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Supernatural vs Emotional Securities

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I like this particular recent article by Gary Craig, “We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe,” because he dares to suggest supernatural human oddities as becoming more natural with the advancement of the human race. This idea is direct opposition to nay-sayers, self proclaimed “critical thinkers,” and “Woo-wooers” who dismiss super natural human achievements as magic and illusion.

This process goes back to one of my articles a few years ago entitled, “Constructs of Belief” wherein The Constructs of belief are built upon the emotional securities of popular thought in the average person. Popular thought is best termed as social mood.

Do you remember from renaissance times – or maybe you weren’t born yet – how there were nay-sayers all over Leonardo DaVinci who contantly poo-pooed his flying machine designs while calling him the “left hand of satan” for making explicit drawings of anatomy? Excuse me. What would you call those nay-sayers today? That was the social mood back then which was a leftover from the dark ages – just as it is today.

The analysts at Elliot Wave International are always correct in their predictions of the stock market because part of the underlying basis is that stocks are driven by social mood – which is mostly based in fear. EWI analysts confirm that presiding social mood precipitates down turns in the market when its based in fear.

Beliefs based in fear distort reality. People riding the wave of a fear based social mood experience any number positive or negative hallucinations about reality in order to protect their emotional securities. In fact, people put more stock in their emotional securities than their financial securities.

The recent frakus concerning customers drawing out their money from ginnie mae and fannie mae was precipitated by the social mood of fear rather than any kind of intellectual analysis. Ask any of the EWI analysts: The Fibonacci projections in the stock market are based in presiding social mood where there’s a lot of fear.

Can you imagine what any thoughts of walking on white hot coals with bare feet, yet no damage does to someone who puts so much stock in his emotional securities? As Gary Craig pointed out, such a person goes ballistic.

You see, that’s why all the idealistic crazies like me talking about advancing humanity are reserved for the web. The evils and sicknesses in this world are at the forefront of reports by the “sane, realisitic” people. For someone with emotional securities based in fear, talks of evil and sickness are like the cream in his coffee.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not dissing you, since you’re reading this. So here’s a little secret: One of the easiest ways to take advantage of your innate supernatural abilities, God’s Gift to you, is to try EFT for yourself. Download Gary Craig’s EFT Manual to experiment on your own supernatural healing.

God Bless,

Randolph, HealingMindN medicine man