Crop Circle 9 July 2008 with Orbs

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This is an update to the post on Ball lightning, Orbs, and Vacuum Domains. Pictures of one of the latest crop circles in Wiltshire, England is swarming with orbs:

and here’s a closer look at one of the orbs, probably using a fast frame rate:


You can see more pictures of this latest crop circle at Crop Circle Connector. I have some wild theories as to these “orbs.”

As you might remember, I stated that orbs are actually “thought forms” or vacuum domains. Let’s reason out this postulation by first examining the crop circles. According to crop circle researchers, many if not most of them are about astronomical, planetary, and/or astrophysical movements; they try to express in a two dimensional drawing what is actually happening in three dimensions.

In most cases, they are expressing actions and movements of which we, as humble denizens of this planet, must extrude into three dimensions in our minds as to the actual meaning of the two dimensional crop circle. In most crop circles, if not all, there are also actions and bodies beyond the drawing that is provided, so we have to calculate and project, in our minds according to geometry, trig, and other systems what is also missing from that crop circle drawing.

Now, look at that orb: None of them are “complete” either as far as geometry or else we should see a perfect hexagon. This reminds me of the story told by Carl Sagan about the 3-dimensional intruder in flat space: As the 3-D person entered the 2-D world, the 2-D people could only see differing bizarre shapes of different sizes entering their space from out of “nowhere.”

The same concept applies to these “orbs.” Just as the crop circles are projections or extensions of 3-D actions, the orbs themselves are also projections or extensions of “something else” from a higher dimension of which we only see a small part. (I imagine this concept applies to a lot of UFOs as well.)

Just for example, let’s say you’re a flatlander, therefore, you can only see the flat side of a page. If you take the tip of a perfect cube and push it through the page, then you as a flatlander, will only see a hexagon getting bigger and bigger.

I’m not saying that’s what’s happening with these “orbs.” In this case, of this particular crop circle, the word “hive” comes to mind – and that each of those orbs are actually a piece of a “hive” mind, or a fractal of a larger intelligence – that obviously enjoys being photographed. There almost seems to be a face inside of it. These orbs may represent the collective consciousness of this planet. We’ll examine this more, another time.


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