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Fears and Frustrations

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I’m curious about how to help you, but I need your help.

I love the esoterica in this realm of mind power and self improvement. I love to learn new techniques and compare them to the old ways. I love to get out there and apply techniques in unexpected situations.

But I’m not here to please me. I’m here to please you. Therefore, I need to know what fears and frustrations you might have about the esoterica presented at Healing MindN Power Circle so far.

I would like to know what problems you may have with learning and applying the mind control techniques presented here. I would like to know what problems you may have with the presentation itself. I’m completely open to your suggestions.

I’m still on a learning curve myself when it comes to pleasing you, so I need more of your feedback. From what I’ve learned through the multiple choice surveys is that a few people like info on health & healing, multiple mentalism, and Power Keys to Persuasion. A few others say that the most effective self improvement methods are through hypnosis and trance, meditation, spirituality and prayer.

Of course, the more feedback I get on these surveys, the more I can meet your interests. Please have a look at these surveys again:

What is your favorite kind of self improvement article?

What do you believe is the most effective way to self improvement?

I would really like to serve you better. This is why I placed this blog here. For the moment, your heartfelt replies as to the material presented at HealingMindN are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Randolph Directo

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