions get boring after a while, or they lose their “punch” after a few months of use. Integrating a constantly unique experience into your session will undoubtedly help solve this problem and provide for a richer, more effective experience every time. Never have the same mental journey twice!

And like any good media center, you can repeat songs, albums, and playlists – and create multiple playlists. Unlike any other media center, You can also repeat any number of neural entrainment patterns and affirmations to your heart’s desire.

Oh yes, as far as those affirmations, you can record your own voice giving yourself positive suggestions (which is preferable) or just take someone else’s hypnotic schpeel from almost any source like a CD and use that. You don’t have to do the affirmations, but why not take advantage of that extra feature for subliminal suggestions?

Can I program my own neural entrainments?

In a manner of speaking, yes. Mind Stereo already comes with 26 neural entrainment patterns for relaxation, concentrated study, mental acuity, and more. Combine these with binaural beats if you have headphones, Schumann Frequencies, and then some.

You can adjust any of these entrainment patterns by popping up the graph with a double click of its name and pushing the frequencies up and down over whatever time interval you desire. Then you can save the new entrainment pattern under a new name.

I recommend that you try the patterns that are there already before experimenting, so you achieve the desired changes that you want.

Can Mind Stereo really help me in my life?

Even when used passively, Mind Stereo has a profound effect. You could use it to enhance your focus or creativity. Mind Stereo could be used to keep you calm and relaxed in a frustrating work environment. You could use it while you workout, helping to enhance the “zone.” All of this can be done, while listening to a playlist of your favorite music, right from your computer.

Use it more often

Increase Adademic PerformanceIt is easy to use Mind Stereo on a regular basis. You don’t even need to make time for it. Do you listen to music while you work, study, or perform other activities? If so, why not enhance it and grow your brain?

Academic Benefits

Because Mind Stereo can easily be used in the background as you work, it is perfect for students and academics. Use the program to play music that you find non-distracting, and let the technology bring you into a state of higher focus, reduced frustration and increased memory. Increase focus for yoga exercises

Use during Exercise, Massage, Martial Arts or Yoga

Not surprisingly, using entrainment during physical activities such as yoga or martial arts is a very popular and rapidly spreading method. Professional athletic coaches were one of the first professional groups to realize the power of entrainment and apply it to their field. If you can listen to music through your computer speakers while you exercise, you can use Mind Stereo to help you focus, or enter the “zone,” and to relax and recover afterwards.

As a primary entrainment device, there has never been a more fully featured product. In addition to supporting unlimited musical playlists and brain-enhanced visual plugins, Mind Stereo also supports nearly all forms of audio/visual stimulation, including such popular methods as binaural beats or AudioStrobe LED glasses. Mind Stereo can generate white noise, isochronic tones, monaural beats and more.

All of this can be precisely controlled using the Session Editor and equalizer functions. You can create your own completely unique sessions, use the sessions included, or import hundreds of sessions created by other users. You control the carrier, the background, the frequencies, and everything else.

effective meditation toolRelaxation / Meditation

If you are interested in deeper meditation, Mind Stereo is an incredible tool to have at your disposal.

In the same way the neural patterns can be used effectively for concentration or energy, they can also be used for relaxation and for achieving deeper states of mind. The ability to easily adjust any parameters of the entrainment means you can create a unique experience, customized specifically to your preference.

Everyone is different. For example you may find celtic or ethnic music relaxing, while finding nature sounds irritating. Or, you may find regular music distracting and prefer ambience or environmental soundscapes. Whatever your preference, Mind Stereo allows you to experiment with the settings and create a unique experience tailored specifically to your mind.

A number of meditation sessions are included – alpha, theta, delta, schumann resonance, and more. Net Radio presets of all types are also included (ambient, classical, nature, ethnic, and so on). Additionally, using the visual plugins is an amazingly powerful way to wind down quickly, and begin your meditation session in a trance-like, peaceful state.


The visual plugin feature of Mind Stereo can be particularly useful for hypnosis (or self-hypnosis). Many users find they can quickly achieve a trance-like state by utilizing the brain-enhanced visualizations. Visual plugins can be the modern day equivalent of the hypnotic spiral or the swinging pocket watch.

Combining the psychological effects of mesmerizing visuals with the neurological effects of brainwave entrainment, has a rapid and profound effect, even with those not usually susceptible to hypnosis.

Mind Stereo can easily be used while you work, play, exercise, brainstorm or during any other activity. You can listen to it in the background, playing the music you would normally play while you work or study.

“How can I try Mind Stereo just to make sure I like it?”

Click Mind Stereo anywhere on this page. You will be taken to Transparent Corporation’s website where you can download and use the full version of Mind Stereo for two weeks of personalized self improvement.

When you decide to keep Mind Stereo, you simply buy the unlock code at Transparent Corporation. And if you ever experience any kind of technical trouble with Mind Stereo, tech support at Transparent is always there for you to answer your questions immediately – even if you didn’t buy it yet.

Mind Stereo runs best in Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, but can also run under Win 98 and ME. It’s less than a 13MB download and the plugins are less than 500KB each. You can see the exact minimum requirements at the Mind Stereo FAQs, but you might as well know: The more advanced your computer setup, the better to use Mind Stereo.

As I mentioned before, if you already made a heavy investment in a souped-up PC, why not go US$45 more to make it your personal self-improvement center as well?

Mind Stereo: Brainwave Entrainment Media Center

If your connection is slow and you don’t want to wait to download megabytes of info, you can get Mind Stereo mailed to you a on CD and install it from there. Transparent Corp. also gives you the option of purchasing high quality hypno-goggles and headphones if you’re into that.

Yes, there are binaural beat programs in Mind Stereo that are geared towards headphones and you can plug your Audiostrobe goggles into a speaker jack on your PC – if you so desire.

“Do you have any Holiday Specials?”

As far as I know, every day is a Holiday Special at Transparent Corporation. Do you want to know why?

You buy Mind Stereo once, get free licenses through Transparent, then you can install it on multiple computers. Imagine that! This is the perfect Holiday Gift for tough economic times: Buy it once, then gift wrap copies for your friends and family.

Now, the way this works is that your friend or family member installs Mind Stereo on their PC. Then the program pops up a window which contains a hardware ID number and a space for the license number.

Take that hardware ID number from your friend or family member and input it at your account with Transparent Corporation. Voila! You get a free license for every new hardware ID you provide. As far as I know, you get unlimited free licenses with this system! It’s automated, so you get instant free licenses! There couldn’t be a much better gift for people you know with windows computers in a third world economy.

Let’s Make a Deal

After you test Mind Stereo and buy it for yourself, send me a copy of your receipt from Transparent Corporation by email with your name and address.In return, I will send you a mini-CD with your own huge library of ebooks on hypnosis, mentalism, mind control, NLP, and self improvement.

Remember to send a copy of your receipt from Transparent Corporation to randolph at with your current mailing address. All of the .pdf ebooks can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar.

This special added bonus offer is good until the end of December 2008. Don’t Wait! Try Mind Stereo today!

BONUS: First Come, First Served

Send me your receipt from Transparent Corporation and I will write a Morton Erickson type story just for you and narrate that story in your own NLP video – made just for you. I’ll put it on a DVD and mail it to you.

Along with your full name and address, I also need you to answer the following questions with full sentences, so I can create your personal NLP video:


  • Where is your favorite place in the whole world?
  • How would you describe this place?
  • What is important to you about this place?
  • How do you feel when you are in this place?
  • Who usually shares this experience with you at your favorite place?

As far as what your NLP Video will do for you, this depends on your answers, but I can definitely promise you a supernatural experience.

If you’ve seen my work, then you know that like to research things deeply. I like to go into strange places. And I guarantee you that you DO have something very strange that happened some where near you that is deeply connected to you and your family name – things that you probably never knew existed.

My intention is Your Enlightment and Your Revelation. And I also like to get testimonials for my work, so I’m out to Impress YOU.

This bonus is available on a limited basis until the end of December 2008.


I am HealingMindN on the web. Please see my ‘about me’ page at eBay.What is brainwave entrainment? It is a relatively young but rapidly growing field that involves the study of how altering brainwaves naturally can allow people to easily enter states of increased intelligence, creativity, relaxation, pure energy and more!Here’s the science behind this incredible breakthrough: The brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which communicate with each other using electrical signals.

All of these neurons sending signals at once produce a large amount of electrical activity commonly called a Brainwave pattern, because of its “wave” or cyclic-like nature.

Researchers and scientists have found that different bands of brainwaves are associated with different mental states. For instance, the brainwaves of a sleeping person are much different than the brainwaves of an individual who is wide awake.

Years of research has shown that brainwaves not only provide insight into an individual’s mind and body, but they can be stimulated to actually change that person’s current state.

By causing the brain to produce or decrease specific types of brainwave frequencies, it is possible to bring about a large variety of mental states and emotional reactions.

How does this work? “Entrainment” is a principle in physics, where two cycles synchronize naturally with each other in order to work more efficiently. Entrainment is applied to chemistry, astronomy, electrical systems and much more, but can also be applied to the brain.

When the brain is provided with a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response. This is called a Cortical Evoked Response. These electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what an individual sees and hears.

When the brain is given a consistent, repeating stimulus, such as drum beats or flashes of light, the brain responds by synchronizing, or entraining, its electric cycles to the external rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response (or FFR), and it can be used to effectively alter the brainwave pattern of the audience.

Related Materials:

Watch How to make Effective Affirmations for Mind Stereo, brainwave entrainment in How to Videos | View More Free Videos Online at

Although Transparent products contribute to wellness they are NOT meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition please consult with your physician. Ask about Brainwave Entrainment and work with your physician to choose the right treatments for you.


Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Self Improvement Spiritual Control

You are Here to Heal Your Mind: Spiritual Healing

Do you know why you’re here looking for a Healing Mind? There are few other reasons for being here right now at this moment other than to Heal. Milton Erickson proved this principle in his practice. Here’s an example:

The legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson was once visited by a psychiatrist who complained that several other therapists had tried and failed to cure his ailments. He asked Erickson to treat him, but only as “a fellow psychiatrist, with none of that funny hypnosis stuff.” Though Erickson agreed, he had other plans:

Erikson met his client’s gaze with unwavering eyes. “Now,” he declared in his hypnotic southwestern drawl, “it is fine for you not to want to undergo hypnosis and I will treat you as a psychiatrist, but for now please kindly fix your eyes on that clock on the wall over there…”

Sure enough, Erickson’s masterful technique (combined with the patient’s fragile state and suggestibility) soon lulled the man into a deep trance. Moreover, according to legend, the clock on the wall was merely a figment of Erikson’s imagination.

[Though Erickson clearly instructed trainees never to lie to patients, he may have justified himself in this case by arguing that, had the man not secretly wished to be hypnotized: (a) he would not have chosen to consult a hypnotist and (b) the attempted hypnosis would not have worked.]

By the same token, you secretly want to be a Healing Mind. You’re looking for spiritual healing or else you wouldn’t be here. Since you are looking for a healing that works, I would like to provide you with some esoteric tools.

Now, this is something personal I want to share with you about my own personal healing; these are only two of the many tool I like to use.

First are emotional freedom techniques (EFT) by Gary Craig; they are a form of energy psychology. EFT literally taps into our higher gauge symmetry through the energy meridians and astral bodies. I’ve already mentioned in a previous article, EFT vs. Ancient Keys, that EFT is a combination of qigong (e.g. Wild Goose Patting Qigong) and psionics like Jose Silva’s method of assumption which also “tunes” into feelings.

Gary Craig’s site has a free EFT Tutorial + Manual available for everyone to learn EFT. They also have videos of people going through the EFT process to solve problems in a few minutes. Most therapists would prefer to drag out problems for years, so it’s not that famous in the mainstream.

In conjunction with EFT, I like to use a book to help me along when I have difficulty phrasing or “Tuning in” exactly how I feel at a given moment. It’s called The 72 Names of God Meditation Book: Technology for the Soul by Yehuda Berg. This book is based in the Kabbalah, but you don’t have to be Kabbalist to use it. (It’s like spaghetti or pizza: You don’t have to be Italian to eat it.)

Yehuda painstakingly looked up the elemental for each of God’s Names to help us understand the meaning of each one. These elementals or angels are based on the Shemhamphorash, or the actual Name of God which represents the 72 levels of Heaven or Hell depending on which direction your life is going.

Each of the elementals has a different purpose like “Healing,” “Stop Fatal Attraction,” “Self Esteem,” “Thought into Action,” etc. I like to skip around in this book depending on which passages match my feelings at the time. In reality, we should all start at the lowest level of heaven at elemental 72 for “Spiritual Cleansing.” Here’s the passage written by Yehuda for this elemental (I want you to imagine doing your EFT tapping while saying these things):

No more cynicism.

I will not be jaded, nor give others attitude.

I will transform my life.

Dropping my ego, I will take the path of proactive transformation.

If sickness, heartache, financial woes or other problems arise,

I will work through them to connect to the Light,

making the job of transformation my own.

I concentrate on the sequence purifying iniquities from previous lives.

My spiritual slate is clean.

as I allow the Light to engulf my physical and spiritual realms.

Of course, you can accent the above passage with your own feelings about your attitude towards the outside world, what ravages you’ve experience, or blessings it should bring. This passage is Yehuda’s expression of thoughts and feelings concerning a specific angel, the number 72 elemental, “Moum.” Start with Yehuda’s, then apply your own.

“Moum” is derived from the Hebrew letters. The Hebrew letters are the sequence of which the above passage speaks. Consider it as spiritual EFT. We’re all spiritual beings anyway, intimately attached to physical bodies. When you concentrate on the sequence, you are literally calling upon an Angel of God for Guidance. “Moum” is there for your spiritual cleansing. There are 71 more, each with a different purpose to help you.

True, the Shemhamphorash is also used for calling upon demons that represent the complete opposite of what we want. All I can tell is – Don’t do that. It’s bad Ju-Ju. There are enough death metal bands doing that along with you-know-who-else. It’s time for us to call upon the angels too.

I should make special mention that this is still a form of EFT when you are tapping and tuning in according to how you feel, but it’s higher order since you’re calling upon God’s Elementals for Guidance. Shotgun EFT as it is practiced worldwide is good for the primitive mind; the primitive mind is where most ailments originate. That’s why it’s good.

Tapping into your higher gauge symmetry to tune in God’s Angels is even better; that’s where we should be. That’s where our true spiritual healing originates.

Thanks for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo (HealingMindN)

P.S. There are two other works I should recommend: The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace is an excellent book by Steward Swerdlow that helps us tune into other people radionically, psionically, and through dream symbols for a healing connection. This book will also accent your understanding of the Hebrew Sequences in terms of dream symbols.

Gerald O’Donnell’s course on remote viewing and remote influencing further helps you to affect and see healing changes in the world around you through an esoteric course of psychic discipline as utilised by western European Intelligence Agencies. Gerald thinks like me. If you like me. You like him.

Thanks again for your time

Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Self Improvement

Self Control: Mind over Body


Controlling the autonomic responses like heart rate is quite familiar to practitioners of chi kung and just about every other kind of meditation.

The difference between chi kung meditation and other types is that we utilise different kinds of “body breathing” techniques through the flesh and bones, especially when we induce proper “chi” flow or bioenergetic flow through the energy meridians. That is, we literally use the mind to lead the “chi” or bioenergy through breath control.

I asked you to study governing and conception vessels; these are the two most important vessels in chi kung training because properly trained circulation in these vessels leads to the proper training in the other vessels.

The Governing Vessel or “sea of yang meridians” is the channel of control. This vessel starts at the base of the spine and ends at the upper palate in the mouth; it governs all yang meridians and serves as our protection against deleterious elements, therefore sickness. Healthy chi flow through this vessel is imperitive to our immune systems.

The Conception Vessel or “sea of yin meridians” is the channel of function. This vessels starts at the tip of the tongue and ends at the base of the spine; it governs all yin meridians and serves as our connection to the outside elements. Healthy chi flow through this vessel is imperitive to our rapport with the world around us, especially other forms of life with Conception Vessels bioresonant to our own.

You should have already studied and practiced the Kuji Kiri as outlined in Secrets of the Ninja by Ashida Kim to help you understand the necessity of proper “chi” or “ki” flow. I provide the free download URL of this book at Way of the MindGate’s intro page. If you have not done so already, please download your copy of Secrets of the Ninja now to study the chapter on Kuji Kiri.

Just the warm up exercise in itself stimulates proper “chi” flow through the entire body while it helps you to retain your youth. Do you understand my philosophy now that we learn by doing? You can’t just read about it; you have to DO it, so you can truly benefit from these exercises, so the exercises become heart knowledge – not only head knowledge. It’s more important to know these concepts intuitively rather than intellectually.

I understand completely that the Kuji Kiri itself may be too advanced for some of you. This is OK. This report is about controlling your autonomic functions, namely your heartrate – and you want to do it now – not ten years from now.

This is the reason we studied that EFT Tutorial + Manual. We see from this manual that EFT is an energy psychology that utilises the energy meridians by tapping on them; this is a very effective form of bioenergetic/psychoenergetic entrainment. In a few moments, you’re going to realise how effective that tapping technique really is.

I’m also hoping that you studied “Belly Breathing” at the breathing exercises page and the HealingMindN Meditation Guide. The final relaxation posture provided in the HealingMindN Meditation Guide helps you to set up circulation between governing and conception vessels per the connection as stated:

According to Chinese chi kung theory: “..when the tongue touches the roof of the mouth cavity, yin and yang vessels (yin in front, yang in back) are connected and the (chi circulation) circuit is complete. This tongue touch is called ‘Da Chiao’ or building the bridge. The tongue acts like a switch in an electrical circuit…” (“Nei Dan,” Ch. 3, p. 48, Chi Kung Health and Martial Arts by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.)

Of course, it helps to have the benefit of expert advice in chi kung like training “small circulation, grand circulation” and the rest. And yes, I’m still benefitting from Dr. Yang’s books. But remember the ancient originators of these exercises developed them by observing nature; they realised that natural (and supernatural) abilities in human society are replaced by culture that refuses to recognise the connections between humanity and nature. Their goal was to return people to the “Tao” or the way of nature. In this sense, I would like to put back what culture has taken away from you.

After training the relaxation exercises from the HealingMindN Meditation Guide, you should be able to achieve complete relaxation and focus within thirty seconds using one deep breath (i.e. one complete inhale and one complete exhale). Let’s call it the HealingMindN Posture for convenience.

For most people, their hearts may still be racing depending on the situation. Maybe you just finished an aerobic workout or you’ve strained yourself beyond your physical attributes and you feel chest pains or coronary attack coming on, or you’re having a panic attack from some horrible incident.

In reality, if you have been training the chi kung exercises, you have far less chance of a heart attack or panic attack. Let’s say you’re heart is racing anyway. You want to direct that excess energy that’s going to through your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels.

The Training

From the HealingMindN Posture, we train the circulation of “chi” through governing and conception vessels. We use the mind to lead the bioenergy up the Governing Vessel (back) and down the Conception Vessel (front) while the relaxed tip of the tongue gently touches the roof of the mouth.

Yes, just like reverse peristalsis, the bioenergy circulation can reverse, but let’s think in one direction right now, like the smooth flow of the pacific and atlantic oceans around the continents.

In fact, in this case, imagine the Gulf of Mexico has excess heat; we want to redistribute that heat to Atlantic then Pacific Oceans, which, in turn, evenly redistribute the heat to the other oceans, gulfs, rivers, and streams which finally return to the ocean again.

Think of the tip of your tongue meeting your upper palate as the “gateway” for the oceans to circulate with each other.

Imagine the energy as bright yellow going up your governing vessel and bright white going down your conception vessel. There are more sensations attached to these vessels, but I don’t want to overload you right now. At the moment, imagine your energies flowing smoothly through your two main vessels. Inhale deeply to lead your “chi” through your governing vessel. Exhale deeply to lead your “chi” through your conception vessel; this is grand circulation.

The Method

Now, to test if your training has been successful. If you have been successful, then you are able to lead the excess “chi” from your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds.

First, a precursor: Where does this method occur in nature? Have you ever seen nervous people constantly tapping their upper lip? On “Kitchen Nightmares,” I’ve seen Gordon Ramsey do this a number of times. This is a subconscious reaction to regulate the nervous system. If you observe nervous people, they tap subconsciously to help them sublimate that excess energy flow; they tap their hands, tap their feet, tap pencils on the desk, bob their heads, yank or brush on parts of their bodys, among other idiosyncracies. (That’s why corporate meditation programs are beginning to flourish.)

The particular body part that you’ll be tapping is your upper lip. This point is called “yinjiao” or yin junction where your stomach channel and governing vessel connects. (In fact, we subconsciously know the junction points all over our bodies because these are places where we usually itch, rub, and tap for no “particular reason.”)

When your heart is racing, you need to tap in sync with the beat of your heart. You know how your heart goes “lub-dub, lub-dub?” You tap twice in succession for every “lub-dub.” This is especially easy when you feel your heart pounding in your chest or into your throat between your ears.

By following your heartbeat with the tapping on “yinjiao” and leading the “chi” flow through your governing and conception vessels, you are redistributing the flow of bioenergy. Redistributing this excess bioenergetic flow more quickly returns you mentally and physically to equilibrium.

By synchronising your tapping with your heartbeat, your major vessels become entrained to the excess energy in your heart meridian, absorbs and redistributes the excess energy; it’s like an exchange from potential to kinetic energy on a musical instrument: Pluck one string while tuning the other to the same note until they resonate. The same concept applies to the energy vessels in the body, but with many ways to resonate; these are the other sensations which only mentioned in passing

The Test

For this test, I’m only asking you to do whatever strenuous exercise that you usually do to get your heart racing. Even if it’s just sweeping the floor, please do it now, so we can perform this test.

Once you get your heart thumping, get in your HealingMindN Posture, completely relaxed with one breath, the tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth, your jaw completely relaxed, then tap in sync with your heart beat on your upper lip, “yinjiao.” Remember to tap twice in succession with each beat because your heart says, “lub-dub.”

It’s natural that your breathing is quite rapid as your heart rate is accelerated. Remember your belly breathing; deep breathing with your stomach muscles. Imagine the flow of “chi” as you are breathing. Remember to inhale through your governing vessel, exhale through your conception vessel. Governing vessel is bright yellow. Conception vessel is bright white. You feel your heartbeat coursing along your energy vessels. As you lead your heartbeat with your mind along the vessels, you feel in complete control of your heartbeat.

Then you tap slightly slower, then slower, as your heartbeat follows your tapping. You feel a “warmth” coursing through your entire body as you gain further control of your heartbeat – until you finally get it at the rate you want it.

Mystify your aerobics instructor with your natural talent to relax. This method can also be used to lower your blood pressure.

If your test is not a success, you need to train more chi kung. I recommend the works of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming as your guide for the chi kung exercises.

Thank you for your time,


Randolph (HealingMindN)

Disciplinary Studies Mind Control

Kuji Kiri Relaxation Method

There are numerous meditation methods, but remember we need to have the intention to relax when doing it. Let me go old school on you and provide a tip especially for people with discursive minds.

Relax your jaw. Let it drop slightly while you feel your head suspended from above. Hold your body upright to relax this suspension from above. Feel the relaxation from your jaw spreading through your neck, towards the top of your head like a warm feeling.

Relaxing the jaw releases tension on the fifth cranial nerve, one of 12 motor sensory pairs. The fifth cranial nerve controls facial and jaw movements. Releasing tension on this nerve, in turn, releases tension on the trigeminal area, the source of great tension which is the physical feedback to a discursive mind.

In finding this relaxation, you will discover that you can focus on the spaces between thoughts. You allow those thoughts to pass while the spaces in between become larger and more interesting. This space is the (dream) realm accessed by your mind. This is where you experience communications from God; besides self control, communication with higher conscious awareness is the reason we meditate.

To learn more about Kuji Kiri and get your complimentary copy of Secrets of the Ninja with your subscription to Way of the MindGate, please visit Way of the MindGate Newsletter